Technology and travelling cont.

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I mentioned in my last posting how technology had both helped and hindered with travelling. One thing which technology has definitely made a difference with when travelling around is communication. This post is a continuation of that theme. Hence the cont. abbreviation in the title. Before, when people, as they say in my countries jargon, go walkabout, they basically disappeared

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Technology and travelling

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As you most probably have guessed from my recent posts I am not at home but am instead travelling around on what I feel is a well deserved holiday. I remember in the time the way back machine would have trouble reaching what it used to be like to travel around. But then, we all deserve our holidays don't we :). For starters the cars were far simpler. So much so that if they broke down

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UBS uses predictive analytics to manage its travel spend

Computer Weekly

Swiss bank is getting a better insight into its business travel costs through an automated software platform

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How CIOs Can Get Travel Expenses Under Control

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs can end up spending a lot of their limited budget on travel Image Credit. One of the biggest drains on your budget can be travel expenses. What you need to do is to find a way to keep your travel expenses under control without appearing to come across as an overbearing boss.

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Amex Global Business Travel pools data lake to bolster ‘duty of care’

Computer Weekly

Amex Global Business Travel is investing in modern IT, including cloud analytics, to pivot its business towards serving the traveller in their whole journey

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The Travelling Salesman

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One of the most annoying things about customers is that some of them are actually intelligent life-forms

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Ten Tips for the The Technology Traveler

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One thing that has changed about travel in the last decade is the amount of technology we take with us. A friend at work asked me for tips on travelling with technology. I don''t travel that much, perhaps a trip every 2-3 months. For me there isn''t that much difference between personal travel and business travel. I think there are two types of technology travelers. Travel is not a central part of my job. App for that travel.

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OODA Produces A Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity


We have written before about the importance of all of us recognizing that we are in a cyber conflict. The fact is that we are all targets. We all have to keep our wits about us. This includes tracking the cyber threat and best practices to mitigate the threat. A period of significantly enhanced vulnerability […]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News

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Tabibito - The Traveler in SQL and Physics

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"I desire, as I did in the past, to be a traveler in a strange land and a colonist in a new country

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Insurance industry transformation will mirror travel sector through insurtech

Computer Weekly

Insurtech is gaining momentum, and companies in the sector of all sizes and ages can learn from startups

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Hotel Chains Demonstrate Common B2B eCommerce Website Blunders

Forrester IT

Why do hotel web sites fail to support business travellers' customer journeys, in both the digital and physical sense? age of the customer application development & delivery B2B ecommerce offshore services travel & leisure web development b2b ecommerce hotel travel value

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Six Innovative Trends That Have Made Travelling Industry Easier

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It is affecting all the industries, and its influence has been seen more in the travel industry Technology is evolving at a rapid rate since it stepped out in the path of digitalisation.

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5 Ways Edge Tech is Transforming Travel and Transportation

Information Week

If you are wondering about the role of edge technologies, consider how they help companies and individuals in the travel and transportation sectors

Mystery Company Behind ‘Project Oasis’ is Travelers Insurance

Data Center Knowledge

One of the last secretive projects in the midwest, "Project Oasis" has come out of stealth as a $200 million data center for global insurance company Travelers Insurance. Site Selection iowa Nebraska project oasis travelers insurance

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ERP: How Does This Software Benefit the Travel Industry?

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ERP automates various business operations, making it a valuable resource in the travel and tourism sector. This software streamlines day-to-day processes, such as payroll, lead generation, reporting and human resources management, and provides travel agents, hoteliers and tour operators with the resources they need to manage their businesses.

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Subscription-based air travel to hit Europe

Computer Weekly

Airline Surf Jet launches its membership-based service in Europe with cloud-based subscription management software at the core of the business

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An AI Lie Detector Is Going to Start Questioning Travelers in the EU


Soon traveling to Europe will depend on a lie detector test taken by an artificial intelligence tool. In Hungary, Latvia, and Greece, travelers will be given an […]. EU is planning to launch a six-month trial of iBorderCtrl, an AI lie detector that looks for “biomarkers of deceit”, at its external borders in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece. CTO Cyber Security News

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Is P2P the Future of Travel?


When planning a trip, today’s travelers are brought into contact with a multitude of services designed to meet their transportation, accommodation and entertainment needs. The post Is P2P the Future of Travel?

MasterCard, TfL and British Airways join for travel tech hackathon

Computer Weekly

The payments provider is running the event alongside BA and the UK local government body responsible for London’s transport system to create new travel services

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GCHQ knew WannaCry hero risked arrests by travelling to the US

Computer Weekly

UK intelligence officials were reportedly aware that security researcher Marcus Hutchins risked arrest by travelling to the US to attend a series of cyber security conferences

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Tabibito-san -- The Traveler Technique in SQL

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Stepping stones for the SQL sojourner

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Trackside network to bring 5G to UK rail travellers by 2025

Computer Weekly

The government has launched a consultation on improving mobile connectivity for rail passengers

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Video-conferencing solution: Critical link for travel operators

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Companies in virtually all industries have benefited from the capabilities and functionalities of video conferencing in order to improve internal and external communications as they develop their businesses. That said, for some sectors the ability to connect with partners, stakeholders and customers at any time can make all the difference between success and failure. The healthcare

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Travelers are Finding Ways to Save Money with Big Data


It’s on our bucket list to travel more, and we always brag to friends and families about the day where we’ll get to pack a suitcase and take off to explore the globe. The tool businesses have been taking advantage of is one travelers are discovering how to harness, and the results are enough to make traveling the world an easy and obtainable reality. How are travelers using big data to save money ? 1.They Can Have a Travel Agent – for Free. Rick Delgado.

How uses machine learning to improve travel bookings user experience

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Learn how a culture of IT innovation helps make highly dynamic customer interactions for online travel a major differentiator

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Organize your travel plans and intinerary


Email travel plans, build a master itinerary, and access it anywhere online. With today’s myriad of travel sites, even the most experienced traveler has their hands full managing all the details of a typical trip.

The potential beyond the threshold of space tourism: hypersonic travel, solar system colonization and more

Trends in the Living Networks

For Virgin Galactic in particular, hypersonic point-to-point travel is a compelling next step. However a viable space tourism industry, which we may be on the threshold of today, is simply a staging post to all of the potential of space and space travel

Video: How to protect your corporate data while traveling

Tech Republic Security

iJET CEO Bruce McIndoe explains the best ways to take technological precautions while traveling Open wifi networks can compromise your data, and international customs might lead to a cyber-breach.

VoIP enhances customer experience for high-end travelers

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Grace Bay Resorts, a boutique developer and operator of high-end luxury resorts and branded residences, has turned to CaaS provider AVOXI for a suite of integrated cloud communications - including a cloud-based phone system, virtual contact center software, a VoIP gateway and international toll free numbers. As a provider of luxury holidays Grace Bay wanted to enhanced its reservations

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Travel Fun Crossword Puzzle For VMworld 2017 Las Vegas

Storage IO Blog

Some of you may be traveling to VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas next week to sharpen, expand, refresh or share your VMware and data infrastructure tradecraft (skills, experiences, expertise, knowledge). Here is something fun to sharpen your VMware skills while traveling. The post Travel Fun Crossword Puzzle For VMworld 2017 Las Vegas appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Russia VPN ban: What tech pros and business travelers need to know

Tech Republic Security

Here is how business travelers can respond Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a law prohibiting the use of VPNs, while Apple pulled VPN apps from the Chinese App Store.

6 Best Ways to Promote a Travel Website Online


If you have a travel website, then we want to be the first to tell you that this is a fantastic choice! Having a travel website is your chance to influence others to start traveling more and to help spark their travel bug to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world.

Rio Olympics pose security risks to travelers

Network World

Meanwhile, physical safety isn't the only thing that travelers need to worry about -- security experts warn that travelers need to be extremely careful when they access computer networks, as well. MORE ON NETWORK WORLD: 26 crazy and scary things the TSA has found on travelers.

SAP Buys Corporate Travel Services Giant Concur for $8.3B

Data Center Knowledge

Combined cloud services customer base will total more than 50 million users Read More. Cloud Computing Deals Enterprise

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Travelers enlists Symantec to advise cyber insurance customers

Network World

The Travelers insurance company has teamed up with Symantec to give policyholders cyber security assessments and consultation in order to help them manage risks. The self-assessment consists of filling out a 25-question survey and getting a written report of how well their network and data protection stacks up. If they want to, they can talk to a consultant who walks them through the results and recommends steps they could take to remediate risks.