Cloud Boom Buoys Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet Results

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Cloud Computing Featured Google Intel Investing MicrosoftBiggest growth in businesses that deliver computing over internet Read More.

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Intel: World Will Switch to “Scale” Data Centers by 2025

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Computing infrastructure is changing, and Intel is fighting to remain at the forefront of the change Read More. Blades Featured Infrastructure Intel Open Compute

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What Keeps Intel’s CISO Up at Night?

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Enterprise Featured Infrastructure Intel SecurityOn making sense out of the constantly morphing enterprise security landscape Read More.

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Intel Finally Releases Its Rack Scale Design to Open Source

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Just a few weeks ahead of its upcoming IDF conference in San Francisco, Intel announced Thursday that the data center asset utilization platform it has been assembling since 2013 is now ready to be shared with the open source community.

Bright Computing Integrated with Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre


Bright Computing ’s latest version of Bright Cluster Manager is integrated with Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre (IEEL) software. With this integration, system administrators can easily deploy, use and maintain Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre using Bright. Customers are enabled to automate the installation of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre, all the while providing access to Bright-managed technologies from a central point of control. .

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Intel Security shifts channel strategy

Computer Weekly

Intel Security adjusts its channel strategy in response to a market shift towards services-based security

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Intel considers sale of security business

Computer Weekly

Intel is reportedly considering the sale of its security business to generate capital as the company restructures

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Intel Promotes Top Data Center Executive Diane Bryant

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Thirty-year Intel veteran in charge of company’s most important business Read More. Executive Intel

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Building An All-Flash Racing Cluster With Intel and VSAN

Chuck's Blog - EMC

At EMC World, the Intel team certainly raised the bar on impressive off-the-shelf Virtual SAN configuration — a 32-node all-flash NVMe-capable VSAN configuration that delivers both outrageous performance and substantial capacity in a slick single-rack footprint.

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Intel Pumps More Cash Into Big Data Startup BlueData

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Big Data Enterprise IntelLeads $20M Series C round for company that makes Hadoop and Spark easy to deploy Read More.

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Intel Launches Hadoop-Powered Big Data Platform

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Expanding its investment in a growing a big data portfolio Intel (INTC) launched the Intel Data Platform, a software suite based on open source technologies designed to make it easier and faster for companies to move from big data to big discoveries. Big Data Intel hadoop INTC

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Intel Rolls Out First Silicon Photonics Products for Data Center Networks

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Cloud Computing Connectivity Intel Networking TechnologyLasers blow copper-based interconnects out of the water with 100G machine-to-machine connectivity Read More.

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Intel Designs Custom Chips for AWS’ New C4 Instances

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Amazon Blades Cloud Computing Intel Tailored Xeon processors will provide highest CPU performance on EC2 ever. Read More.

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Intel Looks to Future Data Center Market With $16.7B Altera Acquisition

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As PC sales continue to decline, it is important for a company like Intel to secure a leading position in the future data center server market Read More. Blades Deals Intel

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Intel Building Next-Gen Xeon Phi for Artificial Intelligence

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Blades HPC Infrastructure IntelKnights Mill will be a general-purpose chip that will support machine learning and other workloads Read More.

Intel Wants to Make Machine Learning Scalable

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Blades Featured HPC IntelSays big GPU-filled boxes for machine learning are inefficient Read More.

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Human-machine teaming key to cyber defence, says Intel Security

Computer Weekly

Intel Security is working with a select group of customers on developing systems to enable human-machine teaming to get the best of both worlds in applying cyber threat intelligence

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Intel Leads $100M Round for OpenStack Cloud Heavyweight Mirantis

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Cloud Computing Featured IntelMirantis says latest funding will pay for making the open source cloud software easier to use Read More.

Examining New Mission-Focused Capabilities Coming From The Cloudera And Intel Engineering Partnership


The video at this link and embedded below captures the content and dialog of a webinar which examined new capabilities of Cloudera and Intel , with a focus on capabilities that provide a full stack solution to many key enterprise mission needs. By Bob Gourley.

Intel sold you out

Network World

The most bafflingly easy servers to hijack, turn out to be those running Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT). There should be prizes for this. Let’s call them The Oopsies. People warned me about this, and I pooh-pooh’d it. Please hand me a scraper so that I can wipe the egg off my face. The servers are so wickedly simple to jack that a third-grader can log into them and merrily do essentially root damage.

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Intel Unveils Its Fastest Data Center SSDs Yet

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Intel StorageP3608 series SSDs engineered specifically for enterprise and HPC workloads Read More.

Coho, Intel Rev Up Docker Containers with Flash and Hadoop

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Intel Storage Reference architecture tackles storage I/O bottlenecks exacerbated by containers Read More.

Intel reports record second quarter

Computer Weekly

Intel chief claims to have raised the bar on performance and predicts record year for the chip maker after record second-quarter revenue

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Intel’s James Named Vice Chair of U.S. President’s Telco Security Committee

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Government Intel Security Industry committee advises president on telecommunications security Read More.

HP and Intel Form Alliance To Capture HPC Perfect Storm

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Hewlett-Packard HPC IntelHPC perfect storm includes an explosion of data and hitting a price point that aligns with traditional IT. Read More.

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Emerson, Dell, HP, Intel Unveil Server Management Standard

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Blades Dell Emerson Network Power Hewlett-Packard Intel Vendors say IPMI is inadequate for modern IT systems, offer Redfish as new standard Read More.

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Cloudera CSO Mike Olson on Intel and Cloudera’s Technology Collaboration


Two of my favorite technology companies, the great American firms Intel Corporation and Cloudera, are now working very strategically together in a way that will have a positive impact on the future of enterprise IT. v=-kamkE9prow In the video, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talks about the equity investment and importance of the technology collaboration between Int. Big Data CTO Research Apache Hadoop Cloudera Enterprise data management Hadoop Intel Internet of Things United States

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Intel Buys AI Startup Nervana to Bolster Data Center Unit

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Blades Deals IntelDeal seen as way to fend off rivals like Nvidia in small but promising AI hardware market Read More.

Intel: Enterprise trust in public cloud is on the rise, but skill shortages hinder adoption

Computer Weekly

The 2017 Intel cloud security report suggests enterprise attitudes to public cloud are softening, but a shortage of skilled security workers is holding back adoption

The Cybersecurity Framework in Action: An Intel Use Case


On 3 March 2015 I participated in a deep dive into some key policies and processes used by Intel to continue to reduce the business risk of cyber threats. This review was presented by Malcolm Harkins, Intel’s Chief Security and Privacy Officer. Malcolm was briefing how Intel corporation leveraged the NIST-coordinated Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity to create a more mission-focused cyber security effort across their corporation. By Bob Gourley.

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How a Tech Company from the 60s is taking on AI, IoT

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IoT, machine learning are driving Intel fast into the future Read More. Cloud Computing Intel Internet of Things Shared

Intel Security Switches to All-Colo Data Center Strategy

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colocation Data Center Strategies Intel Data Center World: Data center manager of former McAfee sees no reason to have internal data centers Read More.

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UK social media habits are a corporate security risk, warns Intel Security

Computer Weekly

Companies should educate employees not to connect to strangers on social media to reduce the risk of phishing attacks, Intel Security has warned