Big Data, People and the SMB

Eric D. Brown

Additionally, those large organizations are well ahead of their small and medium business (SMB) counterparts. There are a number of reasons for the lag between large organizations and SMB. In the world of the SMB, the ability to bring in new people just isn’t there. To me, this levels the playing field a bit for the SMB. The ‘people’ problem of big data is an area that SMB’s can win if they are a bit creative in their approach. Big Data People SMB

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Trends in the SMB Technology Space

Eric D. Brown

I just finished reading a report from SMB Group titled “ Vendor Strategies to Bring Game-Changing Technology Trends to SMBs ”. The report describes research performed by SMB Group into how small and medium businesses (SMB) are viewing and using technology in their business. The small and midsize market has always looked to technology to help level the playing field but there’s always been a challenge to the SMB.

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Two examples of data helping SMB’s

Eric D. Brown

IBM recently reported on two examples of SMB’s using big data to better manage their business in a piece titled “ Here’s What Salame and Sequined Dresses Have in Common ”. In this article, two SMB’s – Adrianna Papell and Columbus Foods – are described as is their use of analytics and data in understanding their clients and their business. Big Data SMB

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7 SMB Security Tips That Will Keep Your Company Safe


Here we are, nearly midway through the 16th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), and while the good news is many large enterprises are more locked down than they were five or six years ago, it’s clear SMBs need some help. An August report by Untangle examining the current state and trends of IT security for […].

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An SMB Cloud UC Migration Framework You Can Steal

IT Toolbox

A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform can serve as the backbone for a small to medium-sized business (SMB). As such, it’s important for your SMB to have a cloud UC migration strategy that taxes neither your IT department (if one exists) or just plain inconveniences your business. UCaaS in the world of your SMB is your single point of contact with the rest of

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More SMB Love Needed

Cloud Musings

In a recent post, titled “ 10 Surprising Facts About Cloud Computing and What It Really Is ”, Zac Johnson highlighted some interesting facts about cloud computing in the SMB marketplace: Cloud Computing is up to 40 times more cost-effective for an SMB, compared to running its own IT system. For SMB, energy use and carbon emissions could be cut by 90% by using cloud computing, saving the environment and energy costs.

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Choosing the Right CRM for SMB

IT Toolbox

Selecting the right CRM system for a small or medium size business is essentially an exercise in reduction. You need to decide which features are important to you and limit yourself accordingly. The modern CRM landscape is crowded with CRM systems with various prices and capabilities. Winnowing down the field is an important part of choosing the right system.

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Leaked SMB exploits make malware powerful, warns Cylance

Computer Weekly

Four key exploits at the heart of hacking tools leaked by the Shadow Brokers have given malware authors a lot of power, say security researchers

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SMB market targeted with new CRM release

IT Toolbox

Cloud-based customer relationship management just got simpler – and yet at the same time more sophisticated – with the introduction of a palette of new features from Really Simple Systems. Based in Great Britain, Really Simple Systems has launched a fifth version of its CRM software with drag-and-drop customization options, a global search bar, new merging and data transfer

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Fast-growing Digerati attacks rich SMB VoIP market

IT Toolbox

According to estimates, some 75% of U.S. SMBs have yet to migrate to VoIP communications – an opportunity driving strategy for Digerati Technologies, the Texas-based cloud communications specialist identified by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America. The company, which includes VoIP transport and SIP trunking among its services, says it is focusing on

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82% of SMB execs expect employees to put business devices at risk with holiday shopping

Tech Republic Security

Nearly half of executives surveyed don't believe their employees would be able to spot a bad actor posing as an online retailer, Zix-AppRiver found

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SingleHop Raises $14.8M To Accelerate SMB Cloud Business

Data Center Knowledge

IaaS and hosting startup sees opportunity for growth with technologically sophisticated SMBs Read More. Cloud Computing Featured Hosting Investing

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Step-By-Step: Setting up Azure SMB File Share


You can use SMB file.( SMB Azure How-to. Azure files enables you to have shared folders available to your Azure virtual machines and on-premise systems. In October 2015 Azure Files went from Preview to General Availability, so you can now safely leverage this feature. read more ). Step-By-Step File Share

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Vendor management and looking beyond SMB firewalls, anti-virus, and data backups

IT Toolbox

I just had lunch with a long-time business colleague who specializes in IT consulting and network systems integration for small and medium-sized businesses. From servers to PBXs and everything in between, his company sells, installs, and manages entire network environments for its customers. Companies like my colleague’s are the backbone of the enormously large group of businesses

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Why R2? Your Next SAN with SMB 3.02 Scale-out File Servers

IT Pros Rock!

In this article, we’ll discuss building “Your Next SAN” – a configuration leveraging commodity hardware, Storage Spaces and SMB 3.02 S TORAGE! For most IT Pros that I speak with, storage is a huge chunk of their IT budget – often accounting for as much as 30%-40% (more in some cases) of their annual capital IT costs.

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CTOvision Named To BizTech’s List Of Top 30 Must-Read Blogs For the Small to Mid-sized Business


We believe in the small to mid-sized business (SMB) and know the leadership team of firms in this criticaly important segment are frequently not able to spend as much time and energy on topics of data analytics, data protection and risk reduction and plan on continuing to write context that can help these leaders optimize their IT and security spend. Big Data CTO Cyber Security News Business mid-sized Silicon Valley Small business SMB United StatesBob Gourley.

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What Effect Cloud Computing Will Have on the Future of SMB's

IT Toolbox

Cloud computing has provided major benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes, with SMBs proving to get the most out of this revolutionary technology

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Ahead of IPO, Nutanix Makes Hyperconverged Play for SMB Market

Data Center Knowledge

Rolls out bite-sized version of its cloud platform for customers looking for on-prem alternatives to AWS Read More. Blades Cloud Computing Convergence Enterprise Featured Infrastructure

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A Beginner’s Intro Guide to Performing Your Own Cyber Security Audit


Cyber Security Cyber Threats cyber security SMBCybersecurity remains vitally important to small businesses and private individuals alike. Once a hacker accesses information they are not supposed to have they can cause all sorts of damage. You know that. Every business is different, but all should understand their particular nightmare scenarios and take action to mitigate those threats. But how do you […].

5 things SMB IT departments should do to survive the impact of COVID-19

Tech Republic Security

The overnight transformation to telecommuting means security risks are even higher than during normal business times

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Small Medium Business (SMB) IT continues to gain respect, what about SOHO?

Storage IO Blog

Blog post: Small Medium Business (SMB) IT continues to gain respect, what about SOHO? Note that in Information Technology (IT) conversations there are multiple meanings for SMB including Server Message Block aka Microsoft Windows CIFS (Common Internet File System) along with its SAMBA implementation, however for this piece the context is Small Medium Business.

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Is your small business ready for the new world of work? (VB Live)

Venture Beast

To reckon with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are finding that digital tools can ensure continuity and safety, help you stay competitive and more. Read More.

Microsoft will likely fix Windows SMB denial-of-service flaw on Patch Tuesday

Network World

Microsoft will likely wait until February 14 to fix a publicly disclosed vulnerability in the SMB network file sharing protocol that can be exploited to crash Windows computers. The vulnerability was disclosed Thursday when the security researcher who found it posted a proof-of-concept exploit for it on GitHub. There was concern initially that the flaw might also allow for arbitrary code execution and not just denial-of-service, which would have made it critical.

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Google Apps for Work gets an SMB boost via Kronos integration

ComputerWorld Consumerization IT

Small businesses that use Kronos workforce-management software will soon be able to tap familiar Google tools in their HR efforts thanks to a new integration project now under way. Kronos and Google have teamed up to integrate Google Apps for Work with the Kronos Workforce Ready cloud suite for small and midsize businesses, Kronos announced Tuesday, giving SMBs new ability to engage office employees and remote workers via familiar Google Apps and mobile devices.

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Symantec looks to up the ante on SMB security with Endpoint Protection Cloud

Tech Republic Security

A new security product from Symantec hopes to better secure small businesses against ransomware and other targeted cyberattacks

SMB Study Reveals Majority of Small Businesses Aren’t Taking Cyber Attacks Seriously


Read Scott Ikeda’s article about why a majority of small businesses aren’t taking cyber attacks seriously on CPO : Cybercriminals have tended to have a preference for larger enterprise-scale businesses, but that preference has been narrowing in recent years. A recent investigative report published by Verizon found that about 43% of all cyberattacks target small […].

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IT Hall of Fame Welcomes Bob Stegner to the Class of 2020

Association of Information Technology Professional

After three decades inspiration and perspiration serving SMB tech companies, Bob Stegner is the latest inductee into the IT Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed at ChannelCon Online

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8 Reasons Managed IT Services Grow Stronger SMB


The post 8 Reasons Managed IT Services Grow Stronger SMB appeared first on Information Technology Group. Small to medium-sized businesses in particular have a tremendous dependence on technology, both to work smarter, not harder and to allow themselves to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. More and more SMBs are turning to managed IT services for all their IT needs for a number of compelling reasons. Managed IT Services Help You Regain Focus.

SMB 43 [tech]: Guy Haycock discusses the SMB.

Sean Daniel

Guy Haycock discusses the SMB Announcements at WPC 2010. Latest SMB Community Posts. SMB Nation. US SMB TS2 Blog. Discovering Windows Server Codename “Aurora” Guy Haycock discusses the SMB Announcements at WPC. [tech]. Technology Tips, Tricks & News Home | Technical Blog |. Photo Blog | E-Mail Me. Thursday, July 15, 2010.

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Step-By-Step: Deploy Hyper-V on SMB 3.0 - Canadian IT.



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Seagate Shuts Down its Cloud Storage Service Wuala

Data Center Knowledge

Seagate says it wants to focus on consumer and SMB cloud partnerships Read More. Shared

SMB 167

What's New in SMB in Windows Server 2012 R2 - Canadian IT.



SMB 69 [tech]: I'm headed to SMB Nation, are you?

Sean Daniel

I’m headed to SMB Nation, are you? Yes My nation is also SMB nation :) And I proud on my nation. Harrybbbb (Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation). Latest SMB Community Posts. SMB Nation. US SMB TS2 Blog. I’m headed to SMB Nation, are you? [tech]. Technology Tips, Tricks & News Home | Technical Blog |. Photo Blog | E-Mail Me. Wednesday, October 06, 2010.

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The People Challenge for the Midsize Organization

Eric D. Brown

The challenge of finding the right people and technologies isn’t just an SMB challenge. That’s the difficulty for many SMB’s – it is often hard to keep people interested for a long career due to limited opportunities. Management People HR Small Business SMB There are many challenges facing the IT function within the midsize organization.

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Desk 360 Combines Help Desk and Sales for Small Businesses

IT Toolbox

Salesforce's has unveiled a new product that puts customer support, business intelligence reporting, and CRM-based sales capabilities into one SMB experience

Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday #blogtobertech

Storage IO Blog

Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday #blogtobertech Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday including moving beyond or outside our current tradecraft focus area. If you are an expert in a field or given focus area, learn something new about an area outside your expertise or comfort zone. Now if you are […] The post Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday #blogtobertech appeared first on StorageIOblog.

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How to Soothe Growing Pains with ERP

IT Toolbox

Your company is moving up from an SMB to a global corporation, but you may be feeling the growing pains of success. According to a survey of over 1,100 SMB owners in the United States, the top five challenges to growth for 2016 are:

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Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars

Storage IO Blog

Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Join me in a series of in-person seminars driving ROI with cloud storage consolidation for unstructured file data. Various Data Infrastructure options from on-prem to edge to cloud and beyond These initial seminars are being held at Amazon Web Services (AWS) […]. The post Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Announcing My New Book Data Infrastructure Management Insight Strategies

Storage IO Blog

Announcing My New Book Data Infrastructure Management Insight Strategies Announcing my new book Data Infrastructure Management Insight Strategies published via Auerbach/CRC Press is now available via CRC Press and among other global venues. My Fifth Solo Book Project – Data Infrastructure Management Data Infrastructure Management Insight Strategies (e.g. the white book) is my fifth […].

HPE targets SMBs with new flash and software-defined storage options

Tech Republic Data Center

HPE recently announced the StoreVirtual 3200 and MSA 2042, which it is marketing toward SMB customers

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World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery

Storage IO Blog

World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery. March 31 is the annual world backup day to spotlight awareness around the importance of protecting your data and test your data recovery. The focus of world backup and […]. The post World Backup Day Reminder Don’t Be an April Fool Test Your Data Recovery appeared first on StorageIOblog.

How to Set Up a Small Business Network

IT Toolbox

This means that if you are running an SMB, an important part of your equipment is going to consist of routers and switches It is safe to say that every small business needs solid internet connection.

Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs #blogtobertech

Storage IO Blog

Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs #blogtobertech The following are Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs. In some cases, reducing your cloud costs means spending the same yet getting more value and resources that provide a business benefit. For example, paying the same yet upgrading to fewer, faster servers, […] The post Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs #blogtobertech appeared first on StorageIOblog.