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Top Six Linux Distributions for Your Data Center

Tech Republic Data Center

Linux powers the enterprise. From the cloud to containers and to the backbone of your network, Linux is there working tirelessly to keep your business humming. Whether you use Linux in your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or your on-premise data center, you use Linux. But what about distribution?

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Google Ships Emergency Update for the Sixth Zero-day Chrome Vulnerability in 2022

IT Toolbox

Google issued the update for the desktop versions of the browser, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The post Google Ships Emergency Update for the Sixth Zero-day Chrome Vulnerability in 2022 appeared first on Spiceworks. It is unclear if Chrome for Android and iOS are impacted.

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Linux finally has an impressive cloud-like OS in Ubuntu Web

Tech Republic Cloud

Jack Wallen has discovered a Chrome OS-like Linux desktop distribution that makes it possible for users to cut ties with Google while enjoying a full-blown operating system.

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Google invests in open source security by funding Linux kernel developers

Venture Beast

Google announced today that it will underwrite the salaries for two developers to focus on Linux's fundamental security. Read More.

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Google commits $1M to new Linux Foundation open source security rewards program

Venture Beast

Google is sponsoring Secure Open Source (SOS) Rewards, a new open source security program hosted by the Linux Foundation. Read More.

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What’s New at Linux Academy?

Linux Academy

If you’ve been a Linux Academy learner for a while, you have probably seen our monthly updates. While we have enjoyed creating these Youtube videos, we have made the official move to give you a single source of truth, in text form, of all things new at Linux Academy. Thank you for being a Linux Academy learner.

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Google and Canonical bring Flutter apps to Linux and the Snap Store

Venture Beast

Google is partnering with the Ubuntu Desktop team at Canonical to bring Linux support to its open source UI framework Flutter. Read More.

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