Data Engineers Will Be More Important Than Data Scientists

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Does it seem like the ability to find, hire and retain data scientists is a losing battle? Is spending $500K+ per year for a Data Scientist worth it? What is a data scientist anyway? big data data management data quality & data governance analytics chief data officer data development data engineer data governance data lake data scientist

Big Data Project Management: Data Must Flow!


I'm currently researching big data project management in order to better understand what makes big data projects different from other tech related projects. Many if not most organizations still have a lot to learn when it comes to making use of emerging big data analysis techniques.

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Data Analytics – The importance of Data Preparation

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While not as life-and-death as the above questions, data preparation is just as important to proper data analytics as learning the basics of driving before getting behind a wheel. Data preparation is important. The Importance of Data Preparation.

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Data Commercializers Do It Differently: It’s Best To Be Prepared

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We know that the data economy is going to be huge. Data fuels innovation, and having that unique data point (or “alt data”) brings incremental value and competitive advantage. Demand for data is exploding.

Paxata: Adaptive Data Preparation


Paxata developed the first Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform built for the business analyst. With seamless connections to BI tools like Tableau, QlikView, and Excel, users can combine data on their own or work with peers in a shared, transparent environment as they shape data for analytics.

Help Wanted: Data Innovation For The Data Economy

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Today (many of) those “ideas” are data and the insights derived from them, and it remains true that their value is in how they are used. Simply put, data + use = value. Insights-driven companies use these data-derived insights in […].

Data Analytics – Prescriptive vs Descriptive

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You’ve collected tons of data. You’ve got terabytes and terabytes of data. You are happy because you’ve got data. But, what are you going to do with that data?You’ll How does data analytics come into play?

Recognizing Relevant Big Data and How to Use It


Big Data is everywhere you look, and we have seen how useful it can be. Among billions of terabytes of data gathered, there is a treasure of marketing data that businesses need to understand in order to know what is relevant and how to use it to get better business results. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security big data marketing

Right-Sizing Data Center Resources


One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources. There is even a tool to help you understand where to place new hardware in the data center based on available space, power, and cooling, to help avoid hot spots and power issues.

Data and Culture go hand in hand

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I wanted to see how well data and culture mixed at this company. He started asking me about big data, how big data can help companies and what big data would mean to their organization. Data is used to support a decision rather than informing the decisions.

The Latest Developments In Corporate Data Security


The Latest Developments In Corporate Data Security Corporate data security is defined as the processes by which sensitive information is accessed only by authorized individuals and then destroyed when it is no longer needed. Proactive measures, including software purchases, third-party services, and internal company policies, offer data security solutions that would prevent most types of […]. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security

Data Ownership within an Organization

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Recently, I was having a conversation with an IT VP about data management, data access, reporting and analytical approaches to the data stored within the organization. Many view data as their ‘property’ because they are the ones tasked with storing and protecting it.

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Why Business Leaders are Clueless about Data Integration

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When someone says that the data integration process is automated, I suggest asking questions to clarify what they mean by automated. agile data big data cloud computing content agility data management data scientist digital transformationYou'll probably conclude that the process is anything but automated let alone reliable, scalable, secure, or configurable.

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How Important Is “Perfect Data” To Data Analytics Programs?


Back in 2014 I published a guest post on the Open Data Institute's web site titled How important is the quality of open data? database managers have always had to concern themselves with standards, data cleaning, corrections, and manual versus automated approaches to data quality control. Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to the question, "How clean does our data have to be to make use of it?" Know what data you have, who owns it, and who controls it.

Data Tower: a Data Center for Saruman

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Italian architects' idea looks like a data center skyscraper from the future Tolkien would have come up with had he been asked to design a server farm Read More. Data Center Design Europe Featured Iceland

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Big Data Better Than Ever


The concept of Big Data is a relatively new one. It denotes the availability of vast volumes and sources of data, which were not available before. By itself, Big Data is powerful, and when combined with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the opportunities presented by this combination are just endless. As big data moves to the […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data

Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

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Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

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Why Startups Should Not Ignore Big Data


Big Data Cloud Computing CTO CIOsStartup businesses are a risky proposition. This means that if things aren’t done in the most effective way possible, businesses will never make it past the first year. The business plan can often determine whether or not a business gets passed the startup phase of the company. When creating a business plan, owners sometimes skip […].

Microsoft Moves Away from Data Center Containers

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Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Microsoft Modular Data Centers SaaSFinds ITPACS aren’t the best way to scale its cloud globally Read More.

Why “Data Ownership” Matters


In Understanding data ownership in the data lake Elizabeth Koumpan, Executive Architect at IBM, writes: Depending on the organizational point of view, different ownership rules may apply in different situations to data. It is a tricky part when we deal with Data ownership while using external sources, especially if we use social data which is an essential element, as we build our cases for front office digitization, customer sensitive analysis and so on.

Move Big Data To The Public Cloud With An Insight PaaS

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In five years you’ll be using Insight PaaS for big data in the public cloud. Cloud Is The Hottest Market For Big Data Technology The shift to the cloud for big data is on. In fact, global spending on big data solutions via cloud subscriptions will grow […].

When it comes to big data, think these three words: analyze; contextualize; internalize

Eric D. Brown

If you don’t know, I’m a bit of a data nerd. I’ve been writing about big data, data science, machine learning and other ‘new’ stuff for years. I believe in data science and I believe in big data. quintillion bytes of data per day.

Should Data Centers Think?

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As cloud computing becomes the information technology mainstream, data center technology is accelerating at a breakneck speed. SNAP is a powerful open data center telemetry framework. It can be used to easily collect, process, and publish telemetry data at scale.

An Agile Approach to Finding Value in Dark Data

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It''s been almost two years since I last blogged about the threats and opportunities around Dark Data, so when I was asked to join Joseph Bradley in Cisco''s Future of IT podcast on Navigating Dark Data To Find Hidden Value in a Digital Era I couldn''t resist.

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LinkedIn Pushes Own Data Center Hardware Standard

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Blades Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Infrastructure LinkedIn Open Compute Racks and EnclosuresCan Open19 take hold given OCP’s wide support, including by Microsoft? Read More.

How Your Small Business Can Begin To Use Big Data


While big data can seem like an intimidating term when you are running a small business, it can be a very useful tool to drive your business’s success. Big data, as a term, encompasses many sources of information, some of which you may already use. Big data has many benefits to offer you, from a […]. Big Data CTO News

Startup Envisions Data Centers for Cities of the Future

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Project Rhizome brings architect sensibility to edge data center design Read More. Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured Internet of Things

A Timeline of Big Data Analytics


The world seems to run on big data nowadays. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to remember a time when businesses weren’t intensely focused on big data analytics. It’s equally difficult to forget that big data is still relatively new to the mainstream. The amount of data being generated in the world today is immense, and it’s only getting bigger. Some experts predict that by the year 2020, that volume of digital data will reach as high as 40 trillion gigabytes.

Microsoft: Bigger Underwater Data Center in the Works

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Cloud Computing Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Green Data Centers Microsoft PowerEncouraged by initial Project Natick results, team prepares to go bigger and deeper Read More.

Top LinkedIn Groups in 2014 for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science


It it he analyzes the Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science. We update our analysis of Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science (Dec 2013) and find several interesting trends.

Don't Let Your SaaS Solutions Become Tomorrow's Data Silos in the Cloud

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Can your SaaS platforms support data and workflow integration or are they data silos in the cloud? I''m a big proponent of SaaS solutions especially when they offer simple user interfaces, configurable workflows and advanced analytics that enable the targeted organizations to be more productive and data driven. agile data big data cio cloud computing cmo data management data scientist innovation IOT mobile SaaS

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MIT, UMass Scientists to Study Solar-Powered Data Centers

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Researchers launch test bed data center to investigate cutting-edge green computing tech Read More. Cooling Data Center Design Green Data Centers HPC Power

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Big Data in Healthcare Will be the Norm by 2021


As the benefits of big data become more pronounced, this technology is finding a place in an increasing number of industries, not the least of which is the healthcare sector. In fact, some researchers anticipate that big data could become a staple in the way healthcare is administered by as soon as 2121. Big Data Health IT healthcare