American Airlines Throws Out Social Distancing Measures During Pandemic

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is still in the middle of a raging coronavirus pandemic that is breaking records in states like Texas and Florida and getting us banned from visiting Europe , American Airlines has decided to throw out social distancing measures on its planes. The airline quietly announced on Friday that it will start … Read more. coronavirus covid 19 american airlines health social distancingAlthough the U.S.

Nearly 200 arrested for airline ticketing fraud

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Police have arrested nearly 200 people for airline ticketing fraud in an international operation involving public and private sector organisations

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Airline seats now equipped with cameras


The traveling public should pay attention to this one. Is this a violation of your privacy? Not in any legal sense, you are pretty much in a public place when on commercial air. But still it could be so creepy and such a violation of what we believe should be a private time that it […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Nordic CIO Interview: Mattias Forsberg, Scandinavian Airlines

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The CIO of Nordic airline SAS talks to Computer Weekly about how digital technologies are changing customer experiences as well as the business itself

Ted Cruz's Office Says He Was Just Enjoying a Delicious Beverage, Not Violating Mandatory Airline Mask Policy or Anything

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American Airlines has said it is investigating after Senator Ted Cruz was photographed in apparent violation of its policy mandating use of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic by all passengers and crew on Sunday, per CBS News. ted cruz coronavirus health covid 19 sars cov 2 pandemic american airlines airlines air travel planes airplanes aviation face masks

Russian Airline at home in the cloud

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S7 Airlines in Russia looks set to move more of its IT to the cloud after successful infrastructure-as-a-service project

The UN Just Made It Easier for Airlines to Pollute

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A United Nations council of 36 countries has agreed on a major change to the main global scheme addressing the climate impact of aviation , a move expected to remove requirements for airlines to offset emissions for several years.

Global Connected Aircraft Summit: Airlines, operators, integrators, and technology providers


The Global Connected Aircraft Summit (7-9 June 2017) provides airlines, operators, integrators, and technology vendors with a venue for advancing the state of the entire aviation community. Bob Gourley. This fourth annual event connects business, technology, and industry perspectives and goes beyond just in-flight entertainment, to include operations, communications and technologies that impacts the aircraft and the traveling public.

What Can A CIO Do About The Problem Of Airline Overbooking?

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Times have been tough for United airlines in the past. A bit before that the airline had had to delay 500 of their flights because of a second glitch in two weeks of the computer systems that run the airline. United airlines has been dealing with some bad press as of late.

The airline industry is ditching change fees because it’s desperate for people to fly

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American Airlines and Delta Air Lines both said they would permanently eliminate fees associated with changing or canceling a flight. The news comes less than a day after United Airlines first announced a permanent end to its change fee policy.

All United Airlines flights in US grounded: Computer “glitch” cited as cause


For more on the outage see: All United Airlines flights in US grounded due to computer system glitch . The post All United Airlines flights in US grounded: Computer “glitch” cited as cause appeared first on The entire U.S. travel system is under strain today causing a major disruption to business and pleasure travel on all carriers do to what United is calling a computer systems "glitch". What is a glitch? We have all seen those before.

Never lose track of customer journey, says Brussels Airlines CIO

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Brussels Airlines is transforming its IT, with customer experience the driving force

Key Strategic Initiatives in the Airline Industry

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Airlines are focused less on market share and more on their overall profitability. — Perficient published a new guide that focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks. Specifically, it discusses some of the initiatives on which airlines are focusing in the hopes of driving growth and value for their businesses, as well as their customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. Download the 2018 State of the Airline Industry guide.

Airlines Absolutely Have The Right To Kick You Off A Flight For Not Wearing A Mask

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planelopnik covid 19 coronavirus airlinesDon’t you just love it when you’re doing something as stress-free as traveling during a pandemic and a fellow passenger decides that it’s that moment to exercise his right to be a pain in the ass? Read more.

Airlines Have Been Banning Booze on Flights as a Covid-19 Precautionary Measure

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transportation flights airlines covid 19 coronavirusA basic measure to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus is to maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and another person. But this becomes tricky in the tight quarters of a commercial aircraft, particularly for flight crew who may be required to make their way through aisles to service… Read more.

EAN airline broadband service moves closer to reality

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The European Aviation satellite has successfully completed in-orbit testing and will begin to service in-flight broadband customers later in 2017

Airline piloting and job security

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In an age of computers and robots, the only jobs that are likely to remain are those involving human interaction

[Guide] 2018 State of the Airline Industry

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The airline industry is scrutinized by passengers and analysts alike, mostly for two reasons. In 2015, the world’s airlines carried more than three billion passengers, and today aviation and related tourism supports more than 60 million jobs worldwide. manufacturers of commercial jetliners) can be considered part of the aviation sector, our new guide focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks.

Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry

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Customer satisfaction is always top of mind for airlines. Self-service has been top-of-mind for airlines since the introduction of airport kiosks that enable passengers to check-in, upgrade their seats, and even make flight changes. Became the first airline to give customers access to flight information and other amenities skills for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. Download the 2018 State of the Airline Industry guide.

Middle East airlines must continue to invest in IT

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Airlines in the Middle East are investing heavily in IT as the industry faces increasing demand for more efficient services

Operational Performance and Reliability in the Airline Industry

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Operational performance (or operational reliability) is about running an airline like a well-oiled machine. A smoothly run airline enhances customer perception, satisfaction, and loyalty. Tim Porter, a director and airline expert at Perficient, said, “Operational performance is a big deal to airlines. Airlines have invested billions to improve recovery from irregular operations. Delta Airlines believes operational reliability is one of its strategic advantages.

American Airlines will resume booking flights to capacity, as COVID-19 cases soar

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American Airlines will soon remove the booking limits it placed on flights back in April. American Airlines will resume booking its flights to capacity starting July 1st, the company has announced. The policy is similar to that of United Airlines, which ABC News reports has never blocked out seats or put a cap on the capacity of its flights. The airline industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with passenger numbers plummeting.

U.S. Airlines Threaten to Ban Passengers Who Refuse to Wear Masks From Future Flights

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airlines have imposed newly strict policies about face masks this week, requiring almost all passengers to wear face coverings or risk a ban on future flights, according to an announcement from the airline industry trade group Airlines For America. Airlines already required the use of face masks, but some… Read more. Major U.S.

American Airlines rolls out touchless bag check but is still booking middle seats

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American Airlines announced on Friday that it is making the check-in process completely touchless, even for passengers who have to check bags. Starting Friday, passengers flying with American Airlines will have to set the number of bags they’re bringing ahead of time on the company’s app or website. And American Airlines does have some of the most strict consequences for passengers who try to board a flight without a face covering.

Essential in the Airline Industry: Vision and Commitment

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Not only have the ways in which these companies successfully operate altered customer expectations, they have also forced airlines to think and act differently. Airlines are after personalization, ease of use, and innovation. It could be about implementing a new revenue-management system that helps airlines better forecast and optimize revenue. — Perficient published a new guide that focuses on the airline industry – the companies that operate air transport networks.

Cost-Cutting and Technology Investments in the Airline Industry

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Fuel costs – the number-one non-labor expense for airlines – can only be hedged to the degree the petroleum market allows and that is by and large outside the control of airlines. When speaking about airports, Steve Priest, JetBlue’s CFO, said the airline has “now deployed self-tagging technology in 12 lobbies.” While new investments in technology and cost-cutting programs remain important initiatives for airlines, other factors, like tax reform, can spur growth, too.

Airline CIOs Show How To Move From The Old To The New

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Combining airlines can teach CIO some lessons Image Credit: Luke Ma. Just imagine if you were handed the additional responsibility of creating a plan to merge the IT operations of two large airlines. In late 2013 American Airlines announced that it was buying US Airways. Since American Airlines was purchasing US Airways, this meant that the US Airways systems needed to be incorporated into the American Airlines systems.

American Airlines Adopts Public Cloud Computing

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Just like Americas aging physical infrastructure, the airlines are suffering from years of minimal investment in their information technology. This critical failure has been highlighted by a number of newsworthy incidents including: · Delta, April 4, 2017 - Following storms that affected its Atlanta hub, Delta's crew-scheduling systems failed, causing days of operational issues for the airline. 23, 2017 - An outage at JetBlue forced the airline to check in passengers manually in Ft.

Nordic airline averts business disaster with application performance monitoring

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Following an emergency decision to move to Amazon Web Services, Iceland’s Wow Air has wholeheartedly bought into the cloud

COVID-19: Leading airlines display compassion, resilience, and good old business sense.

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Airlines have a major role to play in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic because they are part and fabric of this interconnected world, carrying people and cargo. age of the customer customer experience strategy airlines covid-19 Customer Experience (CX) customer service

US airlines may ban passengers if they don’t wear face masks

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United and American Airlines said Monday that they will temporarily ban passengers who don’t comply with a new industry-wide mandatory mask policy that goes into effect this week. The new policy announced this week by industry trade organization Airlines for America covers United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest, and JetBlue. While some major airlines already required masks , there were reports that the companies weren’t actually enforcing those policies mid-flight.

US senators want airline IT meltdowns to end

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Two high-profile airline technology meltdowns stranding thousands of travelers in the recent weeks have prompted two US senators to push carriers to bolster their technology. this week sent a letter to the most recent offenders -- Delta and Southwest -- as well as 11 other airlines to get a better handle on whether or not their information technology systems are reliable and resilient.

Facebook used Delta to woo advertisers, but now the airline is boycotting the company, too

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The second largest airline in the world is pausing its advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The airliner’s ad pause is particularly notable, as Facebook was just promoting its advertising relationship with Delta a week ago. Delta was one of the advertisers they showcased for the posts the airline ran during the coronavirus pandemic. Verizon. Best Buy. Coca-Cola. Ben & Jerry’s.

United Airlines Grounds Flights Due to IT Issues

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IT infrastructure problems disrupt United travel for second time in about one month Read More. Downtime Networking

Delta System Failure Marks Wake-Up Call for Airline Industry

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Each major US carrier sustained disruptions during the last year due to outdated information systems Read More. Disaster Recovery Downtime Enterprise Infrastructure Power

Boeing CEO tells NBC that pandemic is ‘likely’ to put a major U.S. airline out of business


airline will “most likely” go out of business due to fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. ” It might take until the end of the year for levels to approach 50%, “so there will definitely be adjustments that have to be made on the part of the airlines,” Calhoun said in an excerpt released today. air carriers , including Seattle-based Alaska Air, are among airlines that have applied for federal assistance through a $25 billion payroll support program.

*Really* miss flying? Join over 100 other weirdos on this 7-hour 'flight to nowhere'.

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Australian airline Qantas revealed their Great Southern Land flight on Thursday, offering Sydney passengers the chance to buzz over iconic destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, and Bondi Beach. More about Australia , Airlines , Scenic , Qantas , and Flights.

Cyber Security in Aviation


With multiple systems providers, airlines and IFC providers managing various components of an airplane, gaps are becoming more frequent in the aviation landscape. Airline to Award Hackers for Finding Hidden Bugs ( CTO Strategy Aircraft engine Airline Computer security Cyber Threats Hacker (computer security) United AirlinesWith the public inundated with reports of an alarming number of computer hacks, the question in everyone’s mind is “what is next?”

Gogo lays off 14 percent of its workers as airline industry struggles continue

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Photo by Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images. In-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo is laying off 143 people , or about 14 percent of its workforce, as people continue to avoid air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company previously furloughed 600 workers and cut executive pay in April, and said Thursday that it will “continue certain furloughs and maintain the salary reductions that were previously implemented.”.

Outages at Delta and Southwest Airlines hold valuable management lessons

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Both airlines’ outages were massive, requiring days to fully recover. Because airlines are highly dependent on IT, both companies undoubtedly had a disaster recovery plan (DRP) and a business continuity plan (BCP.) Delta’s and Southwest’s planes are flying again, but the system outages both suffered last summer were painful for them. What can your company learn from their unfortunate experiences? Both had to cancel thousands of flights and lost millions of dollars in revenue.

Attention Passengers: We’ve Got a Dweeb Alert

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this is not a drill lol coronavirus sars cov 2 pandemic covid 19 american airlines airplanes air travel airlines face masks health technologyThis is your captain speaking. Dweeb alert! This is not a drill. Dweeb alert! That’s right, folks, there is a dweeb alert in effect on this aircraft. Read more.

What Exactly The Heck Are Prescriptive Analytics?

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american airlines. Analytics Application Development Prescriptive Analytics american airlinesPrescriptive analytics is about using data and analytics to improve decisions and therefore the effectiveness of actions. Isn't that what all analytics should be about? A hearty "yes" to that because, if analytics does not lead to more informed decisions and more effective actions, then why do it at all?

High-flying e-signature powerhouse DocuSign to bump United Airlines off Nasdaq 100


Shares of DocuSign soared more than seven percent on Monday after the Nasdaq announced that the pioneering maker of electronic signature technology will join the Nasdaq 100, bumping United Airlines from the spot. It’s certainly a sign of the times to see a cloud-based software company such as DocuSign replacing an airline given the changing dynamics of the economy in the era of COVID-19. DocuSign CEO Daniel Springer. DocuSign Photo).