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is an American designer, developer, manufacturer and global supplier of a wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. Broadcom’s product offerings serve the data center, networking, software, […]. Broadcom Inc.

DeepCube’s software-based solution accelerates AI on existing hardware

Venture Beast

DeepCube, a startup developing a platform that accelerates AI models on existing hardware, raised $7 million for research and expansion. Read More.


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Enable ConfigMgr Asset Intelligence Hardware Inventory | SCCM


The ConfigMgr Asset intelligence (AI) adds hardware inventory classes to collect more detailed information from Configuration Manager clients. This data includes the hardware and software titles used in your workplace environment. Subscribe YouTube Channel [link].

DriveNets wants software to replace networking hardware, raises $208 million

Venture Beast

DriveNets has raised $208 million for its Network Cloud service that replaces networking hardware with software. Read More.

Yes, the cloud is replacing enterprise hardware and software

David Linthicum

The trend is clear: The more public cloud services that are sold, the more traditional enterprise hardware and software vendors shrink. I''ve been making this accretion prediction for years. However, until recently, it''s not been readily apparent. Now it is. read more. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Cloud computing

Microsoft details new Surface Hub 2S hardware and software upgrades

Venture Beast

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft detailed new Surface Hub 2S hardware, as well as software upgrades headed to existing Surface Hub devices. Read More.

ConfigMgr Software Updates Reports | Default | SCCM


Let’s check the default ConfigMgr Software Updates Reports. Learn how to create deploy New Software Update (a.k.a There are other useful hardware related reports outside ConfigMgr software updates reports. Subscribe YouTube Channel [link].

Report 136

Conductive VC raises $150 million for (mostly) enterprise software and hardware startups

Venture Beast

Conductive Ventures has raised $150 million for its second venture capital fund, with a focus on enterprise software and hardware companies. Read More. Business Enterprise Carey Lai Conductive Ventures funding daily Jackpocket Kevin Chou Paul Yeh

How to document your software and hardware with DokuWiki

Tech Republic Data Center

Looking for a place to house your documentation, checklists, and other bits of information for your staff? Jack Wallen shows you how to install DokuWiki, which can serve this purpose well

Historical IBM Microcomputer Hardware/Software LAN Products

IT Toolbox

The concept of an overarching connectivity architecture such as SAA was one approach to managing these compromises. One clearly evident (if not explicitly stated) IBM strategy in managing outside competition was to coopt popular technology

LAN 122

AT&T to Open Source Network Hardware, NFV Software

Data Center Knowledge

As it replaces complex appliances with commodity hardware and software, the telco plans to make some of its own innovation public Read More. Networking Open Compute Virtualization

We love ideas like this: Open-source hardware could defend against the next generation of hacking


Pearce argue that open-source hardware could be the ultimate key against cyber attacks that companies are trying hard to find on The Conversation : You must have heard about open-source software helping in fighting cyber attacks but imagine open-source hardware doing the same job for you in much better way. Read Prof. Joshua M.

Cisco Signals Success in Focus Shift from Hardware to Software

Data Center Knowledge

Optimistic forecast indicates strategic focus on software to compensate for slumping hardware sales is paying off Read More. Cisco Networking Technology

Riverbed Updates Steelhead Hardware and Software

Data Center Knowledge

Riverbed announced that it has extended its market leading Steelhead wide area network (WAN) optimization product family with the addition of a new hardware appliance and upgrades to its Steelhead software. Networking riverbed WAN

Forget Hardware, Forget Software, Forget the Infrastructure

Data Center Knowledge

Business users think IT is there to say “no,” and it’s IT’s job to change that Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured

Early reviews of Microsoft’s new Surface Duo praise hardware, pan buggy software and muddy camera


Tech reviewers are giving the company high marks, mostly, for the unique hardware of the Duo, a hinged device with two 5.6-inch screens that unfold like a small book. Microsoft’s Surface Duo, its first Android device, comes with two 5.6-inch screens. Microsoft Photo).

What Windows 10X is Going to Mean for Microsoft Hardware in 2021

GizModo VR

windows 10x microsoft microsoft surface neo windows softwareThere’s a brand new version of Windows on the way, and it’s set to change how we interact with our PCs—and even change our ideas about what a PC actually is.

Nokia 5G software can upgrade 5 million 4G tower radios without climbs

Venture Beast

Millions of 4G towers could switch seamlessly to 5G thanks to a Nokia software update that promises to hasten customers' low band 5G rollouts. Business Mobile 4G 5G 5G networks category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Phones cellular radios network hardware Nokia radios software update tower radiosRead More.

Did you want a side of SLBS with your software or hardware FUD? (BD2017)

IT Toolbox

Simple, on the one hand, there is no such thing as software that does not need hardware somewhere in the stack. Whats the issue with SLBS? Second, many purveyors of SLBS are solutions that in the past would have been called shrink-wrap. Thirdly IMHO SLBS tends to take away from the real benefit or story of some solutions that can also prompt questions or thoughts of if there are other FUD (fear uncertainty

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc. And it''s hard to have a meaningful point-of-view on SDS unless you also have a clear point-of-view on the hardware it will inevitably use. Hardware Matters.  But for the purposes of our software-defined storage model, it’s not a relevant distinction. 

Transforming IT from Monolithic Hardware Oriented to Mosaic Software Driven

Future of CIO

IT leaders should make an objective assessment: What’s the focal point of IT- the monolithic hardware oriented, or the bits & bytes information driven? Digital IT shifts from a monolithic hardware oriented support center to a mosaic information-driven "digital brain": Traditional IT organizations are perceived as an isolated function with monolithic hardware boxes, tangled wires, surrounding with IT staff stereotyped as geeks who speak a different language and lack of business acumen.

Apple has a new head of hardware engineering in latest executive shuffle

The Verge

John Ternus, Apple’s new senior vice president of hardware engineering | Photo: Apple. He’ll be replaced as Apple’s head hardware engineer by John Ternus, who led the hardware team designing the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, in addition to working on Apple’s M1 chips.

12 hardware and software vulnerabilities you should address now

Network World

It's not a stretch to say that most organizations have at least some old hardware and software still in use. Why spend money on new equipment or software if what's already in-house is adequate and functioning? An old computer that's still chugging along, running an old operating system and perhaps an application that is hard to replace, doesn't necessarily raise a red flag with IT staff.

The Endpoint Imperative: In a Software World, Hardware Does Matter

Cloud Musings

Hardware matters. Intel’s Sarah Wieskus joins The End Point Imperative: A Podcast series from Intel to discuss the importance of stable, optimized hardware in today’s digital world. The topic for this episode is "In A Software World Hardware Does Matter." What does this mean for the hardware? Intel is constantly innovating on the hardware side with our business brand of vPro. Also, as I mentioned before, that hardware security piece.

Honda is recalling 608,000 US vehicles due to software and hardware failures


Honda is announcing these recalls ahead of time to both inform customers, and encourage them to check if their specific car model is included in the recall. If you're a Honda owner, you can accomplish the latter via the company's official recall website right here

IO Launches OpenStack Cloud on Open Compute Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

Data center provider IO has entered the cloud computing market with IO.Cloud, a new platform running on Open Stack software and Open Compute hardware.

No Hardware Improvement in iPhone Camera Lenses Till 2022 – Tech Analyst Predicts


Even if it decides to hold back hardware upgrades, one can expect some improvement on the software front. A large section of the people who prefer an iPhone over smartphones manufactured by other companies is photography enthusiasts.

Retro Chic: The IoT Means Hardware Engineers Are Cool Again

The Investing Edge

The top of the entrepreneurial/technology pyramid is now firmly occupied by the Software Engineer. In the same way that mechanization ate the world for 150 years, software is eating our modern world. From the 19 th century Connecticut Yankee to the 20 th century Route 128 Technology Highway, the region has a 200 year tradition of academic leadership, mechanical, materials and electrical genius, and hardware excellence.

Emulating USB Dongle – Introducing HASP Dongle Emulator Software


Information Technology Blog - - Emulating USB Dongle – Introducing HASP Dongle Emulator Software - Information Technology Blog. Over the years the methods used by software developers and producers to limit the amount of users to a specific number in a licensing agreement have become more complex. One of the most common methods has been to use hardware keys or dongles which will enable the user to activate an application, unlocking its full functionality without using a device.

All the best antivirus software options for your Mac

Mashable VR

You've probably heard that Macs don't need antivirus software. Windows does tend to have more security vulnerabilities because, while Apple does everything in-house, Windows operates on hardware from a handful of manufacturers. Antivirus software is still a worthwhile purchase.

Scaleway announces cloud-based subscription access to Apple’s Mac mini M1

Venture Beast

Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page Amazon Web Services Apple AWS category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Mac mini M1 Scaleway

Apple 95

Portland-based hardware security startup Eclypsium raises $13M


based startup Eclypsium raised $13 million to help expand its enterprise hardware security technology. “Traditional software security solutions don’t provide visibility into the firmware risks these devices bring to an organization. Yuriy Bulygin, co-founder and CEO, Eclypsium (Eclypsium Photo). Portland, Ore.-based Founded in 2017, the company helps detect, analyze, and prevent security threats at the firmware level.

OctoML optimizes Apache TVM for Apple’s M1, beats Core ML 4 by 29%

Venture Beast

AI Business Enterprise Mobile Apache TVM Apple Apple Core ML Apple M1 category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Core ML 4 OctoML TVM

Apple 104

Apple’s Intel-ARM pivot could be a huge Mac moment or blown opportunity

Venture Beast

Business Marketing Mobile a-series chips Apple Apple silicon Arm category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Intel mac

Intel 114

Apple blamed IBM and Intel for Mac chip delays, but TSMC won’t be next

Venture Beast

Business Mobile 3nm 5-nanometer 5nm Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems category-/News chip fabrication IBM Intel M1 Chip TSMC

Intel 109

IBM Stakes POWER8 Claim to SAP Hana Hardware Market

Data Center Knowledge

Launches Power Systems optimized for SAP's in-memory database management software Read More. Big Data Blades IBM

IBM 179

The Chromecast’s reset button is proof of the reliability of hardware in a digital world

The Verge

Google’s Chromecast is the epitome of a software-first device. Nearly all of its capabilities are defined by software, and usually not even software that’s on the Chromecast itself. It’s a testament to the importance and reliability of physical inputs over software solutions.

The 5 biggest announcements from Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ hardware event

The Verge

Apple just wrapped up its “One More Thing” hardware live stream, where it announced new versions of the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini, each with its newly announced, promising M1 silicon.

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything. The next mountain to climb is clearly in sight: it's the software-defined data center, or SDDC.   While that's quite true, there's a much smaller group who sees something far more impactful -- a complete re-thinking of cloud-scale IT infrastructures: both software and hardware. Yes, much of what we think of as "hardware" today becomes dynamic, virtual services under software control. 

Apple’s first M1 chip-based Macs are playing it too safe

Venture Beast

Business Dev Mobile A12 A12X A12z A14 Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/News Intel M1 M1 Chip mac missed opportunity

Apple 99

Apple debuts M1, the first in a family of Mac-specific ARM processors

Venture Beast

Business 5-nanometer a-series chips Apple Arm category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems chipset M1 mac

Apple 99

Did you want a side of SLBS (server less BS) with your software or hardware FUD?

Storage IO Blog

It turns out, serverless BS (SLBS) and hardware less are still trendy, and while some might view the cloud or software-defined data center (SDDC) virtualization, or IoT folks as the culprits, it is more widespread with plenty of bandwagon riders. To me what’s ironic is that many purveyors of of SLBS also like to talk about hardware. The post Did you want a side of SLBS (server less BS) with your software or hardware FUD?

Is your enterprise software committing security malpractice?

Network World

Well, apparently that’s nothing compared to what enterprise security, analytics, and hardware management tools are doing. An analytics firm called ExtraHop examined the networks of its customers and found that their security and analytic software was quietly uploading information to servers outside of the customer's network. Back when this blog was dedicated to all things Microsoft I routinely railed against the spying aspects of Windows 10.