IBM hybrid cloud, AI offerings ease data integration


Read explain how the IBM – Palantir Technologies, Inc. News IBM Palantir Palantir Technologies

IBM 348

IBM Acquisition Targets Data Observability

Information Week

IBM says the deal to acquire the data observability startup will further Big Blue's own mission to provide ‘observability for business

IBM 139

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IBM-Palantir pact speeds AI app delivery for hybrid clouds


Last week we had reported how Palantir is adopting IBM’s IBM’s Red Hat OpenShift. Ed Scannell takes a look at how the IBM-Palantir tie-up could speed up artificial intelligence Apps […]. News IBM Palantir Palantir Technologies

IBM 261

IBM bolsters quantum cryptography for z16 mainframe

Network World

While the need for it may be years away, IBM has added additional mainframe protection against future quantum-based security attacks.

IBM 150

Recovering from a Cyber Attack

Speaker: Mike Cramer, Director of HIPAA & Data Security at The Word & Brown Companies

If your organization stores data and is connected to the Internet, it is not a matter of “if” a cyber-security incident will happen; but rather, “when” this will occur. Organizations protecting their data is no longer “recommended;” it’s necessary.

Use SCCM to Collect License Details Of IBM SPSS by using SHOWLIC.EXE


The post Use SCCM to Collect License Details Of IBM SPSS by using SHOWLIC.EXE appeared first on HTMD Community Blog #1 Modern Device Management Guides - Windows 11 | SCCM | ConfigMgr | Intune | AVD | Windows 10 | Windows 365 | Cloud PC by Deepak Rai.

IBM and Palantir join forces on ‘low-code’ AI data processing for enterprises


Read Mike Robuck explain how IBM and Palantir Technolgies, Inc’s low code AI data processing will help small and medium businesses on Fierce Telecom : IBM and Palantir have teamed up on a new enterprise offering designed to simplify how businesses build and deploy AI-based applications.

IBM 353

Big Data Analytics Firm Palantir Adopts IBM’s Red Hat OpenShift


IBM and Palantir Technologies on Monday announced a new partnership consisting of IBM’s hybrid cloud data platform designed to deliver AI for business, with Palantir’s next-generation operations platform for building […]. News IBM Palantir Palantir Technologies

IBM 240

Can IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna make the elephant dance again


Critics of IBM say the American tech icon went the hybrid cloud way because it lost the fight to become a public cloud hyper-scaler to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. News IBM Palantir Palantir Technologies

IBM 243

IBM acquires container services provider BoxBoat

Venture Beast

IBM says that it has acquired cloud services and containerized apps provider BoxBoat for an undisclosed sum. Read More.

IBM 103

IBM announces new AI language, explainability, and automation services

Venture Beast

At its AI Summit, IBM announced a number of new machine learning-powered products and services across its portfolio of cloud services. Read More.

IBM 114

IBM taps AI for new workflow automation and data migration tools

Venture Beast

At its Think 2021 conference, IBM announced new products across its Cloud Pak for Data and Watson portfolios. Read More.

IBM 101

AI's emerging role in IoT highlighted at IBM Genius of Things event

Forrester IT

IBM hosted an artificial intelligent (AI) event at its Munich Watson IoT HQ, where it underlined its claim as a leading global AI and internet-of-things (IoT) platform providers in the enterprise context. One year into the launch of its Munich-based Watson IoT headquarters , IBM invited about one thousand customers to share an update of its AI and IoT activities to date. The IBM "Genius of Things" Summit presented interesting insights for both AI and IoT deployments.

IBM 274

Hortonworks Eats IBM — And Loves It

Forrester IT

Big announcement at Dataworks today -- IBM is giving up on Big Insights and partnering with Hortonworks. Then it hits you: Hortonworks, after digesting Microsoft, is now eating IBM. It's a total reversal from the past, when big fish like IBM would eat little fish like Hortonworks. This seems not unexpected and only mildly interesting until you think deeply about it. See my blog post from yesterday for more on this. The tables are turned. Let me explain: Read more.

IBM 282

NeuReality and IBM team up to develop AI inference platforms

Venture Beast

NeuReality has signed an agreement with IBM to develop the next generation of high-performance AI inference platforms. Read More.

IBM 106

How IBM is using digital twins to optimize AI

Venture Beast

Lisa Seacat DeLuca, head of IBM’s digital twin research, talked about how orgs can share expertise by combining digital twins, AI, and IoT. IBM digital twins Lisa Seacat DeLuca

IBM 114

IBM’s CodeFlare automates AI model development

Venture Beast

IBM's CodeFlare framework is designed to help manage AI and machine learning pipelines in hybrid cloud environments. Read More.

IBM 95

IBM details the Power E1080, its next-gen server

Venture Beast

IBM's new E1080 server delivers better performance and security-focused features than its predecessor, the company says. Read More.

IBM 110

IBM details planned 2-nanometer chip process

Venture Beast

During a press conference, IBM detailed its 2-nanometer chip process, which it expects will come into production in the next several years. Read More.

IBM 97

IBM partners with U.K. on $300M quantum computing research initiative

Venture Beast

million AI and quantum computing initiative from IBM and the U.K. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial category-/Science high performance computing HPC IBM quantum computingThe $297.5

IBM 114

IBM CEO says generalized AI ‘still a long time away,’ wants focus on near-term value

Venture Beast

IBM's Krishna says focus will be on AI projects that provide near-term value for clients, saying generalized AI is “still a long time away.” AI AI, ML and Deep Learning AIOps Platforms Applied AI AIOps category-/Business & Industrial generalized AI IBM IBM Watson

IBM 71

IBM acquires Bluetab to expand hybrid cloud service offerings

Venture Beast

IBM has acquired Bluetab, a global enterprise software and technical services company, for an undisclosed amount. Read More.

IBM 109

IBM donates machine learning tooling to enable ‘responsible’ AI


IBM Corp. is donating three open-source artificial intelligence development toolkits to LF AI, an organization within the Linux Foundation that maintains open-source machine learning tools. The LF AI Technical Advisory Committee […].

IBM 329

One-third of organizations are using AI, IBM survey finds

Venture Beast

A new IBM survey finds that one-third of organizations have adopted AI, and that 43% accelerated the rollout because of the pandemic. Read More.

Survey 111

IBM launches AI platform to discover new materials

Venture Beast

IBM has launched a platform, MolGX, that leverages AI to discovery new materials with particular characteristics. Read More.

IBM 114

IBM releases AI model toolkit to help developers measure uncertainty

Venture Beast

IBM has released a toolkit designed to help developers measure uncertainty in an AI and machine learning model. Read More.

IBM 105

IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy is gaining steam

Venture Beast

IBM is quietly acquiring capabilities and establishing partnerships that may make it the number one provider of hybrid cloud solutions. Read More.

IBM 114

IBM finds cloud credentials sell for mere dollars in ‘booming’ dark web market

Venture Beast

IBM researchers uncovered 30,000 cloud accounts for sale on the dark web and found the ways in which enterprises are open to attack. Read More.

IBM 91

IBM Extends OpenStack Reach

Data Center Knowledge

IBM OpenStack support now includes an implementation running in beta on the IBM SoftLayer cloud as a service Read More. Cloud Computing IBM

IBM 165

IBM: Most companies not prepared for digital transformation

Venture Beast

An IBM study reports 60% of 310 CIOs and CTOs in the U.S. AI Big Data Business Cloud Enterprise ai category-/News cloud data IBMand U.K. said their "IT modernization program is not yet ready for the future." Read More.

IBM 114

IBM acquires Databand to boost data observability


On Wednesday, IBM added the data observability company Databand to its data fabric platform. News Big Data Featured data observability databand ibmThe deal’s financial details weren’t made public.

IBM 42

How IBM Q Network taps partners to advance quantum computing

Venture Beast

As the IBM Q Network has attracted 106 members, one executive said it's time for executives to get involved in quantum computing. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science Google IBM IBM Q Network quantum computing

IBM 98

IBM makes Python distribution platform Anaconda generally available for Linux

Venture Beast

IBM today announced that the Python distribution platform Anaconda is now available for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE customers. Read More.

IBM 82

IBM acquires Instana for its AI-powered app performance monitoring

Venture Beast

IBM will acquire Instana, an app performance monitoring platform that uses an agent-based approach to detecting performance issues. Read More.

IBM 111

IBM acquires business process automation startup MyInvenio

Venture Beast

IBM has acquired MyInvenio, an enterprise process automation startup based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, for an undisclosed sum. Read More.

IBM 85

IBM to retire Emptoris and work with SAP Ariba on next generation digital procurement

Forrester IT

SAP Ariba & IBM today announced a partnership that had been a rumour for a few days now. Part of the deal includes IBM gradually retiring Emptoris and encouraging its customers to migrate to SAP Ariba. IBM Emptoris's leadership had an exciting vision of next gen digital procurement but decided they couldn't deliver it without a cost prohibitive replatforming of its various products. · IBM can now convert its digital procurement vision into revenue streams.

SAP 218

Azure Machine Learning vs IBM Watson: Software comparison

Tech Republic

See what features you can expect from Azure Machine Learning and IBM Watson to decide which artificial intelligence solution is right for you. The post Azure Machine Learning vs IBM Watson: Software comparison appeared first on TechRepublic.

IBM Launches OpenPower Developer Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing IBMService currently hosted in single Beijing data center, but expansion plans are in place Read More.

IBM 210

IBM uses AI to evaluate risk of developing genetic diseases

Venture Beast

In a Nature Communications study, researchers at IBM, the Broad Institute, and Color find genetic mutations aren't always useful predictors of disease.

IBM 112

Siemens and IBM extend alliance to IoT for manufacturing

Venture Beast

Siemens enlists IBM to build applications on private clouds it manages on behalf of manacturing companies. Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware IBM Internet of things IoT red hat siemens

IBM 100

How IBM is using blockchain to transform the potential of enterprise data

Venture Beast

IBM sees blockchain as a powerful tool for helping enterprises transform their data relationships with partners. Big Data Business Cloud Enterprise Security blockchain Hope Depot IBM supply chain

IBM 114

IBM claims its Neural Computer achieves record AI model training time

Venture Beast

IBM claims its Neural Computer can train an AI algorithm to beat Atari 2600 games in record time -- and perform on par with state-of-the-art approaches.

IBM 110

IBM chief data scientist makes the case for building AI factories

Venture Beast

IBM chief data scientist John Thomas makes the case for building AI factories to increase adoption of best data science practices at scale. AI Big Data Enterprise VB Home Page ai category-/Business & Industrial category-/Science/Computer Science data science data scientists IBM AI factor

IBM 110