UK government wants to give 6,000 teenagers cyber security training

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Government launches £20m Cyber Schools Programme aimed at students aged between 14 and 18

Government IT: Making the Most of Cybersecurity Investments


With cybersecurity at the forefront of the national agenda, and with a budget to strengthen their cyber-defenses, government IT leaders are now in a unique position to make substantial changes to the ways that they secure their agencies from those with malicious intent.

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What Is The Difference Between Data Governance and Big Data Governance?


The video at this link and embedded below starts with a great question: What is the difference between data governance and big data governance? In this video, Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer, talks about the difference between data governance and big data governance.

Government IT: Take a Collaborative Approach to Change Management


It’s in the nature of large organizations to change, whether they’re trying to make a profit or serving a government in the public sector. Government IT leaders must think differently about how they help employees acclimate.

VMware’s Government Cloud Gets FedRAMP Certification

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Serious contender for government IaaS business joins short list of providers Read More. Cloud Computing Government Security VMware

Government Cloud Achilles Heel: The Network

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The use of cloud has also driven changes in how governments and commercial enterprises approach data security. Cloud computing is rewriting the books on information technology (IT) but inter-cloud networking remains a key operational issue.

Finnish government scraps paper and digitises archives

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The government in Finland is digitising 94 shelf kilometres of documents to save millions of euros and make the information easier to access

Divide (BI Governance From Data Governance) And Conquer

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Before you invest even 10 minutes of your precious time reading this blog, please make sure it's really business intelligence (BI) governance, and not data governance best practices, that you are looking for. BI governance is a key component of data governance, but they're not the same. Data governance deals with the entire spectrum (creation, transformation, ownership, etc.) Why is BI governance key to agile BI success? BI governance.

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Government to strengthen UK data protection law

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New legislation will require social media platforms to delete information about children and adults when asked

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Microsoft Intros Private Azure Government Cloud Connectivity

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ExpressRoute for Azure Government available to agencies at Equinix data centers in Chicago and Ashburn Read More. Chicago Cloud Computing Connectivity Featured Government Microsoft Washington DC Area

VMware Sells Its Governments Cloud Business to QTS

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VMware has agreed to sell its government cloud business to QTS Realty Trust, one of the biggest data center service providers in the US. Cloud Computing Colocation Deals Featured Government QTS (Quality Technology Services) VMware Washington DC AreaThe deal comes about a month after VMware, now majority-owned by Dell, announced a major shift in cloud strategy, choosing to focus more on providing technologies.

Government IT: Squeaky Wheels, Peanut Butter, and Portfolio Prioritization


With the adoption and implementation of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) underway, government IT teams still struggle to demonstrate the value they provide to their colleagues.

QTS Buys Government Cloud Heavyweight Carpathia for $326M

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Deals Government QTS (Quality Technology Services Expands public sector opportunity, geographic reach, and service variety Read More.

Considering A Departure From Government Service? Look before you leap!


Now’s a good time to remember what’s good about Government work, and quit dreaming about what’s on the other side. Government Civil Service By ChrisScott. Last month I was approached by one of my favorite DoD colleagues, inquiring about opportunities “out there” in Industry.

Government IT: A New Era Requires New Models of Sourcing


With the average government organization spending over 65% of its IT budget on external providers in 2015, many IT departments are reassessing their sourcing strategies. Blog Government IT Information Technology Manage Service Providers and Vendors

Government awards academics £16m for 5G trial network

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Experts from three major technology research institutions have been awarded a government grant to develop a 5G test network

Artificial intelligence industry should get strategic government boost

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The UK’s artificial intelligence sector will squander a historic lead unless government, industry and academia come together to give it cohesive support, says a government-sponsored report

Government aligns data laws with GDPR

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The UK government announces details of its data protection law that will align with the EU’s GDPR

Congress to Mull Government Data Center Efficiency – Again

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Featured Government Washington DC AreaLegislation to mandate federal data center efficiency improvements reintroduced Read More.

Dell Gets Major Government Cloud Security Certification

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IT giant’s government services division secures FedRAMP stamp of approval Read More. Cloud Computing Dell Government Security

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Building a Realistic and Effective Data Program Governance Strategy


In Six Data Management Steps To Consider Before An Administration Shift William Sullivan of Cloudera lists the following steps government agency executives need to consider before the new Administration arrives: Take a close look at the data you have available. Making such distinctions is a major reason why it's important to distinguish between data management and data program governance, as I discussed in Thinking About “Data Program Governance.”. Dennis D. McDonald.

Government IT: How to Prevent Ransomware from Extorting Your Organization


Probably the most frustrating and frightening attacks right now for government agencies are from “ ransomware ,” and to defend against these organizations must employ a dedicated workforce and a flexible business continuity plan. Computer hackers are an industrious bunch.

Government Transformation Strategy to 'fundamentally' change the way departments operate

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A background document seen by Computer Weekly outlines details of the forthcoming Government Transformation Strategy

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”


One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance." Governance means the program is planned and managed in an organized and sustainable way. Creating a data program governance strategy is not unlike creating other types of enterprise business strategies. Traditional organizational structures can create barriers to implementing a coherent enterprise-wide data governance strategy. Separate governance from services? Dennis D. McDonald.

Questions for Government Leaders To Ask About Your Cybersecurity Posture


I have worked with Bob Gourley to come up with a set of questions that government leaders should be asking to mitigate cyber security risks. Government leaders, project managers, systems engineers, and executives can accelerate enhancements to cyber security and mitigate digital risks by focusing on five key questions: - What is the cyber threat to the mission? - Big Data CTO Cyber Security Bob Gourley Computer security Cyber Threat Government agency insider threat

Cloud apps need governance too

David Linthicum

After deploying cloud systems without cloud governance, many enterprises now understand why they should have implemented governance in the first place. Other items that need governance are service/API usage and databases, as well as a good interworking with a solid security approach and technology. . However, IT pros who have learned why cloud governance is a must typically believe it's merely an infrastructure play.

Government confirms tech experts advising on digital economy

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Experts from across UK technology sector will help government implement digital economy policies

Tools For Government Tech

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The good folks at asked me to show you their new infographic. See below. Their home page is an original, an effect I had not seen before. Check it out too and follow them at @pulpPR They raise a good point here, I''d like to expand on just a bit.

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Hortonworks HDP 2.5: Improved Security and Data Governance


Some important take-aways from this announcement are the new security features of HDP 2.5, which include more robust security and data governance, and will implement dynamic classification-based insurance policies by leveraging Apache Atlas and its metadata tag features to classify data.

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and the nature of government services


In this post we provide some of Marc’s views around the nature of government services in the near future. Andreessen: We can assume that by 2030 all government services can be online. The Internet is changing the DMV and most every other state, federal and local government office.

Finnish government eyes €1bn savings through digitisation

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Finland’s public sector aims to save €1bn by 2029 as a result of digitising public services

Carahsoft: IT Solutions for Government


We have known and worked with Carahsoft for years, they have become an institution in the federal technology ecosystem, known for being able to help government agencies find the right technology to serve their missions and also known for helping tech firms do business with government.

Cannon, Stulz Collab on Modular Data Center for Government Client

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Cooling Data Center Design Europe Government Modular Data Centers STULZ Existing modular solution modified to offer chiller-less option Read More.