Liveblog: Deploying Containerized OpenStack: Challenges & Tools Comparison

Scott Lowe

This is a liveblog for an OpenStack Summit session on containerized OpenStack and a comparison of the tools used for containerized OpenStack. Following the comparison—which was useful—Kothari moves back into discussing how the use of containers will help (something that was discussed extensively earlier in the presentation). The speaker is Jaivish Kothari, from NEC Technologies.

What is the Difference Between – USB 3.1 vs USB 3.0 vs USB Type – C


This is compact, small, and efficient in comparison to its predecessors. Featured - Home Hardware Tech Gadgets Useful FavoritesInformation Technology Blog - - What is the Difference Between – USB 3.1 vs USB 3.0 vs USB Type – C - Information Technology Blog.

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Nutanix and Scale: Two ends of the hyper-converged market

Virtualized Greek

An example of two different systems positioned at different markets is a comparison between Nutanix and Scale Computing. Nutanix has a lion’s share of… PC & Server Hardware SFD5

The Advantages Of Using Cloud Phone Systems


In comparison with traditional phone systems, a cloud phone system has the advantages of services such as conference calls and auto attendants. No need to purchase expensive hardware, as you may already have computers and phones in place. Cloud Hardware

VOIP 52 [tech]: Apple iPad vs the Blackberry Playbook

Sean Daniel

and I thought it would be great to do a little bit of a comparison now that I’ve played with it for a bit. So let’s get down to business, my impressions and comparisons between the iPad (3rd generation) and the Playbook 2.0. This comparison is helpful.

Apple 63

8 Technology Trends of 2019 That You Need to Know to Live an Easier Life


However, in comparison to AR, VR is still quite expensive and requires sophisticated use. Augmented & Virtual Reality Blockchain Featured - Home New Gadgets & Hardware Robotics Smarthome

Review: Dell Latitude E7370

Scott Lowe

From a comparison perspective, I’d say it’s on par with my son’s 11” MacBook Air. From a Titanium PowerBook G4 to multiple generations of aluminum MacBook Pros to (finally) a MacBook Air, I’m familiar with the quality and reliability of Apple hardware. Linux Hardware Wireless FedoraAs part of my Linux migration (see my initial progress report ), late this past week I started setting up my first non-Apple laptop since 2003.

Dell 40

2013 may FINALLY be the year of VDI and BYOD

Virtualized Greek

A better comparison would be with XenClient which I wrote about here. The largest drawback for XenClient has been its lacklustre hardware support. Or maybe …… PC & Server Hardware Virtualization BYOD Citrx VDI VMWare XenClient

Technology Short Take #78

Scott Lowe

The rise of the disaggregated network operating system (NOS) marches on: this time, it’s Big Switch Networks announcing expanded hardware support in Open Network Linux (ONL) , upon which its own NOS is based. Servers/Hardware. Here’s another virtualization-focused article written in the context of an OpenStack environment, this time focusing on performance comparisons between Hyper-V and KVM. Welcome to Technology Short Take #78!

Technology Short Take #83

Scott Lowe

Anthony Shaw has a good comparison of Ansible, StackStorm, and Salt (with a particular view at applicability in a networking context). Servers/Hardware. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization Ansible Automation StackStorm Salt NSX VMware Linux OpenStack Docker GitWelcome to Technology Short Take #83! This is a slightly shorter TST than usual, which might be a nice break from the typical information overload. In any case, enjoy! Networking.

Technology Short Take #83

Scott Lowe

Anthony Shaw has a good comparison of Ansible, StackStorm, and Salt (with a particular view at applicability in a networking context). Servers/Hardware. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization Ansible Automation StackStorm Salt NSX VMware Linux OpenStack Docker GitWelcome to Technology Short Take #83! This is a slightly shorter TST than usual, which might be a nice break from the typical information overload. In any case, enjoy! Networking.

Technology Short Take #80

Scott Lowe

Gabriele Gerbino has a nice write-up about Cisco’s efforts with APIs ; his article includes a brief description of YANG data models and a comparison of working with network devices via SSH or via API. Servers/Hardware. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization Automation Cisco NSX VMware Ansible vSphere Encryption Docker OpenStack Photon Linux VagrantWelcome to Technology Short Take #80!

Technology Short Take #69

Scott Lowe

Servers/Hardware. Kevin Houston has an updated blade server comparison chart that might be helpful in making hardware decisions. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization Python Docker Cumulus MPLS VMware NSX AWS OpenStack Kubernetes Photon Ansible DNS vSphere vMotionWelcome to Technology Short Take #69! In this post, I’ve collected a variety of links related to major data center technology areas. This episode is a bit long; sorry about that! Networking.

Linux 40

Technology Short Take #59

Scott Lowe

Cumulus VX, if you aren’t aware, is a community-supported virtual appliance version of Cumulus Linux aimed at helping folks preview and test “full-blown” Cumulus Linux (which, of course, requires compatible hardware). Servers/Hardware. This is a fascinating (to me, at least) paper on the implications of non-volatile storage on today’s data centers (and data center hardware). Welcome to Technology Short Take #59, the first Technology Short Take of 2016.

Technology Short Take #63

Scott Lowe

Servers/Hardware. Personally, I think it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison, since Kubernetes is more than just a scheduler (think about replication controllers and services and such), but to each his own. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization Linux OpenStack OVS Microsoft NSX Docker VMware vSphereWelcome to Technology Short Take #63.

Technology Short Take #62

Scott Lowe

Cumulus Networks recently shifted their pricing and licensing model toward perpetual licenses; this article has more information and a comparison of the old vs. new models. Servers/Hardware. Networking Hardware Security Storage Virtualization VMware NSX Cisco Cumulus Linux OpenFlow Microsoft Intel OpenStack Docker CoreOS AnsibleWelcome to Technology Short Take #62. Sorry for the long delay since the last TST; some global travel has really thrown my schedule off.

Why You Should Consider VMware As A Serious (Future) Storage Vendor

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While the exact path might be unclear, the endpoint isn''t: it''s a world where network and storage functionality is preferred to be expressed as software stacks, running on virtualized server hardware. Yes, hardware costs can be cheaper, but I don''t think the appeal ends there.

Vmware 218

Technology Short Take #42

Scott Lowe

He makes comparisons among server virtualization, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and SDN, and feels that in order for SDN to really hit this market it needs to be “not a user-facing feature, but rather a means to an end” (his words). Servers/Hardware. Linux Microsoft Networking Security Storage Virtualization Automation Fusion Hardware HyperV Neutron NSX OpenStack Puppet SDN UCS VMware

Can OpenStack Beat AWS in Price

Scott Lowe

The “trilogy” refers to the third iteration of this presentation; each time the comparison has been done in a different geographical region (first in Europe, then in North America, and finally here in Asia-Pacific). Lago takes over now to set some assumptions for the comparisons. This includes things like hardware costs, power costs, number of full-time employees (FTEs) used to support OpenStack, etc.

CIOs Need To Start To Create The New Face Of IT

The Accidental Successful CIO

What makes the life of the person with the CIO job even more challenging is the quality of the hardware and the software that your end users can now acquire. In comparison, the enterprise applications that the IT department has been providing them with now look primitive in comparison.

3D 238

Considering VSAN

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Although VSAN does many of things a traditional storage array does, it''s not a traditional storage array: it''s a software-based storage array that uses clusters of commodity server hardware to do its work.    The comparison here is a modest three-node cluster supporting 288 VMs.  

When Generic IT Infrastructure Doesn't Cut It

Chuck's Blog - EMC

OK, think for a moment on just how much money you've invested in the database technology underpinnings: software, hardware, facilities, etc. The deeper you dig into the details, the more stark the comparison becomes.

Oracle 241

The Problem With Storage Swiss' Analysis -- On VSAN

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  By comparison, most storage professionals look at the world through an established lens, so -- in general -- it takes them a few ticks longer to appreciate what VSAN is all about. Let''s not forget the obvious comparison with external storage arrays -- it sort of works the same way. 

iPhone Vs Android — A Comparative Study 2018


Many iPhone users and Apple fanboys alike stand by their product no matter how limited Apple makes their storage capacities, while Android geeks have long time been able to freely add storage/memory cards to their devices and take advantage of more powerful hardware.

Study 55

Software-Defined Storage: An Alternate View

Chuck's Blog - EMC

The following are attributes of SDS that are typically seen in the market: May allow customers to “build it themselves,” providing their own commodity hardware to create a solution with the provided software.

Five Reasons Why VSAN Is Different

Chuck's Blog - EMC

But I’ve been dismayed to see industry commentary where VSAN gets arbitrarily lumped in with either (a) a gaggle of software-based storage products, or (b) some of the newer software-clothed-in-hardware products.

DevOps and Hybrid Infrastructure Synergy

Cloud Musings

It is a strategic approach that unifies the hardware and software operational components of an end-to-end solution.

Devops 176

VSAN, VSAs and External Arrays

Chuck's Blog - EMC

and are basically run like dedicated storage, except using off-the-shelf hardware. VSAs have the obvious advantage of running on most anything, which is especially convenient if you have unused (or underused) hardware on hand.

Is a single management solution required for multi-hypervisor environments?

Virtualized Greek

That proved to be more of apples to oranges comparison, but I think the OS example is a good comparison. Normally, the touch points between managing the two environments are at a very high level such as hardware and application management.

University of Maryland Improves Heterogeneous Cluster Environment using Bright Cluster Manager


The facility is used in a wide variety of research involving numerical simulations, statistical comparison, computational models, and atmospheric remote sensing. It joined the two previous generations of hardware, resulting in an infrastructure with a mix of traditional CPU nodes, nodes with GPUs, and nodes with Intel Phi Series co-processors. UMBC cluster administrators were concerned that the heterogeneous nature of the hardware environment was complicating its use. “We

When Cloud Grew Up

Chuck's Blog - EMC

By comparison, both AWS and Azure don't have much to say in the enterprise application category, which I would argue puts them at a strategic disadvantage. By comparison, AWS is nowhere to be seen in this all-important on-premises operational compatibility discussion.

Oracle 217

When Clouds Collide

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Second, Google committed to “follow the industry curve” on hardware prices, and continually pass along savings to customers on a regular basis.     By comparison, Amazon can tell you what people have bought on Amazon — and little else.

Google 230

Dissecting Gartner’s MQ For Hypervisors

Chuck's Blog - EMC

 Perhaps this is a result of feature-checklist comparisons. Back then, the major attraction was server consolidation: more logical servers on less physical hardware.

Why I Love The Oracle Cloud Strategy

Chuck's Blog - EMC

You're free to compare subsets of the public Oracle Cloud with other alternatives, but there is no direct comparison for the entire offering. We use the term "engineered systems" to describe our full-stack integration of hardware and software.

Oracle 202

When Cloud Crashes Into The Core Of IT

Chuck's Blog - EMC

And would you be comfortable with VMware's hardware-agnostic support model? If we're having an adult conversation about bringing hybrid cloud concepts to core enterprise IT , it's a completely unfair comparison with other industry pitches out there.

Oracle 169