FBI vs Apple: Policy Analysis


Editor’s note: This is the second in a five-part series on this topic. This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security.-bg bg Despite foreboding tales of doom associated with the potential outcome on each […]. CTO Cyber Security News

 FBI vs Apple: History, Policy, Sovereignty and Individual Rights


Editor’s note: This is the third in a five-part series on this topic. This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security. For a detailed legal analysis accompanying the article, please visit TheCyberLawTeam.com/publications-1 […].

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Policy-Based IT: The Next Frontier?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Approached that way, automation becomes about meeting the needs of the application, expressed in a manifest that we refer to here as “policy”.   Indeed, listen to most IT vendors and you’ll hear the word “policy” used liberally.   All driven by policy.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Advanced Security Audit Policy via DS Access


Microsoft understand these modern requirements and with windows 2008 R2 they introduce “ Advanced Security Audit Policy ”. Advanced Security Audit Policy is need to enable via GPO. There for the policy should only target the Domain Controllers.

Five Real-World Tips for Creating Corporate Cloud Policies

Data Center Knowledge

It's time to make some new policies. Are you creating a new cloud initiative? Want to start migrating users, apps. and workloads? Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise Mobility cloud

Three Reasons Network Security Policy Management is a Big Deal

Data Center Knowledge

Upwards of 95 percent of breaches can be prevented by better managing existing technologies Read More. Data Center World Networking Security

IT Admin Basics: Understanding Group Policy Design


Windows 10, and the additional abilities that come with it, provides additional policy capabilities enabled to allow IT administrators further manageability of his client deployment. Designing group policies for said organization can become complex if.(

Enterprise network access policies must change to account for IoT

Computer Weekly

With IoT devices set to outnumber notebooks, smartphones and tablets by more than three times, businesses will need to adjust their network access policies to keep things running smoothly, says Gartner

Ransomware: Protect yourself with good backup and cloud policies

Computer Weekly

More ransomware attacks are likely. The best way to protect against them is to have up-to-date in-house backups and to ensure cloud backups are adequately protected and available

Group Policy: Introducing Consistency Into Your Infrastructure


Proper utilization of Group Policy found in Windows Server.( Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Group Policy MVP Windows Server We all want things to run smoothly, yet day-to-day operations sometimes get the better of us.

6 Tips for Creating a Unified Communications Policy

IT Toolbox

This article explores the elements of and policies that may apply to UC, offers a couple of examples, and explains theToday’s unified communications (UC) solutions are available in many forms and can be comprehensive and integrated across corporations, with many cross-functional business processes. In smaller companies, they can be simple, without any integration with anything.

Insurer launches UK’s first driverless car policy

Computer Weekly

Specialist motor insurance provider Adrian Flux introduces new contract terms for a driverless car insurance policy

Step-By-Step: Excluding Users or Usergroups from Group Policy


Sometimes excluding a user or user group from a group policy is needed to appease an application setting or system setting. I’ve seen administrators create separate OU and move users there to exclude said user from the particular group policy.

Schneider Electric Beefs Up Its Family-Leave Policy

Data Center Knowledge

Wants to help employees create healthy balance between work and personal lives Read More. Business Schneider Electric

Government stresses continuity of broadband policy after election

Computer Weekly

At the Connected Britain conference in London, digital minister Matt Hancock recommits to already-established broadband and mobile networking policy

Sapphire 2017: McDermott declares SAP indirect licensing policy change

Computer Weekly

At SAP’s annual Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, Florida, CEO Bill McDermott rules out of court charging for static read access in third-party systems

5 Ways Mobile Device Management Drives BYOD Policy

IT Toolbox

The history of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a rocky one. Since the beginning, IT departments and business owners have tried to understand the idea and learn how to make it positive for the business instead of a headache. To help them achieve this goal, software emerged on the market called mobile device management (MDM). Rather than review specific MDM tools, however, this article

List of Cyber Threat “Wake-Up Calls” Growing: Policy makers have been hitting the snooze button since 1970


Generally each of the events below was so significant policy makers were loudly proclaiming to all who would listen that they were a wake-up call. This means there are reflections in public policy documents, speeches and the press that cite leaders using the phrase.

Five Rules of Highly Effective BYOD Policies

IT Toolbox

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is booming. Nearly three quarters of all organizations now have a BYOD program in place or are working on one, according to Tech Pro Research conducted late last year. There are many good reasons for this trend. BYOD saves money by reducing the number of corporate devices that must be purchased. It enables employees to work from home, a perk that

What to consider in developing BYOD policy

Network World

Why Have a BYOD Policy? Instead of ignoring the inevitable, companies should develop and implement a BYOD policy that protects the company and balances productivity with security.

How the CIO Can Establish a BYOD Usage Policy

CIO Dashboard

If you’re grappling with putting policies and procedures in place to manage the consumer-driven transition to a bring-your-own-device workplace (BYOD), don’t worry. Outline the support and repair policies for the equipment. Do you have a BYOD usage policy?

Configure ADMX ADML WMI Filter for Windows 10 1709 Devices


Group Policy tools use Administrative template files to populate policy settings in the user interface. This allows administrators to manage registry-based policy settings. Microsoft released Administrative Templates (.admx) admx) for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709).

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Communication Policies in Your UC Solution

IT Toolbox

However, your company policies may not address these forms of communication Unified communications solutions can introduce many new features for employee collaboration. For instance, instant messengers and team chat rooms work well for remote conversations and quick questions, helping you cut down on unnecessary phone calls, which will improve productivity and free up prioritized network bandwidth.

Creating End-User Mobility Policies

Data Center Knowledge

While the Age of Bring-Your-Own-Device has arrived, the implementation is where the underlying challenges start. With all of these devices, how does an IT department manage the data being delivered and how can they continue to provide a powerful end-user experience? Bill Kleyman of MTM Technologies. Industry Perspectives

With Release 2.0 OpenStack Swift Matures, adding Storage Policies

Data Center Knowledge

More efficient data redundancy controls, geographically defined data access policies now available Read More. Cloud Computing Storage

What should an insider risk policy cover?

Network World

A thorough insider risk policy would have spelled it out. Here, security experts provide their insights on what makes for a successful insider risk policy. Just before the holidays, a company was faced with cutting the pay of their contracted janitors. That didn’t sit well with those employees. Threat actors saw an opportunity and pounced, convincing the possibly vengeful employees to turn on their employer.

Security and policy surrounding bring your own devices (BYOD)

IT Pros Rock!

While organizations encourage BYOD for cost savings and productivity, it is also important to have robust security policies supporting BYOD. Clearly define policy to ensure devices support the security functionality required and only use devices that do not accept automatic or prompted certificate renewal.

Malaysian insurer partners IT supplier to tailor cyber security policies

Computer Weekly

Partnership is in response to requests from AIG customers for a more comprehensive risk management approach to cyber insurance

Group Policy: Creating A Standard Local Admin Account


Much has been covered thus far in the Group Policy series : How to create a new policy. This post will detail the setup of a group policy.( Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Group Policy MVP Windows Server

Why you have to look past security policies for real improvements

IT Toolbox

Why you have to look past security policies for real improvements Security policies are all the rage these days. I think an outsider looking in at what it takes to build and run a solid information security program, it would be to have a set of well-written policies. After all, that's what the auditors ask for when they show up. It's also what the standards bodies emphasize. It's what the regulators

Government’s cyber security policy: decide or delay?

Computer Weekly

The UK government is leaving too many of its options open and needs to implement effective cyber security rules now

Security Think Tank: Use policy and guidance to help secure messaging apps

Computer Weekly

What criteria should organisations use to assess the security of smartphone messaging apps and how can they ensure only approved apps are used by employees

Prime minister Theresa May shakes up responsibility for digital policy in ministerial reshuffle

Computer Weekly

Former Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock replaces Ed Vaizey as digital economy minister in the highest-profile change among digital roles