Interruptions To The Advertising Market

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The advertising headwinds have been gathering. Advertising fueled the remarkable rise of […]. advertising brand experience chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience virtual agentsThe $7.4B lost to bad ads. The chronic underperformance. Major firms pulling millions from media budgets. Consumers actively avoiding ads. And yet the interruptions continue.

Back To the Future: The Benefits Of TV Advertising

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advertising B2C marketing brand building branding marketing & strategy media media buyingMarketers are having a Back to the Future moment: AdWeek, MarketWatch, MarketingProfs, and others have sung the praises of television. And in January, the CMO of Coca-Cola presented analytic proof that TV delivers stronger ROI than digital. With cable-cutters, cord-nevers, and Millennials’ preference for over-the-top (OTT) TV viewing, it’s easy to predict the demise of […].

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How CRM Data Can Help Your Social Advertising Campaigns

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on social media platforms is a great way to get customers started in the sales funnel. The statistics are there to prove the effectiveness of PPC advertising, as well. Because social media are so rich in demographic information, you can really target the audience you’re going after. Research shows that

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The Benefits of Using CRM Data for Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

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Programmatic advertising automates a significant portion of the ad buying process, which frees up your staff's time for other high-skill tasks. You define your target audience for a campaign through a demand side platform (DSP), which connects you to ad inventory from relevant publishers. Machine learning and other artificial intelligence technology allow programmatic campaigns to find consumers

Amazon Product Content: A New Space Race?

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advertising B2C marketing digital marketing online retail search marketingThe Whole Foods acquisition by Amazon weeks ago was only the latest milepost in the latter’s inexorable march to the top of retail. The company sold $136 billion worth of products in 2016 – more than any other online retailer (and just over a third of what Wal-Mart did). And we find that Amazon is big and gaining […].

Advertising regulators to crack down on broadband speed claims

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Regulators are inviting consumer input on a number of proposals on how broadband is advertised

Google Announces Links within Mobile Apps


For websites with lots of Internet traffic, turning visits into profits with successful advertising is immensely important. For a while now, online advertising has meant more than just sending thousands of messages to unknown addresses – advertisements now target specific individuals with specific products, complete with colors, animations, and helpful links. And Google wants to provide businesses with the advertising models to replace them. By ShannonPerry.

Madtech Convergence Is Ongoing – With Or Without You

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advertising B2B marketing B2C marketing digital marketing marketing automation marketing technology online marketing technologyFor marketers, the struggle is real: you want to provide your customers and prospects cohesive cross-channel experiences that demonstrate you actually know them (without freaking them out) — all while reducing the number of vendors in your tech stack.

Google Keeps Chuggin’ Along

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Two significant things happened yesterday: Google released its Q2 earnings and yours truly was on Bloomberg to talk about it. Obviously, one of those events is much more important than the other.

Mobile advertiser tracked users' locations, without their consent, FTC alleges

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One major mobile advertiser allegedly did just that. InMobi is headquartered in India and partners with thousands of apps to offer advertising. The privacy settings on your phone don’t mean much if tech companies choose to ignore them. The company InMobi was secretly tracking user locations, regardless of consent, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission alleged on Wednesday. The motive: to serve location-based ads over mobile apps.

UK government starts recruiting digital experts for Brexit

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Department for International Trade advertises job for digital designer to support future trade arrangements

Yahoo confirms nearly $5bn sale deal with Verizon

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Verizon Communications to boost its advertising business by acquiring Yahoo's client database in a $4.83bn deal

Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads

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Google is stopping one of the most controversial advertising formats. Read More. Cloud Companies Google

Alibaba Sees 48-Percent Growth in First Forecast Since IPO

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Chairman Ma says enterprise cloud services and advertising have become more important metrics for company's growth than e-commerce sales Read More.

Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS - All Things.

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Customers from various verticals (media, social gaming, mobile, news, advertisement) such as Netflix, Shazam and Scopely have used SQS in variety of use-cases requiring loose coupling and high performance. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems. Improving the Cloud - More Efficient Queuing with SQS. By Werner Vogels on 08 November 2012 03:00 PM. Permalink. Comments ().

Putting programmatic ad management in perspective


From the current hype it would be easy to conclude that programmatic advertising management is the panacea for maximising impact in this fast-paced, multifaceted digital age. Popular thinking suggests that digital advertising opportunities come and go at such speed that only technology can keep ahead - streamlining the decision-making, maximising exposure and making budgets go further. Advertising will always remain a combination of art and science. Henry Rowe.

Google Results Show Signs of Cloud Progress Under Greene

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Google has spent years telling Wall Street its investments in non-advertising businesses will eventually pay off. Thursday’s results suggest that’s beginning to happen. Read More. Cloud Computing Companies Enterprise Google

ASA calls for clarity on broadband speed claims

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The Advertising Standards Agency turns its attention to how broadband providers advertise the speed of their packages, amid fears that consumers may be misled

Mobile Gamers: Fun-Seeking but Fickle


Free mobile games sound like an advertiser’s dream. Want to advertise athletic apparel? Smartphone owners like them because the applications download quickly, cost nothing, and are fun to play; marketers like them because they provide a huge, new space for promoting companies and services. Look to sports games. Want to sell cars? Look to games favored by young adults. But Swrve, a marketing firm specializing in mobile business, has reason to think otherw. To read more please log in.

Protecting Against the Increasing Malvertising Threat


This article increases awareness for organizations and individuals seeking to enhance their digital security posture against malvertising (“malicious advertising”). Crystal Lister.

How the CIO Can Lead Digital Transformation

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In the ''90s businesses were told to invest in their web sites and digital advertising. Is Digital Transformation an important business priority, or is the latest buzz word and attempt to get businesses to invest more in their technology programs? In the early part of the century they were told that web 2.0, user generated content, and social networking was going to create a new paradigm and.

Facebook exploited emotions of young users to sell ads, leaked document says

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A leaked Facebook document describes how the company used algorithms to identify when users as young as 14 are feeling vulnerable, and target advertising to them

Fraud detection firm outs $1b Russian ad-fraud gang and its robo-browsing Methbot

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A $1 billion Russia-based criminal gang has been bilking online advertisers by impersonating high-profile Web sites like ESPN, Vogue, CBS Sports, Fox News and the Huffington Post and selling phony ad slots, but that’s about to end. The group has been ramping up its activities since October so that it now reaps roughly $3 million to $5 million per day from unsuspecting advertisers and gives them nothing in return, says White Ops, which discovered the first hints of the scam in September.

Four Ways Big Data is Impacting E-Commerce


Focused marketing and personalized advertising. This information can allow for more personalized and target-specific marketing efforts and advertising campaigns able to produce superior results. The ability to implement a more successful marketing campaign can be a make or break issue for many ecommerce retailers and merchants, and information that may allow for the creation of personalized advertising can often be a critical asset.

Business Chatbots Taking Over

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Finally, the majority of their users are young, an extremely important demographic for brands, advertisers and publishers. Chat apps characteristics make them very appealing to businesses and marketers. Prominent ones include their size, user retention, usage rates, and user demographics.

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Understanding the difference between Low Code, Citizen Development, and Sales Bull

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They were an early form of an ad network essentially selling banner ads to US national advertisers. I started with low code development environments over a decade ago. We were a ~10 year "startup" with multiple businesses and limited technology resources to support them all sufficiently. One of our emerging business required some automation to enable an internal and customer facing workflow. cio citizen development digital transformation enterprise 2.0

Virtual assistants hear everything, so watch what you say. I’m not kidding

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It produced an ad designed to trigger Google Home to advertise the Whopper. The law of unintended consequences is once again rearing it’s ugly head: Google, Apple, Amazon and others now make virtual assitants that respond to commands, and recordings can trigger them. Burger King found out how, via a radio commercial, it could get Google’s attention. The ad featured a Burger King employee saying, “OK, Google. What is the Whopper burger?”

Bose accused of spying on users, illegal wiretapping via Bose Connect app

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Segment, the company behind the data miner, advertises , “Collect all of your customer data and send it anywhere.” Those high-dollar Bose headphones? A lawsuit filed in Chicago contends Bose has been spying on users via the Bose Connect app, which enables users to remotely control their Bose headphones, and violating their privacy rights by selling the information about what they listen to without permission. Furthermore, Kyle Zak accused Bose of illegal wiretapping.

Can tech make ads less annoying? 7 experiments from Adobe Labs

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Even in the digital age, advertising and marketing are blunt instruments. Adobe is one of the companies trying change the game. At Adobe Summit, it offered a sneak peek of some cutting edge projects

Mobile and video pay off for Google’s parent company Alphabet

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Alphabet ascribes strong second quarter financial results to long-term investments in mobile and video as demand for advertising through these channels increases

Transforming E-commerce Marketing with Sidecar

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I’m excited to announce Ascent’s newest portfolio company, Sidecar , the leader in programmatic, product-level advertising. Read more: Sidecar Raises $8 Million to Support Its Rapid Growth and Meet Demand for Its E-commerce Product Advertising Technology. We at Ascent have been active investors in the ad tech space with companies like Bizo ( acquired by LinkedIn for $175M ) and StartApp ( Deloitte’s #1 fastest growing tech company in the US ).

US Congress votes on FCC rules: Why your web history could be at risk

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A House vote on federal rules regarding broadband privacy could put your web browsing history at stake, allowing ISPs to sell your information to advertisers

The Next Generation of Enterprise Technology


Interactive Advertising. Already being developed by many companies, interactive advertising would allow benches, buses, and even everyday billboards to be digitized, responding to individuals nearby and offering advertisements catering to their particular tastes. Big data already allows businesses to analyze consumer trends and customize advertisement approaches on their TVs, mobile phones, and web browsers.