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Winning the New Enterprise Sales Game: This Week’s B2B IT Forum

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We are very pleased that our second B2B Enterprise IT Forum was so well received. All software ends up in the CIO’s budget for maintenance, so you have to keep the CIO in the loop in order to build a long term relationship within the organization. Thank you for all of the positive feedback. Ambrosino). Ambrosino).

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Lufthansa’s digital future takes flight with ‘Digital Hangar’

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The Hangars are developing the next generation of reservation processes, information services, personalization, and self-service tools for the Cologne-headquartered airline, which also operates Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, and Swiss International Air Lines, among others. Experience is not only the cherry on the cake.”

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Guide to Email Marketing for Small Business


Email marketing works for all businesses, especially the small B2B ones. In fact, multiple surveys were done which shows that B2B driven audiences consider email as the 3rd most influential source of information. Few ways in which you can develop an email marketing strategy for small businesses are. Provide Email Newsletters.

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DEI tech reimagines workplace equity and attracts investors amid mounting calls for change


It also serves as a one-stop hub for various DEI programs and initiatives Remitly is running. Sidney James , the founder of Seattle-based B2B DEI platform Inyore , said he can definitely feel the tide shifting in his conversations with companies, who are now allocating more resources for DEI leaders and their needs. “All

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How NaaS deployment is shaping up

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But so far, CSPs have mainly used internally developed and/or proprietary APIs in their NaaS implementations, which limits their ability to partner. The operator was instrumental in the development of. It also needs to develop middleware between these APIs and its customers to allow some measure of self-service control.

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