Creating Your Digital Strategy

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Photo credit: Shutterstock For many corporations, welcoming the New Year also heralds the season of strategy development and budget distribution. Business strategy experts around the world have categorically stated that data is now a strategic asset that can be sold and exchanged.

What is Your 2017 Business Strategy?

Cloud Musings

Photo credit: Shutterstock End of year predictions in December are as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise, but a recent video on 2017 Technology Trends helped me really understand how important a digital transformation strategy is to just about any business executive.

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New LinkedIn Data Center Strategy Similar to Microsoft’s

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Strategies Deals LinkedIn MicrosoftSocial network recently shifted to hyperscale data center approach Read More.

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Aligning Business & Technology Strategies

Data Center Knowledge

We talk with Derek Odegard, president and founder of CentricsIT, about aligning business and technology strategies to deliver value and ROI. Read More. Events

Why a Reactive Security Strategy Costs Companies Millions Each Year


The problem with a reactionary strategy is that there is no guarantee threats and breaches will be detected immediately. Trends Cybersecurity security strategyCarol M. Evenson. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse for businesses.

The Four New Rules of Business

Forrester IT

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Thinking about Robust Strategies for BYOD and Mobile

Eric D. Brown

Organizations have been trying to figured out how to manage this new ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) reality but there are very few organizations that have robust strategies and solutions to manage this new mobile world. Technology Strategy The New CIO

Defining Your Agile Release Management Strategy

Social, Agile and Transformation

I recommended in an earlier post that release management strategies are important to agile. In my last post, I asked whether continuous deployment is right for all businesses and suggested a number of business criteria and technology capabilities to help determine whether organizations should go beyond continuous integration and continuous delivery to a full continuous deployment operation.

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Why your CTO Makes or Breaks your Enterprise Mobile Strategy


Why your CTO Makes or Breaks your Enterprise Mobile Strategy. The reality however is that many enterprises are struggling to embrace mobile as a key part of their strategy for growth. You, the CTO are in control of your enterprise mobile strategy. Sunil Thomas.

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Hybrid cloud strategy offers best of both worlds

Computer Weekly

More and more businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy for their datacentre needs. Computer Weekly looks at what’s on offer

Why I Love The Oracle Cloud Strategy

Chuck's Blog - EMC

In recent blog post, I shared that I had come to Oracle based on the strength of their cloud strategy. A few snarky individuals tweeted " what strategy? ". I can list off all the different technologies and strategies I've been smitten by.

CEO: Level 3 Deal Doesn’t Affect CenturyLink Data Center Strategy Review

Data Center Knowledge

CenturyLink Colocation Connectivity Data Center Strategies Deals Level 3Expects CenturyLink to complete review process by year end as planned Read More.

Government Transformation Strategy to 'fundamentally' change the way departments operate

Computer Weekly

A background document seen by Computer Weekly outlines details of the forthcoming Government Transformation Strategy

Intel Security shifts channel strategy

Computer Weekly

Intel Security adjusts its channel strategy in response to a market shift towards services-based security

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Building a Realistic and Effective Data Program Governance Strategy


How do you formulate an implementation strategy? An effective data program governance strategy must address the data-based services you intend to provide to your users. The Sullivan list provides a good foundation for a strategic assessment that will form the basis for constructing a comprehensive data program governance strategy. There is one proviso: don't let the strategy formulation process take on a life of its own. Big Data CTO Government News Strategy

Here’s IBM’s Data Center Strategy for Bluemix PaaS

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Featured IBM Regulation Site SelectionGiving customers maximum control over location of their data is key in addressing Europe's new data sovereignty issues Read More.

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Inform your federal growth strategy with Opptiv


For example, the cartoon below: This struck me as particularly funny since I have seen so many companies approach their new growth strategy this way. For more see: Rethink Your Growth Strategy. By Bob Gourley. Opptiv is a sponsor of Cognitio''s 30 April 2015 Synergy Forum.

Strategies for Evaluating Data Center Aisle Containment

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Aisle Containment has emerged as an effective strategy for increasing an existing data center’s capacity to support higher density rack loads, writes Todd Boucher of Leading Edge Design Group.

What Senior Execs Must Know about Enterprise Data Center Strategy

Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Strategies Data Center World EnterpriseThere are more IT infrastructure options today than ever; know the right question to ask Read More.

Developing a Strategy for Putting People First in Transformation Programs

Social, Agile and Transformation

If you are driving a transformation program, motivating and aligning people is a critical success factor Most leaders now understand how important it is to put people before process and technology when it comes to instrumenting large scale organizational change. That being said, many in technology leadership roles are not versed in methodologies to instrument change and some are not. cio cmo customer experience digital transformation future of work innovation leadership organizational change

DCK Exclusive: Infomart President John Sheputis Talks Strategy

Data Center Knowledge

In an interview with Data Center Knowledge, Infomart President John Sheputis talks strategy and discusses plans for 35 megawatts of development slated for 2017.

Drunk History of Your Mobile Strategy

Forrester IT

Everybody can name their favorite apps. But can you name even two mobile websites you love? We can't. So we stared into the awful maw of the mobile web to learn how to fix it. 65 companies signed up to help.

We Need A National Cybersecurity Strategy That Everyone Can Implement


The quick answer is that we don’t have a national cybersecurity strategy that everyone can implement. Click on any cybersecurity initiative you desire and you’ll find comprehensive strategies developed by smart security experts. While well intentioned the writers make the common mistake of laying out cybersecurity strategies that are too complex for most organizations. A workable national cybersecurity strategy needs to be built using simple tasks the 99.9%

Data Security to Drive More and More Data Center Strategy Decisions

Data Center Knowledge

Hear about 16 elements of sound data center strategy at Data Center World Fall Read More. Data Center Strategies Data Center World

CIOs admit digital transformation strategy will not be fully implemented

Computer Weekly

Research by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of HCL, shows that the majority of CIOs doubt digital transformation strategies will be fully put into effect

Federal Strategies for the Startup CEO


One of our more popular white papers (with over 2000 downloads) is titled " Advice for the Tech Startup CEO Considering a Federal Strategy." Download “Federal Strategies for the Startup CEO” Advice-for-the-tech-startup-CEO.pdf – Downloaded 2226 times – 788 kB.

How ERP Supports Your Business Growth Strategy

IT Toolbox

Companies look to various business growth strategies to aid them as they move forward. In addition, companies will turn to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to support the business growth strategy that’s best for their needs. Common strategies for business growth include: &bull As a business grows and expands, so do challenges to its continued success.

How CIOs Find Time for Digital Strategy


This is good for most CIOs, as they consistently report that if they had complete control over how they spend their time, they would devote more time to these enterprise strategy and revenue generating activities.

Creating an Infrastructure Strategy for Enterprise Mobility

Data Center Knowledge

Mobility has become the new norm for the modern enterprise. But how do you enable the infrastructure to handle next-generation mobility demands? Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise Mobility cloud moblity

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The Right Questions to Ask About Data Center Strategy

Data Center Knowledge

Data center customers often don’t ask some of the most important questions. Here's what they are. Read More. Data Center World Featured How to

The case for managed service providers in your cloud strategy

David Linthicum

The short answer is that use of MSPs can be complementary to a cloud strategy. Do you need an MSP (managed service provider) if you are moving to the cloud? That's a question many IT pros have. In fact, in my consulting work, MSPs are used in about 80 percent of the cloud deployment projects I’ve been on in the last few years.

‘Can do’ attitude of DevOps teams is driving cloud-first strategies

Computer Weekly

The cloud-first strategies of businesses across sectors are maturing, with DevOps teams playing a leading role

Your Drunk History of Mobile Strategy

Forrester IT

Everybody can name their favorite apps. But can you name even two mobile websites you love? We can't. So we decided to stare into the awful maw of the mobile web and learn how to fix it. 65 companies signed up to help.