8 Major Problems Healthcare CIOs are Facing


The role of CIOs is increasingly changing as the business technology undergoes a major shift, making them face a difficult task of incorporating new technology while still retaining ethical standards of the healthcare industry. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Health IT News CIOs healthcare

Big Data in Healthcare Will be the Norm by 2021


As the benefits of big data become more pronounced, this technology is finding a place in an increasing number of industries, not the least of which is the healthcare sector. In fact, some researchers anticipate that big data could become a staple in the way healthcare is administered by as soon as 2121. Big Data Health IT healthcare

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Addressing HIPAA Compliance in the Healthcare Cloud


The growth of cloud technology has certainly been felt in the healthcare space, as large amounts of medical records are now being moved to the cloud. The technology makes it more convenient and cost effective for healthcare providers to share information, but it also brings concerns regarding privacy and legal considerations, particularly where HIPAA is concerned. A possible solution to this is for organizations to rely solely on healthcare-focused data storage companies.

Social Media Checkup: Healthcare Industry Growing Stronger

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Its understandable why the healthcare industry has lagged behind in social media adoption. Healthcare organizations operate under an intense regulatory microscope. Customers are pushing healthcare organizations to communicate via social media. Guest post by Adam Roumm.

Is Virtual Reality the Next Revolution in Healthcare?


VR has been in action for longer than you’d imagine, with its hands in healthcare even decades ago. Here are a few ways virtual reality is revolutionizing healthcare. The healthcare industry is using VR as a way to teach those with PTSD techniques for coping and suppressing their triggers in a calm environment, reliving their combat experiences or other traumatic events so they can learn how to handle them better in the real world. Rick Delgado.

One in eight people have suffered a healthcare data breach

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A quarter of victims had their NI number compromised and 18% saw their biometric identifiers compromised, but most people trust healthcare providers with their data

Applying the Laws of Science to the Internet of Things and Healthcare IT


Bright examples of such networks in Healthcare IT may be Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Patient Portals. Healthcare IT appears to be one of the brightest promises IoT has to offer.

Insights into the cyber threat to the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry has long been under cyberattack. Statistically, 75% of all attacks against the healthcare sector have occurred in just the last 12 months. This presentation will dive deep into the cyber threat for healthcare providers, giving insights and actionable lessons that you can use to enhance your defense. Bob Gourley. But something has changed. Now that adversaries have found a more direct path to monetize their efforts, the number of attacks are increasing.

CIO Lessons From The Rollout Of The U.S. Healthcare Software

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As part of the Obamacare overhaul of how healthcare is provided to U.S. citizen an opportunity to register for healthcare insurance coverage. The healthcare exchanges are the cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s health insurance reform legislation enacted in March 2010. healthcare system will eventually be resolved. Technology Affordable Care Act glitches health insurance marketplaces healthcare Obamacare online healthcare exchange rollout

IBM’s Watson supercomputer brought to Finnish healthcare

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Authorities in Finland are working with IBM to improve healthcare through cognitive computing

The Uncertain Future of Obamacare and the Healthcare Industry

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In that scenario, the future of Obamacare, and the healthcare industry at large, was certain to stay the course. The healthcare cost savings from 2010-2020 should exceed $1 trillion. More importantly, as payers and providers have adjusted their businesses to the New Healthcare Economy , we have seen improvements in quality outcomes including a 25% reduction in hospital readmissions.

When Ideas Mate: Plotting the Convergence of Social, Cloud and Mobile in the Healthcare Space


” While these three fast-paced technologies (social, cloud and mobile) are themselves children of many years of progress, they are here to stay, evolve and generate much needed changes in our healthcare system. I foresee a near future where we buy our healthcare (at least Level 1 Triage) like we buy iTunes songs on our mobile devices via Apple iCare. ” For the healthcare entrepreneurs and change agents, this is a familiar zone. Imagine this in healthcare!

2017 Predictions: Big Data, Digital, and Virtual Care Key to Engage Healthcare’s Empowered Consumer

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The healthcare industry is changing rapidly as its consumers begin to demand more of the organizations from whom they receive care and insurance. Not only are healthcare consumers sharing more financial risk for the insurance and care they receive, but they are increasingly purchasing insurance outside of group contracts via exchanges or Medicare and Medicaid programs. Providers and payers continue to struggle to understand what engages the healthcare consumer.

Healthcare CIO advocates a faster move to the cloud

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That said, Podesta believes the healthcare industry still lags in certain areas, particularly in its adoption of cloud computing and its efforts to develop effective, efficient partnerships with vendors. With more than 35 years of health IT experience, UC Irvine Health CIO Chuck Podesta has witnessed the dramatic evolution of IT as well as the impact that technology has had in transforming medical operations and patient care.

Hackers are coming for your healthcare records -- here’s why

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But data from the healthcare industry, which includes both personal identities and medical histories, can live a lifetime. And a study by the Brookings Institution predicts that one in four data breaches this year will hit the healthcare industry.

To Liberate Healthcare Data, Dip into Data Lakes

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The other day I was talking to a healthcare CIO about the trend of data liberation or what I like to call Open Data. I didn’t need to remind the healthcare executive how behind the trend she was. Social Media Checkup: Healthcare Industry Growing Stronger.

Vertical Market Collaboration Scenarios - Healthcare

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So far, this series has laid a foundation for understanding how vertical applications can be a way for UC vendors to differentiate, but also for business decision-makers to achieve richer results with collaboration. Most of my analysis has focused on how fragmented

Healthcare executives steer ERP investments cloudwards

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industry, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have been slow to adopt them, according to a survey from consultancy Black Book Market Research. Describing the healthcare ERP software sector as “inert,” the survey noted growth of less than 2% in 2015 as hospitals devoted fundingWhile enterprise resource planning systems have become standard in nearly every U.S.

Merger of Two Healthcare Giants Makes IT Transformation Inevitable

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Joseph Health undergoes complete infrastructure overhaul as it integrates with Providence Health Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Data Center World Featured

Higher education and healthcare use specialist CRM in all but name

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Customer relationship management software may be targeted at businesses, but the healthcare and higher education industries have redefined it to gain better insight into their users

IDG Contributor Network: Healthcare data breaches skyrocket, but is there good news coming?

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In 2016, 328 individual healthcare breaches occurred, surpassing the previous record of 268 in 2015, according to Bitglass’ recent Healthcare Breach Report. Also on Network World: Healthcare records for sale on Dark Web +. As a direct result of the breaches, records of approximately 16.6 million Americans were exposed due to hacks, lost or stolen devices, unauthorized disclosure and more.

ERP for Excellent Healthcare

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Today's healthcare professionals rely on integrated software solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because they help them to deliver better service to their patients. In fact, hospitals wouldn't be able to run efficiently without a knowledge-based IT system such as ERP in place. Doctors and nurses do an amazing job looking after their patients, but even highly educated, talented people

NHS Digital aims to put healthcare on firm cyber security footing

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NHS Digital set to work closely with National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to boost healthcare sector cyber security capabilities

How Modern Technologies Change the Healthcare Industry

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This post looks at how modern tech has changed Healthcare

ByteGrid Expands Compliant Cloud Options for Healthcare and Life Sciences

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New wide-ranging portfolio offers compliance with US, Chinese, and European regulations Read More. ByteGrid Cloud Computing Colocation Hosting

Healthcare IT Specialists Team Up to Ease ERP Transitions

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Government regulation of electronic healthcare records creates unique challenges for healthcare-related companies transitioning between ERP systems. But a new technology collaboration between Commvault and Harmony Healthcare IT promises to ease some of that transitional pain. Commvault – a New Jersey-based company specializing in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and cloud

With its Healthcare Cloud, Veeva Shows the Power of Industry Clouds

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Cloud Computing Healthcare VEEV Cloud computing provider Veeva (VEEV) recently completed a wildly successful IPO. The company offers cloud services specifically tailored to life sciences and the believes that the rise of the industry cloud is among us.

Oregon Data Center Outage Disrupts Legacy Health Operations

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Downtime Healthcare OregonUtility power outage reportedly caused by contractor accidentally drilling into cable Read More.

Middle East healthcare on cusp of IT innovation era

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Healthcare in the Middle East looks set for a revolution, according to the first surgeon to use Google Glass during an operation

MWC 2017: How virtual reality could be the next big thing for healthcare

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The IEEE’s Wendy Powell reveals how virtual reality could transform healthcareConsumer virtual reality was again a hot topic at Mobile World Congress in 2017, but the technology is now advanced enough that use cases are emerging in other sectors.

How a healthcare hacker is pressuring victims to pay up

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healthcare providers after stealing sensitive data about their patients. At least one of the healthcare providers so far has refused to give in, TheDarkOverlord said in an interview Friday. Pay up or face your patients' wrath. That’s how one hacker is trying to shake down U.S. TheDarkOverlord claims to have stolen 10 million patient records and is selling them on the black market.

Patient Portal Puts a Spotlight on Secure Messaging


For healthcare professionals participating in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services electronic health record (EHR) incentive program, you’ll soon need to demonstrate compliance with the Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements in order to continue receiving incentive payments.

IT for Healthcare: Biggest Challenges, Threats, & Solutions


Chief information officers in healthcare settings must balance strict privacy and security requirements with the need to constantly improve IT infrastructure and performance. From small doctor’s offices to major hospitals, the healthcare IT environment is increasingly complex.