VMware Wants to Be ‘Cloud Switzerland’

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Cloud Featured VMwareTouts multi-cloud strategy, but AWS partnership appears to take precedence Read More.

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VMware: A Tech Titan And Leader In Cloud Infrastructure and Digital Transformation


Everyone has heard of VMware. VMware provides enterprises with a way to better manage [.]. Cloud Computing Companies Tech Titans vmwareBut the firm has become so very capable it is easy to misunderstand the firm. Their roots are in virtualizing operating systems on servers. But through innovation and acquisition and a focused strategic of improvement they have gone far beyond that.

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VMworld 2017: VMware updates software legacy

Computer Weekly

VMware is beginning to recognise there is life beyond the hypervisor as it announces VMware HCX, which will provide interoperability between private and public cloud

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VMworld 2016: VMware progresses its hybrid strategy

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Following its partnership with AWS, VMware is honing its hybrid strategy with a suite of tools to manage workloads accros private and public clouds

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Rackspace’s Private Cloud Built on VMware Now in GA

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Service features standardized VMware architecture, continuous updates, lifecycle management Read More. Cloud Rackspace Hosting VMware

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VMware and AWS -- Harder Than It Looks

Chuck's Blog - EMC

One of the bigger pieces of industry news last week was VMware announcing they intend to eventually offer an infrastructure service built on top of a new AWS bare metal offering. Fair warning: I left EMC and VMware because I didn't see a viable cloud strategy.

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VMware Sells Off Cloud Services Business to OVH

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Cloud Computing Deals OVH VMwareSevers the final link that kept it in the cloud provider business Read More.

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VMware Embeds Docker Container Capabilities in Hypervisor

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Says goal is to help existing VMware install base embrace containers Read More. Technology Virtualization VMware

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VMware VSAN 6.5 supports containers and physical servers via iSCSI

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VMware Virtual SAN now supports containers with persistent storage and allows physical server storage access to its shared pool of capacity via the iSCSI SAN protocol

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Coop Denmark replaces NetApp with VMware software-defined VSAN

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Scandinavian retailer Coop simplifies virtual server storage with VMware Virtual SAN software-defined storage and sidesteps bandwidth bottlenecks on NetApp Metro Cluster replication

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VMware Buys CloudVolumes, Which Divorces Application from OS

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Deal meant to expand VMware’s desktop virtualization offerings Read More. Virtualization VMware

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Tintri adds VMware and Flocker persistent container storage

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VM-native storage array maker Tintri will allow customers persistent storage for Docker containers via planned VMware vSphere 6.5 functionality or via bare metal/host OS

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Rumors Of VMware's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Forrester IT

With apologies for paraphrasing Mr. Twain, pundits have sounded VMware's death knell for years. Even so, VMware continues to succeed. In its most recent quarter results, VMware announced year-over-year revenue growth of 9% to $1.74 The obvious answer is that VMware leverages its massive installed base and, while this is true, that does not lead to growth. However, VMware is not out of the woods yet.

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VMware Applies Polish in Latest vSphere Release

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DevOps VMwareSays first update to vSphere 6.5 makes it a stable release Read More.

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VMware Sells Its Governments Cloud Business to QTS

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VMware has agreed to sell its government cloud business to QTS Realty Trust, one of the biggest data center service providers in the US. The deal comes about a month after VMware, now majority-owned by Dell, announced a major shift in cloud strategy, choosing to focus more on providing technologies. Cloud Computing Colocation Deals Featured Government QTS (Quality Technology Services) VMware Washington DC Area

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VMware and OpenStack: Better Together?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As part of the VMware/EMC/Pivotal federation, I routinely get asked for the internal perspectives on OpenStack.  But there''s some visible head-scratching when we start digging into VMware''s extensive support for OpenStack.  VMware Advances Support for OpenStack Framework.

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Report: VMware, AWS Mulling Joint Data Center Software Product

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Amazon Business Cloud VMwareNo details yet, but hybrid cloud product most likely Read More.

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New College Durham selects VMware’s VSan over hyperconverged appliances

Computer Weekly

New College Durham decides to update its expensive SAN with VMware’s Virtual San, as hyperconverged infrastructure was deemed too expensive and ill-fitting for the college

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VMware and AWS joint venture to help enterprises manage multi-cloud environments

Computer Weekly

Virtualisation giant VMware reinforces its commitment to helping enterprises manage multi-cloud deployments with AWS partnership

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Changing tracks: Examining VMware's evolving hybrid cloud strategy

Computer Weekly

The past 12 months have seen VMware apply a number of tweaks to its hybrid cloud strategy. Daniel Robinson takes a look at what these changes means for the company’s future and technology roadmap

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VMware Pitches Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Edge Computing

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Design Hyper-convergence VMwareThree-node cluster comes pre-loaded with vSAN and vSphere Read More.

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Virtustream, VMware to Vie for Hybrid Cloud After Dell Reorg

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Now that the Dell-EMC merger is complete, how do VMware and Virtustream pieces fit into the overall puzzle? Cloud Computing Deals Dell Featured VMware hybrid cloud Kurt Marko Michael Dell NSX Tom Sweet Virtustream

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VMworld 2016 vox pop: VMware users cool about VSAN

Computer Weekly

As VMware announces upgrades to its VSAN hypervisor-based storage software, event attendees seem to think it is a costly product and possibly unsuited to high-end use cases

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VMware Reassembles Its Cloud Stack with a New ‘Foundation’

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Cloud Computing Featured Virtualization VMware cloud monitoring Guido Appenzeller Pat Gelsinger Raghu Raghuram VMware Cloud Foundation VMworld 2016 vSphere

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VMware Developers, Rejoice!

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  At VMware, we call that set of concepts SDDC — the software-defined data center. A few weeks back, the Ecosystem Engineering team at VMware approached me to share what they had been working on: a vastly revised and improved portal for multiple flavors of VMware developers.

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In Moving Production Workloads to Cloud, VMware Professionals Prefer AWS, Azure

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Report finds most VMware professionals plan to have moved workloads to cloud by 2018 Read More. Cloud VMware

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Why PayPal Replaced VMware With OpenStack

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Cloud Computing eBay VMware Infrastructure VP cites customization, flexibility in choosing vendors Read More.

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You Can Now Spin Up VMware Servers in Amazon Data Centers

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Amazon Cloud DevOps VMwareBattle for enterprise data center dollars heats up as two giants launch hybrid cloud capability Read More.

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VMware Virtual Storage to Hook Up Flash with Docker

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of VMware’s vSAN component (formerly Virtual SAN), to be made available May 5, will include a Docker volume driver that will enable containerized applications and microservices to address virtual storage volumes as though they were persistent data containers. It’s a move that VMware. VMware docker hyperconvergence Michael Haag virtual storage vSANVersion 6.6

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VMware continues cloud construction with March announcements

Storage IO Blog

VMware continues cloud construction with March announcements VMware continues cloud construction with March announcements of new features and other enhancements. VMware Cloud Provides Consistent Operations and Infrastructure Via: VMware.com With its recent announcements, VMware continues cloud construction adding new features, enhancements, partnerships along with services.

Reports: VMware, AWS Join Forces in Battle for Enterprise Cloud Market

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Amazon Cloud Computing Deals Enterprise VMwareGiven their respective dominance in enterprise data center software and cloud, the deal would give Microsoft and Google much to think about. Read More.

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The AWS-VMware deal will bear fruit. eventually

David Linthicum

VMware Cloud on AWS is the new cloud partnership that everyone is talking about. VMware has been struggling with the new cloud movement, and this deal gives it a path to incorporate its traditional technology with a cool, trendy breakthrough: the Amazon Web Services platform. However, there's a bigger question: What bets should enterprises place on this collaboration? . The deal certainly has gotten a lot of hype.

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VMware Rolls Out Native CoreOS Support

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Cloud Computing VMware Endorsement makes enterprise data center more accessible for CoreOS, Docker Read More.

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