List of SCCM CB DMP Downloader State Messages


DMP downloader is the components which download source files of SCCM CB updates. Following are the list of List of SCCM CB DMP Downloader State Messages. The post List of SCCM CB DMP Downloader State Messages appeared first on Anoops.

How and Where to Find and Download R


For those who are interested in starting a project in R, the steps to download a copy of your own are quick and easy: Simply go to To download R, click on the link labeled CRAN on the left side, under the words "Download, Packages". By May Gourley.

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StartApp Hits the Billion Download Mark

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Ascent portfolio company StartApp has been on an incredible ride over the last 18 months, and recently achieved its biggest milestone yet in its young history: one billion downloads. (As TechCrunch: StartApp’s Mobile Search Monetization Platform For Android Surpasses 150 Million Downloads.

CM Update Reset Tool Fixes SCCM CB Update Download Issue


Have you faced SCCM CB update getting stuck in the “Downloading” state? I have seen SCCM CB updates are getting stuck in downloading stage. In this post, we will see “CM Update Reset Tool Fixes SCCM CB Update Download Issue.”

Dangerous keyboard app has more than 50 million downloads

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The Flash Keyboard app has been downloaded more than 50 million times -- but is capable of some extremely dangerous behaviors. "It For a while, the app was in the top 20 downloads for the Google Play Store, he added. It looked like it was a convenient keyboard that had some nice features," said Bill Anderson, chief product officer at mobile security company OptioLabs. The marketing copy in the app store looked great."

Download speed not biggest broadband concern, say manufacturers

Computer Weekly

Manufacturing association EEF warns the government that focusing too much on broadband speed is distracting policy-makers from other issues

Download YouTube Videos


Looking to download Youtube videos in high definition, full quality formats, at fast speeds without visiting third party websites immersed in ads and spyware? Easy Youtube Video Downloader is multi-platform and cross browser compatible (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Explorer).

Federal Agencies Now Have Access to “Fast Start” Cybersecurity Assessments Via Pre-Competed GWAC


For more information: Download the 30-day solution to the cybersecurity challenge here. Download “30-Day Cybersecurity Assessment Fast Start Solution” UPDATED-Cognitio-Fast-Start-GWAC-30-Day-Cyber-021116.pdf – Downloaded 0 times – 254 kB. Katie Kennedy.

Free PDF download: Cybersecurity in an IoT and mobile world

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Download it as a free PDF ebook This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic examines the evolving landscape of cybersecurity as mobile and IoT become indispensable tools in the enterprise.

eBook 11

10 no-cost home security mobile apps worth a download

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McCann has rounded up 10 of the best mobile home security apps for iOS and Android — all free to download and all worth a try. The App Store and Google Play stores are awash in home security apps. How do you choose?

Federal Agencies Now Have Access to Cloud Engineering and Execution Services Via Pre-Competed GWAC


Download “30-Day Cloud Computing Fast Start Solution” UPDATED-Cognitio-Fast-Start-GWAC-30-Cloud-021116.pdf – Downloaded 3 times – 243 kB. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security DOD Government Intelligence Community News CMA Cognitio Download Government Events

Free MP3 Music Download Sites


There are still a few free MP3 music download sites that are available. These sites will allow you to download music free of charge. Here are just a few of the MP3 music download sites that you should not miss: YouTube.

Windows 8.1 Tips: How To Download the Windows 8.1 Pro ISO.


Teenager claims to have accessed FTPs, downloaded data from every state domain

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A security researcher going by Minxomat scanned IPv4 addresses and then released a list of nearly 800,000 open FTP servers, meaning no authentication is required to access them. His scan revealed that 4.32% of all FTP servers in the IPv4 address space allowed “anonymous” users to login with no password. This is a list of all (796,578) FTP servers directly connected to port 21 in the IPv4 address space that allow anonymous logins,” Minxomat wrote on GitHub.

Data 16

Five ways to maintain your privacy on your smartphone, no downloads required

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You can download apps to audit your privacy, but who's to say those apps aren't a security risk themselves? Here are five tips for maintaining your privacy in the always-connected world

Malware downloaded every 81 seconds, says new Check Point security report

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A new report from Check Point claims that the average day in an enterprise organization is rife with malware and malicious applications

Step-by-Step: Spin-up a Windows Server 2012 R2 Lab in the Cloud - Faster than you can download the bits!

IT Pros Rock!

Linux 40

Microsoft Offers Windows 10 Edge Testing on Downloadable VMs

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Hyper-V 2012, VirtualBox, and VMware virtual machines available for three months at a time Read More. Microsoft

What's WhatsApp's desktop app? A bloated, pointless, Windows/Mac download, that's what

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But as a 60 MB download, it's incredibly bloated, given its lack of functionality. WhatsApp now has a desktop app, for Windows 8 and up or Mac OS 10.9 and up. I can't see the point of using this over the Web app. Can you? In IT Blogwatch , bloggers can't, either. Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

5 Reasons Why You Should Download AVG Antivirus For Android


Did you know that you may download an app that can destroy your device without you even knowing it? Many apps that seem harmless are downloaded, but sometimes they can bring destruction and mayhem to your device.

The Single Greatest Threat To A CIO’s Network Security: Their Children

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Security beef up bills children download viruses evaluate messes network one click purchases security risk weak linkCIOs always have to be aware of what their children are doing online Image Credit: freeparking.

Various Options to Download Windows 10 1709 RS3


The post Various Options to Download Windows 10 1709 RS3 appeared first on Anoops. Windows 10 Download Windows 10 1709 featured MSDN Windows 10 1709 Various Windows 10 Download Options VLSC WIndows 10 1709Windows 10 Fall Creators Updates (RS3) released a couple of weeks back.

Download our report: IT Security's Looming Tipping Point

ComputerWorld IT Management

Given the rash of high-profile data breaches that have exposed customers' personal information, created PR nightmares and cost C-level executives their jobs, IT and business leaders should have security at the top of their priority list. But while businesses are saying the right things about giving IT security more attention and budget, is that talk being put into useful action? To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story

Is It Time For CIO’s To Open Up Their Own App Store?

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As the CIO of your company, you’d like to have just a bit more control over the quality of the apps that your staff are downloading onto their company provided smart phones. Innovation app store bogus apps download quality control secure user feedback

Get More Details about Windows 10 Accelerator Program


Adaptiva ConfigMgr (SCCM) ConfigMgr CB Download Windows 10 migration PDF Features Get More Details about Windows 10 Accelerator Program How to start migrating Windows 10 Windows 10 migration guideMost of the organization are getting ready for Windows 10 migrations.

Accelerating Cancer Research Using a Big Data Approach


Big Data CTO Health IT Cancer Research Cray Download Research LibraryKatie Kennedy. New to the CTOvision research library , Cray's Solution Brief "Accelerating Cancer Research Using a Big Data Approach." In this brief, Cray address the challenge for cancer researchers and offers a solution. Their solution is their Urika-GD™ graph analytics appliance.

App-based challenger bank Starling enters next stage of its journey

Computer Weekly

Thousands of people are downloading Starling’s app every week as the bank builds its customer base

There is no shortage of open data. The question is, is anyone using it?

Computer Weekly

The UK government’s data portal,, currently shows 36,552 published datasets available, but how usable are they, and is anyone actually downloading them

Great Reference Graphic To Keep Your Brain Engaged On All Elements Of Big Data


Download and print and post on your wall to periodically review and to continue to ensure you are thinking of the many related elements of analytical solutions. Download “Do You Know Big Data?” pdf – Downloaded 74 times – 239 kB. 74 downloads).

Pokémon Go guide app with half a million downloads hacks Android devices

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Security researchers have found a malicious application on Google Play that had over 500,000 downloads and was designed to gain complete control over Android devices. The application masqueraded as a guide for the popular Pokémon Go game and used multiple layers of obfuscation to bypass Google Play's malware detection mechanisms, researchers from Kaspersky Lab said in a blog post. The app contains a malicious module that doesn't execute immediately.

After Congress revokes Internet privacy rules, downloads double of VPN-equipped Opera browser

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Opera Software today boasted that the number of new U.S. users of its namesake browser more than doubled days after Congress voted to repeal restrictions on broadband providers eager to sell customers' surfing history. Opera debuted a VPN -- virtual private network -- a year ago, and finalized the feature in September.

Free PDF download: The art of the hybrid cloud

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Download it as a free PDF ebook This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic looks at how organizations are balancing on-premise storage and services with the gradual shift to cloud computing.

Adware turns a tidy profit for those who sneak it into downloads

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If you've ever downloaded software, chances are you've experienced an all-too-common surprise: ads or other unwanted programs that tagged along for the ride, only to pop up on your PC uninvited. Turns out there's a highly lucrative global industry making it happen, with "layers of deniability" to protect those involved.