Will marketing continue to grow their share of the technology budget?

Eric D. Brown

If you are involved with marketing and/or technology in any large organization, you most likely are hearing a lot about marketing technology (MarTech) and the ‘explosion’ of MarTech people, technology, projects… and budgets.

Geospatial Commission announced in Budget to open up OS data

Computer Weekly

Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond announced in his November 2017 budget a £40m Geospatial Commission to open up Ordnance Survey data to stoke new business for small companies

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Optimizing Entire Data Center Without Breaking Budget

Data Center Knowledge

New technologies can help you get everything you can out of your data center without going broke Read More. Featured data center

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Call to Action: Pounding the Table for Security Budgets

The Investing Edge

The vicious cyberattacks on major organizations like Target, Home Depot, eBay, JP Morgan Chase and recently, Anthem , makes one thing clear: the severity and sophistication of cyberattacks has taken a major leap forward.

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DCIM on a Budget: Data Center Optimization Without Breaking the Bank

Data Center Knowledge

What if DCIM software isn't in the budget? Read More. DCIM Decisions Resources

2015 Federal IT Spending Update: An analysis of the budget for CTOvision Pro Subscribers


The total federal budget is about $3.9 Many firms with great technologies believe the size of the federal budget means there is something there for them. By Bob Gourley. Trillion.

Tech industry demands clarity on Brexit ahead of key budget

Computer Weekly

TechUK warns government that this week's budget could be its last chance to give tech firms confidence in the post-Brexit UK economy

Survey: Non-IT Business Units Spend Own Budgets on Tech

Data Center Knowledge

Sales, finance, logistic execs make own technology purchases, hire own technology staff Read More. Business

Measures to boost digital economy announced in Malaysia budget 2017

Computer Weekly

Malaysia’s latest budget reflects the country’s aim to boost the digital economy

Outdated IT budget models slow enterprise cloud adoption, CIO research suggests

Computer Weekly

Research from IT services provider Trustmarque suggests the way that enterprises run their IT budgets is out of step with how they consume and pay for cloud

Japan Approved The Largest Military Budget Since World War II: What are they spending it on?


Japan has recently approved the largest military budget since World War II. The regional security concerns are the natural drivers of this investment, but interestingly, the US DoD budgets cuts seem to be having the biggest impact. By Chris Ward.

Spring Budget advances 5G strategy and broadband funding

Computer Weekly

The government has launched its 5G mobile strategy to coincide with Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Budget, and has revealed more details of its planned broadband investment

IR35 reforms: Consultation on private sector roll-out confirmed in Autumn Budget 2017

Computer Weekly

The government has confirmed it is preparing to consult on whether or not to roll out the controversial IR35 tax avoidance reforms to the private sector

Councils continue to spend on Oracle despite budget constraints

Computer Weekly

Local authorities face a challenges balancing their meagre budgets with services they can afford to provide, but spending on Oracle seems to be increasing

Enterprises predict cloud budget growth will outpace overall IT spend in 2017

Computer Weekly

451 Research's latest Voice of the Enterprise report suggests enterprise IT buyers are feeling very optimistic about how much money they will get to spend on cloud and hosting technologies in 2017

2017 UK IT budgets show increased CRM and business automation focus

Computer Weekly

CRM has emerged as the number one UK IT spending priority for 2017, in terms of packaged business applications. Beyond packaged, the top three software initiatives were business process automation, data quality and governance

2017 IT Priorities: Benelux IT leaders least confident of budget increase

Computer Weekly

Benelux-based IT decision makers expect to divert more of their IT budgets to cloud technology and services

Internet of things accounts for a quarter of IT budgets, claims Vodafone

Computer Weekly

The latest edition of Vodafone’s annual Internet of Things Barometer suggests that the IoT commands as much attention as cloud or data analytics

4 Strategies for Staying Within Your ERP Budget

IT Toolbox

Even if your company is taking advantage of the latest, most cost-effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) software available, it’s still possible—even probable—that it will spend outside its ERP budget. Various factors come into play to explain this cost overrun, including hidden fees and poor planning. Trying to capitalize on a “good deal” on a system that doesn’t

Trump’s budget: Say goodbye to U.S. tech pre-eminence

ComputerWorld IT Management

But now, thanks to President Trump’s recent budget proposal, the U.S. Far from making America great again, the budget would go a long way toward making the U.S. The internet was created thanks to funding from the U.S. government — and the United States is still riding the economic boom and wave of creativity it unleashed. That’s just one example of how government spending has fueled innovation that drives the world’s largest economy.

Cloud set to net a larger share of enterprise IT budgets in 2017, predicts 451 Research

Computer Weekly

451 Research's cloud and hosting market review suggests enterprise IT decision makers are preparing to ramp up with use of cloud and hosting services in 2017

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ERP tops hospital IT wishes but budgets block adoption

IT Toolbox

Comprehensive ERP systems lead wish lists for healthcare executives because they still don’t have the digital insights they need to pursue value-based care, according to a new study from market research company Black Book. In a survey called “Healthcare IT and RCM Automation Trends 2017,” smaller hospitals in particular reported widespread frustration with their inability

In 2017, Digital Transformation Budgets Will Top The Billion-Dollar Bar

Forrester IT

Check out our Predictions 2017: In Digital Transformation, The Hard Work Of Operational Excellence Begins piece that went live this morning. It has more predictions and more detail from from my coauthors Nigel Fenwick and Martin Gill. You've been creating digital customer experiences for years now. You've built a successful app. You've assembled a martech/adtech stack. You may even have started swinging at omnichannel delivery or harnessed AI or piloted a connected product.

Data Mining Taken to a New Level., Budget Cuts, and ICS getting a.


Budget Cuts, and ICS getting a make over Data Mining Taken to a New Level.,

High Density, Low Budget: Massive Bitcoin Mines Spring Up in Warehouses

Data Center Knowledge

Bitcoin miners are building massive "hashing centers" featuring high-density hardware, low-reliability power infrastructure and off-the-shelf enclosures. Read More. Bitcoin colocation Featured

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How to succeed with big data on a tight budget

Tech Republic Big Data

Get tips on benefiting from big data when you have a small, fixed budget Data science doesn't have to require a big spend in order to play a useful role in your organization.

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DCIM On a Budget: Data Center Optimization Without Breaking the Bank (Part II)

Data Center Knowledge

How to use the knowledge gained through measurement to control and optimize data center operations. Read More. DCIM News Resources

IT Priorities 2017: Many ANZ CIOs don’t expect IT budget increase

Computer Weekly

There is still uncertainty over Australian CIO budgets in 2017 and many expect a reduction

Corporate IT: How to Get the Most From an IT Roadmap


Align with the Organization's Strategy Blog Budgeting and Planning Corporate IT Information Technology Information Technology Governance Project Management

Obama Proposes $14 Billion Cybersecurity Budget for Fiscal Year 2016

Data Center Knowledge

Cybersecurity budget for fiscal year 2016 is an increase of nearly $1 billion from last year Read More. Shared

Tips to Buying a Budget Laptop

IT Toolbox

This post gives a few tips to purchasing a budget laptop

IT Priorities 2017: Quarter of Apac CIOs expect IT budget to rise by more than 10%

Computer Weekly

More than half of Apac-based IT decision-makers expect budgets to rise next year and cloud-related projects look the likely destination of the extra money

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Where to cut corners when the security budget gets tight

ComputerWorld IT Management

Whenever creating a budget, there is always the rainy day fund or the contingency account in case of unexpected circumstances. But what if those circumstances are a data breach that is bigger than you could have ever imagined? And you don’t have cyberinsurance? Look to open source To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story