CleanINTERNET for the Healthcare Industry


Read Byron Rashed explain how CleanINTERNET can protect the firms in the healthcare sector on Centripetal Blog : The healthcare industry incurs the highest average data breach costs at a […].

Industrial Insider: The supply chain in flux


Read Elise Couston take an inside peek into the current supply chain management issues on RE Journals : One thing is for certain — almost all of our businesses have changed dramatically in the last 18 months.


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Blockchain Gets Real Across Industries

Information Week

Blockchain use cases are exploding across industries because these days trust is 'a thing.' Here are 11 examples

How Big Data Investments Could Affect A Variety Of Industries


Read Sylvia Jablonski explain how big data companies like Palantir Technologies, Inc.

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

When used effectively, a CRM can be the life blood of your sales team – keeping everyone organized, efficient, and at peak productivity. However, as a company, sales stack, and database grow, it becomes difficult to uphold structure and governance to keep a CRM up-to-date. The result? Less organization, more confusion, and fewer deals closed. Leveraging leading industry research from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can gain back valuable time.

Leveraging AIOps in the Finance Industry

Information Week

Rising consumer expectations, fierce competition and growing cybersecurity concerns will make AIOps adoption a business imperative

Connecting The Industrial Internet Of Things With Smart AI Objects


Read John Clemons’ article about connecting industrial Internet Of Things with smart AI objects on Forbes : Smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are discussed […].

Renault Rolls Out Blockchain-Based System For Auto Industry Compliance


Carmaker Renault Group said it has developed a blockchain-based system allowing manufacturers to certify the regulatory compliance of vehicle components from design through to production. The XCEED (eXtended Compliance End-to-End Distributed) […].

How AI regulation is developing in the insurance industry

Venture Beast

AI Uncategorized VB Home Page AI regulation category-/Business & Industrial Insurance techSome important takeaways from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners meeting in San Diego this week. Read More.

Digital twins help transform the construction industry

Venture Beast

Digital twins in construction are a key enabler as the industry pursues digital transformation. AI AR/VR Big Data Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial/Construction & Maintenance construction tech digital twins

Healthcare industry at greatest risk of data breach


The healthcare industry has significantly more exposed attack surfaces than any other industry surveyed, according to Censys’s research findings of cloud risks and cloud maturity by industry, revealed at RSA Conference 2020.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Embedded Analytics – 4 Mission-Critical Steps to Take on Your Analytics Journey

The right analytics capabilities will turn data into valuable insights for your end users. This research-based guide, derived from insights of industry professionals, will allow you to create an optimal strategy for acquiring those capabilities.

Who Owns Responsibility for Industrial Cybersecurity?


Read Galina Antova take a look at who is responsible for industrial cybersecurity on Infosec Magazine : It is rare for a week to go by without at least one […].

Space: The Next Tech Industry Frontier?

Information Week

Tech has transformed life on earth over the past several decades. Will new space-oriented research lead to a fresh generation of innovations, both in space and on earth

Industrial control system vulnerabilities up 41%, many of them ‘critical’

Venture Beast

A report by Team82 from industrial security company Claroty shows a sharp rise in vulnerability disclosures for industrial control systems. Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security Claroty industrial control systems industrial IoT Industry 4.0

Dragos raises $200M to protect industrial customers from cyberattacks

Venture Beast

Dragos, a company developing a platform to protect industrial customers from cyberattacks, has raised $200 million in venture capital. Read More.

Internet of Things Security Hurdles Still Holding Industry Back


Read why Brian Buntz says that Internet of Things security issues are holding the IoT industry back on IoT World Today : Only a minority of consumers trust the brands […].

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

CRM software is a powerful tool when used correctly, yet another obstacle to a sales team’s efficiency when it’s not. Leveraging research and commentary from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can get back valuable time by overcoming some pain points with your CRM, such as low adoption rates, integrations, and data quality.

Industrial digitalisation

Computer Weekly

We explore how back-office IT is being applied to industrial machines

Event planning: The newest emerging trends in an industry rocked by disruption  

Venture Beast

In 2022, event marketers will be tackling a whole new landscape of questions, concerns, and opportunities. Are you ready? Read More.

Mainframe Industries raises $22.9M for cloud-native games

Venture Beast

Mainframe Industries has raised $22.9 GamesBeat Mobile PC Gaming Andreessen Horowitiz category-/Games/Computer & Video Games console gaming DeanBeat News Mainframe Mainframe Industries Mobile gaming PC gaming Thor Gunnarsson

Open source services market on course to become $50B industry

Venture Beast

billion industry in 2021, a figure that's touted to more than double within five years. apps Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Business & Productivity Software Open source

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

Google Cloud partners with OSIsoft to simplify industry cloud migration

Venture Beast

Google Cloud partnered with OSIsoft to help enterprises deploy the PI Core industrial operations platform and generate business insights. Read More.

Industry clouds could be the next big thing

Venture Beast

Industry clouds are collections of cloud services, tools, and applications optimized for the most important use cases in a specific industry. Read More.

MachineMetrics raises $20M to meet industrial analytics demand

Venture Beast

MachineMetrics, a company developing a platform to monitor industrial machines, has raised $20 million in venture funding. Read More.

Alphabet’s Intrinsic aims to unlock industrial robotics’ economic potential

Venture Beast

Alphabet has spun out a new independent company called Intrinsic to "unlock the creative and economic potential" of industrial robotics. AI Enterprise Entrepreneur VB Home Page Alphabet category-/Business & Industrial category-/Science/Engineering & Technology/Robotics Intrinsic X

The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Leveraging the latest industry research, this eBook highlights the impact of direct dial phone numbers on sales productivity with the goal of empowering reps to have more conversations with prospects, and consequently, schedule more meetings, increase opportunities, and close more business - fast.

How To Unlock Tech Industry Digital Transformation

Forrester IT

Of course this isn't a problem unique to the tech industry. But the tech industry sits at the heart of the digital transformation of many businesses -- helping their customers take advantage of their technology to transform their businesses. So you might be forgiven for expecting the tech industry to have figured out it's own transformation already. It's no surprise that tech companies are vested in the digital transformation of their customers.

The common vulnerabilities leaving industrial systems open to attack

Venture Beast

Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security cyberattackers industrial control systems industrial internet ransomware

Everlaw Launches Storybuilder, the Legal Industry’s First Narrative Building Toolkit


Everlaw, the cloud-based ediscovery and litigation platform, today announced the launch of Storybuilder by Everlaw, the industry’s first free narrative building toolkit that provides legal teams with a fully collaborative […]. News Everlaw Everlaw Inc

CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2022: A Return to Strategy

Association of Information Technology Professional

After nearly two years of economic uncertainty, signs now point to investment, increased budgets, and the pursuit of technical and business innovation that pairs well with the direction the industry is heading, according to CompTIA's Carolyn April

Best Practices for Creating Long-Lasting and Continuous Discovery Habits

Speaker: Teresa Torres, Internationally Acclaimed Author, Speaker, and Coach at

Join internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach Teresa Torres as she explores the what, how, and why behind creating continuous discovery habits that give your team a clear benchmark to aspire to.

6 Seldom-Discussed Tips for Working in the Tech Industry

Association of Information Technology Professional

These 6 tips are rarely discussed online, but are essential as you build integrity and earn respect from your peers in the technology industry

5 AI-for-Industry Myths Debunked

Information Week

Although artificial intelligence has become omnipresent, its uptake in business remains hampered because of gaps in knowledge and awareness

Cognite raises $150M to digitize industrial operations

Venture Beast

Cognite, an industrial software company, has raised $150 million in a venture equity round at a $1.6 billion valuation. Read More.

Ransomware attacks are now targeting industrial control systems


Cyber criminals are launching ransomware attacks that are specifically targeting industrial control systems (ICS) in what researchers say is the first instance of file-encrypting malware being built to directly infect computer networks that control operations in manufacturing and utilities environments.

2021 Dresner Advisory Services Business Intelligence Market Study

Every year Dresner reviews the state of the BI market as it stands today. This 12th annual report breaks down customer perceptions of BI and how well each vendor performs. See for yourself how all the major BI vendors stack up.

The 5 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 5 Industries

Doctor Chaos

Various industries have an increased likelihood of experiencing specific kinds of cyberthreats. They know that one of the most effective ways to do that is to attack health care, an industry where unexpected issues could cost patient lives.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry


Apart from all the industries, it has been touching, the modern healthcare industry has been receiving paramount importance. The milestones achieved by Artificial Intelligence have the world on its toes. There has been an exemplary shift in the way patients are diagnosed by doctors because they now have a good amount of actionable data that […]. Artificial Intelligence News

SVT Robotics nabs $25M to simplify industrial robotics deployment

Venture Beast

AI apps Big Data Cloud Data Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile Software technology Uncategorized VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence automation category-/Science/Engineering & Technology/Robotics funding daily industry machine learning Manufacturing robotics SVT Robotics

DataRobot launches AI Cloud for industries including banking and healthcare

Venture Beast

DataRobot has announced AI Cloud for Industries, a solution that unites AI capabilities with best practices, integrations, and partnerships for enterprises.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

with the overwhelming task of winning back frustrated customers or winning over new ones—which, depending on your industry, can be anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining. Updating your application’s dashboards and reporting features.