Researchers Say Google Fiber Has Nationwide Potential


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Researchers find gaps in IoT security

Network World

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Stony Brook University published a paper explaining a novel approach to IoT security challenges (pdf). The researchers pose the question: “What are the new intellectual challenges in the science of security when we talk about the Internet of Things, and what problems can we solve using currently known security techniques?”.

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Virginia Announces Research Commercialization Awards


The Commonwealth of Virginia announced research commercialization awards today, including many friends and readers of CTOvision, so we wanted to share this announcement. Governor McAuliffe Announces Research Commercialization Awards. Investments target research and commercialization activities to spur innovation ~ . RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today 38 Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) awards totaling more than $2.8

Accelerating Cancer Research Using a Big Data Approach


New to the CTOvision research library , Cray's Solution Brief "Accelerating Cancer Research Using a Big Data Approach." In this brief, Cray address the challenge for cancer researchers and offers a solution. A hypothesis from cancer researchers is that big data could be used to identify new drug treatments from data already available through the analysis of gene-drug relationships. Big Data CTO Health IT Cancer Research Cray Download Research Library

Forrester’s Security & Risk Research Spotlight - Governance, Risk And Compliance

Forrester IT

Below, I've highlighted some of our most recent and exciting GRC research: Read more Categories: Brand Risk. Crises don't discriminate. Whether they are economic, geopolitical, technological or environmental, you can expect to have to deal with a major one soon. And how well you minimize the impact of that crisis is the difference between achieving your business objectives, and completely missing them, disappointing your customers, employees, partners, and shareholders in the process.

Why CX Matters - New Research

IT Toolbox

I recently wrote a series here about collaboration and digital transformation, and it’s really just one of many intersections businesses must manage as the world around them becomes digitized. By now, it should be clear that there’s no going back to analog, and most of the disruption confronting decision makers has to do with transitioning from legacy to what’s in front of

A New Era of Data Integration with Tamr and 451 Research


In this video, 451 Research analyst Jason Stamper will look at some of the latest challenges in data preparation and integration, and some of the questions users should ask when trying and tackle them. Michael Johnson.

PowerShell security threats greater than ever, researchers warn

Computer Weekly

Administrators should upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft PowerShell and enable extended logging and monitoring capabilities in the light of a surge in related security threats, warn researchers

Comprehending Machine Intelligence: Research and Graphic by Shivon Zilis


Bob Gourley. Shivon Zilis is an investor at Bloomberg Beta , a very interesting early stage venture capital fund. I knew I would like Bloomberg Beta when I saw how they do their website. It is smart and reflects very well on their leadership team: They decided to leverage GitHub for their site.

7 really cool network and IT research projects

Network World

Researchers at top universities, backed by funding from federal and other outfits, are pumping out loads of research on network security, wireless networking and more.

Changing Government Requirement For Market Research to Continuous Market Assessment


This is FAR Part 10 on Market Research. We need we don't need periodic market research. We plan on doing our part to help with Continuous Market Research. Bob Gourley. During interview today with I'll be discussing an observation many of us in the enterprise technology community have been discussing lately. There is a growing consensus in the enterprise tech community (CIO, CTO, CISO) regarding the Cambrian Explosion of great capabilities in the tech sector.

Three-quarters of enterprises collecting IoT data, says 451 Research

Computer Weekly

A study of IoT buying plans by analysts at 451 Research shows robust growth ahead during 2017

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Researcher uncovers UK government threat to privacy

Computer Weekly

Despite concerns about the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, a legal researcher has highlighted that existing legislation is a much bigger threat to privacy than most UK citizens realise

Special for GigaOm Research Members Only: 90 Day Free Access Trial To CTOvision Pro


We also feel for the many companies that leveraged GigaOm research to help fuel their strategic plans and operational decisions. As you evaluate your options we encourage you to consider CTOvision Pro , our subscription only research and analysis service. This service is available at one third the rate of GigaOm research. Special for GigaOm Research Members only: Sign Up For A free 90 Day Trial Today. Analysis Big Data CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Pro GigaOM Researc

New Research Reveals Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact

Network World

As an example, ESG research conducted in early 2016 indicated that 46% of organizations indicate that they have a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills today (note: I am an ESG employee). So, ESG and other researchers have indicated that there aren’t enough infosec bodies to go around but what about those that have jobs? When it comes to the cybersecurity skills shortage, I am somewhat of a “Chicken Little” as I’ve been screaming about this issue for the last 5 years or so.

IoT security threat is real, says researcher

Computer Weekly

The security threat posed by IoT devices is not hype, says security researcher James Lyne

CTOvision Pro: A Subscription Based Research and Analysis Service


CTOvision Pro is our subscription based research and analysis service. CTOvision Pro provides subscribers with more in-depth research, analysis and reporting on topics that matter to enterprise IT.

The 10th Cyber & Information Security Research (CISR) Conference at Oak Ridge Tn, 7-9 April 2015


The 10th Cyber & Information Security Research (CISR) Conference, 7-9 April 2015, will be held at the Conference Center, 2nd Floor, Building 5200, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The conference brings together cyber security researchers, program managers, decision makers, security vendors, and practitioners to discuss many challenging tasks and novel solutions pertaining to cyber security. By Charles Hall.

Lancaster University begins datacentre research to establish cloud latency causes

Computer Weekly

Researchers, in collaboration with Microsoft and others, want to stamp out data processing delays in datacentres to improve user experience and energy efficiency

IBM Watson Researchers: Carbon Nanotubes Could Power Future Computers

Data Center Knowledge

Researchers claim they found solution to silicon's limitations Read More. Shared

Carnegie Mellon researchers visualize way to fend off DDoS attacks

Network World

Now, a couple of weeks later, Carnegie Mellon's CyLab Security and Privacy Institute too is touting research that it says shows that the tools really needed to stymie such attacks are on the way.

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Huge uptick in Zepto ransomware spam, warn researchers

Computer Weekly

Security researchers have raised concerns that attackers are gearing up for a massive Locky-related ransomware campaign

Paying ransomware attackers perpetuates attacks, says researcher

Computer Weekly

Continually evolving ransomware is among the threats organisations need to factor into their cyber defences in 2017, but only once they have taken care of the basics, says Kaspersky Lab researcher

IBM Research Unveils Silicon Photonics Chip Capable of 100Gbps

Data Center Knowledge

Making a big step forward in silicon photonics, IBM Research designed and tested a fully integrated wavelength multiplexed silicon photonics chip, which fully enables the use of pulses of light instead of electrical signals over wires to move data.

IBM 37

Ventana Research: Big Data Integration Report 2014


By Bob Gourley. Learn how organizations are using big data integration or how they plan to use it as well as an assessment of more general aspects of data integration and technologies that big data requires. Content covers: The importance of data integration for big data analytics.

Cisco security researcher: Ransomware crowd big on customer service

Network World

Cisco Senior Security Researcher Brad Antoniewicz often gets asked whether those who take people’s computers hostage with ransomware actually hold up their end of the bargain and decrypt files when victims pay by bitcoin. They’re in it to make money…Good customer service is important to these people,” he said, and not at all tongue in cheek, during his lunchtime address on the opening day of SecureWorld Boston this week.

McKinsey AI research finds slender user adoption outside tech

Computer Weekly

McKinsey Global Institute research finds artificial intelligence adoption to be exiguous and experimental outside the technology sector, but registers rapidly growing investment

Microsoft Invests in Flow Battery Research for Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Pilot project to test new battery technology for stability and longevity Read More. Cloud Computing Featured Green Data Centers Microsoft Power

HP sponsors cyber security research chair at Birmingham University

Computer Weekly

Five-year research collaboration agreement will support government efforts to address cyber security challenges

Poor IoT security could take down power grid, warns researcher

Computer Weekly

A security researcher who has exposed a series of vulnerabilities in IoT devices says he is concerned about systemic attacks that could take down parts of the internet or national power grids

Obama Unveils New Federal Supercomputer Research Initiative

Data Center Knowledge

Executive order establishes HPC initiative with a goal go reach exascale computing in the next decade Read More. Government HPC

Researchers use $5 speaker to hack IoT devices, smartphones, automobiles

Tech Republic Security

Cybersecurity researchers from the University of Michigan used sound waves to trick accelerometers and gain backdoor access into systems

Google Project Zero researchers find ‘crazy bad’ Windows RCE flaw

Network World

On the cusp of the weekend, Google Project Zero researcher Tavis Ormandy sent out an alarming tweet. He and fellow Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich had discovered not just an RCE in Windows, but the “worst Windows remote code exec in recent memory.” A remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability is about as bad as it gets. And if it is in Windows, then a multitude of people are at risk until it is patched.