Aberdeenshire delivers wireless across schools and libraries

Computer Weekly

Aberdeenshire Council has built an estate-wide wireless network covering its schools, libraries and corporate buildings

Starry Extends Wireless Internet To LA

Computer Weekly

Starry's service revolves around the "Starry Station", a Wi-Fi hub which connects to rooftop, millimeter-wave fixed wireless relay points. starry wireless internet wifi wisp servicesStarry , a Boston-based Internet Services Provider which uses it own, proprietary millimeter-wave, 5G band service to provide in-building gigabit broadband to customers, has launched into Los Angeles, as part of an expansion by the company to LA and Washington, DC.

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Cutting the cable: why industry is turning to wireless

Computer Weekly

Wireless networking technology is heading out of the office and the living room, and on to the factory floor. We explore the trend

National wireless network alternative to fixed broadband for Ireland

Computer Weekly

Huawei and CSP Imagine Communications plan to build a countrywide wireless broadband network across Ireland

The Wireless Attack Toolkit


By BryanHalfpap Wireless security is all about implementation. How much and what you leak depends on your wireless driver, operating system, and the networks that you’ve connected to in the past. WAT : Wireless Attack Toolkit.

5G Wireless Technology Connecting Healthcare

Cloud Musings

To realize the Connected Hospital promise: 73% of hospitals surveyed are using Wireless bedside telemetry; 82% of hospitals surveyed are using Simplified check-in with self-service and mobile applications; and 79% of hospitals surveyed are using Enhanced in-room entertainment and education.

UAE hotel upgrades wireless network and internet connectivity

Computer Weekly

Beach resort completes major project to revamp its wireless infrastructure with TP-Link technologies

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How a London club enhanced its facilities with wireless charging

Computer Weekly

The Clubhouse, a London-based business club and meeting space, introduces wireless charging technology from startup Chargifi at its St James’ location as it bids to attract new clients

Can fixed wireless access fix business connectivity problems?

Computer Weekly

Fixed wireless access is being touted as a panacea for poor network connectivity, but is it a viable solution, and what are the benefits for businesses

Arqiva snaps up new spectrum licences for 5G wireless trials

Computer Weekly

Comms infrastructure supplier buys two 112MHz bands of wireless spectrum to support its 5G wholesale ambitions

Leave the laptop at home and grab a wireless keyboard!


Even though there have been many different options which we have seen developed over the years, it was not until this summer that I decided to leave my laptop at home and grab my Anker Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.

Days in the Life- Real Tales of Wireless Support

IT Toolbox

It has been an interesting run of late when it comes to supporting wireless clients. That’s how it goes in the world of wireless support Thankfully, sometimes I can go weeks without needing to troubleshoot. Then there’s the last cluster of oddball problems… In each scenario, users were impacted by something , for sure. But the root cause of each was vastly different.

Three Wireless Companies You May Not Know About

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I’m all about value , don’t ya know… I recently learned of three wireless companies that may be of interest to you on the reading end of this equation, and want to pass word of them along to you. Knowledge is power, and you’re about to get some here. Then you can be as hip as me (if that’s even possible by the laws of time and space). IgniteNet.

Events business uses fixed-wireless to serve demanding clients

Computer Weekly

Etherlive, a provider of networking and IT services to organisers of major outdoor events, is using Luminet’s Fibre-Air fixed-wireless access product to better address its clients’ needs

Google Fiber to expand tests of gigabit-speed wireless broadband

Computer Weekly

Google Fiber plans to expand tests of wireless broadband to accelerate the roll-out of low-cost superfast internet across the US

Huawei’s 10.8-inch iPad Pro rival can wirelessly charge your phone


Huawei’s big MWC reveal that never was is the MatePad Pro, a stylish tablet that will come with a keyboard folio and companion stylus in an attempt to go toe-to-toe with the iPad Pro.

HOWTO: USB / Wireless Tethering on SailfishX

IT Toolbox

Today I would like to share two different methods for getting internet sharing working with SailfishX

Intel, AT&T Move Forward with 5G Wireless Development

Data Center Knowledge

Intel, which has been using its own 5G wireless devices internally for much of the past year, has teamed up with Ericsson and AT&T to further test the unfinished wireless standard under real world conditions. Read More. Intel Networking Shared

Amped Wireless AC2200 is More Than a Simple Range Extender

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In my work as an occasional analyst and product reviewer, I get to see some pretty cool wireless stuff. I just wrapped up testing the Amped Wireless AC2200 Range Extender, and it certainly delivers enough to get excited about for home WLANAnd though my heart belongs to enterprise-grade WLAN systems, I do get jazzed when I get to lay hands on decent (and practical) consumer grade Wi-Fi gear.

Low-Cost Amateur Radio Gear Opens Up Other "Wireless" Possibilities

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To me, Amateur Radio was the ultimate compliment to wireless networking and a great way to continue being in the “radioI can remember way back in the day when I first got started in Amateur Radio. I had all kinds of interesting things I wanted to do… building and testing antennas, interfacing radio gear with computers, and getting into all manner of different communications protocols.

Juniper bolsters wireless security; fights against encrypted malicious threats

Network World

Juniper is filling out its enterprise security portfolio this week by integrating support for its Mist wireless customers and adding the capability for customers to gain better visibility and control over encrypted traffic threats. With the new additions, Juniper is looking to buttress its ability to let users secure all traffic traversing the enterprise network via campus, WAN or data center.

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Startup uses AT&T wireless to enhance wearables for blind people

Computer Weekly

Startup Aira is building a technology platform for blind and visually impaired people, blending artificial intelligence, wireless and wearables

Intel Acquires Mindspeed for Wireless Infrastructure

Data Center Knowledge

Cisco and Ontario plan a $4 billion investment over 10 years for job growth, Intel acquires wireless assets from Mindspeed Technologies, and Mellanox and Dell collaborate to integrate network cards into PowerEdge servers. Cisco Dell Intel Networking canada mellanox

Wireless Interconnects Promise Big Data Center Efficiency Wins

Data Center Knowledge

NSF awards grant to fund wireless communication within and between servers Read More. Blades Networking Power

‘Wireless security at its finest’

Network World

The person who submitted the above photo to Reddit’s section devoted to IT rants presumably does not believe it depicts wireless security at its finest. In fact, the sarcasm oozes. However, not everyone in the forum held such a dim view. There is nothing wrong with this,” writes another user. “It It is public wi-fi. It has a slight security advantage over an open network in that it makes it more difficult to eavesdrop.

WLAN Tools Too Pricey? Get a Wireless Spectrum Education on the Cheap

IT Toolbox

Wireless is a big concept. Sure, in IT wireless usually means Wi-Fi, or maybe 4G- but there is a lot more to “wireless” than client access. Think Bluetooth, broadcast radio, military and satellite communications, TV frequencies sent over the air, and an almost infinite number of other transmit/receive paradigms using radio waves. Now if you’re in networking

UAE’s Habitat School Ajman upgrades wireless network

Computer Weekly

School upgrades Wi-Fi network to cope with the increasing amount of academic activity that is conducted online

September Was a Great Month For Wireless Tools

IT Toolbox

When it comes to legitimate WLAN design and support for business environments, you certainly have to pay to play. Whether the expertise is developed in-house or outsourced, the right tools in skilled hands make all the difference in creating and sustaining successful Wi-Fi environments. Those tools generally aren't cheap, and sticker shock is common to the initiated. For those

Security platform tracks rogue wireless devices via real-time map

Tech Republic Security

New security tool from Bastille Networks can help security teams enforce no cell-phone zones

Newest Investment: Pwnie Express – Next Generation Wireless Security

The Investing Edge

The massive proliferation of wirelessly connected devices inevitably increases the number of potential points of attack or data breaches dramatically. Some companies do pay hefty fees for professional security consultants to travel to their offices periodically (once or twice per year) and to scan the environment for vulnerabilities, which may or may not include wireless. At Ascent, we have been investing in IT security for decades.

Wireless Network Analyzer, Free!


You need just a few clicks to start your wireless network site survey. Discover Wireless Networks Around you. You don’t need to run a WiFi survey to get a quick overview of the surrounding wireless range. NetSpot Wi-Fi Features: Scan wireless network.

Griffin Capital Buys Verizon Wireless Data Center in NJ

Data Center Knowledge

Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT has bought a property in Warren, New Jersey that serves as a major Verizon Wireless data center, the company said this week. Verizon

The Realities of Rural 5G Deployment in the US

Forrester IT

This will result in a third mega-carrier in the US mobile wireless market, which is a good move for consumers like you and me. Early last week, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced his approval of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.

How to Stop Cyber-Bullying With Mobile Parental Control App

Doctor Chaos

Wireless cyber bullying wirelessThe widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has dramatically increased the cyber-bullying occurrence. Around 75% of teens in the United States have access to mobile phone and internet and half of them have reported experiencing cyber-bullying. Among the online threats, cyberbullying is the most common and probably the most dangerous one. The online-bullying […].

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White space spectrum to bring wireless broadband to Isle of Arran

Computer Weekly

Suppliers Nominet and Broadway Partners collaborate to trial the use of TV white space spectrum to improve broadband coverage on the Isle of Arran in Scotland