Digital twins help transform the construction industry

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Digital twins in construction are a key enabler as the industry pursues digital transformation. AI AR/VR Big Data Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial/Construction & Maintenance construction tech digital twins

AI-powered construction project platform OpenSpace nabs $55M

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OpenSpace, a platform that helps construction companies track projects through automation and photo documentation, has raised $55 million. AI Cloud Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial/Construction & Maintenance construction funding daily OpenSpace


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Swapp raises $7 million to automate construction planning with AI

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Swapp, a startup developing AI to automate construction planning, has raised $7 million in a funding round. AI Big Data Cloud Dev VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence building category-/Business & Industrial/Construction & Maintenance construction machine learning Swapp

Avvir raises $10M for AI that spots construction site errors

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Avvir, a startup applying AI to monitor construction projects for errors, has raised $10 million in venture capital. Read More.

SiteAware raises $10 million to track construction zone progress using drones and AI

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SiteAware, a startup adopting a 'digital twin' approach to construction validation, has raised $10 million in series A funding to expand its operations.

Curri nabs $6M for AI-powered last-mile construction logistics

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Curri, a logistics startup focusing on the construction industry, raised $6 million in a series A funding round. Read More.

Autodesk leads $7 million investment in construction software startup Bridgit

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Bridgit will incorporate the Autodesk Construction Cloud into its software to better forecast the needs of construction project managers. Read More.

How mushrooms are transforming the construction industry

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Construction is a major cause of pollution, both in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and waste creation. More about Architecture , Construction , Mushrooms , Sustainable Design , and Circular Economy. Architecture Construction Mushrooms Sustainable Design Circular Economy

Caterpillar looks to mining, construction, and space automation as traditional equipment sales decline

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As traditional heavy equipment sales decline, Caterpillar is growing autonomous equipment operator system sales for mining, construction, and space.

Energy Efficiency in Construction Industry


Information Technology Blog - - Energy Efficiency in Construction Industry - Information Technology Blog. According to the United States Department of Energy , the construction industry both commercial and residential modernized, at the same time, energy efficiency has gained great importance.

This Lego-like house was constructed entirely out of cork

Mashable VR

This unique house, constructed entirely out of cork, shows the incredible potential of timber construction. Mashable and Arup are working together to showcase innovations from around the world that help make construction more sustainable.

Cob is a natural building material that can one day replace cement in construction

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The CobBauge project, which is testing out cob (a mix between earth, fiber and water) as the main building material, is a proof of concept for a much more sustainable construction method. More about Architecture , Sustainability , Construction , Cob , and Cement.

Gryps, an RPA platform focusing on construction, raises $1.5M

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Gryps, a robotic process automation platform focusing on construction workflows, has raised $1.5 million in venture funding. Read More. AI Big Data Dev VB Home Page ai category-/Business & Industrial funding daily machine learning

Constructive Conflict Management in CRM

IT Toolbox

However, if the employees are taught to understand the nature of conflicts and are freed from the fear of conflicts, grievances can be turned into constructive opportunities to raise the CRM bar within the organization. Every business has its moments of conflict. If allowed to fester, these disagreements can destroy a business.

Microsoft paves digital twins’ on-ramp for construction, real estate

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Microsoft is moving digital twins from the lab out to the streets. An important step: supporting ontologies for smart building simulation. Read More. AI AR/VR Big Data Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial digital twins smart buildings

US Data Center Construction Update

Data Center Knowledge

Lots of colo action in Texas, plus Facebook in New Mexico and SAP in Colorado Read More. Colocation Compass Datacenters Data Foundry Facebook Site Selection TierPoint

This bricklaying robot can construct a house in 48 hours

Mashable Tech

More about Robot , Building , Construction , Bricklaying Robot , and Tech. Robot Building Construction Bricklaying Robot TechThe Hadrian X , created by Fastbrick Robotics, can lay up to 200 bricks an hour and build a full-sized home in 48 hours.

Potentially Illegal Construction Project Could Threaten Ancient Mexican Ruins

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A private building project threatens to destroy at least 25 ancient structures near the historic Teotihuacán ruins, according to the Mexican government, which is filing a criminal complaint. Read more.

The IT Leader's New Imperative: Constructing the Culture

Information Week

Here are five effective approaches for CIOs to expand their skillsets and build a resilient culture that can succeed in today's enterprise organizations

Big Data – Construct or Reality?

Eric D. Brown

Before we get started – a definition of “construct” is needed. Taking a page from my years in quantitative research, I submit this definition ( based on this definition ): A construct is a mental abstraction used to express an idea, object or any other ‘item’ (could be people, organizations, etc.). With that out of the way…back to the question at hand: Is big data a construct or reality? Additionally, big data is a construct.

These unfired recycled bricks are building a revolution in sustainable construction

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K-Briq, their flagship product created during research at the Heriot-Watt University , is a construction brick made from 90 percent construction waste. More about Social Good , Design , Sustainability , Construction , and Carbon Footprint.

Two Constructs From Biology To Consider Regarding Enterprise IT


Two constructs from biology to think about regarding enterprise tech: The Cambrian Explosion and a Malthusian Problem. Bob Gourley. The Cambrian Explosion is was a period of rapid evolution and an explosion of life. The Cambrian Explosion began around 542 million years ago. Every living plant or animal today can trace its roots to the startups that began then.

Amazon Shuts Down Construction Site in Connecticut After Several Nooses Found

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Amazon has shut down construction at a site in Windsor, Connecticut after several ropes tied up as nooses were found hanging from beams, according to a new report from USA Today. At least seven possible nooses have been found at the construction site since April 27.

ERP's vertical integration poised to transform construction

IT Toolbox

It’s a big prediction, but it’s based on industry experience: The former long-time CEO of electronics manufacturing giant Flextronics believes that ERP’s vertical integration of an enterprise’s every aspect will change the face of the world’s $12 trillion construction industry. Michael Marks founded precast construction start-up Katerra in 2015 to prove

Data Center Construction Update

Data Center Knowledge

Large data center builds underway in North and South America Read More. Colocation Dallas Dupont Fabros Equinix Google Oregon Silicon Valley

OpenSpace raises $15.9 million to automate photo documentation on construction sites

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OpenSpace, which helps construction teams track the progress of projects by capturing navigable 360-degree photos, has raised $15.9 million. Read More. AI Business Enterprise category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics funding daily OpenSpace

Fire at Amazon Data Center Construction Site in Ashburn Contained

Data Center Knowledge

Construction workers evacuate without incident; no cause reported Read More. Amazon Downtime Washington DC Area

Rapid ERP implementation greases construction company's future

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Nonetheless, water infrastructure specialist Reynolds Construction, which officially began operating on May 1 after private investorsIt’s tough to get an entirely new ERP system up and running quickly. It’s even tougher when the enterprise in question is just getting restarted as a private company after spending more than a decade inside a publicly-traded corporate parent.

How AI and remote collaboration tools could help the construction industry get back to work

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Builders, electricians, and plumbers can't work over Zoom, but digital technology could play a big part in getting the construction industry back to work.

5 Major Tech Trends That Are Transforming the Construction Industry


Information Technology Blog - - 5 Major Tech Trends That Are Transforming the Construction Industry - Information Technology Blog. Digital Construction Industry Trends to Watch out For: The next generation of “digital natives” are constantly bringing new technology to the workplace. Discover the latest digital construction industry trends here. In the United States, the construction industry employs about 10.7 The year 2019 comes with new construction industry trends.

Uptime Certification Funny Business: Design vs. Construction

Data Center Knowledge

Misleading language and confusion over what it means to be "design certified," versus "construction certified," means that the customer may not always know what they are getting. What does it mean to be Uptime Tier-certified? Data Center Design

AI Weekly: Constructive ways to take power back from Big Tech

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Here is some advice on how everybody can take power back from Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google. Read More.

Constructive Criticism in the Boardroom

Future of CIO

The true critical thinking and constructive criticism are very important for the business’s improvement continuum. Constructive criticism and smart skepticism are the hidden gems shining through the board discussions: The BoDs with insight and foresight about the business can ask profound questions because they can observe thoroughly, have better critical thinking ability and learning agility.

How Microsoft Teams is keeping Suffolk Construction workers connected

ComputerWorld IT Management

For a large construction firm such as Suffolk Construction, managing communications between 2,500 office-based and on-site workers is a challenge, even at the best of times.

CyrusOne Commences Construction in Ashburn

Data Center Knowledge

Data center services provider CyrusOne has broken ground on its new data center in the Loudoun Tech Center in Sterling, Va. Read More. CyrusOne

Well-funded construction giant Katerra cuts 117 jobs in Washington state as part of reported closure


Construction giant Katerra , which has raised more than $2 billion in venture capital, is shutting down, according to a report from The Information. Late last year Katerra appointed Kris Beason as head of Pacific Northwest construction.

Construction company used IoT platform to cut time and cost from Camp Fire cleanup project

Tech Republic Cloud

Goodfellow Bros coordinated 500 dump trucks and six hazardous waste dumps to clear debris from California's Camp Fire

Mexican Authorities Raid Construction Site Near Famous Archaeological Ruins

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Hundreds of Mexican National Guard and police have raided and seized an apparently illegal building project that caused “irreparable damage” to protected areas near the country’s historic Teotihuacán ruins. Read more.

£115 constructed mask bypasses iPhone X Face ID verification

Computer Weekly

A security company has used a 3D-printed mask to trick the face recognition technology on Apple's new iPhone X

Canvas emerges from stealth with AI for drywall installation

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Construction startup Canvas uses a modified lift, a robotic arm, and sensors to install drywall in the San Francisco Bay Area. AI Big Data Business Enterprise artificial intelligence Canvas construction funding daily machine learning robotics

5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever


Information Technology Blog - - 5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever - Information Technology Blog. There was once a time when IT and construction didn’t mix. Now, information technology in construction is absolutely vital. The construction industry in the United States is a 1.73 Computer-based project management is one of the best ways to ensure that everything is going according to plan on a construction site.

CoreSite Cranks Up Data Center Construction Spending

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Land deal in Virginia part of biggest annual capital deployment in company history Read More. Colocation CoreSite Data Center Strategies Deals Featured Investing Supply and Demand Washington DC Area

Railway Construction Exposes Iron Age ‘Murder Mystery,' Among Other Finds

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Preparatory work for a high-speed rail project in Britain has resulted in some interesting archaeological discoveries, including a 2,000-year-old skeleton thought to be a murder victim. Read more. skeletons iron age iron age britain science