Creating Your Digital Strategy

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Photo credit: Shutterstock For many corporations, welcoming the New Year also heralds the season of strategy development and budget distribution. Business strategy experts around the world have categorically stated that data is now a strategic asset that can be sold and exchanged.

What is Your 2017 Business Strategy?

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Photo credit: Shutterstock End of year predictions in December are as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise, but a recent video on 2017 Technology Trends helped me really understand how important a digital transformation strategy is to just about any business executive.

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Why a Reactive Security Strategy Costs Companies Millions Each Year


The problem with a reactionary strategy is that there is no guarantee threats and breaches will be detected immediately. Trends Cybersecurity security strategyCarol M. Evenson. The Internet is both a blessing and a curse for businesses.

Why your CTO Makes or Breaks your Enterprise Mobile Strategy


Why your CTO Makes or Breaks your Enterprise Mobile Strategy. The reality however is that many enterprises are struggling to embrace mobile as a key part of their strategy for growth. You, the CTO are in control of your enterprise mobile strategy. Sunil Thomas.

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We Need A National Cybersecurity Strategy That Everyone Can Implement


The quick answer is that we don’t have a national cybersecurity strategy that everyone can implement. Click on any cybersecurity initiative you desire and you’ll find comprehensive strategies developed by smart security experts. While well intentioned the writers make the common mistake of laying out cybersecurity strategies that are too complex for most organizations. A workable national cybersecurity strategy needs to be built using simple tasks the 99.9%

New LinkedIn Data Center Strategy Similar to Microsoft’s

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Data Center Strategies Deals LinkedIn MicrosoftSocial network recently shifted to hyperscale data center approach Read More.

How CIOs Find Time for Digital Strategy


This is good for most CIOs, as they consistently report that if they had complete control over how they spend their time, they would devote more time to these enterprise strategy and revenue generating activities.

Federal Strategies for the Startup CEO


One of our more popular white papers (with over 2000 downloads) is titled " Advice for the Tech Startup CEO Considering a Federal Strategy." Download “Federal Strategies for the Startup CEO” Advice-for-the-tech-startup-CEO.pdf – Downloaded 2226 times – 788 kB.

Ex-eBay Infrastructure Chief Takes Over Uber Data Center Strategy

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Data Center Strategies Executive Staffing UberDean Nelson is the new Head of Uber Compute, where Read More.

Why IT Chiefs of Staff are Shaping Business Strategy


Nearly half of all IT chiefs of staff say they want to get more involved in helping to set business strategy, but only 28% say they are currently involved in this process, according to CEB data.

Aligning Business & Technology Strategies

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We talk with Derek Odegard, president and founder of CentricsIT, about aligning business and technology strategies to deliver value and ROI. Read More. Events

Build or Lease? Creating the Best Data Center Strategy

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Colocation Data Center Strategies FeaturedHere’s what infrastructure pros need to know when making the most important decisions of their career Read More.

Cloud by the Megawatt: Inside IBM’s Cloud Data Center Strategy

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Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured IBM Site SelectionAll major US hardware vendors have tried and failed to become formidable rivals to Amazon in the cutthroat cloud infrastructure market; all except IBM. Read More.

3 Strategies to Decrease IT Costs and Increase Business Impact

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Successful CIOs have to find new strategies to bridge this growing “Digital Divide.”. Business StrategyGuest post by Suheb Siddiqui and Chetan Shetty. A veteran CIO recently told me, “The last few months felt like I time traveled back to the 1980s.

A survival strategy for the digital transformation

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SKF keeps the strategy of its clients in mind at all times and tries to think along with them. This article titled " Überlebensstrategie für die digitale Transformation " appeared in German last week in the "Die Zukunft beginnt heute (the future starts today)" section of Wirtschaftwoche.

Cloud Acquisition Strategy, Customized to the Right Cloud Model

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It is also the most discussed topic in agency strategy, cyber security forums and mission / program reviews. An enhanced view of cloud acquisition involves the mapping of the right acquisition strategy with the right cloud deployment model.

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Drunk History of Your Mobile Strategy

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Everybody can name their favorite apps. But can you name even two mobile websites you love? We can't. So we stared into the awful maw of the mobile web to learn how to fix it. 65 companies signed up to help.

CEO: Level 3 Deal Doesn’t Affect CenturyLink Data Center Strategy Review

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CenturyLink Colocation Connectivity Data Center Strategies Deals Level 3Expects CenturyLink to complete review process by year end as planned Read More.

IT Infrastructure: A Better Way to Communicate Your Cloud Strategy


Ensure your strategy states how you’ve determined business needs and used that information to prioritize investments in cloud capabilities.

Writing A Good Strategy Doc

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  You''re in a meeting, discussing issues, contributing way more than your fair share -- and, all of the sudden , the person in charge looks at you and asks you to pull together a strategy document on the behalf of the team.    So do good strategy documents. 

Here’s IBM’s Data Center Strategy for Bluemix PaaS

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Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Featured IBM Regulation Site SelectionGiving customers maximum control over location of their data is key in addressing Europe's new data sovereignty issues Read More.

Your Drunk History of Mobile Strategy

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Everybody can name their favorite apps. But can you name even two mobile websites you love? We can't. So we decided to stare into the awful maw of the mobile web and learn how to fix it. 65 companies signed up to help.

The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy


Department of Transportation's CIO, describes four components for what I call an “enterprise data strategy”: Data governance. He also mentions additional factors relevant to DOT’s data strategy: The volume of data is increasing and we need to be ready for it. Communication Strategy.

DCK Exclusive: Infomart President John Sheputis Talks Strategy

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In an interview with Data Center Knowledge, Infomart President John Sheputis talks strategy and discusses plans for 35 megawatts of development slated for 2017.

What Senior Execs Must Know about Enterprise Data Center Strategy

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Data Center Strategies Data Center World EnterpriseThere are more IT infrastructure options today than ever; know the right question to ask Read More.

Strategies for Evaluating Data Center Aisle Containment

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Data Center Aisle Containment has emerged as an effective strategy for increasing an existing data center’s capacity to support higher density rack loads, writes Todd Boucher of Leading Edge Design Group.

Where Video Analytics Falls Into Your Big Data Strategy: 5 Use Cases


Consider the following use cases when planning out your big data strategy. Rick Delgado. Any business hoping to enjoy success now and well into the future knows that big data is the way to go. With big data analytics, companies have become more versatile, adopting new technological solutions to enhance their capabilities, efficiently run their organizations, and increase revenue.

The Right Questions to Ask About Data Center Strategy

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Data center customers often don’t ask some of the most important questions. Here's what they are. Read More. Data Center World Featured How to

Defining Your Agile Release Management Strategy

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I recommended in an earlier post that release management strategies are important to agile. In my last post, I asked whether continuous deployment is right for all businesses and suggested a number of business criteria and technology capabilities to help determine whether organizations should go beyond continuous integration and continuous delivery to a full continuous deployment operation.

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Data Security to Drive More and More Data Center Strategy Decisions

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Hear about 16 elements of sound data center strategy at Data Center World Fall Read More. Data Center Strategies Data Center World

7 Digital Strategies of Top-Performing Companies

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However, the effectiveness of the strategy is what counts. 89% of top performers feel confident about their strategy versus 63% of the pack. 2) Set and Share a Single, Multi-year Roadmap for the Overall Business Strategy.

Chief Data Strategy Forum 30-31 Mar 2015 in Boston


If you will be in Boston 30-31 Mar this is the place to be, the 2015 Chief Data Strategy Forum. Nevertheless, IQPC is gathering Data-Strategy & Business Intelligence experts from across progressive industries to offer you the actionable intelligence you need! By Bob Gourley.

Six Ways to Define Your Internet of Things Strategy

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A wealth of opportunities exist for each of the three types of IoT strategy models: Enablers, Engagers, and Enhancers. To develop a strategy for the IoT, you could proceed by addressing, in order: Your own role in the IoT. Guest post by Frank Burkitt.