Country comparisons of COVID-19

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While there are plenty of excellent data sources and visualizations of the state of the COVID-19 pandemic globally, I haven’t seen ones that provide the comparisons that I’m looking for, so I created this chart: It is important to note is that data on the number of tests taken is not always up to date and is not consistently reported, but other than for China and Iran is likely to be reasonably accurate.

Xbox Series S vs Series X spec-by-spec comparison


The wait is finally over. Microsoft has fully unveiled the pricing, specs, and release dates for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both consoles are looking to be attractive offers for different audiences, but it might not be obvious which one is best for your needs. Let's make

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Cryptocurrency in Comparison with Other Monetary Alternatives


Information Technology Blog - - Cryptocurrency in Comparison with Other Monetary Alternatives - Information Technology Blog. Cryptocurrency in comparison with… There are three main comparisons that we will take a look at.

Wholesale Mortgage Rates Comparison


The post Wholesale Mortgage Rates Comparison appeared first on Information Technology Blog. In the market to buy a home? Here are some good tools to help you find loans and calculate your mortgage payment. Mortgage News Daily. Mortgage News Daily has a nice easy interface that allows you to easily select your state and provides an output of various lenders and rates. Advertised rates are submitted by each individual lender/broker on the date indicated.

A Comparison: Low-voltage and Overlay Lighting Control Systems

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Here''s a comparison: low-voltage and overlay lighting control systems. How efficiently are you deploying lighting in your environment? Read More. White Papers CommScope

Ryzen 7 2700X vs. Ryzen 7 3700X: High Refresh Gaming Comparison


Following up to our recent CPU comparison in competitive titles using low quality settings, we're pitting the Ryzen 7 3700X and 10th-gen Core i5-10600K against the 2700X to see how the previous-gen Ryzen stacks up

Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model #blogtobertech

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Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model #blogtobertech The following is a new Industry Trends Perspective White Paper Report titled Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model.

Cedexis Updates Cloud Performance Comparison Tool

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Cloud and mobile app performance benchmarking and optimization company Cedexis announced significant upgrades to its Radar service. Cloud Computing cedexis

Study: Global comparisons of news consumption and shifting channels

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The post Study: Global comparisons of news consumption and shifting channels appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford has just published the very interesting 110 page Digital News Report 2013 , which draws on an extensive survey of news consumption across nine major countries.

SCCM IBCM Vs CMG Changes – Revolutions – Really?


In this post, I will try to give a quick SCCM IBCM Vs CMG comparison. SCCM Difference Between SCCM CMG and IBCM featured SCCM CMG Vs IBCM SCCM IBCM Vs CMG ComparisonSubscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Isn’t a revolution (really?) happening with Digital Transformation? Let’s check the SCCM internet client management revolutions. What is SCCM Internet Client Management?

The latest country comparisons in that key economic driver: broadband speed

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The most thoroughly researched source for broadband comparisons is the OECD, but unfortunately the latest data from them is a couple of years old now, during which there have been significant changes in the landscape.

Apple subscriptions vs Google One Pass subscriptions – comparison and analysis for publishers

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Here is a quick comparison. The lovely pace of change in the media world isn’t slowing down any…. One day after Apple launched its long-expected subscription service, Google announced its One Pass content payment system. What they are.

Liveblog: Deploying Containerized OpenStack: Challenges & Tools Comparison

Scott Lowe

This is a liveblog for an OpenStack Summit session on containerized OpenStack and a comparison of the tools used for containerized OpenStack. Following the comparison—which was useful—Kothari moves back into discussing how the use of containers will help (something that was discussed extensively earlier in the presentation). The speaker is Jaivish Kothari, from NEC Technologies.

The importance of entrepreneurial organizations: lessons from global comparisons of company age

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Last week I ran a workshop for the global leadership of the growth companies division of a major professional services firm. The Economist had just run a leader on Europe’s chronic failure to encourage ambitious entrepreneurs , including some interesting data comparing the age of leading European and American companies. I dug into the original data from think-tank Bruegel in their excellent report The Demographics of Global Corporate Champions to create the following chart.

SQL: Vive La Difference De Table

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Comparison with the Parisienne SQL

The Mobile App Comparison Chart: Hybrid vs. Native vs. Mobile Web (2019 Update)

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

To help clear up confusion, we’ve created a handy comparison chart to help you understand which mobile app approach is right for you. To help you understand all of the options, as well as the pros and cons of each, we’ve put together the comparison chart below. The post The Mobile App Comparison Chart: Hybrid vs. Native vs. Mobile Web (2019 Update) appeared first on mrc's Cup of Joe Blog.

SQL: Table Differences II -- Inserts, Updates or Deletes?

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Naturally there has to be a baseline query for comparisons

What’s The Difference Between Oracle ROWNUM vs Oracle ROW_NUMBER?

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oracle comparison function Oracle SQLHave you seen ROWNUM and ROW_NUMBER in Oracle and wondered what the difference is? Learn what they are and the differences between Oracle ROWNUM vs Oracle ROW_NUMBER in this article. What Is Oracle ROWNUM? You might think that ROWNUM is a function in Oracle. However, it’s not a function. It’s a “pseudocolumn” It acts like […].

Global comparisons: Fastest Growing Online Properties - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Is there any reason why Canada would be omitted from these comparisons? In both this and last years report we focused on a small set of country comparisons.

Global comparisons: Why bandwidth drives Internet participation - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

About Ross Dawson Keynote Speaking/Strategy AHT Group Future Exploration Network The Insight Exchange Repyoot Recent Media Appearances « Are virtual worlds an over-hyped waste of time for marketers?’s focus on women in tech

Computer Weekly

Travel comparison website has partnered with two universities to offer grants to women looking to go into tech careers

Who is capturing the new industry of online classifieds? Analysis and global comparisons - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Analysis and global comparisons Ross Dawson, August 30, 2007 4:15 PM US PT In the Future of Media Report 2007 we published some original research on the ownership of online classifieds in the US, UK, and Australia.

Delta: Data Center Outage Cost Us $150M

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Price tag extraordinarily high in comparison to data center industry average Read More. Downtime Enterprise

Comparing SAP with mobile phone tech companies like Nokia and Blackberry

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Comparing mobile companies with SAP may not be the best comparisons but people are doing it anyway

Planning the Right Sample Size for Data Analysis

Information Week

See how to compare data to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison Sample size affects the statistical results for correlations, regressions, and other models.

3 leading network access control products reviewed

Network World

Download the 27-page comparison Real IT users evaluate network access control solutions: Cisco Identity Services Engine, Aruba ClearPass and ForeScout CounterACT.

Crysis Remastered dev on game's top graphics setting: "no card out there" can handle it in 4K at 30fps


Judging from the latest comparison video (top), it could have succeeded The excitement that followed Crytek's announcement of Crysis Remastered in April turned to disappointment following the fugly trailer.

Google fined €2.4bn by European Commission for abusing internet search dominance

Computer Weekly

Company’s practices amount to an abuse of its dominant position in general internet search, stifling competition in comparison shopping, says European Commission

This Witcher 3 HD visuals mod looks spectacular and won't tax newer hardware


The video shows comparisons between the vanilla Witcher 3 and his modded remaster. A modder who goes by the handle HalkHogan dropped a trailer (above) for an update to his Witcher 3 HD Reworked mod on Monday. While some of the changes are subtle, many are quite remarkable

Which IaaS Provider is Cheapest? Which One Has More Configurations, Locations?

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Cloud Spectator attempts a cost comparison keeping the use case in mind Read More. Clouds often have an advantage over competitors with specific use cases. Cloud Computing

Amazon Music adds podcasts at no extra cost in major markets


In comparison, Apple has over a million podcasts on offer and Spotify has more than 1.5.Amazon on Wednesday announced it has added podcasts to Amazon Music across all tiers at no additional cost.

How to get free (and real) Instagram followers in 2020

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Businesses may use Facebook or Twitter for marketing, but the numbers show that those engagement rates pale in comparison to Instagram marketing. Read More. Business Social category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media/Online Image Galleries category-/Online Communities/Photo & Video Sharing/Photo & Image Sharing category-/Online Communities/Social Networks Facebook Instagram Instagram Instagram followers Instagram Marketing TechEye Media

Crytek publishes Crysis Remastered tech trailer preview


In it, you’ll see a handful of scenes from the original game in side-by-side comparisons to how they look in the remaster The teaser, a prelude of what is to come, runs less than a minute in length but still manages to impress.

£200 million fund can speed up demand for speedy FTTP broadband

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The value of the government’s £200m broadband fund should not be measured in monetary terms, but in terms of demand generation, says Lyndsey Burton, founder of comparison site

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 980 Ti: Flagship Versus


Today's comparison uses brand new fresh data for the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, GTX 1080 Ti and GTX 980 Ti. We're currently in the process of updating all our GPU data in anticipation of Nvidia's soon to be released GeForce 30 series. So we thought, why not compare five years

Gigabyte announces Auros 15P laptop designed for pro gamers


The Razer Blade 15, for comparison, weighs 5 pounds. Gigabyte says the Aorus 15P was designed in collaboration with esports teams, including G2 Esports. Its weight, usually one of the worst elements in gaming laptops, comes in at a respectable 4.4 pounds; it's also less than one-inch thick. [tech]: Apple iPad vs the Blackberry Playbook

Sean Daniel

and I thought it would be great to do a little bit of a comparison now that I’ve played with it for a bit. So let’s get down to business, my impressions and comparisons between the iPad (3rd generation) and the Playbook 2.0. so technically I should compare it to the iPad2 hardware wise, for it to be fair, although I’m not going to focus in on the hardware all that much, there are plenty of other sites that do hardware comparisons, like this one at PC Magazine.

SMB 49

Best-selling console ever? PS5 sales could reach 170 million during its 5-year lifespan, destroying the Xbox Series X


For comparison, both the PS4 and Xbox One launched in 2013 According to a report from Digitimes, which cites Sony’s backend supply chain in Taiwan, the life cycle of the next-gen consoles will be shortened to five years.

How Messaging Adds Value When Integrated with Other Applications

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My last post in this series presented a comparison of use cases for VoIP and messaging, and that goes a long way to understanding where the latter fits into the collaboration value proposition. Both modes are important for collaboration, and decision-makers need to recognize

VOIP 116

UK antitrust watchdog launches investigation into Facebook's acquisition of Giphy


According to unnamed sources cited by Axios, the deal is worth around $400 million, making it smaller but not insignificant in comparison with Instagram, which was snapped for Facebook announced last month that it had bought animated picture platform Giphy with the intention of integrating it with its Instagram team.

Maingear announces 'shoebox'-sized Turbo gaming PC line-up


Unless you wear a particularly large set of boots, we're not sure how well the comparison holds up. Based on what we've seen, that description might be a tad generous. They're small, with a height of one foot, a width of 6.7 inches, and a length of around 14.4 inches

The IT issue and the Cloud solution (i)

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Well, IT costs a big deal in comparison with rest of a business. continuing from. The CIO in the Cloud era. Yet, business is not too happy with the IT department. I cannot imagine why, you may say. Consider the numbing operationa expenditure on servers, applications

The Best CPUs 2020: AMD Ryzen vs. Intel Core


The world of CPUs has been notoriously busy in recent years and our buying guide is keeping up with the latest releases to complement our day-one reviews and benchmark comparisons. After all the extensive testing you're familiar with, TechSpot's CPU buying guide means to narrow things down in a few