Is your enterprise software committing security malpractice?

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Well, apparently that’s nothing compared to what enterprise security, analytics, and hardware management tools are doing. ExtraHop deliberately chose not to name names in its four examples of enterprise security tools that were sending out data without warning the customer or user.

Microsoft admits Windows 10 disables third-party security software

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Microsoft has admitted Windows 10 disables some third-party security software, but claims this is purely because of compatibility issues

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IoT security essentials: Physical, network, software

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Even in the planning stages of a deployment, IoT security is one of the chief stumbling blocks to successful adoption of the technology. And while the problem is vastly complicated, there are three key angles to think about when laying out how IoT sensors will be deployed in any given setup: How secure are the device themselves, how many are there and can they receive security patches.

Schneider Electric patches DCIM software security hole

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Users of StrucxureWare datacentre monitoring software urged to upgrade to latest version after discovery of critical vulnerability by security researchers

Cisco pays $8.6M to settle security-software whistleblower lawsuit

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million to settle claims it sold video security software that had a vulnerability that could have opened federal, state and local government agencies to hackers. Cisco has agreed to pay $8.6

3 Reasons Security Analytics Software Is Still Necessary in 2019


Information Technology Blog - - 3 Reasons Security Analytics Software Is Still Necessary in 2019 - Information Technology Blog. Yet, many enterprises still are operating with the mindset that security is a “big business” problem. . Security Software

How software-defined networking can secure critical systems

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SDN promises to bring the efficiency gains achieved in server virtualisation to networking, while also boosting security

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CIOs Need To Know Why Antivirus Software Can Create False Security

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Antivirus software can help but it’s not invincible Image Credit: Gabriel Salvadó. Almost every person with the CIO job currently has some form of antivirus software deployed within their company. What’s The Value Of Antivirus Software?

Blackberry Acquires Security Software Maker Good Technology

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Blackberry Enterprise Government SecurityBlackberry's smartphone business didn't succeed, but the acquisition of Good Technology positions the company to compete strongly in the enterprise mobility market. Read More.

Software Defined Perimeter, Cloud Security Alliance: Coca-Cola Case Study


One of the many topics coved at the event was software defined perimeter and cloud security alliance. CTO Cyber Security News Video Bob Flores Chief information officer Chief information security officer CISO Coca-Cola Computer security Internet of Things Sierra Ventures

Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software


Cloud computing provides businesses with quality solutions for their IT needs, as well as substantial cost savings over purchasing and maintaining their own hardware and software. However, some concerns about cloud security risks appeared early in the industry and are still relevant today.

Software for Business: A Buyer’s Guide


Information Technology Blog - - Software for Business: A Buyer’s Guide - Information Technology Blog. Look for software that has been tailored to your industry. Find out exactly how they are currently operating and think carefully about how software could help to improve this.

Australia’s security software spending sees growth spurt

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Australian enterprises are increasingly investing in security software as the threats to data continue to multiply

How Your Product Team Can Integrate Security Throughout Software Development Lifecycles


Read Harshit Agarwal explain how you can integrate security throughout software development lifecycle on Information Security Buzz : Integrating security into DevOps to deliver DevSecOps is no easy task: It requires changing the team’s mindset, processes, and technology. Each company’s ultimate goal should be to keep DevOps collaborative and agile, which means making security silent […].

Video Presentation on Abusing Software Defined Networks


See the video at this link and embedded below: Im a huge fan of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and so many other related applications of advanced enterprise tech. CTO Cyber Security Video software defined networking

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Cisco patches serious SD-WAN software security holes

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Cisco has patched security vulnerabilities in four packages of SD-WAN Solution software that address buffer overflow, arbitrary file override and privilege access weaknesses that could have led to denial-of-service attacks or access problems.

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Microsegmentation – Secure Your Internal Network


Since 2000, secure networks have been built by segmenting traffic at the switch port level from server to server, radically limiting east-west traffic. Today, most opens systems, servers, routers, and switches ship with all the security controls open. Illumio Adaptive Security Platform.

National Security Software On Wall Street: Cognitio’s Roger Hockenberry Comments


The Wall Street Journal examined this trend in their piece titled: Spy Software Gets a Second Life on Wall Street. The article also provides a good tip of the hat to another of our favorite organizations in the national security ecosystem, In-Q-Tel.

Successful SaaS Marketing Strategies for Software Companies


Information Technology Blog - - Successful SaaS Marketing Strategies for Software Companies - Information Technology Blog. The software sector is evolving. SaaS (Software as a Service) grows almost three times faster than Software as such, almost 20% annually.

Symantec Finally Agrees With Everyone Else In The Security Community: Says Antivirus Software Is Dead


But the hottest firms in cyber security, those growing because they make real, measurable, virtuous differences in enterprise security, are growing because they realized that Symantec''s core antivirus features just are not sufficient. The reality is that antivirus software that uses old fashioned methods of signature analysi. As a technologist I have long respected Symantec and their many capabilities (they do far more than antivirus, see the list here).

Why Software-Defined Storage Matters

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At the same time, it appears that software is eating our world : extending the power of human intellect in ways that continually surprise us — now often powered by the avalanche of information we are creating about ourselves and the world around us. Software-Defined” — In One Word.

Tolerable security risk is a spectrum

David Linthicum

You spend the next year toughening up cloud security, allocating four times what you spent in the previous year. As we say: “You can’t have too much security.”. Keep up with the latest developments in software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter ]. But what if you can have too much security? It’s a matter of where you exist on the cloud security spectrum. It’s 5:00 a.m. sometime in 2018.

Making The Case For Software-Defined Storage

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My corner of the IT industry is foisting a new concept on enterprise IT shops: software-defined storage.  Maybe software-defined storage doesn’t solve an immediate, burning problem for you right now, but — over time — many IT organizations will hit an interesting wall.

Software Update Checker


Software vulnerabilities can expose you to attacks when you least expect. It’s important to keep your software up to date, not only to prevent open doors to your system, but to fix bugs and speed up performance as well. Fast Downloads of the Latest Software for Windows.

Barclays Bank stops offering Kaspersky software to new users

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Bank is no longer offering customers Kaspersky anti-virus software after UK security agency issues warning

Cisco: 6 critical security alarms for UCS software, small-biz routers

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Cisco today warned its Unified Computing System (UCS) customers about four critical fixes they need to make to stop nefarious agents from taking over or attacking their systems.The problems all have a severity rating of 9.8 out of 10 on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System ( CVSS ).

Gartner Keynote: Leverage Automation for Modern Security


When Amy, the CISO of a healthcare provider, looked at cloud security across the enterprise, she realized the default access control models were creating a variety of access issues. BeWell’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers defaulted to a secure state, allowing only the owner access. On the flip side, software as a service ( SaaS ) providers defaulted to totally open access. Identity is the foundation for all other security controls. Security

Airbus confirms software errors/configuration brought down A400M transport plane


The Register is reporting that badly configured software, installed incorrectly, is responsible for the crash of an Airbus A400M transport plane. Engine control software, installed wrong, was to blame. For the initial report on the software see: The Register.

Cyberattack on Medical Software Shows Industry Vulnerability

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SecurityHospitals are among most frequently targeted, KPMG says; Nuance’s transcription service still affected weeks later Read More.

Security products are among the most vulnerability-riddled software products

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Why do you spend the big bucks for security products? But many of the top security vendors utilize open-source or third-party components and libraries which are seemingly packed with vulnerabilities. While this is something you already know, a new report found that security products are some of the most vulnerable software. 11 of those software products overflowing with vulnerabilities were security-related products.

How Google’s Custom Security Chip Secures Servers at Boot

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Software security tools are increasingly augmented with dedicated security processors Read More. Design Google Hardware Security

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BSA warns of malware risk from unlicensed software

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While piracy rates are declining, unauthorised software poses a big security risk, says the Business Software Alliance

Contrast Security


Contrast security seeks to usher in a new era of self-protecting software. From their website: Contrast Security is the world’s leading provider of security technology that enables software applications to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Only Contrast has intelligent agents that work actively inside applications to prevent data breaches, defeat hackers and secure the entire enterprise from development, to operations, to production. Research Team.

How To Get the Best User-Friendly Software Licensing Protection 


Information Technology Blog - - How To Get the Best User-Friendly Software Licensing Protection - Information Technology Blog. A dissatisfied customer can turn several other people off from your software, or worse. Quickly Put Your Software into Customers’ Hands. Softwar

Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development?


Information Technology Blog - - Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development? Each business owner thinks about custom software development. Whichever point you are at, you are probably wondering whether customs software development is the right way to invest your money.