Device Management Strategy Planning: Defining the Opportunity


To this day, many organizations still struggle with regards to device management strategy. While email security is still a top priority, businesses are attempting to do more with these devices to further enable their employees.

Endpoint device management: Protecting the enterprise front door

Cloud Musings

Mobility and cloud computing have combined to obliterate any so-called network security perimeter. What is a security professional to do? According to Bill Odell, the Dell Vice President of Marketing for Endpoint Device Management , you need to protect the enterprise front door.

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Device Management Strategy Planning: More Questions Than Answers


Within the last few years, while in meeting discussing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies , I have been frequently told the following by clientele when inquiring about business requirements: “I want to be able to do all my tasks on my iPad.(

Guided Hands-on Lab: BYOD Mobile Device Management with.

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James van den Berg, MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management. Configuration Manager. Guided Hands-on Lab: BYOD Mobile Device Management with System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune. Guided Hands-on Lab: BYOD Mobile Device Management with System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune. Guided Hands-on Lab: BYOD Mobile Device Management with System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune. Bring Your Own Device! Sign in. IT Pros ROCK! at Microsoft.

Chrome OS gets cryptographically verified enterprise device management

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Companies will now be able to cryptographically validate the identity of Chrome OS devices connecting to their networks and verify that those devices conform to their security policies. The API relies on digital certificates stored in the hardware-based Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) present in every Chrome OS device to certify that the security state of those devices has not been altered.

VMware ratchets up endpoint security and bolsters device management features

Tech Republic Security

VMware has made a host of announcements to enhance the security of its end user computing products and added new partners to its Mobile Security Alliance

Managing Mobile Business Insecurities


More and more companies are moving towards an adoption of a BYOD (bring your own device) strategy. But with the escalation of smartphones, there is a proportionate security risk rise. 57% of mobile device users are not aware of the security solutions that exist on their devices.

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DISA Announces DoD Mobility Capability Enhancements for Android/Samsung Knox


Cyber Security Government Mobile Android Bluetooth DISA KNOX Mobile Device Management samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi By Bob Gourley. The following was just announced by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA): DISA ANNOUNCES DOD MOBILITY CAPABILITY, 2.0 FOR ANDROID/SAMSUNG KNOX FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. – The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), as the lead agency for the DOD Mobility Capability, implemented its 2.0

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Why BYOD Spells DOOM For CIOs

The Accidental Successful CIO

Have you heard about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) craze that is sweeping companies worldwide? Studies show that roughly 35% of mid to large size firms are allowing their employees to use their own devices while at work.

How to Set Google as Default Search Engine with CSP Intune Profiles


Most of the Organisations follow “Traditional device management approach” which use Group policy as their primary tool to set security standards and end user settings. But in modern device management approach, we should try new solutions like Windows CSPs.

News on @Fixmo and Defense Information Systems Agency Mobility Management for U.S. Department of Defense


Defense Information Systems Agency Mobility Management for U.S. This program has been considered a core foundation to enabling the secure compliant use of a diverse selection of mobile devices, operating systems and applications by DoD personnel for years to come.

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Windows 10 Tips: Joining a device to Azure AD


Azure AD Join, similar to Domain Join, enables devices to be made visible in a directory to be managed and gain access to assigned resources. Azure Azure AD Anthony Bartolo Security Mobile Device Manager Azure AD Join MDM Windows 10 Windows 8 how-to

Step-By-Step: Building Windows 10 Provisioning Packages


Azure Azure AD Anthony Bartolo Security Mobile Device Manager Azure AD Join MDM Windows 10 Windows 8 how-toStandard practice for most IT administrators when migrating to a new client offering entails creating a baseline image of a desired client state.

BlackBerry ends production of mobile phones

Computer Weekly

Canadian firm to focus on a strategy built around software development, including security and applications, and mobile device management

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United Utilities protects field engineering deployment with AirWatch

Computer Weekly

United Utilities deploys mobile device management software AirWatch to secure Samsung devices running a SAP workforce management app

Windows 10 Tips: Managing Universal Apps in an Enterprise Setting


Love it or hate it, was intended to be both a desktop and device operating system. if you were tasked with managing it in you enterprise, there are a number of posts written to assist you in that.( Windows 8.1,

Security and Windows 10 Will Cross Paths for Enterprises


Last year, Enterprise IT was dramatically shaped by the influx of security breaches, data leaks and a new wave of hackers. This year, two of 2014’s biggest stories will intersect as security and Windows 10 prepare to re-shape the Enterprise. Security Spending. Security breaches impacted some of the most well-known corporations in 2014, which is one reason IT executives list security as the No. Cyber Security DoD and IC Trends By Deepak Kumar.

Mobile, security tools among education tech favorites

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In the school district of La Crosse, Vicki Lyons depends on mobile device management software from Jamf to manage the Wisconsin district’s fleet of iPads and MacBook Air devices. The Apple device management platform plays a key role in the district’s efforts to provide equitable access to technology to all of its students. “We We use Jamf Pro as our device management solution for our 1:1 iPad program district-wide.

Fixmo Announces Expanded Collaboration with Samsung, Enhanced Support for Samsung KNOX Secure Mobile Platform


Fixmo Announces Expanded Collaboration with Samsung, Enhanced Support for Samsung KNOX Secure Mobile Platform. Fixmo SafeZone for Knox is the first cross-platform secure workspace solution to be fully managed by Samsung’s new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system. “We

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Implement UEM To Improve Employee Experience And Protect Customer Trust

Forrester IT

Introducing Our 2018 Now Tech On Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) We are excited to announce the publication of our Now Tech report on Unified Endpoint Management! Forrester clients frequently ask us how to balance employee productivity with management and security. Unified endpoint management, the successor of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM), can help you do it.

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MIM ? For The Win - A Screw's Loose

A Screw's Loose

A few months ago I wrote a blogpost about how MDM (Mobile Device Management) had died. It was a slow painful death, but it was justified as it brought forth MAM (Mobile Application Management) and would lead to MIM (Mobile Information Management). I had been tweeting with Brian Reed , an amazingly smart person in the enterprise mobility management arena, and we seemed to be in violent disagreement. Policies shouldn’t be written in reference to devices.

RIP MDM 200X ? December 16th 2011 - A Screw's Loose

A Screw's Loose

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is dead and many hardly knew you. I truly never thought you would hang on this long but you really managed to stick it out. You were the savior for Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). You know the parts, you were so good at finding a device, you could wipe a device like no one’s business, when you wanted someone to use a password, by golly they used one. Security. Expense management. Security. About.

Microsoft unveils a bonanza of security capabilities

Network World

The company announced a host of new security capabilities Friday morning as part of the run-up to the massive RSA security conference next week in San Francisco. Microsoft also launched new tools to help organizations get more use out of mobile device management products by giving them tools to migrate group policy settings to cloud-managed devices. Companies concerned about cybersecurity have a fleet of new Microsoft tools coming their way.

BYOD and its Impact on Enterprise Content Delivery


Enterprise training is slowly coming out of the traditional classroom model into being a web-based and a mobile-driven training model, where employees can now be trained on any device at any time. Over the last two decades, the way enterprises consume content has changed drastically.

BYOD Basics: Securely Enabling iOS in the Workplace


In light of recent announcements, IT professionals are now awaiting the onslaught of requests to add new iOS devices into the organization or business said IT professional supports. One of the challenges that iOS devices will always face is the lack of ability to join a domain.

Federal Government and Private Sector Enterprise Ramifications for a Samsung Purchase of Blackberry


If true, such a deal would surely represent a game-changer for mobile security conscious government and private sector enterprises. CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Mobile BlackBerry samsung By Randy Siegel.

DISA Announces Initial Release v1.0 of DoD Unclassified Mobility Capability


The program currently supports 1,800 unclassified mobile devices including iPad 3 and 4, iPhone 4S and 5, Samsung 10.1 tablets and Samsung 3S, and Motorola RAZR devices with participation from the combatant commands, services, and agencies throughout DOD. Along with the wide selection of devices, the mobility program supports 16 mobile applications and is in the process of vetting more than 90 additional applications. CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Mobile Mobile Security

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Microsoft Intune Training Course Intune Certification


Microsoft Course Number INF260x – Microsoft Azure Security Services includes one module on Microsoft Intune device management solution. Microsoft Intune training course from Microsoft learning is free of cost. But if you need a verified certificate then, you need to pay around USD 99$. If this is your first edX course, I would recommend you check […].

Windows 10 MDM CSP Policies Override Group Policy Settings


Windows 10 modern device management relies on CSP for security & other configurations. There are many discussions happening whether CSP can replace Group policy (GP). By default, GP have higher precedence over CSP when there is a setting conflict. But, starting with Windows 10 1803, this behavior is controllable with CSP “MDMWinsOverGP”. With this new […].

Best of Build 2014: Getting Ready for Windows 8.1 Update

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Update include: Improved hardware support for devices with lower hardware specifications, such as 1GB RAM and 16GB storage space. Extended Mobile Device Management (MDM) support. Update includes two new security updates (KB2922229 and KB2936068).

New Android malware could damage phones

IT Manager Daily

Loapi also fights any attempt to revoke device manager permissions. If the user tries to take away the permissions, the app will lock the screen and close the window with device manager settings. The post New Android malware could damage phones appeared first on IT Manager Daily. In this week's e-newsletter IT Security Android hackers malware smartphonesA new malware strain could cause some headaches for Android users.

How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business


Some free vulnerability scanners provide scanning and remedial reporting while some of the advanced, feature-rich ones include components like patch management, penetration testing etc. After all, it’s all for the security of your business! Networking Security

Have You Correctly Estimated Your Company’s Demand For Mobile?

The Accidental Successful CIO

What we all came away thinking was that the iPad was basically a niche device. There are many stories of doctors who would use applications with little or no built in security or trying to install desktop applications onto their iPads so that they could look at patient data while away from their office. When the first wave of iPhones swept across the company, we had not anticipated just how popular these devices were going to be.

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Mobility in DoD – Let’s get this SHOW ON THE ROAD!


The military organization purchases whatever devices they want (as long as they are Samsung or Apple), and DISA will “manage” the devices for a fee ($7.36 per device/per month). Included in this management plan they will have an Application Store, negotiate good carrier rates, and manage security features (like tamper detection and device integrity). Not exactly Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), but Personally Owned Corporate Enabled (POCE).

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BYOD and Your CEO

CIO Dashboard

The CEO’s personal devices. The glaring difference is that the CEO’s personal devices put the company at much greater risk than the gadgets of virtually all other employees combined. At any given moment, the CEO could lose her data-laden device on a plane or in a coffee shop.