Social Engineering and Phishing


Social engineering is one of the most problematic attack techniques to combat. User education is most effective at stopping a social engineer. Phishing is a type of social engineering that’s executed through unsolicited email messages. Stu Sjouwerman.

Retro Chic: The IoT Means Hardware Engineers Are Cool Again

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In the beginning there were Military Engineers who built bridges and designed fortifications. For the first 50 years of the 19th century, engineers came in five basic flavors: Military, Mining, and Civil, and with the rise of steam, Naval and Railroad. engineering folks.

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Examining New Mission-Focused Capabilities Coming From The Cloudera And Intel Engineering Partnership


This information can inform your design trades and is relevant to enterprise architects, engineers and line of business leaders. Analysis Big Data CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Video Apache Hadoop Cloudera design Engineering Intel White paper By Bob Gourley.

Report: The Political Potential for Manipulating Search Engine Results


Big Data CTO Research Election Google India Lok Sabha Search algorithm Swing vote United States Web search engine Google’s ability to influence consumers has been discussed for a while. With millions of people routinely searching the Internet for restaurant suggestions and product reviews, the difference between appearing on the first page or the second page of a search could mean the difference between financial success and losing your business.

How Database Monitoring Can Improve Engineering and Development Team Productivity

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For DBAs, engineers, and developers, effective communication and access to information keeps everyone on the same page, from initial issue identification to after-action knowledge sharing. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Google Will Lend You Its Own Engineers to Keep Your Cloud Apps Running Smoothly

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Customer Reliability Engineers to work as part of customer teams to ensure reliability of critical cloud apps Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise Google

Google Compute Engine, AOL Mail Suffer Early Morning Outages

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Google Compute Engine Suffered an outage lasting around 1.5 hours, while AOL''s email service was down for most of the morning. Read More. AOL Downtime Google

Federal Agencies Now Have Access to Cloud Engineering and Execution Services Via Pre-Competed GWAC


Cognitio’s Cloud Playbook “Fast Start” Solution is a rapid, technology focused engineering assessment for a specific named program or IT System to support agencies that have made the decision to transition to the cloud. Katie Kennedy.

AWS Certification for DevOps Engineers

All Things Distributed

Many architects and engineers know the Cloud is the future of development and IT and the are gearing up to be as succesful as possible in this new normal. Congratulations to everyone who has achieved their AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional certifications!

Google Reimburses Cloud Clients After Massive Google Compute Engine Outage

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Google is reimbursing Google Compute Engine users up to 25 percent of their monthly charges after an outage that impacted instances across all regions on Monday. Read More. Google Shared

Slack: Tech industry stereotyping risks scaring off junior engineering talent

Computer Weekly

Slack software engineer, Carly Robinson, says technology firms need to build empathetic and inclusive working environments to retain junior talent

You Can Now Earn a Bachelors in Data Center Facilities Engineering

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Degree program in Irish university developed after lengthy consultations with Google, Facebook, Microsoft Read More. Europe Power and Cooling

What it takes to become an application security engineer

ComputerWorld IT Management

Jeff Williams became an application security engineer in the late 1990s, before it was a common job title. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story

British Airways: Engineer Wrongly Disconnected Data Center Power Supply

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How a single tech could cause so much damage, and why the backup system failed remain open questions. Read More. Manage Power and Cooling Uptime

Engineer: Lack of Procedure Plagues Data Center Industry

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Most data center facilities teams neglect to document emergency procedures, exacerbating risk of downtime Read More. AFCOM Data Center World Disaster Recovery Downtime Featured

The Story of Apollo - Amazon’s Deployment Engine

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Without efficient, reliable, and repeatable software updates, engineers need to redirect their focus from developing new features to managing and debugging their deployments. Automated deployments are the backbone of a strong DevOps environment. Amazon first faced this challenge many years ago. When making the move to a service-oriented architecture, Amazon refactored its software into small independent services and restructured its organization into small autonomous teams.

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine: The smart person's guide

Tech Republic Cloud

In 2016, Google gave businesses the ability to build machine learning models using its cloud platform. TechRepublic's comprehensive guide explains how it works and why it matters

Public clouds are calling to IT engineers -- and their wallets

ComputerWorld IT Management

Less than one-fifth of enterprise IT assets are in the cloud, but it looks like more are on the way. One-third of data-center professionals and IT practitioners plan to deploy workloads in the cloud in the next year, according to a survey by the Uptime Institute, an advisory group focused on improving critical infrastructure. Companies still rely mostly on their own infrastructure and multi-tenant data centers, including collocation facilities, the survey found.

Google Cuts Compute Engine Pricing Once Again

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Google''s move is likely to spur other big cloud providers to do the same Read More. Cloud Computing Google

Juniper product development chief resigns, company resets engineering makeup

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Juniper is reshaping some of its top executive roles as Jonathan Davidson, executive VP and general manager of the firm’s Development and Innovation group resigned from the company. Davidson, a former Cisco executive in charge products such as the Cisco 7200 and Enterprise ASR 1000 product management team joined Juniper in 2010 to lead the company’s Security, Switching and Solutions Business Unit.

How well does social engineering work? One test returned 150%

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White hat hackers see companies at their worst. It is, after all, their job to expose weaknesses.

Top AWS Engineer Calls Hurd’s Cloud Data Center Bluff

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No, Oracle isn’t likely to know something about cloud hardware the top providers don’t. Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Oracle

Cognitio: Strategic Consulting And Engineering To Improve Results


Cognitio is a strategic consulting and engineering firm established and managed by a team of former senior technology executives from the U.S. The technology insights and context of CTOvision are brought to you by Cognitio. Intelligence Community. Our accomplished team has a track record of safeguarding some of the nation’s greatest secrets, equipping U.S.

Google Launches Autoscaling Beta on Compute Engine

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Autoscaling isn''t new to the cloud world, but it is new to the masses on Google''s Cloud Platform. The service is now in Beta, which is Google-speak for widely available. Read More. Cloud Computing Google

Is the Intel Management Engine a backdoor?

Tech Republic Security

Is Intel's Management Engine a backdoor for security groups and hackers, or just a feature created to aid businesses? Jack Wallen dives in and draws his conclusions

Supercharge Your Existing Storage with a Metadata Engine

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The rigidity of traditional storage and compute architectures mean that there has been no way to make sure the right resource is serving the right data at the right time. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Oracle’s Cloud, Built by Former AWS, Microsoft Engineers, Comes Online

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Hosted initially in three Phoenix-metro data centers, the bare-metal cloud will serve as foundation for future cloud VM and container services. Read More. Cloud Computing Featured Oracle

Update from DIA CTO, CIO and Chief Engineer on ICITE and Enterprise Apps


At this link and embedded below (recorded at the USGIF Geoint Symposium) is a video featuring Gus Taveras, Dan Doney and Matt Carroll on several mechanisms put in place to open up their enterprise to innovations. This builds on many community efforts taking place under the ICITE collection of projects. This video is worth watching for several reasons, including: 1) It provides a great overview of contributions being made by many key agencies to the int. To read more please log in.

6 of the most effective social engineering techniques

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Social engineering is the strongest method of attack against the enterprise’s weakest vulnerability, its people. In 2015, social engineering became the No. These successful social engineering methods often use phishing and malware. Criminal hackers recognize this fact. 1 method of attack, according to Proofpoint’s 2016 Human Factor Report. But deceptive information assailants have more tools and approaches to draw on than these.

Virtual reality simulation helps KLM engineers escape in an emergency

Computer Weekly

Dutch airline KLM develops virtual reality simulation to show engineers what happens if the maintenance hanger catches fire

Cloudyn Expands Support to Google Cloud Engine

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Cloudyn''s customer base is predominantly AWS users, but these customers are showing deep interest in Google Cloud Engine. The company has added GCE analytics support, including porting and comparisons with AWS. Cloud Computing Google

FedTechTicker: A New News Aggregation Engine For Federal Technology News


We previously pointed out our technology focused RSS aggregation engine the Top Tech Ticker , which helps give you more signal than noise from the countless sources of information on technology news.

What’s the Storage Engineer’s Future Role in IT?

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As an IT professional, it is critical that you see yourself as a business professional and not simply a technology specialist. Read More. Industry Perspectives