New Retention Policies in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft is happy to cater to these demands by announcing the availability of retention policies for Microsoft Teams. Teams admins now can use Office 365 Security and Compliance to set retention policies for Teams chats and team channels. Technology is a beautiful thing!

Facebook Seeks A Public Policy Manager, Cybersecurity Threat Disruption


The job, titled a Public Policy Manager for Cybersecurity Threat Disruption, is a recognition that the companies we trust with our data should, and will, play greater roles in protecting our data, including leaning […]. My sincere hope is that one of our CTOvision readers is selected for a position that Facebook has just advertised for.

Windows 10 MDM CSP Policies Override Group Policy Settings


There are many discussions happening whether CSP can replace Group policy (GP). The post Windows 10 MDM CSP Policies Override Group Policy Settings appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Vimal Das. Intune Windows 10 Group policy CSP mdm csp MDMWinsOverGP OMA-URI windows 10 CSP precedenceWindows 10 modern device management relies on CSP for security & other configurations.

Group Policy Vs Intune Policy after Intune unenrollement


In my previous post (Group policy Vs Intune Policy), we discussed Intune policy wins over GP when there is a policy conflict. The post Group Policy Vs Intune Policy after Intune unenrollement appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Vimal Das. Intune featured Group policy CSP mdm csp MDMWinsOverGP OMA-URI windows 10 CSP precedence

 FBI vs Apple: History, Policy, Sovereignty and Individual Rights


Editor’s note: This is the third in a five-part series on this topic. This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security. For a detailed legal analysis accompanying the article, please visit […].

Managing BYOD with Policies in the Midsized Firm

Eric D. Brown

Not having the budget for sophisticated solutions shouldn’t stop organizations from building policies to manage employee-owned devices and the data held or accessed with these devices. Has your organization implemented BYOD policies?

Policy-Based IT: The Next Frontier?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Approached that way, automation becomes about meeting the needs of the application, expressed in a manifest that we refer to here as “policy”.   Indeed, listen to most IT vendors and you’ll hear the word “policy” used liberally.   All driven by policy.

MobileIron: Corporate IT policy and mobile device security are mismatched

Computer Weekly

MobileIron report identifies a gap between security policy and the actual deployment of that policy on mobile devices

InfoSec Policies and Standards: Some strategic context for those just diving into this world


Organizations are giving more priority to development of information security policies, as protecting their assets is one of the prominent things that needs to be considered. Lack of clarity in InfoSec policies can lead to catastrophic damages which cannot be recovered. So an organization makes different strategies in implementing a security policy successfully. Security policies of all companies are not same, but the key motive behind them is to protect assets.

Net Neutrality: Policy or Market Forces?

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it seems like the entire internet is on fire this week about the FCC, Ajit Pai. and the plans to undo the previous administration's Net Neutrality rulings. My understanding is that reddit is about to self-immolate over this issue. Just about every news source is on fire with multiple articles advocating one position or another (mostly opposition from my non-scientific survey).

.Net 126

Microsoft drops lawsuit after US revises data access policy

Computer Weekly

Microsoft has dropped a lawsuit pushing for reforms of state surveillance practices in response to changes in US data access request policy, but says more reform is necessary

Government stresses continuity of broadband policy after election

Computer Weekly

At the Connected Britain conference in London, digital minister Matt Hancock recommits to already-established broadband and mobile networking policy

Should you revert an existing password policy that's working well?

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I'm often asked by clients what the best approach should be to setting password policy for their organization. However, I was recently asked a password policy-related question that I thought was worth sharing. Given all the political and cultural challenges in any given organization, it’s hard to be too specific in my recommendations. The challenge was that this organization was recently able

Government’s cyber security policy: decide or delay?

Computer Weekly

The UK government is leaving too many of its options open and needs to implement effective cyber security rules now

Setting Mobile Policies for ERP

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This means setting and enforcing clear policies on what is acceptable use in your ERP environment. As mobile devices proliferate companies using ERP need to deal with them. Whether you want to have a BYOD environment, or the company issues tablets or smartphones to some employees, mobile devices are out there and you have to adapt to them. Depending on your choices, these

The Importance of an Online Encryption Policy


This quote summarizes the importance of online encryption policy and hands-on implementation within an organization. Through an online encryption policy, you can mitigate the risks and avoid these cases, whether you’re a profit or a non-profit organization. Creating such a policy involves the participation of the IT department in your organization, and it may or may not include the c-suite executives until it reaches complete implementation.

Insurer launches UK’s first driverless car policy

Computer Weekly

Specialist motor insurance provider Adrian Flux introduces new contract terms for a driverless car insurance policy

leaked cyberwar policy ppd20 - CTOvision


cyber war policy and perhaps even a small measure of consolation for cyber war critics The leaked PPD-20 provides valuable insights about U.S.

Step-By-Step: Excluding Users or Usergroups from Group Policy


Sometimes excluding a user or user group from a group policy is needed to appease an application setting or system setting. I’ve seen administrators create separate OU and move users there to exclude said user from the particular group policy.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Advanced Security Audit Policy via DS Access


Microsoft understand these modern requirements and with windows 2008 R2 they introduce “ Advanced Security Audit Policy ”. Advanced Security Audit Policy is need to enable via GPO. There for the policy should only target the Domain Controllers.

Schneider Electric Beefs Up Its Family-Leave Policy

Data Center Knowledge

Wants to help employees create healthy balance between work and personal lives Read More. Business Schneider Electric

Malaysian insurer partners IT supplier to tailor cyber security policies

Computer Weekly

Partnership is in response to requests from AIG customers for a more comprehensive risk management approach to cyber insurance

Communication Policies in Your UC Solution

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However, your company policies may not address these forms of communication Unified communications solutions can introduce many new features for employee collaboration. For instance, instant messengers and team chat rooms work well for remote conversations and quick questions, helping you cut down on unnecessary phone calls, which will improve productivity and free up prioritized network bandwidth.

6 Tips for Creating a Unified Communications Policy

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This article explores the elements of and policies that may apply to UC, offers a couple of examples, and explains theToday’s unified communications (UC) solutions are available in many forms and can be comprehensive and integrated across corporations, with many cross-functional business processes. In smaller companies, they can be simple, without any integration with anything.

Group Policy: Introducing Consistency Into Your Infrastructure


Proper utilization of Group Policy found in Windows Server.( Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Group Policy MVP Windows Server We all want things to run smoothly, yet day-to-day operations sometimes get the better of us.

Enterprise network access policies must change to account for IoT

Computer Weekly

With IoT devices set to outnumber notebooks, smartphones and tablets by more than three times, businesses will need to adjust their network access policies to keep things running smoothly, says Gartner

Ransomware: Protect yourself with good backup and cloud policies

Computer Weekly

More ransomware attacks are likely. The best way to protect against them is to have up-to-date in-house backups and to ensure cloud backups are adequately protected and available

Government calls for input on inclusive smart energy policy

Computer Weekly

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a consultation on the future of the smart energy sector

5 Ways Mobile Device Management Drives BYOD Policy

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The history of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a rocky one. Since the beginning, IT departments and business owners have tried to understand the idea and learn how to make it positive for the business instead of a headache. To help them achieve this goal, software emerged on the market called mobile device management (MDM). Rather than review specific MDM tools, however, this article

Policy-Based IT: The Next Frontier?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Approached that way, automation becomes about meeting the needs of the application, expressed in a manifest that we refer to here as “policy”.    We need to be specific here, as the notion of “policy” is so broad it can conceivably be applied almost anywhere in the IT stack, e.g. what rebuild approach do you want to use for this specific disk drive?    Indeed, listen to most IT vendors and you’ll hear the word “policy” used liberally.

Why you have to look past security policies for real improvements

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Why you have to look past security policies for real improvements Security policies are all the rage these days. I think an outsider looking in at what it takes to build and run a solid information security program, it would be to have a set of well-written policies. After all, that's what the auditors ask for when they show up. It's also what the standards bodies emphasize. It's what the regulators

Why your password policy still sucks

Network World

Password policies don't prevent problems, they cause them. Humans are predictable, and generic password policies help attackers crack (or guess) passwords faster

The Policies, Performances, and Pitfalls in Digital Boardroom

Future of CIO

The Board of Directors is the top leadership team who can make the great influence on shaping digital mindsets, setting right policies, advocating changes, and steering the business in the right direction.