Divide (BI Governance From Data Governance) And Conquer

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Before you invest even 10 minutes of your precious time reading this blog, please make sure it's really business intelligence (BI) governance, and not data governance best practices, that you are looking for. BI governance is a key component of data governance, but they're not the same. Data governance deals with the entire spectrum (creation, transformation, ownership, etc.) Why is BI governance key to agile BI success? BI governance.

Government IT: How Government Agencies are Making Data More Useful


And government agencies are taking steps to provide more accessible and usable open data. The federal government has established sites ­such as the White House’s Github page and data.gov to provide open-source code and detailed data sets, respectively, to the general public.

AWS eyes Australian government growth

Computer Weekly

Amazon Web Services is eyeing the Australian public sector for growth, with increased budgets and IT disasters in the past pushing government organisations towards the public cloud

Finnish government scraps paper and digitises archives

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The government in Finland is digitising 94 shelf kilometres of documents to save millions of euros and make the information easier to access

UK government wants to give 6,000 teenagers cyber security training

Computer Weekly

Government launches £20m Cyber Schools Programme aimed at students aged between 14 and 18

Government aligns data laws with GDPR

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The UK government announces details of its data protection law that will align with the EU’s GDPR

Government IT: How Your Portfolio Management Needs to Change


Government agencies and others in the public sector still aren’t as good at IT portfolio management as they should be. To do this, government IT teams should start by using terms that their colleagues can understand.

Changing Change Management in Government IT


For government employees this can include navigating an administration transition , implementing a new policy, or adapting the organization in the face of funding changes. Blog Change Management Government IT Information Technology

Government IT: Four Tests to Help You Prioritize Resources


Far from resisting private sector influences as being irrelevant or unworkable in government, many government IT executives are using this as an opportunity to re-examine their function. Performing a governance function does not provide an IT team with carte blanche to impede delivery.

Artificial intelligence industry should get strategic government boost

Computer Weekly

The UK’s artificial intelligence sector will squander a historic lead unless government, industry and academia come together to give it cohesive support, says a government-sponsored report

IT Governance: Lessons from the Simple Sabotage Field Manual


It was distributed to disgruntled citizens of enemy states to help them destabilize their governments by taking disruptive actions. Blog Corporate IT Information Technology Information Technology Governance

Dubai’s integrated government on Gitex catwalk

Computer Weekly

At this year’s Gitex, Dubai's smart city project is showing off its successes in integrating government services

Why Interest In “Data Governance” Is Increasing


Our main focus is improving what is commonly referred to as "data governance." Interest in data governance has been increasing as suggested by this three year plot of Google searches (Plotted using GOOGLE TRENDS to search for "Data Governance" on June […]. Interest is Increasing I'm working with colleagues to improve how data resources are managed.

Government IT: How to Hire the Right Cybersecurity Workers


As President Trump brings the US federal government hiring freeze to an end – albeit with strict guidance to agencies to reduce the size of their workforce – one of the most in-demand sectors of the labor market will soon start seeing a flurry of recruitment ads again.

The Dutch government defines cyber threat actors

Computer Weekly

The Dutch government commissions the creation of a scientific classification of individuals and groups involved in cyber crime

Facebook pledges to counteract government propaganda

Computer Weekly

Facebook has pledged to take action to stop governments exploiting its platform to influence opinion in other countries

Government Transformation Strategy to 'fundamentally' change the way departments operate

Computer Weekly

A background document seen by Computer Weekly outlines details of the forthcoming Government Transformation Strategy

Government must tread carefully on AI ethics

Computer Weekly

Science advisor Mark Walport voices concerns around transparency, accountability and personal security with regard to the use of artificial intelligence by the government

Government’s cyber security policy: decide or delay?

Computer Weekly

The UK government is leaving too many of its options open and needs to implement effective cyber security rules now

Government announces autonomous vehicle contest

Computer Weekly

Business secretary Greg Clark launches a contest to access funding from the government’s £100m connected and autonomous vehicle funding pot

Encrypting The Web To Defend Against NSLs And Government Meddling

Doctor Chaos

There has been lots of chatter around companies placing back doors in their products and government spying on the average citizen. InfoSec governmentA lot of this started with the Snowden ordeal. One possible reason a backdoor may find its way in a product is due to a National Security Letter (NSL). The people at Express VPN […].

Cyber security skills a priority for UK government

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The UK government is pursuing various short and long-term initiatives aimed at promoting the cyber security profession and growing skills in the sector, including supporting a professional body

Government recovers £645m for BDUK broadband roll-out

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The government has recovered £645m of funding to be reinvested in future broadband roll-out through a mix of clauses in its BDUK contracts with BT and project savings

E-Government: A Graduate Class

CIO Musings

One thing I am working on for this fall that I am very excited about is a class at VCU that is near and dear to me: E-Government. The class title is INFO 691 Topics in Information Systems – Digital Government This class is about using information and communication technologies to provide government services. Students will review and assess different levels of government and their approach to e-government.

To succeed with the cloud, you need real governance

David Linthicum

Most enterprises don’t have a well-developed governance approach for the cloud, not even an idea of a technology solution. I view governance as the consistent enforcement of policies to place limits on how, when, why, and for what purpose a resource such as data, processes, APIs, storage, or compute is used. The best way to think about governance is as a series automated guardrails, in the form of policies, that keep you from running off a curvy road.

Government IT: Making the Most of Cybersecurity Investments


With cybersecurity at the forefront of the national agenda, and with a budget to strengthen their cyber-defenses, government IT leaders are now in a unique position to make substantial changes to the ways that they secure their agencies from those with malicious intent.

Government confirms tech experts advising on digital economy

Computer Weekly

Experts from across UK technology sector will help government implement digital economy policies

Government consults on fibre broadband rate relief

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The Department for Communities and Local Government has launched a consultation on the draft regulations covering business rate relief for new fibre broadband infrastructure

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”


One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance." Governance means the program is planned and managed in an organized and sustainable way. Creating a data program governance strategy is not unlike creating other types of enterprise business strategies. Traditional organizational structures can create barriers to implementing a coherent enterprise-wide data governance strategy. Separate governance from services? Dennis D. McDonald.

Government awards academics £16m for 5G trial network

Computer Weekly

Experts from three major technology research institutions have been awarded a government grant to develop a 5G test network

Blockchain and Governance

IT Toolbox

Blockchain is raging in popularity as cryptocurrencies continue to spawn initial currency offerings (ICOs) which in turn builds demand for internet governance technology. With so much real and cryptocurrency speeding around online at amazing speeds it becomes necessary to manage the contractual relationships and rules for currencies, contracts and settlements using fully automated and unambiguous

Interview: Kevin Cunnington, director general, Government Digital Service

Computer Weekly

The government’s new digital chief talks about his plans for the future and the challenges of transforming public services

Government IT: 5 Criteria to Prioritize Investment Decisions


The problem is that, when it comes to government IT projects, public sector decision-makers often lack the requisite rigor. If you work in government IT and don’t use some version of the criteria above, it’s time to start.