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Will marketing continue to grow their share of the technology budget?

Eric D. Brown

If you are involved with marketing and/or technology in any large organization, you most likely are hearing a lot about marketing technology (MarTech) and the ‘explosion’ of MarTech people, technology, projects… and budgets. Will marketing continue to grow their technology budget? I think so.

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2014 - The Year the CIO and CMO Partnership Became Mission Critical

Social, Agile and Transformation

With so many technology vendors trying to tap into marketing budgets and when most of the key marketing data is is enterprise systems, SaaS products, and other data. The main touch point is around data and the technologies that enable CMOs to be more data driven. big data cio cmo data management organizational change SaaS'


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The better alternative to expensive ERP upgrades

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: Are you tied to an aging enterprise system (like an ERP)? Would you like to extend your existing enterprise system with custom reporting, budgeting, mobile apps, and more? Learn how to bring modern features to your existing system, without the time and expense of replacing that system.

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What does the future hold for SharePoint?


Connecting SharePoint with other enterprise systems is also crucial for business processes that relate to transactional and unstructured content. This is where many enterprise technology projects fall flat, and SharePoint is no different. Circumnavigate being locked into to custom workflow development by using an add-on product.

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ERP and Cloud Computing Landscape


With tightening budgets, IT departments are looking for more affordable, high powered enterprise systems and ERP software solutions such as the web based ERP applications.

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How to Run High-Performance IT Organizations Exceeding Business Expectation?

Future of CIO

A formal business requirement initiatives checklist includes such as enterprise mission and stakeholder needs analysis, enterprise system requirement development and management. But without the collaboration and support from the business, the work will become much harder.

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Top 10 Transformational Impacts of the Cloud in 2013

Cloud Musings

problem with health IT is that the enterprise systems have grown too. surplus budget money to a “must have” that replaces the traditional IT. enterprise business model. computing as a proof-of-concept project or something that can be done or piloted with extra budget money," said Landis.

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