Industrial digitalisation

Computer Weekly

We explore how back-office IT is being applied to industrial machines

Six key security weaknesses in industrial systems

Computer Weekly

Organisations should mitigate six key vulnerabilities in industrial control systems to reduce the risk of cyber attack, warns security firm FireEye

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How To Unlock Tech Industry Digital Transformation

Forrester IT

Of course this isn't a problem unique to the tech industry. But the tech industry sits at the heart of the digital transformation of many businesses -- helping their customers take advantage of their technology to transform their businesses.

The New IT Industry Landscape

Chuck's Blog - EMC

The news over the weekend that HP was splitting into two separate businesses made me deeply ruminate over the future of the IT industry — helped along by a few adult beverages.   Plenty of examples of both in the industry today.

How 3D printing will disrupt industry worldwide

Computer Weekly

The technology is helping startups model prototypes and inventory suppliers lop millions from supply chain costs

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Ten Reasons Why VMware Is Leading The Hyperconverged Industry

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While I admire their bravado, I felt the piece did a disservice to both the industry and to customers. It’d be great if the industry pundits factored this into their definition of “market leadership”. 

Cyber security in industrial controls systems poor, says Crest

Computer Weekly

A lack of standards-based technical security testing is putting industrial control environments and critical national infrastructure at risk of cyber attack, a report reveals

Cyber threat to payment industry demands multi-layer defence

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No industry is immune to cyber attack, and Mastercard believes the threat to the payment card industry demands a multi-layered approach, with a new fraud prediction tool in its arsenal

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Industry leaders set cloud computing security benchmarks

Cloud Musings

This latter scenario has been driven by the lack of industry consensus on security and a dearth of nonvendor specific cloud security training and certifications. Because cloud computing is a young industry so this is understandable, but maintaining this view exacerbates the harm.

Cloud, AI and security driving network monitoring industry

Computer Weekly

We explore the latest developments and trends in enterprise network monitoring and management

How software is reshaping the car industry

Computer Weekly

Car firms are becoming more tech savvy, but connected cars open up a whole new set of challenges

Testing Industrial Protocols with Security Tools

Doctor Chaos

Protection of communications: key for the security of all protocols In industrial control systems, communications play a key role in an environment where millions of packages are exchanged daily, including often critical information on the status of processes and devices.

10 December Industrial IoT Webinar


Today, we are amidst the third industrial revolution that is driven by IoT and Big Data analytics. Agenda: Gain insight on the most recent trends for the Industrial IoT. See how industrial automation is being accelerated through machine learning.

20 hybrid cloud insights from top industry experts

Cloud Musings

We reached out to industry thought leaders to answer some of the marketplace’s most pressing questions on hybrid cloud. 20 Hybrid Cloud Insights From Top Industry Experts from Dell Enterprise More on hybrid cloud. One cloud does not fit all organizations.

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Security industry failing users, says behaviour expert

Computer Weekly

The information security community is failing to educate users in a way that helps then understand cyber threats and change their behaviour, according to consultant Jessica Barker

Delta System Failure Marks Wake-Up Call for Airline Industry

Data Center Knowledge

Each major US carrier sustained disruptions during the last year due to outdated information systems Read More. Disaster Recovery Downtime Enterprise Infrastructure Power

Industry standards: Paving the way for autonomous vehicles

Computer Weekly

The car industry needs to agree open standards to allow connected cars and autonomous vehicles to communicate. The bIoTope project is one initiative that could lead the way to agreement

The Demand For Industry-Specific CRM Explodes

Forrester IT

Horizontal CRM solutions -- as mature as they are (and they have been around for 20+ years) -- don't always do a good job at supporting industry-specific business processes. So, over the years, CRM vendors have built vertical market software applications from the ground up for specific industries. Offers broad CRM capabilities across all industries. industry solutions. Application Development CRM CX industry solutions

New ISACA Guide Explores Turbulent Cybersecurity Environment For Industrial Control Systems


ISACA, a global professional association serving 140,000 professionals, has published a new guide about the current cybersecurity threat for industrial control systems (ICS). Industrial Control Systems: A Primer for the Rest of Us ” is available for free download at

As EU mobile roaming charges end, industry frets over impact

Computer Weekly

As consumers celebrate the end of mobile roaming charges across the EU, the industry is facing up to the challenges of implementing the new rules

Industrial robots a security risk, warns IOActive

Computer Weekly

Some of the most popular industrial and domestic robot brands have various vulnerabilities that could by exploited by cyber attackers, a research paper warns

Security industry welcomes cyber crime’s inclusion in official stats

Computer Weekly

The security industry welcomes the inclusion of cyber crime statistic in official crime reports to highlight the size and nature of the threat

Social Media Checkup: Healthcare Industry Growing Stronger

CIO Dashboard

Its understandable why the healthcare industry has lagged behind in social media adoption. In the following paragraphs, I break the results down by healthcare segments and address what they mean for the future of the healthcare industry. Guest post by Adam Roumm.

10 Ways Data Center Industry Will Change in 2015

Data Center Knowledge

Web-scale, containers, stream analytics, non-x86 silicon, and other big trends that will drive the industry Read More. Big Data Cloud Computing Connectivity Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured Networking

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Why and how men in the technology industry have helped women progress

Computer Weekly

Many have argued gender parity will not happen in the technology industry without help from the top. Since the top is predominantly male, we’ve reached out to some of the men in the industry who are helping to drive tech equality

How Innovative Data Center Design Raises the Bar of Industry Standards

Data Center Knowledge

The key to success of prominent facilities, such as Facebook's, is that, by challenging the status quo, they actually surpass industry standards around design and build, energy efficiency, information security, and more. Data Center Design Industry PerspectivesRead More.

Security platforms to disrupt industry, predicts Palo Alto Networks

Computer Weekly

Collaborative security platforms will enable developers to focus on innovation and force the security industry to change business models, predicts Palo Alto Networks

Why financial planning asks more of CRM than other industries

IT Toolbox

The demands on CRMs from the financial planning and wealth management markets are greater than from other industries. This is partly the result of regulatory pressures but in addition, money management platforms need to continue to interact with clients at a highly granular level as both customers’ financial needs and the condition of public financial markets change. In the US

Dean Nelson Enlisting “Infrastructure Masons” to Advance Data Center Industry

Data Center Knowledge

eBay’s former data center chief launches industry group for builders of infrastructure for the digital age Read More. Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Executive Featured

Bayshore Networks: Cloud- and on-premises-based IoT cybersecurity technology for industrial enterprises


The company’s policy-based Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) Gateway, an alternative to next-generation firewalls in some settings, inspects and filters industrial data for customers in fields such as manufacturing, connected cars and smart cities. Research Team.

Insurance industry transformation will mirror travel sector through insurtech

Computer Weekly

Insurtech is gaining momentum, and companies in the sector of all sizes and ages can learn from startups

American Industry Benefiting From Government Cybersecurity Executive Transitions


Industry must take the lead. American industry has always benefited from the talent produced by the U.S. The demand signal from industry and the needs to secure our nation's economy indicate more of this talent will be needed in the future. Will industry demand cause more in government to decide to leave earlier and will that cause impact to important agency missions? Bob Gourley.

Government to ramp up help for UK cyber security industry

Computer Weekly

Government, in partnership with industry, is pursuing a range of initiatives aimed at establishing a UK cyber security ecosystem, developing skills and products and boosting exports, says DIT’s Conrad Prince