Step-By-Step: How to Clean Install Windows 10


One question that is frequently asked both in person and online as of late is as follows: “How do I perform a clean install of Windows 10 when upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8?”

Data Center Optimization: How to Do More Without More Money

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DCIM How to… Manage Power and CoolingOperating efficiently and effectively in the land of "more" without more money means optimization at all levels: hardware, software, and even policies and procedures. Read More.

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How to Prevent DRUPS-Related Data Center Outages

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If you're deploying DRUPS, here's what to watch for. How to… Manage Power and Cooling UptimeDRUPS systems were implicated in several high-profile outages recently. Read More.

Hyper-segmentation – How to Avoid Cyber Disasters


Like other man-made disasters, we need to find a way to prevent cyber disasters. While people often think of security as just the tools used to protect the network, it’s not about that any more. Their SDN Fx solution is testament to that. How it works.

Windows 10 Tips: How to Delay or Defer Windows Updates


Reason being, it allows us at CANITPRO.NET to listen to the IT professional audience in attendance speak their minds about Windows.( Step-By-Step WSUS Anthony Bartolo How to delay Windows 10 updates Service Branch System Center 2012 Windows 10 Windows Update how-to

Here’s How Azure Stack Will Integrate into Your Data Center

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You get the benefits of both public cloud and your own data centers but expect to do things differently. Cloud DevOps How to… Manage MicrosoftRead More.

How to Prepare Tech Leaders in Your Company


A survey by the United States Department of Labor unveiled that in America, an average individual born in the late 50s or early 60s had to hunt for a job virtually 18 times till they attained the age of 48. This only signals that the search of employment is obligatory. With many job applicants today, […]. CTO News

10 Things Every CIO Must Know about Their Data Centers

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Featured How to… Manage UptimeWhile data centers aren’t necessarily something CIOs think about on a daily basis, there are some essential things every executive in this role must know about their organization’s data center operations. Read More.

How To Make Your Business Process Management (BPM) Mobile Friendly

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In this mobile age, your business processes need to be mobile friendly Image Credit: Milica Sekulic. In a nutshell, it’s how your company does business. The arrival of everyday mobile devices has had a major impact on how firms perform their business processes.

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How to Turn Big Data Into a Competitive Advantage


When it blasted on the scene, businesses jumped at the chance to use a massive amount of data to gauge what their customers wanted and needed, tailoring their services to offer the perfect experience. Businesses need to do more than use big data – they need to leverage all its benefits in ways no one else can. How can you turn big data into a competitive advantage? TECH ROUNDUP: Toshiba Dives to 35-Year Low ( Rick Delgado.

How To ‘Refactor’ Monolithic Applications into Microservices

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Monoliths put business logic into the core of the application, implemented by modules that define services, domain objects and events. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Data Center Strategy: Tips for Better Capacity Planning

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Here's how to make smarter capacity planning decisions Read More. How to… Manage Uptime

Step-By-Step: Setting up Active Directory in Windows Server 2016


This post will detail how to install active directory on Windows Server 2016. Before the AD install however it is important to understand what is the minimum requirement to install windows server 2016. First thing to check is IP address configuration.

How to eliminate insider threats

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Insider threats are a major security problem Image by Thinkstock For years, the primary security objective has been to protect the perimeter—the focus on keeping outsiders from gaining access and doing harm. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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CIOs Need To Know How To Deal With IP Issues

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As CIOs we tend to focus on the immediate problems that are in front of us. Every CIO needs his or her IT department to be creative. Intellectual property is considered to be things like patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Government IT: How to Prevent Ransomware from Extorting Your Organization


The cyber attacks they stage are constantly evolving, and now pose a real threat to organizations and agencies in the public sector in particular. Ransomware is a type of malware that has the potential to severely cripple a government agency. How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks.

Three Key Questions And Answers About How To Make Digital Transformation Go Right

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We recently hosted a complimentary webinar titled Your Digital Transformation Is Not Bold Enough — Five Actions To Take Now. Forrester clients can also access the associated report here.

IT Applications: How to Create a Culture of Quality


Over the past several years, those in charge of IT applications teams have emphasized the need for their staff to be as quick as possible in getting applications in to day-to-day use. Adhering to three principles will help with that.

how to be a good open source community member


A friend of mine who is a very talented writer recently became intrigued with open source and asked me to help her to understand how to be a good open source community member. Is there any other profession where highly skilled professionals donate their free time to give their work away for free? Many spend long hours at their day jobs, just to spend their nights and weekends doing the same thing. They will be very open to helping

How to Survive a Cloud Meltdown

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It’s all about redundancy, but there are many ways to do it, and it won’t be cheap. Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Downtime Featured

CIOs Need To Know How To Build Bridges

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You’ll need a bridge to move from providing a service to being a partnerbr /> Image Credit: JOHN LLOYD. That’s not what an IT department should be limited to doing. Instead, you should be a true business partner to the rest of the business.

How to Remove Malware Tips


This malicious software is designed for the purpose of gaining access to your computer and often damage a computer without the owner knowing. Malware creation has become popular in recent times due to the the lure of money that can be made through organized Internet crime.

The Data Center of the Future and Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Cloud How to Disaster recovery and business continuity -- no longer a cumbersome duo. Read More.

How to conduct an IoT pen test

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Penetration testing was much like taking a battering ram to the door of the fortress. Keep pounding away and maybe find a secret backdoor to enter through. With the flurry of Internet of Things devices, is it harder to conduct a pen test with that many devices and end points? To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click hereBut what happens if pieces of the network are outside of the fortress?

The Right Questions to Ask About Data Center Strategy

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Data Center World Featured How to Data center customers often don’t ask some of the most important questions. Here's what they are. Read More.

Teaching Drones to Aid Search and Rescue Efforts via Cognitive Services


InDro Robotics, a drone operating outfit based in Salt Spring Island British Columbia, recently connected with our team at Microsoft to explore how they could better enable their drones for search and rescue efforts.

If Everything is a Service, Why Do We Need Data Centers?

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How to What are the duties of the data center manager in an everything-as-a-service world? Read More.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Advanced Security Audit Policy via DS Access


Should changes or unauthorized access happen within your AD environment, would you have enough information to answer questions such as what has changed? As you know the computer security threats are changing every day, sometime the default event logs may not help to answer above questions.

How to simplify IT integration

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Pressure on IT is mounting and point-to-point integration does not scale. Opening up APIs is one of the approaches now being considered

Corporate IT: How to Get the Most From an IT Roadmap


For over 50 years the advertising industry has proved that images are a far more effective way to get a message across that using words alone. Presentations should start with a single page, visual summary of strategic drivers and the major initiatives planned to achieve those goals.

How to handle detractors to digital transformation

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It takes a lot of effort to align an organization to a digital strategy and digital transformation program. They are disruptive programs that aim to drive growth through new products and customer experiences and not everyone in the front office is going to want a new direction. They also require changes to the underlying business processes by advancing customer service capabilities, cio digital transformation leadership organizational change

How to Build a Leadership Team that’s Comfortable with Digitization


Only 44% of senior managers report that they understand how digitization applies to their company. These numbers are even bleaker for mid-level (34%) and frontline (31%) managers, according to CEB data. Statistics like these have led CIOs across the world to play a leadership role in preparing the entire company , not just IT, for digital transformation. Here are the three design principles the L&D team used to develop digital acumen in their leaders.

Sensors Supercharge Predictive Data Center Modeling

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The closer the data in the model to the real data in the room, the more informed decisions can be made. Design How to… Manage Power and CoolingRead More.