Why an online, global workforce could be the future of construction


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Constructive Conflict Management in CRM

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However, if the employees are taught to understand the nature of conflicts and are freed from the fear of conflicts, grievances can be turned into constructive opportunities to raise the CRM bar within the organization. Every business has its moments of conflict. If allowed to fester, these disagreements can destroy a business.

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Data Center Construction Update

Data Center Knowledge

Large data center builds underway in North and South America Read More. Colocation Dallas Dupont Fabros Equinix Google Oregon Silicon Valley

US Data Center Construction Update

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Lots of colo action in Texas, plus Facebook in New Mexico and SAP in Colorado Read More. Colocation Compass Datacenters Data Foundry Facebook Site Selection TierPoint

Fire at Amazon Data Center Construction Site in Ashburn Contained

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Construction workers evacuate without incident; no cause reported Read More. Amazon Downtime Washington DC Area

Big Data – Construct or Reality?

Eric D. Brown

Before we get started – a definition of “construct” is needed. Taking a page from my years in quantitative research, I submit this definition ( based on this definition ): A construct is a mental abstraction used to express an idea, object or any other ‘item’ (could be people, organizations, etc.). With that out of the way…back to the question at hand: Is big data a construct or reality? Additionally, big data is a construct.

ERP's vertical integration poised to transform construction

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It’s a big prediction, but it’s based on industry experience: The former long-time CEO of electronics manufacturing giant Flextronics believes that ERP’s vertical integration of an enterprise’s every aspect will change the face of the world’s $12 trillion construction industry. Michael Marks founded precast construction start-up Katerra in 2015 to prove

Uptime Certification Funny Business: Design vs. Construction

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Misleading language and confusion over what it means to be "design certified," versus "construction certified," means that the customer may not always know what they are getting. What does it mean to be Uptime Tier-certified?

Rapid ERP implementation greases construction company's future

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Nonetheless, water infrastructure specialist Reynolds Construction, which officially began operating on May 1 after private investorsIt’s tough to get an entirely new ERP system up and running quickly. It’s even tougher when the enterprise in question is just getting restarted as a private company after spending more than a decade inside a publicly-traded corporate parent.

5 Major Tech Trends That Are Transforming the Construction Industry


Information Technology Blog - - 5 Major Tech Trends That Are Transforming the Construction Industry - Information Technology Blog. Digital Construction Industry Trends to Watch out For: The next generation of “digital natives” are constantly bringing new technology to the workplace.

Constructive Criticism in the Boardroom

Future of CIO

The true critical thinking and constructive criticism are very important for the business’s improvement continuum. The corporate board plays a crucial role in overseeing business strategy and driving business transformation.

5 Of The Coolest Construction Technologies That Is Disrupting The Industry


Information Technology Blog - - 5 Of The Coolest Construction Technologies That Is Disrupting The Industry - Information Technology Blog. It also has been able to bring about quite a few positive changes as far as the real estate business and construction industry is concerned.

US Data Center Construction Update: Week of October 12

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Data center building boom continues across the country Read More. Colocation CoreSite CyrusOne Facebook OVH Phoenix Silicon Valley Vantage Data Centers Washington DC Area

CyrusOne Commences Construction in Ashburn

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Data center services provider CyrusOne has broken ground on its new data center in the Loudoun Tech Center in Sterling, Va. Read More. CyrusOne

Two Constructs From Biology To Consider Regarding Enterprise IT


Two constructs from biology to think about regarding enterprise tech: The Cambrian Explosion and a Malthusian Problem. Bob Gourley. The Cambrian Explosion is was a period of rapid evolution and an explosion of life. The Cambrian Explosion began around 542 million years ago.

£115 constructed mask bypasses iPhone X Face ID verification

Computer Weekly

A security company has used a 3D-printed mask to trick the face recognition technology on Apple's new iPhone X

Amazon Data Center Construction Fire Linked to Welding Mishap

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Contractor pegs damage at $75,000 to $100,000 Read More. Amazon Washington DC Area

CoreSite Cranks Up Data Center Construction Spending

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Land deal in Virginia part of biggest annual capital deployment in company history Read More. Colocation CoreSite Data Center Strategies Deals Featured Investing Supply and Demand Washington DC Area

5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever


Information Technology Blog - - 5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever - Information Technology Blog. There was once a time when IT and construction didn’t mix. Now, information technology in construction is absolutely vital.

Demand for Drones Drives Data Center Construction in North Dakota

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In Grand Forks, North Dakota, some 217 acres of a 5,400-acre tract originally built as a fighter interceptor base, were carved out and set aside for civilian commercial purposes. Read More. Site Selection drones EdgeData Grand Sky North Dakota

Facebook to Add Fourth Building to Ft. Worth Construction Project

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It was already one of Facebook’s most ambitious renewable energy data center projects, back when it only had one building. But now that it will need four times the power, will local residents give way? Read More. Dallas Facebook Generators Site Selection Ft. Worth Data Center K. Timmons renewable energy wind power

Forsythe’s Massive Chicago Area Data Center Achieves Tier III Constructed Facility

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Ahead of a grand opening next week, Forsythe Data Centers announced its 220,000 square foot data center has achieved Uptime Institute Tier III Certification for Constructed Facility Read More. Chicago colocation Data Center Design Featured

Bitcoin Data Center Construction Marches On, Despite Low Value

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BitFury plans 100MW in Republic of Georgia; KnCMiner building in Sweden Read More. Bitcoin Data Center Strategies Featured

Data Center Construction: A Developer’s Eye View

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What''s it like to be on the front lines of a major data center construction project? Chris Curtis, co-founder and SVP of Development for Compass Datacenters recently wrote a series that takes you behind the scenes on the construction phase of one of his projects. Compass Datacenters Data Center Design

Vantage Completes Construction of its First Quincy Data Center

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Vantage Data Centers has completed and delivered the first data center on the Quincy campus to an undisclosed enterprise customer. The facility will support up to 9 megawatts of critical IT load at full capacity, as well as achieve an annualized PUE of 1.3. Quincy, Wash. Vantage Data Centers

Rapid ERP implementation boosts construction firm's shift from public to private

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Nonetheless, water infrastructure specialist Reynolds Construction, which officially began operating on May 1 st after private investorsIt’s tough to get an entirely new ERP system up and running quickly – and even tougher for an enterprise that is just resuming life as a private company after more than a decade as part of a publicly-traded corporate parent.

Four Things Colos Should Consider When Evaluating Modular Construction Solutions

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If you are a colo and looking to partner with a modular data center construction company, there are a few simple steps to consider, writes Stephen Madaffari of Data Centers Delivered. The process includes determine your needs and vetting your potential partner thoroughly. Industry Perspectives

Present IT Value Proposition as an “Asset Under Construction”

Future of CIO

IT leaders need to perceive IT as an “asset under construction,” or the crucial investment expecting the return, so the CIO is on the right track for becoming an enabler and architect of new business values.

Australia’s Vocus Buys Two Data Centers, Enters Fiber Construction Joint Venture

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Sells half of fiber construction business gained in FX Networks deal to Spark New Zealand Read More. Asia-Pacific colocation Connectivity Deals

Construction of Amazon's €1bn Dublin datacentre hit by environmental planning appeal

Computer Weekly

Amazon's plans to build a €1bn datacentre in Dublin from mid-2017 could be delayed by environmental planning appeal

White House Orders Federal Data Center Construction Freeze

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New data center optimization initiative seeks higher efficiency, aggressive cost savings Read More. Consolidation Data Center Strategies DCIM News Featured Government

VMware continues cloud construction with March announcements

Storage IO Blog

VMware continues cloud construction with March announcements VMware continues cloud construction with March announcements of new features and other enhancements. VMware Cloud Provides Consistent Operations and Infrastructure Via: VMware.com With its recent announcements, VMware continues cloud construction adding new features, enhancements, partnerships along with services.

QTS Raises $100M to Fund Data Center Construction

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New credit will help finance projects in multiple U.S. markets Read More. colocation Investing QTS (Quality Technology Services

Criticism: Constructive or Destructive

Future of CIO

Those good words may test leaders’ gravitas, but constructive criticism is the building block of great leadership. Criticism comes from a well-wisher to be construed as "constructive," and then you need to seriously "consider" it.

T5 Closes $55.5M Credit for Oregon Data Center Construction

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CIT provides financing, says there’s demand for data center space in Portland Read More. Investing Oregon T5 Data Centers