CleanINTERNET for the Healthcare Industry


Read Byron Rashed explain how CleanINTERNET can protect the firms in the healthcare sector on Centripetal Blog : The healthcare industry incurs the highest average data breach costs at a […].

How CIOs Can Achieve Digital Business Transformation in Healthcare


In most scenarios, digital business transformation in healthcare usually starts with a CIO being tasked with developing a business case for digital care delivery. Healthcare CIOs have a very important role to play in digital business transformation and can help healthcare delivery organizations identify dependencies and implement relevant changes to the strategy,” says Mike Jones , VP Analyst, Gartner. “To The path to digital healthcare.


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Big Data in Healthcare Will be the Norm by 2021


As the benefits of big data become more pronounced, this technology is finding a place in an increasing number of industries, not the least of which is the healthcare sector. In fact, some researchers anticipate that big data could become a staple in the way healthcare is administered by as soon as 2121. Big Data Health IT healthcare

IoT Applications in Consumer Healthcare


Read Carrie Cosgrove’s article about the Internet of Things applications in consumer healthcare on IoT for All : Have you been to a doctor at any point in your life? Congratulations, if you answered “yes,” you’re a healthcare consumer! Nearly 85 percent of US adults see a healthcare provider at least once a year and US children […].

6 steps for mitigating healthcare cybersecurity threats


Data breaches and other cyber attacks occur far too frequently in healthcare organizations. Hospital IT departments tend to invest in their readiness against healthcare cybersecurity threats by ensuring they have tools and procedures in place to block a threat from getting into their systems in the first place.

Healthcare industry at greatest risk of data breach


The healthcare industry has significantly more exposed attack surfaces than any other industry surveyed, according to Censys’s research findings of cloud risks and cloud maturity by industry, revealed at RSA Conference 2020.

Attacks on Healthcare: ‘Global Threat to Health’

SecureWorld News

We have seen examples of this all throughout 2020 with an increase in cyberattacks targeting the healthcare sector due to the pandemic. The pandemic has also exposed some existing weaknesses and challenges of cybersecurity in healthcare. 1 key finding on cyberattacks in healthcare.

Web Application Attacks on Healthcare Spike 51% As COVID-19 Vaccines are Introduced


As the first vials of COVID-19 vaccines were disseminated in December, Imperva Research Labs monitored an astounding 51% increase in web application attacks on healthcare targets.

The Need for AI Governance in Healthcare


New applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging at a very fast pace, particularly in the healthcare industry. By 2021, Gartner predicts that 75% of healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) will have invested in an AI capability that is explicitly improving either operational performance or clinical outcomes. The more activity there is around using AI in healthcare, the greater the need for HDOs to establish AI governance. “AI

Workflow Concerns Temper DevOps Adoption in Healthcare

Information Week

A survey by Redgate highlights expectations and reservations the healthcare sector has about diving into DevOps methodology

Humanizing AI: How to Close the Trust Gap in Healthcare

Information Week

To promote trust in artificial intelligence in healthcare, AI products and services must come from a deep understanding of user and patient needs and promote user and patient engagement

Why More Healthcare Providers are Moving to Public Cloud

Information Week

As the pandemic continues to test the limits of healthcare providers, the public cloud can support surge care capacity and ensure resilient technology infrastructure

How to Build a Balanced Healthcare Cybersecurity Budget


Read Jessica Davis’ tips to healthcare firms for building a balanced cybersecurity budget on Health IT Security : The majority of healthcare security stakeholders agree that cybersecurity budgets are underfunded. And frankly, health organizations aren’t keeping pace with hackers who are continuously improving in sophistication. Data security programs are still often underfunded and understaffed, according to a […]. Cyber Security News

Budget 253

How Startups Fit into Healthcare's Transformation

Information Week

Learn how large organizations in life sciences and healthcare leverage innovation born from disruptive, entrepreneurial companies

Big data analytics in healthcare: Opportunities and obstacles


Big data analytics are an essential business component deployed by modern healthcare organizations to collaborate and derive business value from disparate data. There are many clinical, financial and administrative opportunities […].

Microsoft launches Cloud for Healthcare in general availability

Venture Beast

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft launched Cloud for Healthcare, its managed service solution for health operations management, in general availability. Read More.

The AI Industry Series: Top Healthcare AI Trends To Watch


Here is some recent insightful AI work: The importance of artificial intelligence in healthcare is a subject of research but that is not stopping companies and individuals from investing in healthcare AI startups. […]. CB Insights sets the standard when it comes to analysis of the tech industry. We love their views on all things tech.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry


Apart from all the industries, it has been touching, the modern healthcare industry has been receiving paramount importance. The milestones achieved by Artificial Intelligence have the world on its toes. There has been an exemplary shift in the way patients are diagnosed by doctors because they now have a good amount of actionable data that […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Will Digital Healthcare Technology Disrupt Independent Physicians

Perficient Data & Analytics

However, is change in the healthcare industry putting independent physicians at risk? With the increased usage of digital healthcare technology, will the independent physician still be able to maintain the walk-in base of customers? But, as generations begin to rely more and more on digital and mobile healthcare, will the need for regular in-person visits become a thing of the past. Currently, the healthcare industry accounts for $3.2 Why fear change?

Cloud for healthcare: Avoid these 2 pain points

David Linthicum

The global healthcare cloud computing market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate around 14 % from 2019 to 2026. When it came to whole industries closing their eyes to the rise of cloud computing, healthcare companies once comprised my biggest group of deniers. Now healthcare IT is no longer afraid of cloud computing—on the provider or payer side.

Addressing HIPAA Compliance in the Healthcare Cloud


The growth of cloud technology has certainly been felt in the healthcare space, as large amounts of medical records are now being moved to the cloud. The technology makes it more convenient and cost effective for healthcare providers to share information, but it also brings concerns regarding privacy and legal considerations, particularly where HIPAA is concerned. A possible solution to this is for organizations to rely solely on healthcare-focused data storage companies.

How Healthcare Can Keep Up with Accelerating Tech Cycles


” And yet in healthcare, we, as consumers are still challenged to book an appointment online and practitioners are lost in the ancient interfaces of the EMR systems that most of the time do not provide the right information at the right time for a patient (and we hope it’s the right patient!). About the Author: Eugene Borukhovich is an international expert on healthcare information technology innovation. By Eugene Borukhovich.

Salesforce updates Vaccine Cloud to help healthcare providers manage millions of appointments a day

Tech Republic Cloud

New release should help healthcare providers scale up to deliver more shots and make the scheduling process less frustrating for individuals

How technology is transforming healthcare delivery in Gulf region

Computer Weekly

IT will transform the healthcare sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries over the coming years

Police Arrest Ransomware Operators Targeting Healthcare

SecureWorld News

This is particularly tragic during the COVID-19 crisis, with the rise in cyberattacks against the healthcare industry, the people working hardest to keep us safe. Pentaguard" is far from the only organization attempting to take advantage of the healthcare industry during this time.

Healthcare organizations targeted with password spraying attacks

Tech Republic Security

Malicious campaigns are using password spraying as a type of brute-force attack to find weak passwords at healthcare and medical facilities

FBI: Hospitals and healthcare providers face imminent ransomware threat

Tech Republic Security

The FBI warns of a threat against the healthcare sector from Ryuk ransomware, and one that's already affected some hospitals

Healthcare CIOs Prepare To Safeguard Covid-19 Vaccines

The Accidental Successful CIO

What this means for healthcare CIOs is that they need to start planning now for how they are going to keep their vaccines secure so that they can be distributed to the people who need them the most at the right times.

Technology vital to healthcare in Asia-Pacific

Computer Weekly

The opportunities for technology to improve healthcare services were explored at HIMSS AsiaPac17 in Singapore, but experts warned that challenges must be addressed before innovation can truly transform the sector

How Modern Technologies Change the Healthcare Industry

IT Toolbox

This post looks at how modern tech has changed Healthcare

[GUIDE]: API Best Practices in Healthcare

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Healthcare costs continue to rise, especially with changing consumer demands, and evolving technology solutions. We understand these challenges and recently authored a white paper to guide healthcare professionals through the application programming interface (API) adoption process. Healthcare API management use cases. Healthcare APIs Containers healthcare Serverless

Key Metrics to Measure Performance of Your Healthcare App

Perficient Data & Analytics

In today’s digitally savvy world, consumers-patients-members expect to interact with healthcare organizations across a number of mobile devices whilst on the go, just as they do with organizations across other industries. As a result more and more healthcare providers and payers are leveraging mobile apps to connect with consumers-patients-members to make their services more accessible and efficient.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer brought to Finnish healthcare

Computer Weekly

Authorities in Finland are working with IBM to improve healthcare through cognitive computing

ERP for Excellent Healthcare

IT Toolbox

Today's healthcare professionals rely on integrated software solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because they help them to deliver better service to their patients. In fact, hospitals wouldn't be able to run efficiently without a knowledge-based IT system such as ERP in place. Doctors and nurses do an amazing job looking after their patients, but even highly educated, talented people

6 CRM Benefits for Healthcare Providers


Information Technology Blog - - 6 CRM Benefits for Healthcare Providers - Information Technology Blog. The increase in the use of healthcare crm throughout the industry becomes the reason. None of the business runs for free no matter if it’s the healthcare business.

One in eight people have suffered a healthcare data breach

Computer Weekly

A quarter of victims had their NI number compromised and 18% saw their biometric identifiers compromised, but most people trust healthcare providers with their data

The Transformation of Healthcare with AI and Machine Learning

Information Week

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already are having an impact in a sector that concerns all of us, healthcare

Providence’s Tegria adds another company, acquires healthcare consulting firm Cumberland


Seattle-based Tegria , a healthcare services and tech company that Providence launched last year, announced the acquisition of Franklin, Tenn.-based Founded in 2004, Cumberland advises healthcare clients in the payer and provider markets. Health/Life Sciences Healthcare tegria

Haven will shut down, ending joint healthcare bid by Amazon, Berkshire, JP Morgan


Atul Gawande stepped down as Haven Healthcare CEO in May, but remained as chairman. Haven, the healthcare joint venture led by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase, is shutting down next month. The company also sells Amazon Web Services to healthcare customers.

The Empowered Healthcare Patient

Forrester's Customer Insights

age of the customer customer experience customer experience strategy customer insights data insights healthcareThe coronavirus (COVID-19) has undoubtedly cast a long shadow over the media, business, and consumer conversation.

Health care API adoption is slowed by security concerns and skills gap

Venture Beast

Cloud Enterprise Security VB Home Page API category-/Business & Industrial category-/Health digital transformation healthcare healthcare IT skills gap

Augmented Reality and Revolutionary Holograms in Healthcare

Perficient - Digital Transformation

However, with multiple opportunities focusing around visual, augmented reality has the chance to truly transform the healthcare process forever. Augmented reality has the capability to bring 3-D images to life with practical applications in healthcare. A state-of-the-art technology, that experts believe will cooperate perfectly with 3-D printing to enhance the provider’s application in healthcare and the patient’s experience overall.

9 Ways In Which AI Is Transforming Healthcare


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming many areas of the healthcare industry. A lot of this has been made possible in recent years because of the sheer quantity of data produced by healthcare providers and the opportunity to identify patterns and augment the capabilities of existing physicians, clinicians and staff.