Five cyber security imperatives for all companies

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There are five things all companies should ensure they are doing in terms of cyber security

Saudi Telecom Company creates cloud computing giant

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The IT joint venture in Saudi Arabia will drive the digitisation of government services

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Benefits of E-Learning for IT Companies

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Similarly to studying at the university, this requires proper organization and personal investment to get the results

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PureStorage: The all-flash enterprise storage company


The post PureStorage: The all-flash enterprise storage company appeared first on Company Infrastructure Companies purestoragePure Storage enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center.

The Technology Skills All Companies Are Looking For, and Why


Technology has become critical to the operations of nearly all a company’s corporate functions , customer channels, and to many end products and services. This places new demands not just on a company’s traditional technologists – the IT staff – but on all employees.

Informatica: the Data Integration Company, Provides Innovation Towards a More Data-Centric World


Analytical Tool Companies Big Data Companies Company CTO Apache Hadoop Big Data Business intelligence Computing platform Data integration ETL Informatica microsoft By May Gourley. Informatica provides data integration software.

Implementing Your Company’s Cybersecurity, Military Style

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Implementing a cyber-defense system for your company sure sounds like a good thing for the person with the CIO job to do. Where do most companies fall down when it comes to preparing their cyber defenses? You can never have too much cybersecurity Image Credit: Randen Pederson.

Investing in Women Literally Pays Off for Tech Companies

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We're launching a series on women in the data center industry. Read More. AFCOM Business Data Center World Featured

How to Prepare Tech Leaders in Your Company


A survey by the United States Department of Labor unveiled that in America, an average individual born in the late 50s or early 60s had to hunt for a job virtually 18 times till they attained the age of 48. This only signals that the search of employment is obligatory. With many job applicants today, […]. CTO News

Why CIOs Have To Worry About Their Company Being Disrupted

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A disruption is when something completely changes the way that your company runs its business. A great current example of this would be if you were the CIO of a taxi cab company. What this means is that not every company is going to be bound by it.

AT&T Becomes the Latest Company Affected by Data Breach


AT&T, the national telecommunications company based in Dallas, Texas, became the next affected company in an April attack. Hopefully, the higher frequency of breaches will spur some companies to action, to take information security seriously before an attack occurs. Communications Companies CTO Cyber Security Trends AT&T California Department of Motor Vehicles Data breach Data security EBay Target Corporation By Shannon Perry.

Why a Reactive Security Strategy Costs Companies Millions Each Year


While it opens up new markets that would have simply been unavailable decades ago, it also brings threats that, if not countered, can cost those companies millions, or even billions, of dollars. While malware can lead to costs of millions of dollars for a company, it doesn’t have to.

Corporate IT: Four Risks to Avoid When Your Company is Digitizing


CEB data from over 550 business leaders show that 80% believe digitization is a long-term transformation rather than a fad, and that 78% are actively promoting it in their own companies.

IO to Split into Two Separate Companies

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Management to create colo provider and technology vendor after deciding against IPO Read More. colocation Featured IO Management Modular Data Centers

NTT Names Adams RagingWire CEO, Takes Full Ownership of Company

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New chief exec now in charge of growing Japanese giant’s data center platform in North and South America Read More. Colocation Executive Featured RagingWire Data Centers

3 cloud migration mistakes companies keep making

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The migration to the cloud is well under way. Everyone thought it would be a sprint, but it’s more like a slow jog that picks up speed each year. That’s the pace preferred by enterprises adopting any new technology, and cloud computing is no exception. Now that we’re now on our second or third cloud migration projects, I see enterprises making the same mistakes over and over again. Some issues are quickly corrected, while others are killing cloud computing projects altogether.

Companies Starting to Take Server Utilization Rate More Seriously

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PUE remains the top data center metric, but server utilization is gaining ground, according to an Uptime Institute survey. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Cybersecurity Isn’t Just An Issue For Tech Companies: 4 Things All Businesses Should Know


News of data breaches typically involve big-name companies, like Home Depot and Target, leading to the assumption that cybersecurity issues are only a concern for larger businesses. In reality, data breaches and cybersecurity should be a concern for all business owners, not just people who work for large companies or in the tech industry.

Cybersecurity companies to watch

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They split the companies into the following categories: Quantum Encryption, Predictive Intelligence, Deception Security, Autonomous Systems, IoT Security, Mobile Security, Automobile Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, and Cyber Insurance. CB Insights created a Company Mosaic, which uses data to track private company health, using signals including recency of financing, total raised, and investor quality.

QTS and Carpathia Become Single Company

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Data center REIT completes integration of managed hosting and colo heavyweight Read More. Colocation Deals QTS (Quality Technology Services) Shared

Apple: Increasingly an enterprise IT company


Bob Gourley. We all know and use Apple ( NASDAQ:AAPL ). And at a market cap of $591B they are clearly an IT player that will stick around and do big things for a long time to come. For those of us who have worked with them through the decades we have seen a slow shift that started with a clear anti-establishment, rebel, pirate-ship attitude towards enterprise business. In the old days the only folks in the enterprise who could use an Apple were doing graphics.

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The Impact of GDPR on Tech Companies

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This post looks at the impact of GDPR on tech

SINET Announces 2015 Top 16 Emerging Cybersecurity Companies


The companies, which were selected from a pool of 122 applicants from around the world, represent a range of Cybersecurity solution providers who are identifying cutting-edge technologies to address Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The selected companies will share their work with buyers, builders, investors and researchers during the SINET Showcase on Nov 3 & 4, 2015 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Danish shipping company uses blockchain in IBM partnership

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Maersk and IBM test out the application of blockchain technology to track and manage the paper trail of shipping containers around the world

Many companies lack GDPR plan, PwC data shows

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Many organisations around the world do not have a coherent plan to prepare for compliance with the EU’s new data protection laws

A Year in Review – A Look Back on our Portfolio Companies’ Successful 2016

The Investing Edge

It’s been a busy year here at Ascent and we’d like to take a moment to look back at 2016 and recognize the accomplishments achieved by our portfolio companies throughout the year. The company added 535 auction houses and 220 galleries and its 2016 auction revenue grew by 30 percent.

How CIOs Can Mine Other Company’s Data For Gold

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There is gold in other company’s data streams, CIOs just need to know how to find it Image Credit: Tony Oliver. Your responsibility is to create, store, secure, and analyze all of the company’s data in order to provide the company with a competitive advantage.

Dutch IT companies introduce unlimited staff holidays

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IT firms in The Netherlands are leading the way with strategies to give employees control of how much time they take off work

Saudi Telecom Company builds out NFV capabilities

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Operator continues roll-out of network function virtualisation-based services as networking trend sweeps Gulf region

Using Big Data to Build Brand Evangelists Within Your Company


McKinsey and Company has defined big data as the $100 billion business. With the right tools and analytics in place, it is possible to size individual performance, interaction of departments and team spirit of a company. To be able to use the employees to sell a brand, one needs to understand their work culture, whether positive or negative and if they reflect the company value in them The use of employees' survey is not a better way of evaluating their values. Brigg Patten.

Nvidia Has Become the Data Center Accelerator Company

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The company whose biggest investments were once in gaming chips now finds itself the leader of a principal technology for one of the hottest markets in data center computing. Read More. HPC Technology Uncategorized accelerators earnings Jen-Hsun Huang nvidia Nvidia Tesla K80

Companies partner with CA Technologies to encourage kids into Stem

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Mars, GSK and Deutsche Bank help CA Technologies with its Step into Stem event designed to encourage young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths

Most companies wide open to “cataclysmic” hack, especially after M&A

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Companies are leaving themselves wide open to cyber crime, especially after M&A, so companies need to start enabling cyber-security professionals before they face serious problems