Robots On The High Seas: Intel partners with Rolls-Royce to develop autonomous cargo ships


Rolls-Royce is partnering with Intel to use Xeon Scalable processors on ships and in datacenters as […]. CTO News Robots IntelOK this is cool. We all know robots are coming. Imagine what they can do on the high seas! What if this lowers the cost of international commerce? Should be good for all. A rising tide raises all boats!

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Intel Announces Xeon W-3175X: 28-Core Processor for Extreme Workstations


Intel on Monday officially introduced its 28-core processor for extreme workstations that it teased first back in June. The Intel Xeon W-3175X CPU is based on the Skylake/Cascade Lake microarchitecture and is compatible with motherboards featuring Intel’s LGA3647 […]. CTO News IntelThe new chip comes with unlocked multiplier and can run at up to 4.3 GHz in burst mode.

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Intel makes security-first pledge

Computer Weekly

As it scrambles to deal with the Meltdown and Spectre processor exploits, Intel has made a series of security commitments

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Intel Security shifts channel strategy

Computer Weekly

Intel Security adjusts its channel strategy in response to a market shift towards services-based security

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Intel’s Presentation at CES: The Future is Here


Intel was a keynote at CES 2015. Watch The Verge video of Intel’s Keynote here. News Video Intel International CES Las Vegas technology The Future The Verge By Katie Kennedy. This video gives you a glance into the future.

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Intel’s Interconnected Future: Combining Chiplets, EMIB, and Foveros


Read Ian Cutress explain how Intel is planning its future strategy with chiplets, EMIB, and Foveros on Anandtech : While Intel works on getting its main manufacturing process technology on track, it is spending just as much time and effort in researching and developing the rest of the chip ecosystem and how it is all […].

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Intel Innovates and Collaborates for Wearable Tech

Data Center Knowledge

Taking the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show by storm this week, Intel unveiled wearable technology designs, and rolled out a rebranding of McAfee to Intel Security. Intel mcafee warables

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Intel’s Data Center Business Falls Short of Target, Again

Data Center Knowledge

Q1 earnings a warning that Intel's best business, server chips, isn’t living up to expectations Read More. Intel Investing

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An Intel Breakthrough Rethinks How Chips Are Made


On Wednesday, Intel demonstrated its new 3-D packaging technology, called Foveros, which allows it to stack logic chips atop one another. Various methods of going vertical have boosted memory chips recently, but after years of research, Intel will be the first to bring 3-D stacking to CPU, graphics, and AI processors at scale.

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Examining New Mission-Enabling Design Patterns Made Possible By The Cloudera-Intel Partnership

CTOvision , the research arm of , has just released a White Paper for the federal technology community titled: Enhancing Functionality and Security of Enterprise Data Holdings: Examining new, mission-enabling design patterns made possible by the Cloudera-Intel partnership.

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Intel reports record second quarter

Computer Weekly

Intel chief claims to have raised the bar on performance and predicts record year for the chip maker after record second-quarter revenue

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Check Point, Huawei join Intel Security Innovation Alliance

Computer Weekly

Intel Security Innovation Alliance continues to grow as security firm opens up McAfee data exchange layer

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Latest Facebook Server Based on Intel’s New Xeon SoC

Data Center Knowledge

Intel aims for growing ARM SoC server market, launches line of SoCs leveraging Xeon''s clout Read More. Blades Facebook Intel Open Compute soc xeon

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Cloud Boom Buoys Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet Results

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Featured Google Intel Investing MicrosoftBiggest growth in businesses that deliver computing over internet Read More.

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Intel Launches Hadoop-Powered Big Data Platform

Data Center Knowledge

Expanding its investment in a growing a big data portfolio Intel (INTC) launched the Intel Data Platform, a software suite based on open source technologies designed to make it easier and faster for companies to move from big data to big discoveries. Big Data Intel hadoop INTC

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Intel Sets FPGA Goal: Two Orders of Magnitude Faster than GPGPU by 2020

Data Center Knowledge

Intel used to be capable of delivering process miniaturization and configuration improvements in a predictable, “tick-tock” cadence. So in a special event Thursday in San Francisco, Intel formally. Intel Arria 10 artificial intelligence Barry Davis (Intel) Caffe deep learning DLIA fpga Knights Mill (Xeon Phi That was before the laws of physics stomped on the company’s best laid plans for miniaturization.

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Intel Finally Releases Its Rack Scale Design to Open Source

Data Center Knowledge

Just a few weeks ahead of its upcoming IDF conference in San Francisco, Intel announced Thursday that the data center asset utilization platform it has been assembling since 2013 is now ready to be shared with the open source community.

Bright Computing Integrated with Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre


Bright Computing ’s latest version of Bright Cluster Manager is integrated with Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre (IEEL) software. With this integration, system administrators can easily deploy, use and maintain Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre using Bright. Customers are enabled to automate the installation of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre, all the while providing access to Bright-managed technologies from a central point of control. .

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Intel Launches Communications Platform for Network Transformation

Data Center Knowledge

Intel (INTC) announced its foundation plans for network transformation in software defined networking and network functions virtualization Wednesday, highlighted with the launch of Highland Forest - its new communications platform. Intel Networking INTC

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Intel Capital Invests $65 Million in Cloud Technology

Data Center Knowledge

At the Intel Capital Global Summit, the investment arm of Intel (INTC) announced investments in 16 new technology companies around the world, totaling $65 million. Intel Investing INTC

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Fujitsu Lights up PCI Express with Intel Silicon Photonics

Data Center Knowledge

n Munich Germany Tuesday Intel and Fujitsu demonstrated a significant advancement in how computers are built and communicate, with the power of silicon photonics technology. Intel Fujitsu photonics

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Critical Intel security patch will slow PCs, servers and Macs

Computer Weekly

AMD shares rise on news that the performance of millions of Windows PCs, Linux servers and Apple Macs is to be impacted by critical updates for a recently discovered security flaw in Intel chips manufactured in the past 10 years

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Human-machine teaming key to cyber defence, says Intel Security

Computer Weekly

Intel Security is working with a select group of customers on developing systems to enable human-machine teaming to get the best of both worlds in applying cyber threat intelligence

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Intel Data Center Group Chief Bryant One of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women

Data Center Knowledge

Newcomer to Fortune MPW leads Intel’s fastest-growing business unit Read More. Executive Intel Popular

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Intel’s Mobileye chief bemoans tweaking of AI, talks up MaaS, moving beyond LIDAR


Then came Intel’s roughly $15 billion purchase of the company, completed in April of last year. Several years back, Amnon Shashua was merely a very eloquent voice for self-driving car technology popping up at trade shows, usually to packed crowds. Now part of one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world, Shashua leads a key […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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Intel considers sale of security business

Computer Weekly

Intel is reportedly considering the sale of its security business to generate capital as the company restructures

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Intel: World Will Switch to “Scale” Data Centers by 2025

Data Center Knowledge

Computing infrastructure is changing, and Intel is fighting to remain at the forefront of the change Read More. Blades Featured Infrastructure Intel Open Compute

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Intel Unveils Its Fastest Data Center SSDs Yet

Data Center Knowledge

Intel StorageP3608 series SSDs engineered specifically for enterprise and HPC workloads Read More.

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Intel Adds KVM Gateway for Data Center Manager

Data Center Knowledge

Intel (INTC) has launched the Intel Datacenter Manager Virtual KVM Gateway, a stand-alone console version of the cross-platform keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) application designed to provide IT managers with a single console to remotely troubleshoot IT devices. Intel Management INTC KVM

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F-Secure highlights another critical Intel security issue

Computer Weekly

As Intel scrambles to issue security updates to address the Meltdown and Spectre exploits, researchers have highlighted another, unrelated, critical security issue that could affect millions of corporate laptops

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Examining New Mission-Focused Capabilities Coming From The Cloudera And Intel Engineering Partnership


The video at this link and embedded below captures the content and dialog of a webinar which examined new capabilities of Cloudera and Intel , with a focus on capabilities that provide a full stack solution to many key enterprise mission needs. By Bob Gourley.

Intel, AT&T Move Forward with 5G Wireless Development

Data Center Knowledge

Intel, which has been using its own 5G wireless devices internally for much of the past year, has teamed up with Ericsson and AT&T to further test the unfinished wireless standard under real world conditions. Intel Networking SharedRead More.

Coho, Intel Rev Up Docker Containers with Flash and Hadoop

Data Center Knowledge

Intel Storage Reference architecture tackles storage I/O bottlenecks exacerbated by containers Read More.

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Intel Wants to Make Machine Learning Scalable

Data Center Knowledge

Blades Featured HPC IntelSays big GPU-filled boxes for machine learning are inefficient Read More.

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Cloudera CSO Mike Olson on Intel and Cloudera’s Technology Collaboration


Two of my favorite technology companies, the great American firms Intel Corporation and Cloudera, are now working very strategically together in a way that will have a positive impact on the future of enterprise IT. v=-kamkE9prow In the video, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talks about the equity investment and importance of the technology collaboration between Int. Big Data CTO Research Apache Hadoop Cloudera Enterprise data management Hadoop Intel Internet of Things United States

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