Transformative Training for Hybrid Cloud

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Although Shawn already possesses numerous vendor certifications from companies like VMware, Cisco and CompTIA, this “non-vendor specific” preparation, will enable him and his team to deliver the high-level training needed to implement quick hybrid cloud adoption at the demanding pace of IT.

Microsoft Intune Training Course Intune Certification


Microsoft Intune training course from Microsoft learning is free of cost. The post Microsoft Intune Training Course Intune Certification appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM featured Intune certification Intune training course Intune training Courses Microsoft learning Intune Microsoft learning Intune courseBut if you need a verified certificate then, you need to pay around USD 99$.

The Ten Best Ways to do On-The-Job Training


There are a variety of different styles of job training, but typically the most effective training happens when employees are actually at work. Employee development is important for a number of different reasons, and on-the-job training can provide unparalleled opportunities for employee growth, job development, and more. But why is on-the-job training so valuable, and what is the best way to do it? What Are the Benefits of On-the-Job Training? Virtual Training.

CIO interview: John Sullivan, CIO, Virgin Trains

Computer Weekly

Digital innovation is a priority for improving passenger experience and internal operations at the train operating company

Software Testing Trainings

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Here are some solid ways to get effective QA software testing trainings started in your organization

Google invests £1m to help train UK computing teachers

Computer Weekly

Tech giant will provide grant to help train secondary school computing teachers across the UK

Microlearning – Training Your Employees More Effectively


An important thing in every company is employee training if the organization is to continue reaping from its important resource—employees. In such a case, microlearning comes in handy to give each of them easy to learn programs that fit within their daily chores better than most traditional training methods. Most people look at microlearning as just training in small bites, which is not farfetched at all; it’s definitely more than that.

Government provides free digital skills training to unskilled adults

Computer Weekly

The UK government announces plans to offer free skills training to adults in the UK who are lacking relevant digital skills qualifications

The Link Between Big Data and Employee Training


Big data benefits businesses in various ways during the employee training process. Better Training and Enhanced Performance. By using reliable analysis software, you can quickly pinpoint which training programs are producing the best results. If your company is missing something that could benefit the new hire training process potential employees while they train, big data can help you find it. Big Data CTO News data Employee TrainingBrigg Patten.

Sewer maintenance company uses virtual reality for training

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Thames Water contractor is recreating working conditions in a sewer to train future employees

Cyber security training must reflect real risks, warns the IISP

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In the rush to skill-up through cyber security training, the IISP warns businesses may go down the wrong track, resulting in a false sense of security

UK government wants to give 6,000 teenagers cyber security training

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Government launches £20m Cyber Schools Programme aimed at students aged between 14 and 18

Lack of cloud skills and training begin to take a toll

David Linthicum

According to a recent report by cloud and datcenter vendor Rackspace, “Nearly three quarters of IT decision-makers (71 percent) believe their organizations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise. On average, this accounts for 5 percent of total global revenue, or $258,188,279 per organization.” That’s a pretty good hunk of cheddar! This is a real issue and it’s starting to get noticed by enterprises leadership, and even by the stockholders. What is cloud computing?

SCCM ConfigMgr CB Training Led by Wally Mead


In this post, we will see the details about SCCM ConfigMgr CB Training Led by Wally Mead. The post SCCM ConfigMgr CB Training Led by Wally Mead appeared first on Anoops. SCCM (ConfigMgr) is 25 years old. And Wally Mead also started working with Microsoft in the year of 1992.

Vendor Neutral Training: Proven Protection Against Cloud Horror Stories

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The gold rush to cloud is also driving the IT herd to get cloud computing training. Training vendors from multi-billion dollar behemoths to little Mom and Pop shops are ready to cash in with fast and easy, vendor-specific certifications for just about any cloud service provider.

ScotRail to test ‘world’s fastest’ in-train Wi-Fi service

Computer Weekly

The train operator has teamed up with Cisco, Network Rail Telecoms and others to collaborate on an Innovate UK funded proof of concept for ultrafast Wi-Fi on board

Beware the pitfalls of security awareness training, says expert panel

Computer Weekly

While there is value in security awareness training, not all training programmes are effective or value for money, according to a panel of experts

The Essential Role of Teaching in Corporate Training


If you have ever organized a corporate training event and been disappointed by overall attendee retention of information (reported in follow up surveys), you have probably scratched your head while considering options to improve that retention. It is a real problem: training events and seminars are short and sweet, designed to make efficient use of time and resources, but workers often walk out of them learning very little. That applies to anything, not just corporate training.

Top UK directors lack training to deal with cyber attacks

Computer Weekly

The UK’s top firms and charities urgently need to do more to protect themselves from online threats, according to a government-backed audit

Reinvent Your Training Methods

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The contrast reminded me of a discussion I had with an insurance CIO about the training methods we use in our companies. What makes these training methods so special is that the videos are wrapped in a learning architecture.

Revamping Your Training Process: How to Do It Effectively


Many companies these days have customized training programs. These programs, also known as corporate training, teach employees new skills and employ the expertise of training consultants to do so. Some companies will have training companies come in and work with employees, while others will do such work in-house. Regardless of the structure, nearly all companies could do with a revitalization of their corporate training program.

OpenStack Foundation Launches Training Marketplace

Data Center Knowledge

The OpenStack Foundation rolled out its Training Marketplace, designed to make it easy to find training courses offered by OpenStack providers.

Middle East firms must focus on IT training and employing more women to stay competitive

Computer Weekly

Organisations in the Middle East face IT recruitment challenges unless they offer more training and employ more women

Retail tech training – an opportunity to drive employee retention?

Computer Weekly

A job in retail is often the first employment many people will have, so could technology training increase the retention of store staff

Flytoget’s digital transformation accelerates express train service

Computer Weekly

Flytoget implements a development platform to enable it to respond quickly to the demands of digital-minded customers

Security Think Tank: Defend against phishing with training, technology and reporting

Computer Weekly

What are the most effective types of security controls and user training approaches to dealing with phishing

More than a quarter of SME staff lack cyber threat training

Computer Weekly

Data from cyber insurance provider CFC Underwriting shows that 38% of its claims in 2016 could have been avoided through better staff education and training on cyber risks

Finding an Effective SEO Online Training Course


Information Technology Blog - - Finding an Effective SEO Online Training Course - Information Technology Blog. Thanks to this SEO training course, you can get some in-depth knowledge on the topic.

UK tech firms spend less, deliver more on training

Computer Weekly

Survey shows technology firms spend 46% of the national average on learning and development per employee, but deliver an above-average number of hours’ training

Openreach trains apprentice engineers in virtual reality

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Openreach inductees get to experience an immersive simulation of life as an engineer, taking them up telephone poles and into underground chambers

Advance Your Organizations Cyber Intelligence Training and Education With This INSA Reference


The Task forces under this council examine issues on topics including cyber intelligence, the insider threat, cyber research and development and training/education. The latest paper from the INSA Cyber Council is on the topic of education and training for cyber intelligence.

Microsoft Adds New Azure Cloud Training for Partners

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Microsoft attributes more than 90 percent of its revenue to partners, and is offering new Azure skills training and certification to help support this growth. Read More. Cloud Computing Microsoft Shared

Almost one-third of IT workers think they need more training to enhance career

Computer Weekly

More than half of IT workers receive formal training from their employer, but many feel more needs to be done for them to advance, according to Computer Weekly research

SAP focuses on training young Arab graduates in Middle East

Computer Weekly

SAP has a raft of initiatives planned in the Middle East which includes a strategy to equip young people and entrepreneurs with the IT skills required as the region transforms

Virtual Reality Operating Simulators: Gamification in Training Surgeons


This was also around the time when a lot of advances were made in videogame technology and Atari, one of the leaders in the industry, decided to see if there was a possible application for the technology in training simulators. One of the most common ways to train surgeons is to have them assist other doctors in operations. The training adds to the time the patient spends in the operating room, though. Brigg Patten.