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How to Remove Bulk Facebook Profile Content

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Here is a video guide on how to remove bulk Facebook content from your Facebook profile. Some will just say to delete the profile and create a new one. That can be rather troublesome, especially if you have a lot of Facebook contacts and/or are well known in certain areas of expertise.

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Office 2016 Outlook Cannot Log On Upon the First Launch

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While building the new Windows 10 image with Office 2016 along with exchange 2016 on the backend, I got the following error message every time I tried to open up Outlook for the first time.

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Fix for FAILURE (9705): Unable to find USMT file, cannot capture/restore user state

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Recently, I upgraded to the new MDT 6.3.8450.1000. It was a fresh install of the new MDT product in which I created an entirely new MDT share for our Windows 10 build.

MDT Not assigning the correct Drive Letter to the Windows Primary Partition with UEFI

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When I installed the new MDT 6.3.8450.1000 to build the deployment package for Windows 10 1709, I ran into issues with the operating system deployment. In the process of building out the new task sequence, I also decided to convert over to UEFI.

Inno Setup PowerShell Uninstaller

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I recently encountered an application that uses the Inno Setup installer. Part of my process when I deploy an application is to also create an uninstaller. While creating the uninstaller, I decided to make a function for uninstalling Inno Setup installed applications. The way I have written this function is that you need to use the exact name as displayed in the add/remove programs for the AppName parameter.

Oracle Java Runtime Installer

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As often as Java must be updated, I wanted to have an auto installer that would make the update a breeze. The way this installer has been written is it will first determine if the system is x86 or x64. At that point, it will uninstall the old version first and then install the x86 if the system is 32-bit, or it will install the x86 and x64 versions if the system is 64-bit. The parameters are the same for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions so you can define the parameters once.

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One-Liner that Updates the Dell Application Component Updates in the Reference Image

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While building out the Windows 10 reference image task sequence, it dawned on me that I should be making sure the latest Dell Application Component Updates are installed.

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Microsoft Ignite Guide for First Time Attendees

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I have been coming to the Microsoft Ignite convention since it's inception in 2015. The first conference held in Chicago had a lot of fallacies. It was the first time Microsoft had combined the conferences into one. Since then, Microsoft has steadily improved.

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Retrieve MSU Information

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While working on the Windows 10 upgrade project, I ran into a situation which I needed the information from an MSU file for the task sequence. Specifically, I needed the KB number.

Dell BIOS Reporting Tool

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Recently, we ran into a problem when we discovered some of the newer laptops were not automatically disabling the WiFi when connected to ethernet. What made the task even more difficult was that all of our Dell Latitude 7480 systems were already deployed.

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MDT Windows Updates Build Report

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I found it nice to be able to get a clean, filtered report on what Windows updates got installed during the build process. This allows me to inject those updates into the MDT Packages so they get injected into the image before it is laid down to speed the process up.

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Local Administrators Automated Reporting Tool

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Back in November 2016, I posted the blog entry on reporting local administrators on machines. That script is deployed to machines via an SCCM package that reports the local administrators back to SCCM to be able to be queried into a report.

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TPM Readiness Verification

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A while back, I posted a PowerShell script that verified if the TPM was ready for BitLocker to be applied in a build. Recently, the script stopped working. I decided to decipher the code I had borrowed to make the script work.

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Run PowerShell as Administrator One-Liner

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As you have probably seen recently in my latest blog entries, I am working on a bunch of PowerShell one-liners to do away with the actual scripts and be able to implement the PowerShell process as a command line task sequence.


Pending Reboot Reporting with Orchestrator

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As we are implementing the ADR in SCCM for servers, we want to know if systems are pending a reboot without having to log into every server. Thankfully, Kent Agerlund , formulated and posted this awesome solution for tracking pending reboots using a compliance rule and baseline in SCCM.

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Adding ShareThis to Blogger

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Below is a video on how to add ShareThis to Blogger. It is a very easy process. Apparantly the process has changed since other instuction pages were created. I spent a few hours trying to figure out why injecting the javascript into the HTML code was not working.

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SCCM Active Directory Old and Corrupt System Reporting Tool

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We wanted a comprehensive report of systems to be automatically generated on a monthly basis with the following information: System Name IP Address Last Logon Time Stamp Is it pingable?

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Find Maximum Possible Resolution for Each Monitor

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I have been working on a way that I can ensure the maximum resolution is set on monitors. Every so often, a monitor does not have the resolution set to maximum.

Uninstall MSI by Application Name

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Here is a function that will uninstall an MSI installed application by the name of the app. You do not need to input the entire name either. For instance, say you are uninstalling all previous versions of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is always labeled Adobe Reader X, Adobe Reader XI, and so forth.

PowerShell: Generate User Logon Report

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This script will generate a logon report of a specific user on a specific machine. This script is designed to query the event viewer logs on either a local or remote machine. It does not require WinRM for this to occur.

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Uninstall MSI by GUID

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This script function will uninstall an MSI installed application by specifying the GUID and the switches. I have included the ability for the script to query the registry for the name of the application to display for user output. The function also will exit the script if there was a failure.

Application Build Reporting for MDT and SCCM

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A few years ago, I had published a PowerShell module that contained a function to log all app installs during a build process. With the project of upgrading systems to Windows 10, I decided to explore that once again.

Bitlocker Recovery Password Utility

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Recently, we encountered an issue where we found out a few systems did not have the BitLocker recovery password backed up to active directory. We have the GPO in place that pushes that key to AD, but for some reason, a few systems had gotten by without performing the backup.

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Event 51 Drive Failure Reporting Tool

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Last year, we had a high level executive that started having slowness and extended drive usage. When the help desk evaluated his system, they found it had been writing an event 51 to the event viewer logs.

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SCCM: Local Administrators Reporting

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Here is a script that will gather a list of local administrators on a machine. The script can report the list to SCCM by writing the list to a WMI entry. It can also write the list to a text file at a specified location for admins that do not have SCCM. The text file is named.txt.

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Mozilla Firefox Installer and Uninstaller

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As we all know, Mozilla Firefox is not the easiest application to deal with when it comes to deploying it in an enterprise environment. I have finally taken the time to write a PowerShell script that will install it using the executable provided by Mozilla. This installer will kill all instances of firefox, execute the uninstaller helper file, and then delete the programdata folder. Next, it will run the Firefox installer, create the autoconfig file and the Mozilla config file. The autoconfig.js

Automated Dell Command Update

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While working on implementing the new Windows 10 build, I decided to update the Dell Command | Update process. The old script was still looking at the old DCSU and had many inefficiencies that needed to be updated. I also wanted to add new features to the script for logging purposes.

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Trusted Sites Report

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Recently, we had to add a new trusted site to the trusted sites GPO. As you may know, if the GPO contains a lot of trusted sites, it can be cumbersome to determine if a site is in there. I wrote this PowerShell script that will generate a report listing all trusted sites. This script will grab both user and local machine based trusted sites. It separates those in the report.

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Using Registry Keys to configure MSI Installations

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After posting the video on how to use registry keys to pre-configure the settings of an MSI during installation, I got a lot of interest, so I decided to create this blog to explain how it works and why it can be beneficial.

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Check if RSAT is installed with this one-liner

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You are installing RSAT in a build, and you want to check if it is installed if it is included in the windows updates. Recently, there has been the issue in Windows 10 where RSAT cannot be found in the Windows Features. It is also not found in the Win32_OptionalFeature. To work around this, I have this one-liner incorporate checking for the feature first and if that turns up nothing, it then checks for the active directory module, which exists if RSAT has been installed.

Configure TPM During Build Process

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I originally wrote this blog entry when I had first started at my current firm. At the time, I was on a tight schedule to complete a LOT of tasks. Since then, we are going to a 64-bit OS. This required me to revisit the scripts that control the TPM portion of the BIOS.

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Cisco Jabber Conversation Secure Delete Cleanup

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Here is a script that will delete Cisco Jabber conversations. If you are in an environment where you do not want these conversations to be saved and recoverable, this tool with take care of it.

SCCM Mapped Drives Report

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Recently, we wanted to start keeping track of users with mapped drives due to cryptolocker vulnerabilities. There are a few applications we have that require mapped drives, so we have certain users with them. Once again, I must say thank you to Sapien Technology for PowerShell Studio !

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