Functional Programming Finally Goes Mainstream—Here’s What You Need To Know

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Last week, Forrester released our take on functional programming (FP), “The New Dawn Of Functional Programming“ While FP isn’t a new concept, for tech professionals “functional programming” is going to become inescapable over the next 18 months—that is, if it isn’t already on your radar. application development & delivery AD&D FP functional programming

Developing a Strategy for Putting People First in Transformation Programs

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If you are driving a transformation program, motivating and aligning people is a critical success factor Most leaders now understand how important it is to put people before process and technology when it comes to instrumenting large scale organizational change.

Easiest programming languages to learn


Codecademy is a fun and easy way to learn how to code and has tutorials and lessons on the easiest programming languages to learn. Lessons in programming code (interactive). link] (JavaScript) Lessons in programming code (tutorial). link] (CSS, HTML) Courses in programming.

The programming life

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It was my first computer, with it's very well detailed basic programming book which taught me how to program. From there it was keying in programs from magazines, finding out why those keyed in programs didn'tI have been involved with computers since before I found girls interesting. The only problem is that girls never found me to be interesting but that is another story.

The programming life continues

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Consequently, other companies I have done programming for have also been wildly different. In the previous article, I mentioned how I worked for a company which was a real sweatshop, high-pressure environment which was really not healthy for mind and soul. Suffice to say I did not renew my contract with that company. Some were pretty laid back and allowed my creative juices

Google Expands Cloud Partner Program

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This is the most full-throated endorsement to date of its partner program. Read More. Cloud Computing Google Shared

Optimizing HPC Program Performance with OpenMP and Reveal


What do you do when the performance of the MPI program that distributes your work across many cores and nodes starts to level off? You find that you are now network bound, or that the MPI memory footprint has grown so large that there is little room left for your program. Marty Meehan.

Programs are spies and they like us.

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I just recently read a news article on how HP sneakily slipped in a spyware program onto recent HP computers under the guise of an update. However, it wasn't an update at all but a new program altogether and it sent information back to HP on a daily basis. It seems that the bigger you are the more incentive you have to spy on people for fun and profit.

An In-Depth View of Kotlin Programming Language

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This post looks at the Kotlin programming language

3 Software Programs That Let Businesses Monitor Employees’ Computers


Perhaps you’ve decided to emphasize productivity more than ever in your workplace and want to know whether it’s legal to use software that tracks how employees use their computers. Below, we’ll investigate the laws surrounding that issue and why you might want to see what employees do — or fail to do — as well […]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threats News Security Companies

Thinking About “Data Program Governance”


One phrase in regular rotation in my elevator pitch is “data program governance." Program means an organized set of activities designed to accomplish a defined set of objectives. Governance means the program is planned and managed in an organized and sustainable way. Creating a data program governance strategy is not unlike creating other types of enterprise business strategies. Managing Data-Intensive Programs and Projects: Selected Articles. Dennis D.

Does Your Company Have A Formalized Remote Work Program? Let Us Interview You!

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Mobile. Cloud. Workplace flexibility. Each of these are driving companies to offer remote work options more consistently. However, remote working has challenges related to technology, policies, compliance, and collaboration. The number one question I get from clients regarding this issue is: “How can my organization embrace flexible work and remain productive and secure?” ” Our upcoming report tackles […

An update on the bounty programs

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Back in June of this year, we announced three new bounty programs that will pay researchers for techniques that bypass built-in OS mitigations and protections, for defenses that stop those bypasses and for vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 11 Preview. This past Friday, we provided some additional details about the results of the IE11 Preview bounty program, which covered the first 30 days of the preview period. BlueHat Prize Bounty Programs BlueHat Challenge

Programming for the future

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The same goes for any programs we write. The future, that unknown up and coming part of our life which we can try and plan for but will always, always, find a way to put the best made plans of mice and men on the scrap heap. One thing which we can be sure of however is that the future will change and that in order for us to survive we need to be able to change with it.

Top 3 Programming Languages in 2017

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Programming techniques are constantly advancing, so programmers need to stay up to date on the latest changes to attain peak performance

The Oracle Sales Cloud API and Partner Programs and Benefits

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In Oracle Sales Cloud, the partner program resource is used to view, create, and update information about partner programs such as the name of the program, program description, validity period, and so on

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Three Tips on Developing Successful Citizen Data Science Programs that Drive Transformation

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Citizen data science or self-service BI programs are catching on with more businesses and enterprises of all sizes. More executives understand the importance of becoming a data-driven organization and are willing to break away from the mostly manual analytics performed in spreadsheets. For those of you that have embarked on this journey, here are some key strategies to consider to ensure. agile data citizen development data scientist organizational change

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Uninstall Multiple Programs


Sometimes you may need to uninstall multiple programs from your computer and don’t want to wait to uninstall each program individually. Free software to uninstall a bunch of installed programs in a batch mode. You can also modify the entry of any program through it.

James Madison University Seeks Professor – Intelligence Analysis Program


Please look it over and share it with others that may have an interest: Assistant / Associate Professor - Intelligence Analysis Program. General Info: James Madison University (JMU) seeks applicants for a faculty position focused on cyber intelligence and cyber analysis that will help prepare students as analysts in both private and public sectors, as well as government agencies, through its Bachelor's Degree Program in Intelligence Analysis (IA). Bob Gourley.

Polycom debuts VoIP device-as-a-service program

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whose conference phones bear a long history in businesses large and small, has unveiled a month-to-month “device-as-a-service” pilot program with the intention of increasing flexibility while cutting costs for both VoIP service providers and end-user voice subscribers. The new program enables North American customers to use the best and latest VoIP phonesPolycom Inc.,

Do You Need A Social Media Program?

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Dozens of articles tell you that if you don't have a social media program you're missing an important part of a modern marketing strategy. Social media is one of the hottest trends in marketing. But before you institute a social media campaign you need to stop and think carefully about what kind, or even whether, you need a social media campaign. It may be that you don't need

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Session at BITPro Event


The post Windows 10 Accelerator Program Session at BITPro Event appeared first on Anoops. Adaptiva ConfigMgr (SCCM) featured Windows 10 Accelerator Program Windows 10 Migration Challenges Windows 10 Migration Problems

Agile unlocked: Pivotal uses paired programming and PaaS to bolster cloud app development

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Digital transformation consultancy Pivotal explains how paired programming, an empathetic work culture and open source PaaS help enterprises achieve their agile software development goals

Building a Realistic and Effective Data Program Governance Strategy


Making such distinctions is a major reason why it's important to distinguish between data management and data program governance, as I discussed in Thinking About “Data Program Governance.”. An effective data program governance strategy must address the data-based services you intend to provide to your users. The Sullivan list provides a good foundation for a strategic assessment that will form the basis for constructing a comprehensive data program governance strategy.

Tamr Opens a Free Public Beta Program


Tamr has opened a public Beta program for an enterprise metadata catalog tool that makes it easy for people to find, use and collaborate in organizing high-quality data sets for analytics.

Datto Shakes Up Partner Program Tiers

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Does away with ranking based on amount of data customer has in storage Read More. Cloud Computing Storage

Liftoff Tips for a Social Media Program

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This may shock you, but not all people like stuff that is new and helpful and created during this century.This is perhaps the hardest part of getting a social media program off the ground. So, think before you attempt to launch a social media program and be prepared.

Get More Details about Windows 10 Accelerator Program


The post Get More Details about Windows 10 Accelerator Program appeared first on Anoops. Adaptiva ConfigMgr (SCCM) ConfigMgr CB Download Windows 10 migration PDF Features Get More Details about Windows 10 Accelerator Program How to start migrating Windows 10 Windows 10 migration guide

Advance Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) and LU 6.2 Part 2

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Another addition to APPC-related products was advanced peer-to-peer networking (APPN), which was an extension to SNA. APPN featured

Advance Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) and LU 6.2 Part 1

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Technically, processor in this context means an execution environment supplied by a Logical Unit. Facilities are furnished for LU-to-LU and LU-to-SSCP conversations

Salesforce unveils new partner program for AppExchange developers

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Salesforce has launched a new AppExchange partner program designed to accelerate the ability of any start-up, developer or independent software vendor (ISV) to build, market and sell intelligent apps for the $389 billion Salesforce economy. “The convergence of AI, IoT and massive datasets has created incredible opportunities for developers to move beyond the app – and build

Cruise industry CRM provider signs floating university program

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Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Semester At Sea is a study-abroad program with a difference – students travel the world on cruiseCruise company Semester At Sea has implemented the CRM and reservations systems of Rescompany (Resco), expanding its longstanding relationship with the company whose point of sale (POS) software it has been using to serve its seafaring clients.

The Agile Data Organization - Balancing Responsibilities in Data Science Programs

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If you''ve read this blog or have seen me speak at a conference, then you know I am a strong proponent of self-service BI programs. I''ve posted on principles of self-service BI programs, attributes of data driven organizations, and how to avoid data landfills among many other big data topics all aimed to get business teams successful competing and driving decisions with data.

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