The Top Technology Trends To Watch: 2018-2020

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I’m excited to announce we just published our 2017 edition of Forrester’s top technology trends to watch. age of the customer technology technology trendsThis report continues to be one of our most popular reports, and I’m privileged to lead it every other year.

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Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017


Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017. Trend #1 – Self Driving Cars. Trend #2—Internet of Things (IoT). Trend #3—Artificial Intelligence. Trend #4—Bare Metal Cloud. Trend #5—Upset in Public Cloud. Trend #6—Security. Trend #7—Confluence.

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3 key cloud trends for 2016

David Linthicum

As the new year approaches, it's a good time to look forward to what the key trends will be, so we can take advantage of them thoughtfully and effectively. Here are three key cloud trends I'm certain you'll see unfold in 2016. Trend 1: The continued rise of cloudops. Considering the move to Office 365 ? Take these crucial steps before, during, and after for a successful migration. |

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Corporate IT: Five Trends for 2017


Here are five trends to take into account. The outlook for CIOs in the world’s big companies will be shaped this year by ever more intensive efforts to digitize , and by the uncertainty and rapid pace of change that stem from these efforts.

Trend Micro confirms rise of ransomware and whaling

Computer Weekly

Ransomware is confirmed as a pervasive threat and whaling emerges as a strong trend, according to the latest security report by Trend Micro

Data Center Trends Shift Staff Workloads

Data Center Knowledge

Achieving the promise of new technologies requires changing work assignments and updating skill sets. Read More. Manage

Future Data Center Trends

Data Center Knowledge

The data center of the future is the one you don’t own, according to Hector Diaz who will moderate a panel discussion on The Future of the Data Center at Orlando Data Center World. Read More. AFCOM colocation Cooling Events

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Internet Trends Report: Five ITSM Takeaways

Data Center Knowledge

While this report focuses on major internet trends, there are several technologies like AI, machine learning, analytics and IoT that are expected to be big game changers in the future of ITSM. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Follow These Data Center Trends in 2016

Data Center Knowledge

Here are our predictions of what next year’s biggest data center industry trends will be Read More. Cloud Computing Colocation Connectivity Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured Green Data Centers Peering

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DDOS Trends Report 2016


The Verisign Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Trends Report contains the observations and insights derived from mitigations enacted on behalf of, and in cooperation with, customers of Verisign DDoS Protection Services, and the security research of Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services. Download the full report at this link: Download “DDOS Trends Report 2016” Verisign_report-ddos-trends-Q22016.pdf – Downloaded 439 times – 3 MB. Marty Meehan.

Hot Popular New Trending Data Infrastructure Vendors To Watch

Storage IO Blog

A common question I get asked is who are the hot popular new or trending data infrastructure vendors to watch. The post Hot Popular New Trending Data Infrastructure Vendors To Watch appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Cloud Computing Trends for 2018

IT Toolbox

Cloud computing remains a hot topic in the business world, and the trend is likely to continue according to Cisco's latest Global Cloud index forecast, which covers 2013 through 2018. Cloud data centers, private cloud solutions, infrastructure as a service, as well as platform as a service are all hot, thanks to the numerous advantages of cloud computing

4 New Trends in VoIP Technology

IT Toolbox

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming the de facto communication tool for businesses big and small. Available in a variety of formats, including hosted and cloud, VoIP can be tailored to suit the needs of almost any company. Likewise, as an internet-based technology, the cost advantage of having one phone and data provider is often significant. As VoIP becomes increasingly popular


Top fintech trends in Sweden in 2017

Computer Weekly

The Nordic region is a hotspot for IT startups and Sweden is a country punching above its weight in financial technology

Five Enterprise Technology Trends to Watch

Data Center Knowledge

Here are five business tech trends to watch. Business and government are being forced to examine and adopt new technology approaches at an accelerating rate. Read More. Industry Perspectives

The key cloud trends for the next few years

David Linthicum

The trends over the last several years have been around the adoption of cloud, the boom in building new cloud services, such as high-performance storage, supercomputers on demand, and new ways of storing and processing data. Here's what I believe are the key trends for the next few years that AWS Re:Invent will provide more detail on.

The Dynamic Data Center: 3 Trends Driving Change in 2015

Data Center Knowledge

As data center change continues at a rapid pace, important trends are rising to the fore that will help shape the industry in 2015 and beyond, writes Kevin Leahy of Dimension Data. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Understanding criminal underground key to defence, says Trend Micro

Computer Weekly

Studying criminal undergrounds provides clues as to how to plan cyber defences, says Trend Micro researcher

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5 CIO Trends Driving DCIM Adoption

Data Center Knowledge

However, its adoption has increased rapidly in recent years due to five worldwide trends. Data center infrastructure management solutions have been around for more than a decade, writes Mark Gaydos of Nlyte Software. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Three Trends Driving Digital Business Innovation

Data Center Knowledge

The conventional paradigm for value creation is being abandoned, and IT organizations are struggling in the face of three major challenges: big data analytics, harvesting IoT and the changing digital workplace. Read More. Industry Perspectives

3 ERP Trends in 2017 That Will Define the Years to Come

IT Toolbox

Fortunately, there aren't always drastic changes to keep up with, and these ERP trends of 2017 will likelyEnterprise resource planning (ERP) technology has expanded in leaps and bounds over the last few years. As technology continues to evolve, ERP solutions typically experience the same evolution. If companies hope to remain competitive, they must be at the forefront of these new innovations.

December Tech Trends Report and 2016 Enterprise Tech Projections


Welcome to December's Technology Trends report. The Trends To Track in 2016. You can remember all these trends at once by use of the easy mnemonic: CAMBRIC ). Consider that observation in the light of the trends above. We produce this monthly to provide insights you can use regarding the rapidly changing technological landscape. We want to help you find the best ways to leverage new technologies to accomplish both your personal and professional goals.

Cooling Trends: Cost-Cutting Opportunities

Data Center Knowledge

The latest technology advances and best practices are changing the cooling practices and approaches in the data center, writes Jeff Klaus of Intel Corporation. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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5 Business Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Second, stay on top of the BI trends. Those that capitalize on these trends early can gain a competitive advantage. What BI trends should you watch in the coming year? Here are 5 big BI trends to watch in 2018. In the coming years, this is a trend you can’t ignore. “We

5 Important CRM Trends for 2017

IT Toolbox

In an age of accelerating change, agile customer relationship management (CRM) systems are increasingly important. Both startups and successful, established enterprises must anticipate and prepare for the exciting possibility of rapid growth. Chess masters are highly skilled at thinking many moves ahead, and today's business professionals must do the same to take full advantage of

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Saudi Arabia enterprise IT trends for 2017

Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly looks at the technologies that will dominate enterprise IT in Saudi Arabia next year

Trends in Systems Migration to the Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

In looking to the year of IT transformation ahead, the rate of technology abstraction promises to increase systems migration and hybrid IT complexity, requiring you and your business to be prepared for the shift in management and monitoring requirements. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Booz Allen Releases Annual Financial Services Cyber Trends for 2015


” Booz Allen has created a list of 2015’s top Cyber Security Trends. The Top Financial Services Cyber Security Trends for 2015: Third-party risk moves to the top of the list. News Trends Albert Belman Booz Allen BusinessWire cyber cyber security Year of the Breach By Katie Kennedy. The question is “what will come next,” after 2014 was the “year of the breach.”

Three Trends Driving the 100G Ethernet Market

Data Center Knowledge

As companies continue to grow in scale and their data needs become more complex, 100G will offer the bandwidth speeds and efficiency they desperately need. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Trend Micro’s Enterprise Play

Network World

I spent a few days with Trend Micro last week at its Insight event here in Boston. While Trend is a $1 billion + global cybersecurity vendor, too many cybersecurity professionals still think of Trend as an Asian-based AV player. This perception is completely antiquated however, as Trend now offers: A tightly-integrated next-generation endpoint security suite. There’s a lot of industry rhetoric out there proclaiming Trend as a legacy AV vendor.

Emerging Trends Shaping the Data Center of the Future

Data Center Knowledge

Five billion people today don't have access to the internet, but they will, and that alone is a big reason the data center of today must change Read More. Data Center World

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5 Trends In Outsourcing That CIOs Need To Know About

The Accidental Successful CIO

5 Trends That Are Reshaping How Outsourcing Is Done. Here are 5 trends that are currently sweeping through the outsourcing industry that we CIOs have come to rely on. Outsourcing rules are changing and you need to be aware of these changes Image Credit: Mark Hillary.

What's Trending for ERP in 2017?

IT Toolbox

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the cornerstone of modern business, from small storefronts to large manufacturers. ERP is an integrated application that lets computers share, mix and assimilate information across all business functions. It provides a business with a centrally located, consolidated core to systematically process information between departments.