App Annie: Mobile advertising is a must during the pandemic

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Mobile advertising spending has become a must for companies and brands during the pandemic, said App Annie's Amir Ghodrati. Read More.

Apple’s ‘privacy’ changes undermine international advertising best practices

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Rather than fragment the ad opt-in process, we should be coming together to build an open, transparent, and privacy-centric future for digital ads. Read More. Business Marketing Apple category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services category-/Computers & Electronics opt-in ads

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Verizon suspends Facebook advertising as boycott grows

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Verizon is pausing advertising on Facebook in support of a campaign that called out the social network for not doing enough to stop hate speech. Read More. Marketing Media Mobile Social category-/News Facebook Verizon

Big Data’s Impact on Advertising


Big data is a megatrend, and one that has bulldozed its way into a variety of industries and causes. It’s not just a small chain of disruptions, but rather a complete evolution. Healthcare, aviation, education and job training are all excellent examples of how big data is changing the current landscape. Healthcare, in particular, will […]. Big Data CTO Cyber Security News

AppsFlyer measures in-app advertising for Facebook gaming campaigns

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AppsFlyer can measure in-app advertising campaigns, tracing the growth of revenue associated with a group of users to ads that drew them. Business Games Marketing AppsFlyer category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services category-/Internet & Telecom/Web Services Facebook Facebook Audience in-app advertisingRead More.

After boycotts, advertisers and social media giants agree on steps to curb hate speech

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Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have agreed with advertisers on first steps to curb harmful content, following months-long boycotts over hate speech.

Creative is king: UA advertising creative trends in 2020

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As AI optimizing ad platforms have leveled the playing field for advertisers big and small, creative is the key differentiator driving UA. Business Games Marketing PC Gaming Social app advertising category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services Consumer Acquisition creative testing gaming user acquisition return on ad spend ROAD user acquisition

National Advertising Review Board tells AT&T to stop 5G Evolution ads

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AT&T's controversial 5GE branding may go away entirely after the carrier was slapped by an advertising regulator for misleading marketing of 4G service. Marketing Mobile 5G 5GE advertising AT&T BBB category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless category-/Internet & Telecom/Service Providers category-/News marketing misleading NAD NARB

Game industry TV advertising keeps sliding down

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The video game industry saw a 22.26% decline in total ad impressions from mid-May to mid-June vs. mid-April to mid-May; PlayStation overtook Nintendo. Read More. Business Esports Games Marketing Media PC Gaming category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media category-/Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video category-/Games/Computer & Video Games game marketing Microsoft Nintendo PlayStation Sony Switch TV ads Xbox One

Chinese Advertisers Might Have Monetized Your Period

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In a cruel but totally predictable twist, an app that all but guaranteed pregnancy within nine months or-your-money-back was too good to be true. Read more. privacy premom

How AR Is Revolutionizing Advertisements


Information Technology Blog - - How AR Is Revolutionizing Advertisements - Information Technology Blog. These are just but a few examples of how AR is transforming the way brands market their products and how consumers interact with ads in a more immersive and enjoyable way without having to put up with the tense atmosphere that characterizes the traditional approaches to advertisement. More specifically, here are ways in which this technology is revolutionizing advertisement.

How to advertise on Reddit


Consequently, there has been a rise in online advertising as a marketing solution for businesses. This article will show you how to advertise on Reddit and get those sales up. Advertising on Reddit. With advertising and on Reddit, your target is and will always be the Front Page on any subreddit of choice. For example, if your advertisement is about downloading a soccer game app, you will probably be wanting it to appear on the front of the r/soccer subreddit page.

The Creative Agencies Behind Super Bowl LIV Advertising

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If you missed my take on how Super Bowl LIV highlights the new normal agencies and advertisers face, you can read it here. advertising advertising agencies chief marketing officer (CMO) digital agencies media agencies

Civil rights groups urge companies to suspend Facebook advertising

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civil rights groups called on companies to pause advertising on Facebook, saying the social network is not doing enough to stop hate speech. Read More.

Advertising regulators to crack down on broadband speed claims

Computer Weekly

Regulators are inviting consumer input on a number of proposals on how broadband is advertised

How CRM Data Can Help Your Social Advertising Campaigns

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on social media platforms is a great way to get customers started in the sales funnel. The statistics are there to prove the effectiveness of PPC advertising, as well. Because social media are so rich in demographic information, you can really target the audience you’re going after. Research shows that

Ready Or Not, Here Comes The Future Of Advertising

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We’ve spent months exploring what the future of advertising will look like, and we’re excited to share the findings of our research with you: The Future Of Advertising Is Imminent Upheaval – And You’re Not Ready For It. advertising B2C marketing

Facebook 'prepares' app developers for iOS 14 advertising catastrophe


In June, Apple showcased iOS 14 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. One of the new security features coming to the mobile operating system is better personal information transparency.

How to P**s Off Advertisers With Your iOS 14 Settings

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Once the new OS update hits this fall, users can choose to hide their device’s “Identifier for Advertisers” (IDFA) number from apps. And if you do, advertisers… Read more. Of all the big tech companies, Apple has arguably the best privacy policies.

Facebook used Delta to woo advertisers, but now the airline is boycotting the company, too

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The list of companies pulling advertising from Facebook in response to the platform's inaction toward hate speech and misinformation continues to grow. The second largest airline in the world is pausing its advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The airliner’s ad pause is particularly notable, as Facebook was just promoting its advertising relationship with Delta a week ago. More about Facebook , Advertising , Delta , Hate Speech , and Nestle. Verizon.

Stirista raises $13 million to grow its advertising databases

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Stirista, a data-driven marketing startup, raised $13 million in venture capital to grow its business after acquiring a mobile ad data firm. Read More. AI Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Marketing Mobile ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services funding daily machine learning Stirista

Massive falls in marketing and advertising – how and when will the market come back?

Trends in the Living Networks

The evidence is now in on what was already clear: the advertising and marketing industries are getting slammed by the coronavirus pandemic. However there are ways that the industry, particularly from an advertiser perspective, could reinvent itself. Last week the IAB released a survey of corporate advertisers showing some dire figures: Source : IAB. Advertisers and the advertising industry certainly need to hope for a revival in traditional media and marketing spending.

The Benefits of Using CRM Data for Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

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Programmatic advertising automates a significant portion of the ad buying process, which frees up your staff's time for other high-skill tasks. You define your target audience for a campaign through a demand side platform (DSP), which connects you to ad inventory from relevant publishers. Machine learning and other artificial intelligence technology allow programmatic campaigns to find consumers

Not using PPC advertising will put you behind your competitors


Information Technology Blog - - Not using PPC advertising will put you behind your competitors - Information Technology Blog. To avoid the uncertainty, marketers prefer to adopt PPC or paid search advertising that ensures generation of qualified leads that have a high potential for conversion.

What is the future of data-driven advertising?


The digital advertising market has doubled in size over the past five years, with the total ad spend in Europe approaching €50 billion, according to the IAB. The post What is the future of data-driven advertising? Contributors Featured Marketing & Sales advertising advertising revenue data-driven marketing smartpipe targeted advertising

Facebook gives sensitive user information to advertisers, White House emails not protected, Discounted cyber insurance, Intel’s unethical conduct


Facebook lets advertisers target users based on sensitive interests CTOvision has been tracking the Facebook data issues for quite a while and will continued to keep you in the loop (see The Ethics Of […]. These are some of the cybersecurity stories CTOvision is tracking. For others see our portal into all things cybersecurity and cyberwar.

For only $30, this online training will teach you all about digital advertising

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TL;DR: Learn how to navigate the online market with The Digital Advertising and Marketing 101 Certification Bundle for $30, a 97% savings as of June 9. If you're working at or running a business without a digital marketing plan or advertising budget, it's time to change that. More about Marketing , Digital Advertising , Online Learning , Mashable Shopping , and Culture. Marketing Digital Advertising Online Learning Mashable Shopping Culture

Advertising Standards tightens rules around broadband speed claims

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ISPs will have to abide by a tighter set of rules that restrict the claims they are allowed to make about their broadband service speeds from May 2018

Social Will Be The Fastest-Growing Digital Advertising Channel Globally

Forrester's Customer Insights

While 2018 was a challenging year for global social media advertising amid the implementation of GDPR, privacy scandals, and brand safety concerns, Forrester forecasts that social will remain the fastest-growing digital advertising channel globally over the next five years. advertising Asia Pacific B2C marketing digital marketing social marketing social media b2c marketing

Apple wants to stop advertisers from following you around the web. Facebook has other ideas.


Apple is trying to single-handedly change the way internet advertising works. At stake is your online privacy — and the advertising system that underwrites an endless supply of free content.

Starbucks is the latest big company to halt advertising on social media

The Verge

Starbucks will join the growing list of corporate entities pausing advertising on social media platforms, the company said in a blog post Sunday. We will pause advertising on all social media platforms while we continue discussions internally, with our media partners and with civil rights organizations in the effort to stop the spread of hate speech,” the blog post, titled “Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Online Communities” states. Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images.

Social Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter?


Information Technology Blog - - Social Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter? Benefits Of Twitter As An Advertising Tool. The cost of advertising on Twitter depends on how people take action on your ads. Another example is that if you run the promoted accounts advertisement, you will only pay for the number of people who actually hit the “follow” button from the promotion. The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter.

Instagram Hits It Big: One Million Companies Now Advertising On Instagram

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Instagram, a Facebook owned photo sharing site, has reached 1 million companies using its social media platform to advertise their products to Instagrammers

Twitter says advertisers stopped spending money in reaction to protests

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Twitter’s advertising revenue was hit hard by the pandemic, and the company says that the “US civil unrest” in May and June also made matters worse. Advertising revenue declined 15 percent year-over-year in the final three weeks of June, Twitter said, as brands slowed or paused spending entirely. At the same time, several huge advertisers including Starbucks, Unilever, and Coca-Cola paused advertising across most social media platforms in June.

New Research: What Blockchain Means For Advertisers

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Today’s big brands have come to grips with a new advertising reality: Finding and successfully engaging with their best prospects and customers is more complicated than ever. Marketers’ advertising supply chains have also gotten unmanageably complex, with lack of clarity as to who’s participating […].

Q1 Earnings: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Advertising Decelerates While Usage Accelerates

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As far as the advertising triopoly and the social networks are concerned, however, advertising in Q1 surpassed bleak expectations and usage is booming — but not all is how it appears to be. Advertisers: The Pandemic’s True […]. advertising Age of the Customer b2c marketing digital advertising earnings social media social networksThe global economy is in recession: US Q1 GDP declined 4.8%, and the eurozone’s contraction set a record.

Publishers Shift Focus From Advertiser To Customer

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Within the media industry, publishers usually have two main types of customers: Advertisers that want to buy ad space to reach a publisher’s audience Consumers who read/watch/view the publisher’s content Publishers Have […].

EA disables in-game advertisements in UFC 4 following fan backlash


EA seems to have figured out that putting full-on commercials in the middle of a $60 video game doesn't sit well with gamers. While licensing agreements with major sports brands like FIFA, Madden, and NBA have forced gamers to accept whatever comes their way, it looks like even EA realized

Take Your Advertising From Zero To Hero

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Today’s marketers are distracted by new technology and more data promising more efficient and personalized advertising. So they forget that adtech — in a vacuum — is no match for how people today consume media, interact with advertising, or think about their experiences with brands. advertising age of the customer B2C marketing b2c marketing

Video Drives Online Display Advertising Spending But With Some Limitations

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advertising Asia Pacific B2C marketing digital marketingOnline video offers marketers and media firms an immersive and interactive form of communication with targeted user groups. Google is constantly refining its content acquisition and delivery tools to grow its YouTube revenue. Three Chinese digital giants — Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (BAT) — are investing aggressively on their online video platforms, namely Baidu’s iQiyi, […].

Report: Quibi advertisers look to defer payments following disappointing launch


If you’re unfamiliar with Quibi, it’s a $4.99 per month subscription-based streaming platform packed with scripted and unscripted content that runs from around seven to ten minutes.

Los Angeles settles Weather Channel lawsuit, lets it keep selling location data to advertisers

The Verge

If you’ve also enabled personalized advertising, we may use and share your device’s location data with trusted partners to deliver ads that are relevant to you based on places you may have visited (for example, coffee shops).

Apple, Amazon, and Google hike their developer, seller, and advertising fees in response to new digital taxes in Europe


Earlier this year, several countries in Europe -- including the UK, France, Austria, Italy, Poland, and Turkey -- revealed a new digital services tax that would be imposed on tech giants and advertisers later this year.