How to Lead Better Remote Meetings


All meetings are not created equal. Each type of meeting requires a different approach. What we’ve learned over our centuries is a lot about remote meetings and how to make them effective. And all meetings are not created equal. Remote meetings 101: Examine the culture.

How to start Google Meet video meeting


Google Meet is an online video conferencing service. You can host a video meeting for free with your personal Gmail, allowing you to hold a 60-minute conference. See also: How to pin, mute and unmute Google Meet participants. Start a Google Meet video meeting on Desktop PC.

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ProBeat: Google Meet is the new Google+

Venture Beast

In chasing Zoom, Google is treating Google Meet like Google+: adding features like no tomorrow and integrating it everwhere possible. Read More.

MeetinVR launches online VR meetings with ?superpowers?

Venture Beast

We can probably agree that Zoom meetings, while vital during the lockdown, aren't thrilling. So MeetinVR is taking those meetings into VR. Read More.

Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

In recent years, cold calling has become synonymous with rejection and failure. But the numbers aren't that clear; while less than 2% of today’s cold calls actually result in meetings, 78% of decision-makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call. What’s the verdict?

Meet Your New Security Research Analyst

Forrester IT

Meet David Holmes, the new analyst on the Security and Risk team. age of the customer

Holographic VR meetings just became real, whether you’re ready or not

Venture Beast

Thanks to standalone VR headsets and free holographic meeting software, employees can now attend gatherings from home -- but some practical hurdles remain.

Meeting Exposes Shortcomings In Government’s AI Plans


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes about the White House’s plans to support and grow the AI industry in the United States. Governments around the world are getting increasingly more […]. Artificial Intelligence AI forbes machine learning ML news ronald schmelzer

Google Meet noise cancellation is rolling out now ? here?s how it works

Venture Beast

Google Meet is getting AI-powered noise cancellation for Android, iOS, and the web. AI Business Cloud Enterprise Entrepreneur Media Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Google Google Meet machine learning noise cancellation supervised learning

Spatial gives enterprises free access to holographic AR/VR meeting app

Venture Beast

The collaborative XR meeting and productivity app will be available to enterprises for a multi-month free trial, including support for PC and phone users.

How to adjust volume in Google Meet


Another great function that Google is offering us a Google Meet. Many of us use this tool because it is an awesome way to include many participants in the meeting which cannot be in person. But, how to adjust the volume in Google Meet? See also: How to mute people on Google Meet.

The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Leveraging the latest industry research, this eBook highlights the impact of direct dial phone numbers on sales productivity with the goal of empowering reps to have more conversations with prospects, and consequently, schedule more meetings, increase opportunities, and close more business - fast.

Meet Your Newest B2C Martech Analyst

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Do you work with marketing resource management (MRM) or mobile engagement automation (MEA) tools? If yes, I want to hear from you! I’m Steph, the newest member of Forrester’s B2C martech research team. I’ve been at Forrester for four years, first as a research associate and most recently as a researcher on the B2C marketing […]. B2C marketing marketing & strategy marketing automation marketing resource management (MRM) marketing technology mobile marketing

B2C 245

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Mike Porter

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Mike Porter , CRM and Data Chief Strategist, has more than 21 years of experience helping clients define data strategies and build CRM solutions that meet their present and future needs. Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric.

7 ways to access Google Meet

Tech Republic Cloud

Google not only lets you start Meet sessions from Android, iOS, or Chrome on the web, but also lets you access Meet from other apps

Google Meet gets its own tab in your phone's Gmail

Mashable Tech

In April , Google integrated its video call service Meet into Gmail on the web, making it possible to start or join a Meet call from Gmail with a single click. Now, Google is also integrating Meet with Gmail on smartphones. Meet is now integrated into Gmail on smartphones.

Meet John Bratincevic, Forrester’s newest AD&D Analyst

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As a new analyst on Forrester’s application development research team, allow me to introduce myself. Let’s start with what is probably your most pressing question – how to pronounce my surname: “I’m just going to call you ‘John B.’, is that OK?” Yes, of course, no need to suffer.

How ZoomInfo Helps Overcome the Top Pain Points of Inside Sales

Recent digital transformation has shifted the B2B landscape by ushering in the era of buyer empowerment. With more access to user reviews, analyst opinion, and industry research, decision-makers are more informed than ever while navigating what is now known as the “buyer’s journey.”

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Mark Polly

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Customer Experience Digital Experience Strategy Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chief Strategist customer experience customer experience platform CX platform CX strategy digital transformation Meet Our Chief Strategists Organizational Change Management roadmap strategy

How to use Hangouts Meet to share your screen in video meetings

Tech Republic Cloud

Learn how to use Hangouts Meet in G Suite to share screens from the web and from iOS devices while in video meetings

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Arvind Murali

Perficient - Digital Transformation

By focusing on the business outcomes, we can build and implement data solutions that are broad enough to meet clients’ current needs and nimble enough to scale for future iterations. These questions define our approach to creating data governance solutions that meet clients’ specific goals.

When ERP Meets Blockchain

IT Toolbox

We are at the start of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) digital transformation with the introduction of blockchain technology, best known as a digital ledger (think distributed database) behind cryptocurrency. However, businesses are adopting blockchain as a trusted system through which to share records with partners. That’s where you’ll see blockchain enter the

How to pin, mute and unmute Google Meet participants


Google meet is the online video conferencing service, previously known as Google Hangouts, that allows you to organize your video conference or attend virtual meetings with up to 30 members minimum. It gives you all the in-built features to facilitate your meeting smoothly.

Kubernetes Meets Big Data


The post Kubernetes Meets Big Data appeared first on Dataconomy. Organizations yearn order and simplicity over chaos and confusion, but the data-driven era we live in challenges these desires on a daily basis.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Bill Busch

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success. In 2018 we introduced our Chief Strategists , who provide vision and leadership to help our clients remain competitive.

How to use Hangouts Meet to share your screen in video meetings

Tech Republic Cloud

Learn how to use Hangouts Meet in G Suite to share screens from the web and from iOS devices while in video meetings

Making Theory Meet Practice

Eric D. Brown

Making sure theory meets practice is a difficult thing to do for some but easy for others. What tips do you have to make theory meet practice?

Use These Extensions to Trick Out Google Meet


Google Meet is now free for everyone to use. Meet isn’t as fully-featured as other video chat apps, but a few useful browser extensions can add in much-needed functionality. google meet extension chrome video chat

How to create a Microsoft Teams meeting


Microsoft Teams is a great platform where you are able to host and participate in many different group chat meetings. In this article, we are going to be teaching you a way to start and schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams. See also: How to record a meeting on Microsoft Teams.

5 Google Meet features for the best video calls possible

Mashable Tech

Video chat services are now more necessary than ever and Google Meet is the latest big name to enter the arena. Anyway, if you're going to use Google Meet to show off your pets to your friends, there are a handful of things you should know about.

3 Virtual Meetings Hard to do with Zoom

Social, Agile and Transformation

I use Zoom synonymously for all other virtual meeting technologies, including Google Meet and Microsoft teams. Most of you are getting used to virtual meetings because of COVID-19, and the technology largely works well in many situations requiring teams and people to collaborate.

How to hide Google Meet in Gmail

The Verge

Google recently rolled out Google Meet , a revamped version of its video chatting program Hangouts Meet, and made the app available to anyone with a Google account. But what if you don’t intend to use Meet, or even if you just don’t want it to be there all the time?

How anyone can videoconference with Google Meet

The Verge

In a likely effort to stop the videoconferencing powerhouse that is Zoom, Google has expanded its Meet communications app to be available to anyone with a Gmail account (previously, it had only been open to those with for-pay G Suite or education accounts). Use Meet with Gmail.

Zoom plans stronger encryption on video meetings for these customers

Tech Republic Security

Schools, paying customers and potentially high-risk users could be offered stronger encryption for video meetings under new plans being explored by Zoom

Data Management Meets Multi-Cloud Environments

Information Week

Many big enterprises are committed to public cloud, but they may just be getting started with data management efforts in multi-cloud environments

Enterprise Meets Consumer Security: Exploring Approaches To Protect Employees At Home

Forrester IT

Does your organization have a strategy for protecting employees at home as a part of your overall cybersecurity program? Something that could include, but really goes to a place that is beyond awareness training? If you answered no, you’re not alone Employee privacy is a big reason why not.

Meet The Digital Architects Of Your Technology Strategy

Forrester IT

When Jeffrey Hammond , Mark Grannan , and I dove into our most recent developer survey, we unearthed a fascinating group of developers we call "digital architects."

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Allison Fries

Perficient - Digital Transformation

As technology evolves and markets shift, you must be nimble enough to pivot your strategy and teams to meet the needs of your customers. For example, at Perficient, our value proposition remains that we are the right size company to meet our customers’ needs.

Google Meet: 4 new features in this Zoom alternative

Tech Republic Cloud

Google's enterprise video chat app, Google Meet, now has tiled layouts, higher-quality video sharing, and other user-requested features

Find The Marketing Planning And Operations Tool That Meets Your Needs

Forrester IT

Wouldn’t it be great if marketers had a tool that let them plan, manage, and execute marketing activities? I hear from B2C marketers looking to streamline creative production processes or coordinate campaigns across teams.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Scott Albahary

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Financial Services Strategy Banking blockchain technology Chief Strategist Customer-centric banking digital transformation FinTech Meet Our Chief Strategists strategy wealth managementThrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric.

Container security meets Kubernetes: What IT pros need to know

Tech Republic Data Center

Docker brought containers into the enterprise; static scanning makes sure they are secure when the images are created. Who watches them when they run

Turns out 'Red Dead Redemption 2' is a perfect platform for work meetings

Mashable Tech

Zoom is by far the most popular virtual meeting tool getting workplaces through the current coronavirus pandemic. Zoom sucks, we started having editorial meetings in Red Dead Redemption instead," they wrote. Meetings Red Dead Redemption 2 Coronavirus Covid 19 Social Distancing