TripActions raises $155 million to help enterprises analyze travel and expense data

Venture Beast

TripActions, a business travel and expense management platform that offers real-time data and insights, has raised $155 million. Read More. AI Cloud Enterprise Transportation VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial funding daily TripActions

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The Freewrite Traveler Is Beautiful Distraction-Free Writing That Won't Finish Your Novel For You

GizModo VR

If you’re a certain type of writer, you’ll probably think you’ll use the Freewrite Traveler every day. freewrite traveler review e ink freewrite freewriter traveler

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Technology and travelling cont.

IT Toolbox

I mentioned in my last posting how technology had both helped and hindered with travelling. One thing which technology has definitely made a difference with when travelling around is communication. This post is a continuation of that theme. Hence the cont. abbreviation in the title. Before, when people, as they say in my countries jargon, go walkabout, they basically disappeared

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So, A Discovery of Witches Is Now a Time-Travel Show

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But there’s a new element this season, as promised by that season-one cliffhanger: time travel! a discovery of witches sundance now witches vampires teresa palmer time travel matthew goode deborah harkness shudder amcplus streaming books io9 features

Google Travel adds new pandemic-related travel planning information

The Verge

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the travel industry, but Google is trying to help by adding new tools to its travel tools that flag pandemic-related information for users, like local COVID-19 case counts and whether the hotel offers free cancellations.

Ten Tips for the The Technology Traveler

CIO Musings

One thing that has changed about travel in the last decade is the amount of technology we take with us. A friend at work asked me for tips on travelling with technology. I don''t travel that much, perhaps a trip every 2-3 months. For me there isn''t that much difference between personal travel and business travel. I think there are two types of technology travelers. Travel is not a central part of my job. App for that travel.

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These are the first human passengers to try hyperloop travel

Mashable VR

Virgin Hyperloop executives Josh Giegel and Sara Luchian traveled inside the Hyperloop test tube in what is the company's first ever human trial. More about Travel , Hyperloop , Speed , Virgin Hyperloop One , and Tech. Travel Hyperloop Speed Virgin Hyperloop One Tech

Fascinating Examples Of How Blockchain Is Used In Insurance, Banking And Travel


Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize many aspects of how we do business and, if you believe the blockchain hype (of which there is plenty), may even be as disruptive as […].

Change looks as fast as a chameleon with this travel dress

Mashable VR

Traveler Leila Rose created a travel dress that converts into twenty different outfits. It helps travelers pack less, while staying functional and fashionable on their travels. More about Travel , Mashable Video , Clothes , Web Culture , and Sustainable.

Time Travel Film 2067 Can't Match Its Grand Ambitions

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2067 seth larney kodi smit mcphee time travel kirsten axelholm kenneth lampl climate change ryan kwantenFilled with interesting ideas and surprising twists, 2067 has all the elements of a classic sci-fi mystery.

OODA Produces A Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity


We have written before about the importance of all of us recognizing that we are in a cyber conflict. The fact is that we are all targets. We all have to keep our wits about us. This includes tracking the cyber threat and best practices to mitigate the threat. A period of significantly enhanced vulnerability […]. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News

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An AI Lie Detector Is Going to Start Questioning Travelers in the EU


Soon traveling to Europe will depend on a lie detector test taken by an artificial intelligence tool. In Hungary, Latvia, and Greece, travelers will be given an […]. EU is planning to launch a six-month trial of iBorderCtrl, an AI lie detector that looks for “biomarkers of deceit”, at its external borders in Hungary, Latvia, and Greece. CTO Cyber Security News

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How to travel sustainably

Mashable VR

There are ways to practice sustainability while traveling overseas. Mashable's Social Good Summit panelists discuss techniques that can help you maintain the environment no matter where you are in the world. Read more.

10 Tips On How To Save Money For Travel


You can travel to a nice warm island with your family or solo. Of course, you will need money for travel hence it is important to save money for a vacation. This article will show you how to save money for travel. See also: How To Plan Your Business Travel And Make It Awesome. How to save money for travel. If you want to meet your travel saving goals then you must budget. Automatic transfer to a travel account. Travel agent. Travel rewards.

Tips On How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination


Selecting where to travel is one of the difficulties travelers have. Traveling is an awesome experience that you should indulge in. This article will share some tips on how to choose your next travel destination. See also: Tips On How To Save Money For Travel. How to choose your next travel destination? Research help you to achieve the purpose of your travel. How long can you travel for will depend on your schedule?

Traveling for the holidays? Avoid these 5 tech mistakes

Tech Republic Security

Wi-Fi hotspots, public charging stations, and travel planning sites seem helpful, but they could actually be a traveler's worst nightmare

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How to travel sustainably in a post-pandemic world

Mashable VR

Mashable's Social Good Summit panelists discuss ways to continue living green, including sustainable travel, in a post-pandemic world. More about Mashable Video , Social Good Summit , Pandemic , Covid 19 , and Sustainable Travel.

Microsoft wants to cut down pollution from its business travel  

The Verge

It plans to buy credits for sustainable aviation fuel to cover travel on the commercial flight routes most frequented by its employees during business trips. When it comes to business travel, that means taking fewer flights and switching to cleaner fuels. “We

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Travel giant to close Seattle-area office and slash 235 jobs


Online travel website is closing its Bellevue, Wash., The company said last month that it will lay off up to 25% of its workforce due to impact on travel caused by the pandemic. It reported a 91% decrease in gross travel bookings for the most recent quarter.

American Airlines offers at-home COVID tests for US travel

The Verge

American Airlines is about to start offering at-home COVID-19 tests to domestic fliers in order to help them meet various state travel restriction requirements, the company announced Tuesday. Some states still require travelers to quarantine even with a negative test result.

Top 3 Best Translation Apps To Use When Travelling Abroad


Translation app is essential when traveling to countries with a different language from yours. You don’t have to hire an interpret or worry about additional travel cost. let’s take a look at three translation app that you can take with you on your travels. Top 3 best translation app for your travels. You don’t have to hire interpreters when you travel to a foreign country. Do not limit yourself when traveling.

Frustrated with your travel shoe options? This list will help.

Mashable VR

A simple rule for packing: try to keep yourself to two pairs of shoes maximum — one to wear while you travel, and the other for your suitcase. More about Travel , Shoes , Apparel , Mashable Shopping , and Culture. Airport travel is a high-stress situation as it is.

Travelers are Finding Ways to Save Money with Big Data


It’s on our bucket list to travel more, and we always brag to friends and families about the day where we’ll get to pack a suitcase and take off to explore the globe. The tool businesses have been taking advantage of is one travelers are discovering how to harness, and the results are enough to make traveling the world an easy and obtainable reality. How are travelers using big data to save money ? 1.They Can Have a Travel Agent – for Free. Rick Delgado.

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UBS uses predictive analytics to manage its travel spend

Computer Weekly

Swiss bank is getting a better insight into its business travel costs through an automated software platform

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5 Ways Edge Tech is Transforming Travel and Transportation

Information Week

If you are wondering about the role of edge technologies, consider how they help companies and individuals in the travel and transportation sectors

How the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic change how we think about travel

Mashable VR

The way we travel post pandemic will look very different. The Black Lives Matter movement has changed the way the world looks at travel. More about Travel , Mashable Video , Black Lives Matter , Social Justice , and Social Good Summit.

Amex Global Business Travel pools data lake to bolster ‘duty of care’

Computer Weekly

Amex Global Business Travel is investing in modern IT, including cloud analytics, to pivot its business towards serving the traveller in their whole journey

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FBI tech tips for safe holiday travel

Tech Republic Security

Whether you're traveling by plane, planning a road trip, or hosting guests for the holidays, it's important to practice good cybersecurity

Researchers found a superhighway that could speed up Solar System travel – Future Blink

Mashable VR

Researchers discovered an "œcelestial autobahn," or œcelestial highway, that could make Solar System travel faster than previously believed. More about Mashable Video , Solar System , Space Exploration , Space Travel , and Space News.

Amadeus turns to NoSQL to answer complex travel questions

Computer Weekly

Travel software and services company Amadeus has employed a NoSQL database technology to help travellers find answers to complex travel queries

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The Travelling Salesman

IT Toolbox

One of the most annoying things about customers is that some of them are actually intelligent life-forms

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Travel Back To 1985 For A Guest Lecture By Commodore Grace Hopper on The Future of Computing


Thanks to the power of computing you can watch Commodore Grace Hopper delivering her landmark lecture at MIT Laboratory on 25 April 1985. The entire presentation is excellent and worth listening to. But my favorite line is right around 23 minutes in, when after describing the nature of technology innovation she says: “Probably the most […]. CTO Cyber Security News Grace Hopper

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Time Travel and Family Drama Make for a Bad Trip in Time Loop

GizModo VR

sci fi exclusive time loop ciro sorrentino time travel streaming back to the future tenet recdistriktTenet might not be hitting Video on Demand because Warner Bros. is being stubborn, but it’s not the only time-bending saga out there.

8 of the best travel cameras in the UK

Mashable VR

You might have noticed that many people like to take photographs when they travel. More about Travel , Cameras , Consumer Tech , Shopping Uk , and Uk Deals. Long zoom capabilities combine with a long list of travel friendly features. £1,150

10 of the best end-of-year sales on luggage and more for when it's safe to travel again

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Even though most travel plans were put on hold in 2020, it's possible things could change soon. Not to mention you'll definitely want to take advantage of the rock-bottom prices on travel essentials. More about Travel , Luggage , Mashable Shopping , Culture , and Work Life.

This luxury travel membership fee has been slashed by 60%

Mashable VR

If you spend your downtime daydreaming about trips lost this past year, or fantasizing about an entire year traveling the world post-COVID, you're not alone. While 2020 has hit the travel industry hard, along with devastating so many communities, it's okay to begin to think about yourself and the places you hope to explore once you can travel freely and safely. More about Travel , Mashable Shopping , Culture , and Work Life. Travel Mashable Shopping Culture Work Life

Tabibito - The Traveler in SQL and Physics

IT Toolbox

"I desire, as I did in the past, to be a traveler in a strange land and a colonist in a new country

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Seattle startup Cabana pitches vanlife vacations as travel alternative during pandemic


Communities across the country are beginning to re-open but air travel remains a risky prospect. Cabana bills itself as a “luxe mobile hotel company” at a time when traditional hotels and travel companies are taking a financial hit due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, companies that help travelers find campsites — like The Dyrt and Hipcamp — are seeing big spikes in demand. Startups cabana camping TravelThe interior of a Cabana camper van. Cabana Photo).

The best water filter bottles for travelling from the UK

Mashable VR

Many of us have made resolutions to travel more in 2021. More about Travel , Mashable Shopping , Consumer Tech , Water Bottles , and Uk Deals. BEST FOR SERIOUS TRAVELLERS. Travel Mashable Shopping Consumer Tech Water Bottles Uk Deals

JSX pulls jet service targeting tech travelers out of Seattle after demand suffers during pandemic


JSX , the regional air carrier that originally arrived in Seattle to cater to tech travelers to Silicon Valley, has pulled out of the market citing a lack of demand during the pandemic. Transportation Airline Boeing Field JSX Travel

Expedia Group revenue falls 58% despite bright spots in ‘bumpy and unpredictable’ travel market


The results reflect what CEO Peter Kern called “basically a stabilization” of the global travel market, which has been decimated by COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions. The Seattle-based online travel giant’s revenue of $1.5 Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern.

Expedia Group’s CEO on the future of travel, and why big cities will someday ‘come roaring back’


That was Peter Kern, the CEO of Expedia Group, the Seattle-based online travel giant, speaking this week at the GeekWire Summit. Expedia Group includes major travel brands such as vrbo, Orbitz, Hotwire, Trivago,, and Egencia in addition to the flagship

Insurance industry transformation will mirror travel sector through insurtech

Computer Weekly

Insurtech is gaining momentum, and companies in the sector of all sizes and ages can learn from startups