Alphabet’s Green Energy Ambitions Hit Turbulence

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Makani kite project struggles to take flight as cost of other energy sources falls Read More. Energy Google

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Energy Pipeline Operations Affected By Cyberattack


All the facts are not in regarding the attack announced by the US natural gas pipeline operator Energy Transfer Partners (operator of over 71,000 miles of pipeline). But we do know that operations were affected by the attack and that the attack was against its back office systems in charge of orders, shipping, billing. Operations […]. CTO Cyber War News

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Microsoft Wants Clean Energy for South African Data Centers

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Business Energy MicrosoftSometimes it's hard to know whether the power a utility provides really comes from renewables. Read More.

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Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

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Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

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Apple’s Leased Data Center Energy Use Quadrupled Since 2012

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Colocation energy use now accounts for nearly one-quarter of Apple’s total data center energy consumption Read More. Apple Cloud Computing Colocation Featured

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How secure are smart energy grids?

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The improved efficiency of smart grids need to be weighed against the cost of security - presenting a unique opportunity for the tech sector and a new market for security companies

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Budget 2017: TechUK demands datacentre energy reform to stop post-Brexit market slump

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TechUK airs fears over long-term growth and prosperity of UK datacentre market post-Brexit, without urgent government help on rising energy costs

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Finnish energy company Helen outsources its basic IT services

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The energy company is the latest Nordic organisation to outsource IT services to enable it to focus on the business

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Apple Creates Energy Company to Sell Renewable Energy it Generates

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Seeks permission for new subsidiary to sell energy on wholesale market Read More. Apple Green Data Centers Power

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Sabey Data Centers Achieves Highest Level of Energy Savings

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Sabey might be a lot smaller than eBay and Digital Realty Trust, but the Seattle-based company beat out both as the data center operator that achieved the highest level of energy savings last year as noted in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2017 Better Buildings Progress Report. Colocation Energy Power and Cooling Sabey DOE

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Innovation Steams Ahead in the Energy Industry

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Fortunately, new digital technology and methods, such as machine learning and analytics, have improved greatly in recent years, enabling energy companies to maximize production. Where demand is increasing, good seismic information can lead to more affordable energy. Using the insights we’ve gleaned from conversations with clients and perspectives from industry executives, we have prepared a guide that describes the current state of the energy industry.

[Guide] 2018 State of the Energy Industry

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There’s probably no better way to introduce our new energy industry guide than by sharing the very first question David M. Using the insights we’ve gleaned from conversations with clients and perspectives from industry executives, we have prepared a guide that describes the current state of the energy industry. Rubenstein, president of The Economic Club of Washington D.C., asked John S.

Telefónica increases use of renewable energy to fight climate change

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Telecoms operator behind UK’s O2 mobile network doubles down on existing commitments to renewable energy sources in the fight against climate change

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Facebook to Build Data Center in Clean Energy-Friendly Nebraska

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New renewable energy tariff makes renewable energy sourcing easier in the state Read More. Facebook Green Data Centers

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EDF Energy upgrades network with Vodafone

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EDF Energy signs a 10-year, multi-million pound contract with Vodafone to update its communications and IT infrastructure to support training and compliance

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Google to hit 100% renewable energy target for datacentres in 2017

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Google claims to be on course to hit its 100% renewable energy pledge in 2017 by ramping up its acquisition of green power sources

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Google Will Be Powered Completely by Clean Energy Next Year

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Google, the world’s biggest corporate buyer of clean energy, expects to reach a major milestone next year: running the company entirely with wind and solar power. Read More. Google Green Data Centers Power

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Biggest US Companies Setting More Renewable-Energy Targets

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Many are finding that renewable energy isn’t just cleaner, it’s also often cheaper. Read More. Green Data Centers

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Enhancing Energy and Utilities with IoT: 6 Real-World Examples

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Companies within competitive industries – including utilities and energy – are investing in IoT to transform their operations and overall customer experience. IoT Accelerates the Digital Transformation in Utilities and Energy. Utility providers use smart meters to track customers’ energy usage and communicate that data to the company’s central system, allowing companies to predict demand, spot outages, and conduct preventative maintenance 5.

These Data Center Providers Use Most Renewable Energy

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Digital Realty and Equinix lead the pack of data center providers but still use much less renewable energy than some hardware and cloud giants. Read More. Colocation Digital Realty Equinix Green Data Centers Power Rackspace Hosting

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British Gas calls on datacentre operators to help solve UK's looming energy supply crisis

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British Gas makes the case for datacentre operators to do their bit to close the UK energy supply and demand gap by hooking up their backup power supplies to the National Grid

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Energy Department Awards $258 Million to Develop Exascale Supercomputers

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $258 million to six U.S. tech companies to build the country’s first exascale supercomputer – a move designed to help the United States regain its supercomputing dominance, but also to improve the nation’s economic competitiveness. An exascale. AMD Hewlett Packard Enterprise IBM Supercomputers DOE

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Datacentre sector's energy consumption habits "overlooked" by campaigners

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CTO of automation management firm ponders why the energy consumption habits of datacentres are not given the same level of scrutiny as other industries

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Backup datacentre power: Using diesel generators to plug the UK's energy supply gaps

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Energy market stakeholders are calling on the datacentre community to help them close the UK's energy demand and supply gap by hooking up their diesel generators to the National Grid, but will it work

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Renewable Energy and the Colocation Provider

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With high profile 100 percent renewable energy commitments on the part of Apple, Google, Microsoft, what is the colocation provider''s role when it comes to renewable energy? Read More. colocation Europe Featured Green Data Centers Interxion

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Converting the Sun’s Energy to Hydrogen


One team of international scientists has come up with a solution: a device that collects energy from sunlight and converts it to hydrogen. Solar power has one major downfall and that is what to do when the sun is not shining.

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Switch Data Center in Michigan to Run on Renewable Energy

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Service provider and utility in talks about new renewable energy generation project in state Read More. Chicago Colocation Power Site Selection Switch SuperNAPs

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Apple, Amazon Unveil Major Renewable Energy Deals to Power Cloud Data Centers

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The current surge of data center construction projects by internet and cloud giants is accompanied by a surge in investment in renewable energy generation capacity. Read More. Amazon Apple Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Featured Power

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The Next Energy Challenge of Computing

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With data center construction growing at 21 percent a year and more countries implementing carbon policies, taking a business as usual approach to energy will only create headaches down the road. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Bank of America Endorses Data Center Clean Energy Buying Principles

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Joins group of corporate data center users demanding colo services powered by renewable energy Read More. Colocation Enterprise Green Data Centers

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Energy Is Embracing Zero Trust, All Industries Should Too

Forrester IT

I recently heard a segment on WBUR (a public radio station in Boston) on the emergence of microgrids and I was amazed at how much the concept of microgrids closely aligned with the concept of microperimeters within our Zero Trust model of information security.

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Canada Firm Uses Salt, Tesla and Flywheels in Clean Energy Race

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Battery tech is advancing quickly, thanks to Tesla, while other energy storage methods are being refined. Read More. Green Data Centers Power

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Eaton Updates Energy Management Software

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Eaton updates its Power Xpert Insight power and energy monitoring software, and introduces Energy Saver System (ESS) Plus technology, featuring a new Harmonic Reduction System. Eaton ESS

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