How To Unlock Tech Industry Digital Transformation

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Of course this isn't a problem unique to the tech industry. But the tech industry sits at the heart of the digital transformation of many businesses -- helping their customers take advantage of their technology to transform their businesses.

The New IT Industry Landscape

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The news over the weekend that HP was splitting into two separate businesses made me deeply ruminate over the future of the IT industry — helped along by a few adult beverages.   Plenty of examples of both in the industry today.

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Industrial digitalisation

Computer Weekly

We explore how back-office IT is being applied to industrial machines

How Google Fiber Could Upset The Entire Broadband Industry


There are a few reasons for that, mostly tied to the fact that the economic and regulatory landscape of the broadband industry is extremely hostile to new entries. Google Fiber has the potential to upset the entire American broadband industry - and it’s an upset that’s long past due. . Amy Medeiros. Google Fiber seemingly started as an experiment - but it’s become clear it’s not going anywhere. Move over, Comcast and Time Warner. Google’s here to stay.

10 December Industrial IoT Webinar


Today, we are amidst the third industrial revolution that is driven by IoT and Big Data analytics. Agenda: Gain insight on the most recent trends for the Industrial IoT. See how industrial automation is being accelerated through machine learning.

The Demand For Industry-Specific CRM Explodes

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Horizontal CRM solutions -- as mature as they are (and they have been around for 20+ years) -- don't always do a good job at supporting industry-specific business processes. So, over the years, CRM vendors have built vertical market software applications from the ground up for specific industries. Offers broad CRM capabilities across all industries. industry solutions. Application Development CRM CX industry solutions

New ISACA Guide Explores Turbulent Cybersecurity Environment For Industrial Control Systems


ISACA, a global professional association serving 140,000 professionals, has published a new guide about the current cybersecurity threat for industrial control systems (ICS). Industrial Control Systems: A Primer for the Rest of Us ” is available for free download at

Social Media Checkup: Healthcare Industry Growing Stronger

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Its understandable why the healthcare industry has lagged behind in social media adoption. In the following paragraphs, I break the results down by healthcare segments and address what they mean for the future of the healthcare industry. Guest post by Adam Roumm.

Bayshore Networks: Cloud- and on-premises-based IoT cybersecurity technology for industrial enterprises


The company’s policy-based Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) Gateway, an alternative to next-generation firewalls in some settings, inspects and filters industrial data for customers in fields such as manufacturing, connected cars and smart cities. Research Team.

American Industry Benefiting From Government Cybersecurity Executive Transitions


Industry must take the lead. American industry has always benefited from the talent produced by the U.S. The demand signal from industry and the needs to secure our nation's economy indicate more of this talent will be needed in the future. Will industry demand cause more in government to decide to leave earlier and will that cause impact to important agency missions? Bob Gourley.

Cybersecurity: A vertical industry application?

Network World

Cybersecurity has always been a horizontal technology practice that’s roughly the same across all industry sectors. Yes, some industries have different regulations, use cases or business processes that demand specific security controls, but overall every company needs things like firewalls, IDS/IPS, threat management gateways and antivirus software regardless. In fact, the best CISOs understand industry business processes, regulations and risk above and beyond technology.

Six key security weaknesses in industrial systems

Computer Weekly

Organisations should mitigate six key vulnerabilities in industrial control systems to reduce the risk of cyber attack, warns security firm FireEye

Ten Reasons Why VMware Is Leading The Hyperconverged Industry

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While I admire their bravado, I felt the piece did a disservice to both the industry and to customers. If we could convince a few industry analysts to focus on hyperconverged software vs. counting largely similar boxes with different vendor labels on them, their picture of the landscape would be quite different. It’d be great if the industry pundits factored this into their definition of “market leadership”. 

The SINET 16: These could be the hottest new tech firms in the cybersecurity industry


Bob Gourley. The Security Innovation Network (SINET) is an organization on a particularly virtuous mission. It seeks to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat cybersecurity threats.

How Data Journalism is Impacting the Industry


Though it may not be obvious to the average person, the journalism industry is undergoing a transformative change, one that could very well revolutionize the business in exciting ways. Data journalism has arrived, and its overall impact on the industry will be something to keep a close eye on over the next few years. Rick Delgado.

Industrial Manufacturers Digitize Operations to Compete

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Guest post by Michael Kinder , PwC’s Strategy&; and Bobby Bono , US Industrial Manufacturing Leader, PwC. Digital is dominating C-suite discussions of industrial manufacturers as management pushes to find new ways to grow revenue and disrupt markets. According to PwC’s Industry 4.0:

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Delta System Failure Marks Wake-Up Call for Airline Industry

Data Center Knowledge

Each major US carrier sustained disruptions during the last year due to outdated information systems Read More. Disaster Recovery Downtime Enterprise Infrastructure Power

Insights into the cyber threat to the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry has long been under cyberattack. Pioneer of Cyber Threat Intelligence and publisher of the daily Threat Brief , Bob Gourley , will provide lessons learned from direct engagements against cyber adversaries, as well as research into the motivations and resources of the actors attacking the healthcare industry. Bob Gourley. But something has changed.

Server StorageIO Industry Trends Perspectives Report WekaIO Matrix

Storage IO Blog

This Server StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective report looks at common issues, trends, and how to address different application server storage I/O challenges. The post Server StorageIO Industry Trends Perspectives Report WekaIO Matrix appeared first on StorageIOblog. In this report, we look at WekaIO Matrix, an elastic, flexible, highly scalable easy to use (and manage) software defined (e.g. software based) storage solution.

Federal Tech Talk: Cloud Transition Challenges in Government and Industry

Cloud Musings

Cloud Computing is revolutionizing today''s business marketplace. While "learning the art of the possible", corporate executives today are struggling with the business and security challenges associate with this important transition.

IBM: Financial services industry bombarded by malware, security threats

Network World

The financial services industry is the target of a whopping 65% more targeted cyber-attacks than the average business, according to security watchers at IBM’s X Force. The number of financial services records breached skyrocketed 937% in 2016 to more than 200 million. Financial institutions were forced to defend against a 29 percent increase in the number of attacks from 2015, IBM stated. More on Network World: IBM: Tax-related spam up 6,000% since Dec.;

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7 cybersecurity best practices that regulated industries deal with

Network World

Knowing the regs Image by Thinkstock Whether you work for an organization controlled by compliance standards or you are an independent IT firm looking to build your enterprise business, understanding industry regulations is crucial as it pertains to cybersecurity.

Forrester Predictions: Ten Key Developments In Cloud Computing Shape The Industry In 2017

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Our cloud team has gathered ten key developments in cloud computing that will shape this industry in 2017 -- and what you should do about them today. Take a fresh look at your regional and industry-specific cloud providers -- specialization is afoot. I'm pleased to announce that Forrester's cloud computing predictions for 2017 published this morning! Check out Predictions 2017: Customer-Obsessed Enterprises Launch Cloud's Second Decade.

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Army Intelligence Industry Day 29 July 2015


Army, will co-sponsor a special, one day classified event tailored for members of industry focused on U.S. I'm excited about this opportunity to continue to work with our partners in industry that help us ensure our Soldiers always have the advantage on the battlefield.". -- LTG Mary Legere, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 (Intelligence). The post Army Intelligence Industry Day 29 July 2015 appeared first on

FDIC’s View of Cybersecurity and Lessons Learned For All Industries


Information security is pertinent to all businesses in all industries and across all levels of government. A foreign country has confidential data regarding the US banking industry, and a FDIC leaders intentionally lied. What would happen with the banking industry if the nation used this data from the breach in a detrimental, persistent manner? Charles Parker. Some do it well and some do it poorly.

10 Ways Data Center Industry Will Change in 2015

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Web-scale, containers, stream analytics, non-x86 silicon, and other big trends that will drive the industry Read More. Big Data Cloud Computing Connectivity Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured Networking

Changes In The IT Industry, Or Why I Came To Oracle

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      Related Stories Uncomfortable Truths In Enterprise IT Losing My Religion The New IT Industry Landscape. When I announced that I was leaving EMC and VMware to join Oracle, the reaction was interesting to say the least.

Faster, higher, stronger: How the digitalization of industry is redefining value creation

All Things Distributed

What's more, digital technologies and business models that are focused on Industry 4.0 At the same time, many experts believe the fundamental potential of Industry 4.0 In fact, almost every industrial company in Germany already has a digitalization project in place.

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How Innovative Data Center Design Raises the Bar of Industry Standards

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The key to success of prominent facilities, such as Facebook's, is that, by challenging the status quo, they actually surpass industry standards around design and build, energy efficiency, information security, and more. Data Center Design Industry PerspectivesRead More.

The Uncertain Future of Obamacare and the Healthcare Industry

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In that scenario, the future of Obamacare, and the healthcare industry at large, was certain to stay the course. The results of the United States Presidential election came as a shock to almost everyone - even Trump supporters. Most prepared for a Clinton win, which would have meant that even if the Republican party held onto the House and the Senate, there would still be a relative balance of power across party lines.

Dean Nelson Enlisting “Infrastructure Masons” to Advance Data Center Industry

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eBay’s former data center chief launches industry group for builders of infrastructure for the digital age Read More. Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Executive Featured

The AT&T Merger With Time Warner Opens A New Chapter For The Telco Industry

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The deal needs to be seen against a challenging backdrop for the telco industry, where revenue growth from traditional revenue sources is hard to come by. With Laura Koetzle. On October 22, 2016, AT&T announced its intention to acquire Time Warner for an equity value of $85.4 billion. The deal is essentially about the combination of quality content and content distribution, as it transforms AT&T into a content producer and owner -- rather than just a distributor of content.

Cyber security in industrial controls systems poor, says Crest

Computer Weekly

A lack of standards-based technical security testing is putting industrial control environments and critical national infrastructure at risk of cyber attack, a report reveals