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How to Get a Stronger Grip on Contract and Vendor Management

Information Week

Vendor management and contracts are more important than they've ever been, yet many organizations can't afford a separate contract management function. Here are some best practices for IT teams.

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Vendor management for telecoms networks

Spearline Testing

For such networks, vendor management is a crucial aspect of maintaining successful operations. Vendor management. The above shows that Spearline is not only a quality management tool, but can and should be a key component of telecoms vendor management. Why Spearline?


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Spooky, Scary Tales of Vendor Management

SecureWorld News

Five little vendors access your data. The first one said, "For this company, vendor management doesn't seem to matta." The fourth one said, "Regulation requires vendor control." In honor of Halloween, it seems appropriate to address one of the scariest issues facing organizations today: vendor or supplier management.

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Vendor management and looking beyond SMB firewalls, anti-virus, and data backups

IT Toolbox

From servers to PBXs and everything in between, his company sells, installs, and manages entire network environments for its customers. I just had lunch with a long-time business colleague who specializes in IT consulting and network systems integration for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Forrester 2019 Enterprise BI Platform Waves ™ Research Update

Forrester IT

This year we emphasized New market segmentation by Vendor-Managed vs. Client-Managed platforms, which roughly equated to on-premise vs. cloud based platforms, but not quite. Forrester has just published 2019 refresh of out Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms Waves ™. Since […].

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What Is TPRM? Just Ask T-Mobile

TM Forum

T-Mobile has signed on to use the FICO® Cyber Risk Score as a key quantitative risk metric in its vendor management program. So how can you measure the cyber soundness of your entire supply chain?

Mobile 104
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Netflix Hack: Key Lessons In The Economics Of Ransomware And Managing 3rd Party Risk

Forrester IT

Enterprise Risk Management. vendor management. With that kind of risk analysis, you don't pay a ransom. Read more Categories: Brand Risk. Governance Risk and Compliance. Ransomware. third party data.