The Ways And Means Of B2B Buyer Journey Maps: We’re Going Deep at Forrester’s B2B Forum

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B2B B2B marketing Uncategorized B2B Marketing Buyer Journey Buyer Journey Map Engagement Marketing wizdoA very, very long time ago, a sales training instructor told me, “It’s the job of the sales person to teach the buyer how to buy.”

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The Future Of B2B Mobile Enterprise Services

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Business-to-business (B2B) ecosystems facilitate the continuous exchange of information and collaboration. Mobility will be a central enabler for these B2B digital ecosystems. Read more Categories: #B2B. B2B customer experience.

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Emotion and the B2B brand experience

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Turns out that during the 2017 sporting event, B2B brands produced some of the most-talked-about commercials. adaptive brand marketing B2B B2B marketing brand building brand experience branding UncategorizedIf I asked you for a list brands that might air a commercial during the Super Bowl, you’d probably include a brand like Pepsi, perhaps a Tom Brady-endorsed Foot Locker, or yet another mega consumer brand.

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Forrester’s B2B Marketing Forum Reinforces The Concept Of “Customer As Compass” (And Covers What To Do About It)

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I hope that nobody in your organization needs convincing that you should join us at the B2B Marketing Forum in Austin, Texas, this year (October 5 and 6, 2017). What’s unique is that we’ve designed the agenda to help B2B marketing leaders succeed at […].

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Are You A Customer-Obsessed B2B Marketer? A Sneak Peek Of Our Forum

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Customer-Obsessed B2B firms are 2X more likely to report revenue growth of 10% or more in the last fiscal year. B2B marketingNow there’s a headline! These firms are also more likely to have loyal customers (who spend money with them) and happier employees (who are more productive). If you’ve listened to Forrester anytime during the past […].

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Ascent B2B IT Forum – Secrets to a Successful Startup/Corporate Relationship

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We explored secrets to successful startup/corporate relationships last week at Ascent’s B2B IT Forum , with a panel of experts from LogMeIn , PTC , Aqua Security , Carbonite and CloudLock. The post Ascent B2B IT Forum – Secrets to a Successful Startup/Corporate Relationship appeared first on Ascent Venture Partners.

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B2B IT Forum: How Cybersecurity is being handled today and a look ahead

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Events Ascent B2B IT Forum B2B IT Forum cloud CloudLock cybersecurity IT Forum SecurityWith all companies now targets of cyber-attacks, and the average cost of a successful attack rising to $4 million, the demand for security talent is at an all-time high.

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Ascent B2B IT Forum – CX in the Age of Innovation: The Convergence of Digital & Physical

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Last week, we hosted our 10th B2B IT Forum where we explored customer experience in the age of innovation.

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Introducing the B2B IT Forum

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To fill this unmet need, we are hosting a new series of meet-ups we call the B2B IT Forum , with the inaugural event taking place on June 26 th. Each B2B IT Forum will focus on a core enterprise IT topic: security, social media, mobility, big data, etc.

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The Combination of Cloud & Mobile and its Grip on B2B Automation – Part 2

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But for those who don’t see the significance of this combination, who feel traditional B2B software will now just be hosted in the cloud and accessible on your smart phone, let’s probe deeper…. Cloud Mobile B2B cloud mobile

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15 Stats About High-Tech B2B

Perficient - Digital Transformation has an interesting article on some key stats in the B2B world. B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers. Digital Experience b2b digital marketing marketing trendsBy that we are talking about buying software or using solutions meant for business to business rather than a consumer facing solution. Think campaign management software rather than a shopping cart. I won’t quote every single stat but here are my top three: 2.

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The Combination of Cloud & Mobile and its Grip on B2B Automation – Part 1

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The combination of Cloud and mobile is responsible for delivering next generation cloud-based solutions for B2B applications (and far beyond). Stay tuned for The Combination of Cloud & Mobile and its Grip on B2B Automation – Part 2.

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It’s Time B2B Marketing Hits The Restart On Social Media

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After a promising start a decade ago, social media has long been stuck in a rut of diminished expectations and attention. Social was originally expected to function as the omnipresent lens through which companies could understand and engage their buyers.

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Ascent B2B IT Forum: The Paradigm of Security: Turning Cyber Threat into Opportunity

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Events B2B IT Forum CIO cybersecurity Enterprise IT SecurityThe modern security landscape is becoming a competitive arms race between cyber-attackers and defenders.

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Does ABM Drive Results For Your Business?

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account-based marketing (ABM) age of the customer B2B marketing customer advocacy direct marketing go-to-market strategies marketing measurement sales ABM B2B B2B Marketing sales enablementABM … Account-based marketing … A – Bee – Em.

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Leading Brands Tap New Enablement Tools

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In the past two years, the percentage of B2B buyers who reported that they found going online superior to interacting with a salesperson increased from 53% to 68%. Come join us at Forrester’s B2B Marketing 2017 forum […]. B2B sales

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Announcing the October B2B IT Forum on the Internet of Things

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Our next B2B IT Forum on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 will outline the current state of the IoT market and will discuss the near-term opportunities for innovative companies to embrace IoT across various industry segments. Please register to attend the B2B IT Forum here: [link].

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Ascent B2B IT Forum – Machine Learning: How Artificial Intelligence is Invading the Enterprise

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On Tuesday night at our B2B IT Forum on machine learning, our moderator, BBJ executive editor Doug Banks, began by asking our panelists from Nara Logics , Luminoso , Zaius , and RapidMiner , a simple question: what’s the difference between machine learning and AI?

Ascent B2B IT Forum – Next-Gen Enterprise Tech: How AR & VR are Pushing New Boundaries

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Last week, Ascent hosted our 9th B2B IT Forum on AR and VR as it makes its way from obscurity to mainstream. 2 016 marked the year that augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) made it out of research and development labs and became a consumerized – and widely recognized – technology.

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Power Your Digital Ecosystems With Business Platforms

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" Platforms " are fast becoming all the rage in the B2B context. A big driver for platforms in the B2B context has been the success of consumer-focused platform businesses like Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb. Business platforms support: Read more Categories: B2B.

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The B2B Breach Trifecta: Equifax, SEC, and Deloitte

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The B2B Breach Trifecta: Equifax, SEC, and Deloitte As rumors emerged this morning about a compromise of consulting firm Deloitte, this becomes the third breach announced in just a few short weeks of organizations that share a similar profile: Each one is primarily – or exclusively – a B2B organization.

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The Road To Customer Obsession Is Paved With Good (Data) Intentions: New Report And Webinar

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But for too many B2B marketers, bad data is a sad fact of life. In a recent survey, just 12% of B2B marketers told us they have “high confidence” in the accuracy of their customer data. account-based marketing (ABM) advanced analytics B2B marketing data management

Winning the New Enterprise Sales Game: This Week’s B2B IT Forum

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We are very pleased that our second B2B Enterprise IT Forum was so well received. Advice Events News Software & SaaS American Tower Ascent Venture Partners B2B Fall IT Forum Hubspot Microsoft NERD Center Onaro Staples vKernel

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Make Each Route The Best Path For Buyers

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Forrester’s B2B marketing, sales, and channel analysts have conducted new research that will prove invaluable in the quest to modernize your company’s selling systems and deliver […]. B2B channel partners Channels Marketing Routes

Stop The MarTech Madness!

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If you’re a B2B marketer and wondering about these or similar questions, you’re not alone. […]. B2B B2B marketing Forum Marketing MarTechHow much are you spending on Marketing Technology? How do you know if you’re spending it on the right solutions?

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How To Make Smarter MarTech Investments

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B2B Uncategorized Invest MarTechForrester has covered marketing technology for 15 years, and I’ve been here for nearly 11 of them.

VR and AR Offer Innovative Solutions For Real B2B Marketing Problems

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While this is certainly a valid marketing use case, it’s not all this technology has to offer B2B marketers.

Next B2B IT Forum – The Shift to the Cloud: Disrupting Legacy Industries

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For those curious about how leveraging the cloud could transform their industry, we will host our fifth B2B IT Forum, “ The Shift to the Cloud: Disrupting Legacy Industries ” on Wednesday, February 26 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, Mass.

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B2B IT Forum: How the Cloud Enables Legacy Market Disruption

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Cloud Business Services Events B2B IT Forum cloud cloud security Executives from Hailo, Invaluable, CustomMade and HubCast shared stories and insight regarding how their companies are transforming legacy markets.

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What’s It Take To Make ABM Succeed? Customer Obsession!

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account-based marketing (ABM) B2B marketing customer centricity marketing methods ABM Account-based marketing B2B Marketing customer relationships customer-obsessed customer-obsessed operating model digital transformationThis past Tuesday evening (October 17), TechTarget and invited me to share some wisdom about success strategies for account-based marketing (ABM) with a couple dozen customers, prospects, and friends.

Even in 2017, physical mailers still matter in B2B sales

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Yes, believe it or not even in this digital age, high-impact mailers still represent an important part of the sales process. Direct mailers like printed or hand-written notes or cards, or gift cards, are a means of initiating a conversation with a new prospect, following up after a meeting, or onboarding a new customer. Research carried out by Utah-based has demonstrated

The Data Digest: Get Inside The Mind Of Your Changing B2B Tech Buyer

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Technology has become the foundation for nearly every customer experience, enabling companies to provide new sources of value to customers with each interaction. It's no surprise, then, that business leaders are shifting their mindset and their approach to technology. Specifically, tech-empowered customers and their rising expectations have led to changes in: Business priorities and areas for improvement. Who is involved in the decision-making process for tech purchases.

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Venturing Into ABM? What You Should Be Asking

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account-based marketing (ABM) advanced analytics B2B B2B marketing big dataIs curiosity as important as intelligence when it comes to handling complexity? Some new thinking from HBR suggests that it is — especially when handling ambiguity and change.

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