Can fixed wireless access fix business connectivity problems?

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Fixed wireless access is being touted as a panacea for poor network connectivity, but is it a viable solution, and what are the benefits for businesses

Three Wireless Companies You May Not Know About

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I’m all about value , don’t ya know… I recently learned of three wireless companies that may be of interest to you on the reading end of this equation, and want to pass word of them along to you. Knowledge is power, and you’re about to get some here. Then you can be as hip as me (if that’s even possible by the laws of time and space). IgniteNet.

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Wireless Interconnects Promise Big Data Center Efficiency Wins

Data Center Knowledge

NSF awards grant to fund wireless communication within and between servers Read More. Blades Networking Power

Cutting the cable: why industry is turning to wireless

Computer Weekly

Wireless networking technology is heading out of the office and the living room, and on to the factory floor. We explore the trend

UAE hotel upgrades wireless network and internet connectivity

Computer Weekly

Beach resort completes major project to revamp its wireless infrastructure with TP-Link technologies

WLAN Tools Too Pricey? Get a Wireless Spectrum Education on the Cheap

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Wireless is a big concept. Sure, in IT wireless usually means Wi-Fi, or maybe 4G- but there is a lot more to “wireless” than client access. Think Bluetooth, broadcast radio, military and satellite communications, TV frequencies sent over the air, and an almost infinite number of other transmit/receive paradigms using radio waves. Now if you’re in networking

Arqiva snaps up new spectrum licences for 5G wireless trials

Computer Weekly

Comms infrastructure supplier buys two 112MHz bands of wireless spectrum to support its 5G wholesale ambitions

Google Fiber to expand tests of gigabit-speed wireless broadband

Computer Weekly

Google Fiber plans to expand tests of wireless broadband to accelerate the roll-out of low-cost superfast internet across the US

C'mon Wireless Market Leaders- Your Messaging Is Just Nuts at Times

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The WLAN industry is always interesting, for sure. If it’s not the technology changing, it’s something else- like one company buying another, a new bucket of buzzword chum being dumped into the customer feeding pen, or some other paradigm change to contemplate, fear, embrace, or snicker

DARPA opens massive “Colosseum” to develop radical wireless applications

Network World

DARPA today said it the opened unique and massive testbed it will use as a battleground for researchers to build and test autonomous, intelligent and collaborative wireless technologies. Calling it a “magnificent electronic arena” The Colosseum will be primarily used to host the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s $3.75

Cisco issues variety of security warnings on wireless gear

Network World

Cisco warned of a variety of vulnerabilities – from letting attackers issue DDOS attack to making devices unexpectedly reload -- in some of its wireless access point and LAN gear. More on Network World: Cisco expands wireless reach with access points, management software + To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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How to Stop Cyber-Bullying With Mobile Parental Control App

Doctor Chaos

Wireless cyber bullying wirelessThe widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has dramatically increased the cyber-bullying occurrence. Around 75% of teens in the United States have access to mobile phone and internet and half of them have reported experiencing cyber-bullying. Among the online threats, cyberbullying is the most common and probably the most dangerous one. The online-bullying […].

How a London club enhanced its facilities with wireless charging

Computer Weekly

The Clubhouse, a London-based business club and meeting space, introduces wireless charging technology from startup Chargifi at its St James’ location as it bids to attract new clients

Aberdeenshire delivers wireless across schools and libraries

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Aberdeenshire Council has built an estate-wide wireless network covering its schools, libraries and corporate buildings

DARPA developing secure data sharing wireless technology

Network World

The researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will later this month discuss a new software system that would let multiple levels of classified data traverse current commercial and military wireless networks while preserving the security of sensitive information.

HP to Acquire Aruba Networks for $2.7B in Wireless Play

Data Center Knowledge

Deal is HP''s largest acquisition since Whitman became CEO Read More. Deals Hewlett-Packard Networking aruba networks

Intel, AT&T Move Forward with 5G Wireless Development

Data Center Knowledge

Intel, which has been using its own 5G wireless devices internally for much of the past year, has teamed up with Ericsson and AT&T to further test the unfinished wireless standard under real world conditions. Read More. Intel Networking Shared

Worm infects unpatched Ubiquiti wireless devices

Network World

Routers and other wireless devices made by Ubiquiti Networks have recently been infected by a worm that exploits a year-old remote unauthorized access vulnerability. The attack highlights one of the major issues with router security: the fact that the vast majority of them do not have an auto update mechanism and that their owners hardly ever update them manually.

IDG Contributor Network: Passwords will be wirelessly transmitted through bodies

Network World

Low-frequency transmissions created by off-the-shelf biometric devices, such as fingerprint sensors, can be diverted through the body and can securely transmit password-like authentication. The off-the-shelf biometric sensors, such as touchpads, are “re-purposed to send out information,” says Shyam Gollakota, University of Washington assistant professor of computer science and engineering and senior author on the research paper, in a University of Washington article.

Hackers can pick off, inject wireless keyboard keystrokes from 8 vendors, maybe more

Network World

A vulnerability across at least eight brands of wireless keyboards lets hackers read keystrokes from 250 feet away, according to wireless security vendor Bastille. The problem is that the keyboards transmit to their associated PCs without encryption, and it’s just a matter of reverse engineering the signals to figure out how to read what keys are being hit, say Bastille researchers.

Riverbed buys Xirrus to add wireless to SD-WAN line-up

Computer Weekly

Network performance technology supplier says acquisition will strengthen its software-defined network offering

Events business uses fixed-wireless to serve demanding clients

Computer Weekly

Etherlive, a provider of networking and IT services to organisers of major outdoor events, is using Luminet’s Fibre-Air fixed-wireless access product to better address its clients’ needs

Not Really a Bro-mance: Broadcom Wanted Brocade’s FC Storage

Data Center Knowledge

When Brocade Communications completed its acquisition of municipal Wi-Fi provider Ruckus Wireless last May, it informed investors that the deal would create a new kind of pure-play networking company. Tan Lloyd Carney Ruckus Wireless storage networkingThat seemed to be what the networking technology market wanted… up until this morning, when. Companies Deals Networking Storage broadcom Brocade Fibre Channel SAN Hock E.

Startup uses AT&T wireless to enhance wearables for blind people

Computer Weekly

Startup Aira is building a technology platform for blind and visually impaired people, blending artificial intelligence, wireless and wearables

Line-of-Sight Antenna Paves New Data Routes for NYC

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Today, we’ve renewed the word “wireless” into the common vernacular; no longer does it. Colocation Connectivity New York Brooklyn Dan Meltzer George Panagiotou line-of-sight Manhattan Sabey Data Center Properties wireless connectivity

You've been warned: FCC emphasizes that users of authorized wireless gear must obey rules

Network World

Just because your wireless equipment is authorized for use by the FCC doesn't mean you can do whatever the heck you please with it, according to an enforcement advisory issued by the commission just before the long weekend (see the entire warning below).

September Was a Great Month For Wireless Tools

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When it comes to legitimate WLAN design and support for business environments, you certainly have to pay to play. Whether the expertise is developed in-house or outsourced, the right tools in skilled hands make all the difference in creating and sustaining successful Wi-Fi environments. Those tools generally aren't cheap, and sticker shock is common to the initiated. For those

DARPA picks 30 contenders to battle in wireless spectrum competition

Network World

million Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2) whose goal is to get mobile devices more intelligent access to the ever-tightening wireless spectrum. DARPA says there are now 30 contenders for its $3.75

Windows 8.1 tips: Managing Wireless Network Profiles - Canadian.


Researchers wirelessly hack Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid SUV, turn off anti-theft alarm

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Security researcher Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners hacked the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). He discovered several vulnerabilities, including being able to disable the anti-theft alarm from a laptop. drivers may be unfamiliar with the vehicle. Had Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid sales started in 2013 as originally proposed, it would have been the first plug-in hybrid SUV available in the U.S. But it didn't.

White space spectrum to bring wireless broadband to Isle of Arran

Computer Weekly

Suppliers Nominet and Broadway Partners collaborate to trial the use of TV white space spectrum to improve broadband coverage on the Isle of Arran in Scotland

UAE’s Habitat School Ajman upgrades wireless network

Computer Weekly

School upgrades Wi-Fi network to cope with the increasing amount of academic activity that is conducted online

Leave the laptop at home and grab a wireless keyboard!


Even though there have been many different options which we have seen developed over the years, it was not until this summer that I decided to leave my laptop at home and grab my Anker Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.