WVD Deep Dive Technical Videos from Microsoft Ignite 2020


Here are some of the WVD Deep Dive Technical Videos from Microsoft Ignite 2020. So this will be one stop shop for all Microsoft Endpoint Manager videos! Related post – ConfigMgr Intune Deep Dive Videos from Ignite 2020 How to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop and secure […].

Video 150

ConfigMgr Intune Deep Dive Videos from Ignite 2020


As mentioned in SCCM Intune Deep Dive Technical Videos Microsoft Ignite 2020 article, here are some of the videos released by Microsoft. So this will be one stop shop for all Microsoft Endpoint Manager videos! SCCM ConfigMgr Intune Deep Dive Videos featured

Video 123

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SCCM Intune Deep Dive Technical Videos Microsoft Ignite 2020


The post SCCM Intune Deep Dive Technical Videos Microsoft Ignite 2020 appeared first on How to Manage Devices by Anoop C Nair. SCCM featured Microsoft Ignite 2020 Videos SCCM Intune Deep Dive Technical VideosSubscribe YouTube Channel [link].

Video 120

Video - and Online Video Platforms - Are Essential For Customer Engagement

Forrester IT

Video conveys emotion unlike text and can show features and functionality unlike any picture. That's why retailers see nearly triple the conversion rate on product pages that have video versus those that don't. Entering what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls "this new golden age of videos online," companies and brands need an enterprise-class online video platform to deliver the video experiences that drive customer engagement. online video platforms.

Video 219

Everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in October 2020

Mashable VR

More about Amazon Prime , Streaming Services , October , Amazon Prime Video , and Prime Video. Amazon Prime Streaming Services October Amazon Prime Video Prime VideoRead more.

Video 83

OODA Launches New On Demand Video Series Aimed At Executive Development


The latest OODA Network member benefit is a video on demand series that provides expert context from our analysts. Current titles in our on demand video library include: A Practitioner’s View of […].

Create professional videos fast with this online video maker

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Get a one-year subscription to the FlexClip Online Video Maker for $29.99, a 68% savings as of Sept. There are lots of video editing and production tools out there these days. More about Video Editing , Mashable Shopping , Tech , and Consumer Tech.

Video 77

Video Provides Overview of OODA’s 2020 Future Proof Conference


The video here provides a succinct overview of some of the topics and speakers and expected outcomes of our 2020 OODAcon, Future Proof: OODA’s Future Proof conference will be held on March 19, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner, Virginia.

What is Kubernetes: A video overview


The video below provides an introduction into Kubernetes and the benefits it provides to firms in terms of scalable cloud architecture. Kubernetes is a platform for working with computing containers (like Docker). Kubernetes provides a means to do deployments, a way to scale, and tools for monitoring. We reference Kubernetes frequently on CTOvision. For more […]. Cloud Computing News

Video 224

Mux raises $37 million to streamline video delivery and analytics

Venture Beast

Mux, a startup developing video analytics and streaming delivery platforms, has raised $37 million from an array of venture investors. Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Media Mobile Analytics API automation funding daily Mux stats streaming Video video deliveryRead More.

Video 84

Video Helps Your Customers In Their Moment Of Need

Forrester IT

Your customers use apps like Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, and Facetime to hold video calls and you should be using video to connect with them, too. In our report Now You See Me -- Video Chat Improves The Customer Experience we found that retail, financial services, healthcare, and other verticals embrace video chat as a way to serve customers in their time of need and as a way to drive measureable ROI. Video chat is useful across the customer journey. video.

Video 244

Devolver Digital celebrates wacky indie video games coming in 2020

Venture Beast

Devolver Digital unveiled its wacky and wondrous indie video games coming in 2020, with a Not E3 direct show on Saturday. Read More.

Video 112

SCCM Patching Basics Video Recording Available Now | ConfigMgr


The post SCCM Patching Basics Video Recording Available Now | ConfigMgr appeared first on How to Manage Devices by Kannan CS. SCCM ConfigMgr Patching Basics featured SCCM Patching Basics SCCM Software Update Basics VideoSubscribe YouTube Channel [link].

Video 140

Luna Labs’s Replay automates creation of mobile game video ads

Venture Beast

Luna Labs is launching Replay, a tool for mobile game studios that lets them create endless versions of video ads from one game video. Read More.

Mobile 109

Quibi’s troubled launch was compounded by a drop in mobile video viewing

Venture Beast

Quibi launched a mobile video platform for users on the go just as people were suddenly going nowhere. Business Media Mobile Adobe Amazon Prime Apple TV category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media category-/Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video Disney Netflix Quibi video streamingAn Adobe streaming report reveals the impact. Read More.

Video 80

FedCyber, The Video


By Bob Gourley Some things we all love about video: Video is easy to watch, everyone likes to click on the play button. Video is easy to share, especially YouTube video. Video can convey lots of info in a memorable way. We are working with one of the nation’s best video production teams, SecureNinjaTV , to capture some of the technologies of note that will be on the expo floor of the Third Annual FedCyber Summit.

Video 170

Video Presentation on Abusing Software Defined Networks


See the video at this link and embedded below: Im a huge fan of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and so many other related applications of advanced enterprise tech. But watching this video is giving me pause. CTO Cyber Security Video software defined networkingIt very clearly shows that current SDN implementations are full of weaknesses that could shift the SDN Utopia into a nightmare.

Contribute to Chaotic Video Calls With Simple Gestures Using This Video Lens

GizModo VR

By now, most of us have given up trying to contribute during a crowded video call, and instead just mute our mics and politely nod in agreement until it’s time to hang up. video calling snapchat hacks cameron hunter vc lens snap camera

Video 85

How to Change Your Background on a Video Conference Call

GizModo VR

As we’ve all grown more used to video calling for everything from school to birthday parties, the importance of the right background has started to become noticeable. video backgrounds video calling video apps zoom google meet skype microsoft teams google duo

Video 52

Video Overview of Surprising New Technologies


The video below highlights some of the technology available today, (most of these are only available via Kickstarter now, but clearly they are coming. The Future Video 2016 Emerging technologies Hoverboard technologyKatie Kennedy. Enjoy!

Video 193

How To Download Video And Playlist From YouTube For Free


YouTube is a place where you can find all kinds of videos from DIY videos to workout videos. Unlike Netflix or any other streaming service, YouTube lets you play the video for free as long as your device is connected to the Internet. If you run out of data plan or having Internet connection issues when you are watching a nice video, of course, that’s not fun at all. Like many other people, you may hope that there is a method to download video from YouTube.

Video 70

How Enterprises Can Adopt Video Game Cloud Strategy

Information Week

Forrester report explores ways other sectors can learn from infrastructure deployed to support video gaming

8 Weekends of ConfigMgr Intune Learning Season #1 HTMD | Videos


The post 8 Weekends of ConfigMgr Intune Learning Season #1 HTMD | Videos appeared first on How to Manage Devices by Admin. SCCM 8 Weekends of ConfigMgr Intune Learning Season featured Intune Training Videos SCCM Training VideosSubscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. 2000+ participant 1800 minutes of learning by the HTMD community. Let’s have a quick review of 8 weekends of ConfigMgr Intune learnings.

Video 87

The 10 best free family movies on Amazon Prime Video

Mashable VR

Look no further than Amazon Prime Video. Whether you're searching for a superhero origin story for the tweens, longing for a comedy for the young ones, or looking for a fantasy that's guranteed to please them all, Prime Video has got you covered.

Film 79

Fraunhofer’s VVC promises to reduce video file sizes by 50% to improve mobile network efficiency

Venture Beast

Ultra high-resolution 4K, 8K, and 360-degree videos will see major file size reductions thanks to this sequel to popular H.264 and H.265 video formats.

Mobile 107

AI researchers use heartbeat detection to identify deepfake videos

Venture Beast

AI researchers are using heartbeat detection to identify deepfake videos and even to figure out what kind of generative model created a deepfake. Read More.

You Don’t Think You Need An Online Video Platform? Think again.

Forrester IT

If your idea of "doing video" means having a YouTube channel, then you need to up your game. While a freemium player like YouTube can be an important part of an overall video strategy, it shouldn't be the only part. We detail that and more in Forrester's Vendor Landscape: Online Video Platforms For Sales And Marketing. Last year marked the first time that digital video outpaced every other online activity in time spent. digital video. enterprise video.

Video 226

Move.ai enables AI motion capture without the hassle for video game production

Venture Beast

AI Business Games category-/Arts & Entertainment category-/Games/Computer & Video Games DeanBeat News Mark Endemano markerless motion capture Move.ai Move.ai can use artificial intelligence to capture a 3D representation of an actor in a process known as markerless motion capture.

3D 103

Voodle wants companies to ditch boring group calls for 1-minute videos

Venture Beast

Short, mobile device-friendly videos are all the rage -- and now they could be the solution to tedious corporate conference calls. AI Business Enterprise Media Mobile category-/News Pixvana short video services short videos videos VoodleRead More.

Start Caring About VR And 360-Degree Video

Forrester IT

At the International CES mega show in Las Vegas, virtual reality hardware makers moved the needle on both consumption and creation devices for formats like VR and 360-degree video. Specifically in the area of 360 video creation technology, we saw some impressive cameras at CES. Insta360 Pro debuted an 8K camera (left) that can also shoot 4K video at 100 frames per second. When it comes to producing 360 video, remember: Read more.

Video 236

Everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2020

Mashable Tech

More about Streaming Services , Amazon Prime Video , June , Prime Video , and Knives Out. Streaming Services Amazon Prime Video June Prime Video Knives OutRead more.

Video 82

Nvidia’s GameGAN generates games like Pac-Man by watching videos

Venture Beast

Nvidia researchers created an AI system that can synthesize video games simply by watching videos of other games, as well as actions taken in those games. AI Big Data Dev Games Media ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Games/Computer & Video Games category-/Science/Computer Science Doom GameGAN Generative adversarial networks NVidia Pac-Man PacMan research video games

Video 87

Nvidia Broadcast brings RTX-powered AI to livestreaming video

Venture Beast

Nvidia Broadcast is a new tool that brings together all of the companys RTX AI features for creating video and audio content. Read More.

Video 104

CIO Power Politics: Master the Art of the Stall [Video]


The post CIO Power Politics: Master the <span style="color: #000080;">Art</span> of the Stall [Video] appeared first on Smarter With Gartner. Every CIO has been in a situation in which an executive or coworker has asked a difficult question about a project. The instinct is to answer immediately, but Tina Nunno , vice president and Gartner fellow, advises CIOs to resist the urge and stall for a better outcome.

Video 230

How security and copyright protection shaped video games as a business

Venture Beast

He also provides a perspective on how security shapes video games. AR/VR Business Games Media PC Gaming Security category-/Arts & Entertainment category-/Games/Computer & Video Games How Games Make Money Limited Run Games Modern Vintage Gamer Nightdive Studios podcast

Video 86

Live Video Streaming Application


Information Technology Blog - - Live Video Streaming Application - Information Technology Blog. With a simple mobile app, each user gets an opportunity to create a video broadcast and share it with an audience. A Brief Introduction to Live Video Streaming Application Development.

Video call lens turns gestures into comic-style text bubbles for when you're on mute

Mashable VR

With video calls now an unfortunate 2020 staple, unmuting your microphone to briefly agree with someone has become a common, awkward nuisance. Fortunately, a new video lens is providing a pretty stylish solution to this irritation. Video Chat Video Conference Snap Lenses Tech

Video 83

How cyberattacks are targeting video gamers and companies

Tech Republic Security

Game players are affected by phishing campaigns, while gaming companies are getting hit by DDoS attacks, says Akamai

Video 153

How to add music to a video


Music is a large part of video making. This gives the audience a more realistic experience when watching the videos. In this article, we will cover the ways to add music to videos so that you can create more professional videos yourself. How To music video videos

Video 52

TikTok's Scrambling to Keep a Suicide Video from Going Viral

GizModo VR

A video that shows a man shooting himself with a gun began circulating on TikTok this weekend, and the company has been racing to keep it from spreading further. tiktok suicide prevention video

Video 83

How to Setup Co-Management Video Tutorials


In this post, I have collated all Co-Management Video Tutorials in one place for easy access. All these videos are recorded with SCCM CB 1802 production version. The post How to Setup Co-Management Video Tutorials appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM Co-Management Video Tutorials featured Microsoft Co-Management Video step by Step guide for SCCM Co-management

Video 95

Bigscreen’s latest update adds player for native video files

Venture Beast

Bigscreen's latest update adds the capability to play local video files stored on a device when watching in VR, even when offline. AR/VR Games Media Bigscreen category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media category-/Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video category-/Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software VR media

Video 73

CIO Power Politics: How to Say No Assertively [Video]


The post CIO Power Politics: How to Say <span style="color: #000080;">No</span> Assertively [Video] appeared first on Smarter With Gartner. “How do I say no assertively without damaging relationships and minimize collateral damage?”. This is one of the most common questions Tina Nunno , Distinguished Vice President Analyst, Gartner receives during conversations with CIO s.

Video 209