Data Center Optimization: How to Do More Without More Money

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DCIM How to… Manage Power and CoolingOperating efficiently and effectively in the land of "more" without more money means optimization at all levels: hardware, software, and even policies and procedures. Read More.

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How to Prevent DRUPS-Related Data Center Outages

Data Center Knowledge

If you're deploying DRUPS, here's what to watch for. How to… Manage Power and Cooling UptimeDRUPS systems were implicated in several high-profile outages recently. Read More.

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How to Take Backup and Restore Office 365 Mailboxes


This confirms a vast number of people using Office 365 to help manage their businesses. Do we need to have a backup for a SaaS solution like […]. The post How to Take Backup and Restore Office 365 Mailboxes appeared first on Anoops.

97 SCCM Intune How to do Video Tutorials


How to do video tutorials (SCCM Intune Video) are always helpful in my personal and professional life. Hence I thought of a throwback to SCCM/ConfigMgr and IT Pro community with How to do […]. The post 97 SCCM Intune How to do Video Tutorials appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. Do you like Video tutorials rather than reading the blog posts?

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How to diagnose cloud performance issues

David Linthicum

You don’t know where to look first? Everything you need to know now. However, you do have to understand where to look first, and what tools to use. To read this article in full, please click hereIs your public cloud-based workload too slow? Here are some quick guidelines for diagnosing the root cause of most performance issues.

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How to deal with bad data in your cloud migration

David Linthicum

The symptoms are pretty easy to spot, including not having a single source of truth for customers, orders, inventory, etc. Or not be able to properly secure and govern the data, thus being unable to deal with regulations. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story Do you have dysfunctional enterprise data?

Recognizing Relevant Big Data and How to Use It


Big Data is everywhere you look, and we have seen how useful it can be. Among billions of terabytes of data gathered, there is a treasure of marketing data that businesses need to understand in order to know what is relevant and how to use it to get better business results.

Should CIOs Learn How To Forgive?

The Accidental Successful CIO

To forgive is divine, but is this something that CIOs should be doing? However, with increasing age comes more time for us to think about all of the things that have happened to us during our lives. What’s the person with the CIO job to do?

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How to Spot “Outliers”

Future of CIO

Facing “VUCA” digital new normal, organizations need to spot the new breed of talent or innovators who can think differently, see things from the different angle; read between the lines, figure out alternative ways to do things.

PowerShell Basics: How to Validate the Length of an Integer


Recently I fielded the following PowerShell question: “ How do I make sure a variable, which is an int, is of a certain length?”. You could also use something like ‘^d{4,6}$’ to validate that the int is between four and six digits long.

How To Unlock Tech Industry Digital Transformation

Forrester IT

But many tech companies find it difficult to leave their product-centric models behind and focus on customer outcomes. Of course this isn't a problem unique to the tech industry. It's no surprise that tech companies are vested in the digital transformation of their customers.

How to secure SaaS: Understanding the cloud’s security layers

David Linthicum

When you address security in the cloud for your enterprise use, you need to think of it in several layers: To read this article in full, please click here (Insider Story

SAMOS – How To Evaluate Disruptive Innovation


Samos is an island in the eastern Aegean Sea, where Pythagoras is thought to have been born in 569 B.C. A commander knows that if he tries to spell out all the details of a plan it will fail. So instead, he tries to convey his intent. Nathaniel Crocker.

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How to Set Google as Default Search Engine with CSP Intune Profiles


Most of the Organisations follow “Traditional device management approach” which use Group policy as their primary tool to set security standards and end user settings.

How to simplify IT integration

Computer Weekly

Pressure on IT is mounting and point-to-point integration does not scale. Opening up APIs is one of the approaches now being considered

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Hybrid cloud? Private cloud? Public cloud? Multicloud? How to choose

David Linthicum

Many enterprise IT shops, and most enterprise technology companies, have pledged allegiance to the hybrid cloud model. Their reasons are self-serving: Large enterprise software and hardware vendors have to believe in hybrid cloud computing, because they have the datacenter side of things to think about, and that where they make money. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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How to Achieve Digital Coherence

Future of CIO

With the abundance of information, IT can process and refine information to provide businesses real-time insight across the organization in ways never possible before. The business needs to know what IT can deliver and enter a dialogue about what best serves the goals of the business.

Step-By-Step: How to Clean Install Windows 10


One question that is frequently asked both in person and online as of late is as follows: “How do I perform a clean install of Windows 10 when upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8?”

How to handle the politics of cloud resistance

David Linthicum

Why are security models are not transferable to the cloud? How did you end up with performance issues that can’t be fixed? The overwhelming issues that I run into when helping clients move to cloud computing are never the technology -- those issues are easily fixed. The cloud storage security gap — and how to close it. | The InfoWorld Deep Dive: How to make document sharing really work in Office 365. ]. Why do cloud projects fail?

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How to keep multicloud complexity under control

David Linthicum

Although this seems to provide the best flexibility, there are trade-offs to consider. The drawbacks I see at enterprise clients relate to added complexity. To the cloud! Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorld’s beginner’s guide to Docker. ]. For example, one client confused security systems and thus inadvertently left portions of its database open to attack. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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How to combat software auditors

Computer Weekly

Software audits can be a huge waste of time and resources for IT departments

How to get real ROI from your move to the cloud

David Linthicum

We were talking opex versus capex years ago, and then noticed that there was agility and time-to-market advantages as well. As cloud value metrics evolve, I’ve noted another key value indictor: the commitment to cloud computing. If you’re an enterprise that is going to cloud in fits and starts, you’re not likely to ind the value in cloud computing. To read this article in full, please click hereThe ROI of cloud computing is confusing.

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How to handle detractors to digital transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

It takes a lot of effort to align an organization to a digital strategy and digital transformation program. They are disruptive programs that aim to drive growth through new products and customer experiences and not everyone in the front office is going to want a new direction. They also require changes to the underlying business processes by advancing customer service capabilities, cio digital transformation leadership organizational change

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How to Implement Agile on Lowcode and aPaaS Development Platforms

Social, Agile and Transformation

These higher level languages enable developers to write a class of applications faster and maintain them easier by providing development environments, programming constructs, and other tools. A colleague and friend recently asked me whether agile practices were appropriate when managing development on lowcode or aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) technologies.

How to make the right technology choice

Computer Weekly

Organisations need digital technology, but how do you decide which is the best technology for you? The answer is not to make one big decision, but many small ones. Thinking about technology, behaviour and data will help you find the right answers

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How To Solve The Digital Dilemma

Forrester IT

Transformers are more likely to succeed because they recognize their customers' expectations are evolving. The executives in these companies redesign their business to evolve alongside the expectations of their customers.

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How To Import MBOX To MS Outlook?

IT Toolbox

This post looks at importing MBOX to Outlook

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Harvey: Hurricane Preparation Tips for Data Center Managers

Data Center Knowledge

Featured How to… Manage UptimeHere are some essential steps data center crews should take before, during, and after an extreme-weather event Read More.

How To Ride The Technology Wave (And Not Get Swept Away)

Forrester IT

there’s enough emerging technology in financial services to fill a whole alphabet book. And it’s difficult not to get swept off your feet by visions of bionic men, self-executing smart contracts, and virtual assistants that anticipate our every need.

How to Use AI and Blockchain in a Disruptive World


There’s a revolution taking place right now, and most people aren’t even aware of it. Of those that are, very few comprehend the degree of disruption on the horizon. Technology is both (1) part of the problem and (2) part of the solution. AI and blockchain are facilitating decentralization and anarchy, but those changes create […]. Cryptocurrency CTO Cyber Security News

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Corporate IT: How to Improve the Customer Experience You Provide


The experience that companies provide for their customers has become incredibly important to many senior executive teams. Click chart to expand. All of these elements have increased the effort business partners have to exert when engaging with IT.

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How to approach machine learning in the cloud

David Linthicum

That was evident when I spoke this week at the AI World event, which was packed with vendors and users seeking to understand what the hell AI and machine learning are—and wanting to know how they could use this old but revitalized technology effectively. But most enterprises have no clue on what the heck to do with machine learning systems, whether cloud or on-premises. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

How To Keep Calm at Work

Complete IT Professional

Learn how to keep calm at work with some tips in this article. But, it allows you to re-focus on what you’re doing and can have a calming effect on you. What are you both trying to achieve? Are you trying to improve an internal system?