Facebook and Carnegie Mellon launch project to discover better ways to store renewable energy

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Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University will use AI to search for electrocatalysts to enable scalable renewable energy storage. Read More.

The Clean Energy Transition Is Becoming a Tidal Wave

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But it’s a different story for renewable energy industry, which is thriving. energy renewable energy gas coal oil covid 19This year, covid-19 lockdowns prompted a precipitous crash in fuel demand which tanked the the fossil fuel market.

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Google plans to power its operations with carbon-free energy by 2030

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Google aims to power its entire operations using carbon-free electricity by 2030, building on its goal of matching energy use with 100% renewable energy.

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We Can Use Less Energy and Still Have Good Lives

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energy energy efficiency housing water foodAt last night’s presidential debate , former Vice President Joe Biden refused to endorse the Green New Deal but reaffirmed some of his campaign’s climate promises. Read more.

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Shift Left Security? Development Does Not Want to Own It.

Speaker: Shlomo Bielak, CTO, Benchmark Corp

Shifting security left to the earliest part of development is currently in the spotlight in the developer world. What teams are now discovering is, this approach results in misdirected ownership for developers and a frustrated security team. In the current climate, we cannot afford to let security implementations falter. It's time to manage your team's energies to maximize DevOps efficiency, all the while maintaining top security standards. Join Shlomo Bielak, and learn how to keep your DevSecOps team focused and connected without creating silos.

California's Hills Are Haunted by the Ghosts of Wind Energy's Past

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wind energy renewable energy ghosts california jimmy carterInterstate 580 runs from the California’s North Bay through to the Central Valley. Along the way, it goes over the crest of Altamont Pass and hills that turn golden in summer and lush green with the winter rains. Read more.

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Energy Pipeline Operations Affected By Cyberattack


All the facts are not in regarding the attack announced by the US natural gas pipeline operator Energy Transfer Partners (operator of over 71,000 miles of pipeline). But we do know that operations were affected by the attack and that the attack was against its back office systems in charge of orders, shipping, billing. Operations […]. CTO Cyber War News

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Myst AI claims its AI energy prediction technology boosts utilities’ reliability

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Myst AI, a startup developing an energy forecasting system, has nabbed $6 million in funding from investors including Google's AI-focused firm. Read More.

Alphabet’s Green Energy Ambitions Hit Turbulence

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Makani kite project struggles to take flight as cost of other energy sources falls Read More. Energy Google

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Energy Efficiency in Construction Industry


Information Technology Blog - - Energy Efficiency in Construction Industry - Information Technology Blog. According to the United States Department of Energy , the construction industry both commercial and residential modernized, at the same time, energy efficiency has gained great importance. So what’s the fuzz about energy? Going back to our discussion regarding energy…. Growing Demand for Energy. Energy Consumption and Environment.

Collaboration Helps Advance Energy Industry

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Energy companies continue to collaborate with other organizations to further research. According to a company press release, “This new centre will focus on developing solutions for the automotive sector, including the development of high-efficiency lubricants and additives; cleaner use of conventional fuels; and the development of alternative fuels and new energies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

WattScale is an open source AI tool that identifies energy-wasting homes

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Researchers developed an AI tool -- WattScale -- that can identify energy-inefficient homes anywhere in a region with sufficient data. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise ai artificial intelligence energy usage greenhouse gas emissions machine learning WattScaleRead More.

Applied Materials pledges 100% renewable energy sourcing in U.S. by 2022, worldwide by 2030

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Chip equipment maker Applied Materials set a goal of hitting 100% renewable energy sourcing in the U.S. AI Business Apex Clean Energy Applied Materials category-/Business & Industrial Gary Dickerson Semicon West sustainability

Here’s How Much Energy All US Data Centers Consume

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Second study of its kind in history shows overall growth in data center energy use has flattened Read More. Blades Colocation Cooling Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Energy Efficiency Guide Enterprise Featured Government Infrastructure Power Regulation

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Government calls for input on inclusive smart energy policy

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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a consultation on the future of the smart energy sector

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5G May Be Holy Grail for Telecom, But Energy Sector Feels Much Anxiety Over New Network


energy sector feels anxiety over launch of 5G technology on Forbes : While telecom giants are boasting faster, unlimited wireless connectivity for their mobile phone users under the long-awaited fifth generation wireless network (5G), the energy industry is worried. Energy groups are warning regulators that a 5G rollout […]. Read why Dipka Bhambhani says that the U.S.

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Microsoft Wants Clean Energy for South African Data Centers

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Business Energy MicrosoftSometimes it's hard to know whether the power a utility provides really comes from renewables. Read More.

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Tinted Solar Panels Can Help Farms Generate Clean Energy While Growing Food

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Instead, they may be grown indoors beneath tinted semi-transparent solar panels that will allow farmers to grow food and produce energy. farms agriculture solar panels technology clean energyIn a future world, leafy vegetables may not be grown in rows of crops under the sun.

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Renewable Energy Isn’t to Blame for California’s Blackouts

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california energy blackout solar natural gasOn Friday and Saturday, hundreds of thousands of Californians had their power cut for a spurt in the evening. And more of this could be in store in the coming days as record breaking heat beats down on the state and wildfires burn out of control.

Microsoft makes hydrogen fuel cell breakthrough in quest to power data centers with renewable energy


Microsoft is investing in hydrogen energy technology as part of its effort to become carbon negative and eliminate its dependence on diesel fuel by 2030. Microsoft electricity Energy environment

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Converting the Sun’s Energy to Hydrogen


One team of international scientists has come up with a solution: a device that collects energy from sunlight and converts it to hydrogen. Solar power has one major downfall and that is what to do when the sun is not shining. The hydrogen can then be stored and burned as fuel or it can be fed through a fuel cell to generate electricity. Named a ‘water splitter’, the device has been tipped as the next big thing in solar technology, says Kevin Bullis. To read more please log in. Login.

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Exxon Just Got Dethroned as the Top U.S. Energy Company

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big oil exxon chevron energy just transitionOn Wednesday, Chevron became the biggest oil company in America. It’s the first time Exxon and its predecessor, Standard Oil, haven’t occupied the throne since the late 1800s. RIP to a real(ly bad) one. Read more.

Apple Creates Energy Company to Sell Renewable Energy it Generates

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Seeks permission for new subsidiary to sell energy on wholesale market Read More. Apple Green Data Centers Power

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Breakthrough In Energy We Should All Track: New green technology generates electricity ‘out of thin air’


Some scientific breakthroughs are so amazing they sound too good to be true, and this one definitely sounds amazing. But think of all the other amazing things happening around us right now, including things that were hard to believe would happen not very long ago. With that context in mind, imagine a way to generate […]. CTO News nanowires

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Sidewalk Labs launches Mesa, an AI platform designed to help commercial buildings save energy

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Sidewalk Labs hopes to help commercial buildings reduce their energy usage through a combination of automation, AI, and machine learning. Read More.

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Alphabet Wants To Fix Clean Energy’s Storage Problem — With Salt

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Energy GoogleThe latest idea from the X ‘moonshot factory’ is code named Malta. Read More.

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How technology and policy can mitigate climate effects in an age of colliding crises

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Our leaders must explore how energy resiliency and climate action can create a better "new normal." Read More.

Innovation Steams Ahead in the Energy Industry

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Fortunately, new digital technology and methods, such as machine learning and analytics, have improved greatly in recent years, enabling energy companies to maximize production. Where demand is increasing, good seismic information can lead to more affordable energy. Using the insights we’ve gleaned from conversations with clients and perspectives from industry executives, we have prepared a guide that describes the current state of the energy industry.

Aurora Solar raises $50 million to streamline solar installation with predictive algorithms

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AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur ai artificial intelligence Aurora Aurora Solar category-/Business & Industrial/Energy & Utilities/Renewable & Alternative Energy funding daily machine learning predictive algorithms

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Our Best Energy Solution Could Hurt Biodiversity If We’re Not Careful

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Right now, just 17% of the world’s energy comes from renewable sources. renewable energy rare earth metals mining biodiversityThe lion’s share still comes from planet-warming fossil fuels.

[Guide] 2018 State of the Energy Industry

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There’s probably no better way to introduce our new energy industry guide than by sharing the very first question David M. Using the insights we’ve gleaned from conversations with clients and perspectives from industry executives, we have prepared a guide that describes the current state of the energy industry. Rubenstein, president of The Economic Club of Washington D.C., asked John S.

Finnish energy company Helen outsources its basic IT services

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The energy company is the latest Nordic organisation to outsource IT services to enable it to focus on the business

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OODA and Bastille Webinar: Finding phones, wearables and gadgets through Cellular, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi device detection


You can watch this webinar on demand at: [link] The webinar features insights on how to find phones, wearables and gadgets through Cellular, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi device detection. In the webinar Dr. Bob Baxley, CTO at Bastille and Bob Gourley, co-founder of OODA LLC and former CTO at the Defense Intelligence Agency […]. CTO Cyber War Events

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Isaias Shows Our ‘Dinosaur Energy System’ Isn’t Ready for Climate Change

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power outage utilities renewable energyIt’s been two days since Hurricane Isaias swept over the East Coast, but thousands of people are still without power. In Massachusetts, National Grid estimates some may not have their utilities back on until Saturday afternoon.

Amazon launches first solar energy facility in China


Amazon announced its first solar energy facility in China on Thursday, one of five renewable energy projects the company is planning around the world. as part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge, a commitment to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030. The solar projects will power Amazon’s fulfillment operations and energy-hungry cloud business. Amazon environment renewable energy Solar sustainability(Bigstock photo).

Renewable Energy and the Colocation Provider

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With high profile 100 percent renewable energy commitments on the part of Apple, Google, Microsoft, what is the colocation provider''s role when it comes to renewable energy? Read More. colocation Europe Featured Green Data Centers Interxion

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The Plan to Turn New York’s Most Notorious Jail Into a Renewable Energy Hub Is What Justice Looks Like

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rikers island jail new york renewable energyPeople pace the bus stop at Queensboro Plaza on a Saturday before New York City’s covid-19 shelter-in-place order.

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How secure are smart energy grids?

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The improved efficiency of smart grids need to be weighed against the cost of security - presenting a unique opportunity for the tech sector and a new market for security companies

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Budget 2017: TechUK demands datacentre energy reform to stop post-Brexit market slump

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TechUK airs fears over long-term growth and prosperity of UK datacentre market post-Brexit, without urgent government help on rising energy costs

Budget 189

Sabey Data Centers Achieves Highest Level of Energy Savings

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Sabey might be a lot smaller than eBay and Digital Realty Trust, but the Seattle-based company beat out both as the data center operator that achieved the highest level of energy savings last year as noted in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2017 Better Buildings Progress Report. Colocation Energy Power and Cooling Sabey DOE

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Energy Is Embracing Zero Trust, All Industries Should Too

Forrester IT

I recently heard a segment on WBUR (a public radio station in Boston) on the emergence of microgrids and I was amazed at how much the concept of microgrids closely aligned with the concept of microperimeters within our Zero Trust model of information security.

Energy 228

Apple’s Leased Data Center Energy Use Quadrupled Since 2012

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Colocation energy use now accounts for nearly one-quarter of Apple’s total data center energy consumption Read More. Apple Cloud Computing Colocation Featured

Energy 172

EDF Energy upgrades network with Vodafone

Computer Weekly

EDF Energy signs a 10-year, multi-million pound contract with Vodafone to update its communications and IT infrastructure to support training and compliance

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