Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

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Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

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Apple’s Leased Data Center Energy Use Quadrupled Since 2012

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Colocation energy use now accounts for nearly one-quarter of Apple’s total data center energy consumption Read More. Apple Cloud Computing Colocation Featured

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Apple Creates Energy Company to Sell Renewable Energy it Generates

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Seeks permission for new subsidiary to sell energy on wholesale market Read More. Apple Green Data Centers Power

Facebook to Build Data Center in Clean Energy-Friendly Nebraska

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New renewable energy tariff makes renewable energy sourcing easier in the state Read More. Facebook Green Data Centers

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The Next Energy Challenge of Computing

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With data center construction growing at 21 percent a year and more countries implementing carbon policies, taking a business as usual approach to energy will only create headaches down the road. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Google Will Be Powered Completely by Clean Energy Next Year

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Google, the world’s biggest corporate buyer of clean energy, expects to reach a major milestone next year: running the company entirely with wind and solar power. Read More. Google Green Data Centers Power

Switch Data Center in Michigan to Run on Renewable Energy

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Service provider and utility in talks about new renewable energy generation project in state Read More. Chicago Colocation Power Site Selection Switch SuperNAPs

These Data Center Providers Use Most Renewable Energy

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Digital Realty and Equinix lead the pack of data center providers but still use much less renewable energy than some hardware and cloud giants. Read More. Colocation Digital Realty Equinix Green Data Centers Power Rackspace Hosting

Bank of America Endorses Data Center Clean Energy Buying Principles

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Joins group of corporate data center users demanding colo services powered by renewable energy Read More. Colocation Enterprise Green Data Centers

Amazon Invests in Wind Energy for East Coast Data Center

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Says 208-MW North Carolina project is its biggest clean-energy investment to date Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Green Data Centers Power

Iron Mountain Joins Obama’s Data Center Energy Challenge

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Commits to 20 percent energy intensity improvement across eight data centers Read More. AFCOM Colocation Cooling Data Center World Iron Mountain Power

How Data Center Operators Can Avoid Energy Price Hikes This Winter

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Energy consumption is one of the largest operating expenses for a data center, contributing to nearly 50 percent of total data center spend.

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Apple, Amazon Unveil Major Renewable Energy Deals to Power Cloud Data Centers

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The current surge of data center construction projects by internet and cloud giants is accompanied by a surge in investment in renewable energy generation capacity. Read More. Amazon Apple Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Featured Power

The Green Grid Unveils Energy Productivity Metric for Data Centers

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The Green Grid has finally reached consensus on a metric more than five years in the making: Data Center Energy Productivity, or DCeP, is computed as useful work produced divided by total energy consumed by the data center. DCeP allows each user to define useful work as applicable to the user’s. Featured

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Senate Bill With Data Center Energy Provisions Blocked

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data center energy consumption estimate Read More. Legislation contains call to update government’s total U.S. Government Power

Biggest US Companies Setting More Renewable-Energy Targets

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Many are finding that renewable energy isn’t just cleaner, it’s also often cheaper. Read More. Green Data Centers

How Renewable Energy is Changing the Data Center Market

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More customers want data center services powered by renewables, but options are limited Read More. Colocation Featured Green Data Centers Power Regulation Site Selection

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Digital Realty SVP Schaap Named CEO of Aligned Energy

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Founder Carnemark to focus on tech, strategy, as CTO and vice chairman Read More. Aligned Data Centers Business Colocation

NRDC Acknowledges Its Data Center Energy Estimates Were Off

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Activist group's well-publicized 2014 report grossly overestimated total data center energy consumption in the US Read More. Green Data Centers Infrastructure Power

The Impacts of Cooling and Energy Efficiency on Today’s Data Center Design

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Before and after computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models can assist customers in predicting their energy savings and building an ROI model that improves the value of the containment investment. Read More. Industry Perspectives CFD

Apple Data Center Energy Use Grows but Remains 100 Percent Renewable

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Fiscal 2013 was the first year the company’s data center energy consumption surpassed energy consumption of its corporate facilities Read More. Apple Featured Green Data Centers Power

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Introducing Forrester’s New Brand Energy Framework – Emotions Fuel Your Brand’s Energy

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To most marketers, this is an age-old axiom: emotions drive brands. And emotional motivators, like pixie dust, are sprinkled by the likes of Apple, Harley, Lego, and Patagonia to create a frenzied devotion that, on a good day, can give the Star Trek fandom a run for its money. But how does one create pixie […]. B2B marketing B2C marketing brand experience branding chief marketing officer (CMO

Verizon Makes $40 Million Investment In Solar Energy

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megawatts of solar energy. The $40 million investment follows an earlier clean energy investment of $100 million. Verizon is adding another 10.2 Read More. Green Data Centers Verizon

Data Center Customers Want More Clean Energy Options

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First annual survey of data center end users by Data Center Knowledge shows the market for clean colo is growing Read More. Colocation Data Center Strategies Featured Green Data Centers Infrastructure Power Site Selection

Google: We’ve Bought 1 Gigawatt of Renewable Energy

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Google has signed a contract with its utility provider in Iowa for 407 megawatts of wind energy to support its data center operations in Council Bluffs. Read More. Google Green Data Centers

Energy Department Awards $258 Million to Develop Exascale Supercomputers

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $258 million to six U.S. tech companies to build the country’s first exascale supercomputer – a move designed to help the United States regain its supercomputing dominance, but also to improve the nation’s economic competitiveness. An exascale. AMD Hewlett Packard Enterprise IBM Supercomputers DOE

How to reduce backup costs with energy-smart storage

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With such a big boom in data and storage - learn some best practices around controlling the data, making it much more resilient, and deploying it on disks capable of good energy utilization and high-capacity. Read More. White Papers Imation

380V DC Power: Shaping the Future of Data Center Energy Efficiency

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Deploying DC power distribution in the data center instead of using the traditional AC design is one way to reduce power loss, eliminate unnecessary conversions and, ultimately, lower energy costs. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Facebook, Microsoft Join Renewable Energy Buyer’s Group

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Group to promote development of 60 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2025 Read More. Facebook Green Data Centers Microsoft Power

Why Data Center Provider Switch is Suing Nevada and NV Energy

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Company believes its current renewable energy arrangement is a raw deal Read More. Colocation Data Center Strategies Featured Green Data Centers Power Regulation Site Selection Switch SuperNAPs

Alphabet Wants To Fix Clean Energy’s Storage Problem — With Salt

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Energy GoogleThe latest idea from the X ‘moonshot factory’ is code named Malta. Read More.

Dept. of Energy Challenges Agencies to Improve Data Center Efficiency

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The Data Center Energy Challenge calls upon federal agencies to improve energy efficiency of their data centers by 20 percent by 2020, and private-sector data center operators are welcome to join. Read More. Government

Energy Conservation Strategy Supported by Value of Tape

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The continuing innovative technology advancements and compelling value proposition demonstrate that tape technology is not sitting still. Read More. Industry Perspectives