Here it comes again, a new definition for Business Architecture (ii)

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Yet another definition for Business Architecture (i). Yet another definition for Business Architecture. continuing. F rom

Dark Data - A Business Definition - Social, Agile, and Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

Dark Data - A Business Definition. I have a broad definition of dark data and more expansive then some posts that Ive found -. All of these definitions are true, but somewhat limited. As such, my definition of Dark Data is fairly expansive. Dark Data - A Business Definition. Social, Agile, and Transformation.

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Isilon's OneFS -- The Definition Of A Modern File System? - Chuck's.

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Isilons OneFS -- The Definition Of A Modern File System? Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Isilons OneFS -- The Definition Of A Modern File System? Chucks Blog. An IT industry insiders perspective on information, technology and customer challenges. Archives. Profile.

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Yet another definition for Business Architecture (i)

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“Business Architecture represents holistic, multidimensional business views of: capabilities, end-to- end value delivery, information, and organizational structure; and the relationships among these business views and strategies, products, policies, initiatives, and stakeholders.”"

The Ultra High Definition Issues Web Developers Will Have to Deal With

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Ultra high definition (Ultra HD) might be a revolutionary technology that will bring you lots of joy, but it's definitely not good for everyone at the moment. We'll focus on problems web developers face, but first let's look at why we're seeing this problem

Report: Android and iOS apps both leak private data, but one is definitely worse for the enterprise

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iOS apps are actually leaking more data than Android apps, with one important qualifier: The countries where the most leaks are happening

Service Definition for Hosted Desktops – Where to Begin


Managed service providers know they want to offer exemplary customer-focused hosted services including apps and hosted desktops. But these firms (players ranging from niche players to global Telcos) also all struggle with the same questions: What are the right services to lead with?

Survey: Half of IT Pros Have No Edge Data Center Plans

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Many still confused about definition and value of edge data centers Read More. Colocation Data Center Strategies Featured Site Selection

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Rackspace sold to private equity house Apollo Global for $4.3bn

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After weeks of speculation about its acquisition status, Rackspace confirms definitive agreement with private equity buyer


5 Absolutely Useful Productivity Apps for Mac OS

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s ecosystem, there are quite a few useful productivity apps that you and your employees should definitely start using If your company relies on Apple?s

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UKtech50 2016 - The most influential people in UK IT

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Computer Weekly has announced the seventh annual UKtech50 – our definitive list of the movers and shakers in the UK IT sector


6 Ways AI Will Affect the Future of VoIP and UC

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Searching for definitions, I found one referring to AI as “the art of intelligence”; another definition referred to “human automation.” Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of today’s most widely used buzzwords, but what does it mean to you? ” Wikipedia defines artificial intelligence as intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, the

Fountainhead: A Community Cloud: Real-World Example


another cloud definition. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Fountainhead. Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. Thursday, March 24, 2011. A Community Cloud: Real-World Example. When I first heard the term "Community Cloud" I shuddered.

Keys to Successful Product Definition - Social, Agile, and.

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Keys to Successful Product Definition. In my last post , I discussed some of the key questions around market definition and suggested that in most situations, answers to these questions are needed before going into product or service definition. There are many possible product or service definitions possible for a single market. I believe that optimal product definition is a collaborative process. Product definition needs to be iterative.

Yeah, DEFINITELY sounds like a snail-mail problem

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IT manager pilot fish is responsible for internet connectivity at dozens of sites across the U.S. -- and the networking ranges from cable to DSL to fixed wireless to T1, with a different provider for each location. "We We apparently had not received or paid an invoice for one location in quite some time," says fish. Usually if we are even a day late making a payment, I get a nasty-gram threating to disconnect service.

How Do You Define Cloud Computing?

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Almost everyone has his or her own definition of cloud from “it’s on the internet” to a full-blown technical explanation of the myriad compute options available from a given cloud service provider. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Confirmed: Peak 10 Acquired By GI Partners

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Private Equity firm GI Partners has signed a definitive agreement to acquire IT infrastructure and cloud provider Peak 10, Inc., the companies said today. Read More. Featured

Need a New Websites? 7 Trends of 2017 You Should Definitely Consider

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The era of minimalism is finally changing and chaotic designs are showing their face

Ingram Micro to Acquire Cloud Application Distributor Ensim

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Ingram Micro has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Ensim. Read More. Cloud Computing Shared

VoIP for a Connected Business

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The newest VoIP technology offers a full communication's system powerful enough for most any business, so if your business is still using "old school" landlines, you should definitely rethinkVoice over internet protocol (VoIP) has come a long way. Today, this technology allows companies to connect their communication's systems and integrate their computing systems as well, for seamless transactions.


Six CRM Tips for Better Data Management

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That’s one of the first lessons you learn in Comp Sci 101, and it definitely holds true for CRM. Garbage in, garbage out. A CRM populated with outdated or inaccurate contact information does little for a company, and often it slows down operations. Sales staff call the wrong numbers. Marketing emails reach old addresses for a lower response rate. Customer service details

4 Crucial Software Tools for Ecommerce Businesses

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s take a look at the types of software tools you should definitely implement from the start, and what benefits they are going to bring to your online store

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Local Area Networks: What Are They?

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From this effort to distinguish a local area network, it is clear that, even after decades of almost ubiquitous connectivity both wired and wireless, we are still far from achieving a precise and commonly accepted definition

MapR Hadoop Distribution Now Shipping With Apache Drill

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Apache Drill allows self-service SQL analytics without requiring pre-defined schema definitions, meaning better real time insights without having to prepare the data Read More. Big Data

What does PaaS really mean? Let us know if you find out

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It''s been nearly three years since the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) published what has become the standard definition of cloud computing. Both the tech industry and IT organizations have been good about following the NIST definitions for IaaS and SaaS -- not so much for PaaS, a terms that remains confusing and is used confusingly. The NIST definition (PDF) of PaaS still stands, as far as I''m concerned: read more.

Defining Digital Transformation, Strategy and other Digital Terminology

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In doing so, I used several terms, some industry standard and others that are emerging so with this follow up post I thought I'd provide more color on my definition. Digital Transformation - See my older post older post, I provided my definitions. In my last post, I took a stab at defining the Digital Mindset from the perspective of different roles and responsibilities in the organization.

How Database Monitoring Can Eliminate Problems Before Your Customers Notice

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The definition of proactivity in database monitoring is the prevention of issues before they ever occur, and most performance monitoring solutions focus on quick after-the-fact detection. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Frame Relay Architectures

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The bearer-service definition includes The frame relay standards clearly define the bearer service provided by the network, so the design requirements for each side of the UNI are unambiguous.

Considerations When Creating a Secure Cloud Environment

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There is a definite change in the cloud security world. Organizations are deploying more cloud platforms to support an ever-growing user base. Still, the big question revolves around security – and how to protect critical data points. Let’s start here – over the past few months, there have been. Cloud Computing Security

Planning to Succeed in the Face of Failure: Big Data and the Data Center

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Regardless of its definition, data must be kept both secure and available in your data center. What defines Big Data is still up for debate, writes K.G. Anand of Avocent. Read More. Industry Perspectives

UKtech50: The most influential person in UK IT for 2016, Simon Segars, CEO, ARM

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Computer Weekly has announced the seventh annual UKtech50, our definitive list of the movers and shakers driving the role of technology in the UK economy


Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud

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The definition is important because I’m finding that people use the “hybrid cloud” term very sloppily still. [ The problem with hybrid clouds is that they are typically defined to be paired private and public clouds, which is the correct definition. I’m often asked about paired private and public clouds, aka hybrid clouds. What are they? How do you use them? Should you use them?

How to use PowerShell to investigate Windows Defender's malware signature definitions database

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Learn how to use PowerShell's Defender cmdlets to peek inside the malware signature definitions database What malware does Windows Defender recognize?