How Your Small Business Can Begin To Use Big Data


While big data can seem like an intimidating term when you are running a small business, it can be a very useful tool to drive your business’s success. Big data, as a term, encompasses many sources of information, some of which you may already use. Big data has many benefits to offer you, from a […]. Big Data CTO News

Reinventing a Small Business with Simple Technology

Eric D. Brown

Last year I helped a friend of mine reinvent his business. My friend owns a plumbing company that has been in business since the 1940s and has been passed down to him from his father and grandfather. It is amazing what some simple technology can do to help reinvent a business.

Equifax faces small business class action over data breach

Computer Weekly

Small businesses in the US have filed a class-action lawsuit against credit rating firm Equifax, representing millions of others affected by a breach of personal data

5 Ways ERP Can Benefit Small Businesses

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If you're a small business owner, you've likely been through your share of software headaches. The problem is that every business has its own needs, and there is no cookie-cutter solution. As they evolve, most small businesses end up cobbling together a variety of software services and apps to create a software potpourri that delivers most of what they want but is far from ideal.

Is ERP Good for Small Business?

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When you run a small business, you're always on the prowl for ways to make your business run more smoothly and serve your customers better. You're also looking for ways to streamline operations and improve the efficiency of your business. You want it to grow and generate increased returns on your investment. Enter enterprise resource planning, or ERP. Does ERP

7 IT Security Risks for Small Businesses


Information Technology Blog - - 7 IT Security Risks for Small Businesses - Information Technology Blog. Here are top IT security risks you should avoid or manage before they take your business down. Do you think your business is too small for a cyber-attack?

Why Small Businesses Must Invest In A Signal Booster

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This post looks at how a small business could benefit from a signal booster

What Can CRM Do for Small Business?

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Many small businesses wonder whether they truly need to incorporate a customer relationship management (CRM) platform into their business processes. So many other options are out there—so many tools, programs, and applications. Is a CRM system necessary? The simple answer is yes. The more complicated answer is, why wouldn’t you take advantage of every tool available to aid you in building

Is Social Media Right For Your Small Business?

Cloud Musings

While the personal value of this modern convenience seems obvious to most, the task of proving the channel’s worth to a business can be very challenging. Dell has been a leader in the use of social media for business and recognizes that it has value for more than improved brand awareness.

3 IT Hacks to Dramatically Increase Small Business Efficiency

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There are incredibly user-friendly software tools that can help a small business achieve great efficiency without hiring an excessive IT staff

8 Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Sales with CRM

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As a small business (SB) owner, you’ve heard how important it is to have a customer relationship management (CRM) system to increase and improve customer satisfaction. You’ve probably also heard that customers demand more personalized experiences that you can develop only by using CRM. However, knowing is only half the battle. The other half is taking advantage of the CRM system

How VoIP Transforms Small Businesses into Big Players

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In a highly competitive market, small businesses need any leg-up they can find. If small businesses and startups were able to significantly reduce their overhead costs, they could effectively expand their reach and have a greater impact on their market. It's not enough to offer a unique product or better customer service - sometimes it all comes down to dollars.

Why Small Businesses Need a Website?


Information Technology Blog - - Why Small Businesses Need a Website? If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. You can run promotions, specials and offer discounts therefore growing your business.

3 Things that all Profitable Small Businesses Have in Common

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For your small business to thrive in today?s Eight out of ten startups shut their doors within the first eighteen months. s market and realize significant returns, you have to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and use the right investment tools

VoIP provider breaks into four states to serve small businesses

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As VoIP expands into the small business market, a recurring theme for customers has been a focus on cost-effective, highly customizable solutions. That need has opened an opportunity for smaller players to push out of their local heartland and quickly acquire clients in new regions using a service tailored specifically to small business requirements.

Cloud and Mobile – Enabling the Small Business

Eric D. Brown

I just finished reading an article written by John Mason titled When Small Businesses Use Cloud and Mobile to Go Global ” over on IBM’s Smarter Planet Blog. The cloud brings a great deal of value to organizations, but even more-so to small businesses.

Why Small Businesses Need to Utilize Big Data

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Big data has been trending in the business world for quite a long time now. However, many people associate big data with large businesses; I'll talk about why small businesses need to make use of this valuable resource

US-based customer support: critical for small business VoIP clients

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Although once not considered necessarily a top concern, within the cloud communications industry customer support is fast becoming a differentiating factor, going well beyond the established quotients of coverage, infrastructure and up time. Leaders in the VoIP market are now looking to extend customer support – that means 24/7 - to their flagship products and beyond. VirtualPBX

Infographic: Small business is vulnerable to cyberattack

Tech Republic Security

According to a survey by data firm Carbonite 74% of small business owners fear Washington politicians are not doing enough to protect companies against cyberattack

Trends Making an Impact on Small Businesses

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Whether it?s s affecting the kind of tech they use or even who they?re re supposed to work with, here are the trends that are making big waves for startups

How To Raise Funds For A Small Business Idea


Information Technology Blog - - How To Raise Funds For A Small Business Idea - Information Technology Blog. Got a great business idea but no money to get the ball rolling? This can be hard to secure as a small business, and you also run the risk of losing power and ownership.

Best Cloud-Based ERP for Small Business

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It has such a nice ring to it: the cloud. It conjures up visions of free-floating, pristine forms with no limits on where they go or what they do. That's one version of a cloud. The other version is one of the leading technology topics in the world. Known as on-demand computing, cloud computing makes use of the internet to store records and documents through shared computing

Small Business Owner? Add These Accessories to Your Smartphone.

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This post looks at some smartphone accessories for business

How to Set Up a Small Business Network

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It is safe to say that every small business needs solid internet connection. This means that if you are running an SMB, an important part of your equipment is going to consist of routers and switches

5 Ways Mobile CRM Can Boost Your Small Business

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Great technology can help level the playing field, giving small businesses the edge they need to compete with their bigger rivals. Mobile CRM is one such system that can help your business succeed and grow. Mobile CRM is especially useful if you have a decentralized sales force who are out on the road meeting clients and making deals. Using their laptops and tablets, they will have

Flexibility key to winning CRM market share of small business space

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Small business owners lose out on opportunities when they must wrestle with multiple software systems to run and grow their firms. While large companies have ERP systems and big budgets, an opportunity in the market still exists for companies that can offer extremely customizable and secure total business management solutions.

Choose The Right E-mail Solution For Your Small Business

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If you have been using a generic e-mail provider as a growing enterprise, you’ll soon realize that without a business-oriented solution, you’ll run into a myriad of problems. First, if you’re using a free webmail service, you won’t have the option of using your brand’s name in the extension. Unfortunately, in the professional world, this can diminish your credibility

12 steps to small business security

Network World

Image by Thinkstock If you’re a small to midsized business and you wing it when it comes to network management and security then it’s not a question of if you will have a disaster, it’s merely a question of when. Here are 12 steps that will, in the long run, make your business safer.

Big Data Has a Lot to Offer for Small Businesses

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Even the smallest businesses and newest startups may be able to benefit from the superior insight and real-time understanding that big data may be able to provide

7012 Regs and Cyber insurance on collision course with small business


This two-part article isn’t intended to fan the flames, but rather to give the context behind the regs, provide meaningful definitions for practical use, offer probable implications for industry, and set out why the seemingly most reasonable solution for businesses may be the most dangerous to them.

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3 Features Your Small Business Website Needs to Have

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Even if you run your business offline, you still need to have a powerful online presence because it is a great marketing tool for your business

Social CRM Strategies for Small Businesses

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percent sales productivity improvement when a business uses tools with mobile and social functionality. Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors continue to add social media functionality to their products. These features bring excellent value to your CRM, with Nucleus Research reporting a 26.4 Before you deploy your social CRM, prepare the right strategies for maximizing your sales technology

4 Benefits of Online Collaboration for Small Business Teams

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Effective teamwork is essential for success in any modern business. Virtually all workers in the business will have mobile internet access that permits them to work from anywhere. But without effective collaboration tools, members of the team will not be able to work together and achieve maximum productivity. If you are still contemplating investing in collaboration software, here are four vital