Super Mario 3D All-Stars is Nintendo at its worst

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars is Nintendo knowing that it can get away with less than the bare minimum, and I don't know how to stop it. Nintendo Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D All-Stars Super Mario 64 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Sunshine

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Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is coming to Nintendo Switch in February

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Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is coming to Nintendo Switch. The updated version of the Wii U 3D platformer brings new content to the game. Read More.

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Nintendo hamstrings Super Mario 3D All-Stars by being Nintendo

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Games category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Game Systems & Consoles category-/Games/Computer & Video Games console gaming Nintendo Super Mario 3D All-StarsIt finally happened! Nintendo revealed its plans for the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary.

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Roomality uses AI to render window-sized 3D landscapes without glasses

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An AI system will enable glasses-free 3D displays to simultate real world environments that look as if they can be explored through living space 'windows.' AI AR/VR Business Dev Media 3D 3D displays ai category-/Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software displays glasses-free 3D Roomality Unreal Engine VR Windows

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Google uses crowdsourced photos to recreate landmarks in 3D for AR/VR

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Researchers have updated a neural rendering technology with the ability to distinguish 3D structures from lighting, using landmark photos shared online. AI AR/VR Business Mobile 3D 3D rendering AR category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software category-/Science crowdsourced geometry Google Intel lighting nerf NeRF-W photos structures VR

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The RetroBeat: How Super Mario 3D All-Stars could have been better

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I got to review Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and while its three games are still a joy to play, it's easy to be disappointed that Nintendo didn't do more.

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3D Printing… At Home?


CTO Research 3D printing Apple Kickstarter Micro Printers Silicon Valley Twitter Wall Street I’ve written about tech waves before – in the last ten years, cell phones, online commerce, social networks, smartphones, laptops, and tablets have risen from obscurity to ubiquity. By capitalizing on these waves, the earnings and popularity forward-thinking companies (think Amazon, Apple, Twitter) have skyrocketed.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars review — All-star classics in a half-hearted package

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a collection that contains three of the best 3D platformers ever. You'd think that that would be enough. And it is! Read More.

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AI model creates 3D avatars from a person’s picture

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An AI system dubbed AvatarMe creates 3D avatars of people from nothing but face images, whether hand-drawn or photographed in black-and-white. AI Big Data Dev Games Media 3D rendering ai artificial intelligence AvatarMe avatars category-/Arts & Entertainment computer vision CVPR machine learning video gamesRead More.

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3D TVs Didn't Die, They Just Ended Up in Cars

GizModo VR

After dominating trade shows for years as the next big thing in home entertainment, 3D TVs seemingly completely disappeared overnight, replaced by technologies like OLED that are a genuine improvement on the television experience. 3d tv 3d mercedes benz automotive design

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Growing possibilities for 3D printing

Computer Weekly

As 3D printing disrupts business and technology mandates, CIOs can gain new relevance as business enablers

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Seek patents creation of cross-platform AR assets from ?any? 3D models

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A leading AR tool developer has won a potentially key patent on creating multi-platform, multi-OS AR assets from any of over 30 existing 3D model formats. AR/VR Business Commerce Dev Enterprise Marketing Mobile 3D content 3D models AR augmented reality brands category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science cross-platform DeanBeat News digital assets e-commerce file formats patent Seek Seek XR web AR

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AI researchers say they created a better way to generate 3D photos

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AI researers say they've created a novel way to generate realistic, impressive 3D photography that's better than Facebook 3D Photo. AI Big Data Business Media Mobile Social artificial intelligence Facebook Facebook 3D Photos Facebook AI Research inpainting machine learningRead More.

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Reprinting the Middle East in 3D

Computer Weekly

3D printing is being used in the UAE in a number of industries, and is becoming a regional hub for a technology that could help rebuild war-torn parts of the Middle East

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Oculus, Phoria, and WWF launch Ecosphere with free hi-def 3D VR movies

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Oculus commissioned high-definition wildlife films to demonstrate the potential of immersive 3D VR video, and the results are surprisingly compelling. AR/VR Business Media Mobile 3D VR category-/Science/Engineering & Technology Ecosphere high-def VR Nature Oculus oculus go Oculus Quest Phoria VR films WWFRead More.

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Why to choose 3D for your next virtual event

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And 3D event platforms are proving to be both powerful and affordable. With work-from-home orders in place, webinar attendance has spiked around the globe. Read More. Business Marketing category-/Computers & Electronics virtual events

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Unity acquires Codice Software to manage 3D workflows

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Unity Technologies has acquired Codice Software to bring version control to real-time 3D workflows for artists and other professionals. Read More.

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InsiteVR lets enterprise teams share complex 3D models on Oculus Quest

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Facebook's all-in-one VR headset now lets users collaboratively view 500-million-polygon 3D models as they work on construction and engineering projects. AR/VR Enterprise Mobile 3D models Autodesk BIM 360 building category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science/Engineering & Technology collaboration collaborative construction engineering InsiteVR Oculus Quest Resolve sharing viewing

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars remasters 3 classic Mario games for Nintendo Switch

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After months of rumor, Nintendo has finally confirmed that is releasing a bundle of remakes of some of Mario's greatest 3D adventures. Read More.

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3D printing makes headway in healthcare and manufacturing in Singapore

Computer Weekly

3D printing is increasingly being used in Singapore, with hospitals and manufacturers early adopters of the technology

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Google Adopts 3D Touch As Apple Is Rumored to Kill It


Apple may be killing 3D Touch but, according to the latest developer documentation for Google’s new Android Q operating system, it seems that the Mountain View company may be re-implementing the feature as something called “Deep Press”. 3D Touch and Deep Press refer to the user ability to press harder on a user interface element — […].

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'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' for Switch: Barely enough but still a must

Mashable VR

So it goes without saying that Switch owners should pick up Nintendo's new Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. But that doesn't mean it's perfect Super Mario 3D All-Stars contains exactly what's promised: Three Mario games: Super Mario 64 , Super Mario Sunshine , and Super Mario Galaxy.

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Google launches Kartta Labs to recreate historical maps in 3D

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Google's Kartta Labs projects leverages AI to recreate historical maps of cities. Read More.

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Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour comes to Switch on June 23

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Duke Nukem 3D is coming to Switch, with Gearbox releasing the 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour of the classic FPS onto the platform on June 23. Games category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Shooter Games console gaming Duke Nukem 3D Gearbox PublishingRead More.

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3D Printing: The Next Big Thing in the Internet of Things


Read Swamini Kulkarni’s article about how the Internet of Things can help in 3D printing on RFID Journal : Since the beginning of time, mankind has been focused on how to reduce human labor and how to upgrade life activities by developing survival tools.

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Unlocking the disruptive potential of 3D printers

Computer Weekly

We look at where 3D printing started, highlights some current innovations and assesses where the technology might be heading next

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3D printing gets serious in the Netherlands

Computer Weekly

3D projects abound in the Netherlands, with the technology being applied to canal bridges, bicycles, ship components and buildings

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Here's where you can pre-order 'Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury'

Mashable VR

More about Nintendo , Super Mario , Nintendo Switch , Mashable Shopping , and Super Mario 3d All Stars. Nintendo Super Mario Nintendo Switch Mashable Shopping Super Mario 3d All StarsRead more.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Is Out, So Where Can You Buy It?

GizModo VR

Super Mario 3D All-Stars | $60 | Amazon Super Mario 3D All-Stars | $60 | Best Buy Read more. video games gaming nintendo nintendo switch preorders preorder

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This company is 3D printing plant-based pork

Mashable Tech

NOVAMEAT is 3D printing plant-based pork, called "Pork Skewer 2.0," using biomimetic micro-extrusion technology and custom 3D printing machines. More about Food , Mashable Video , 3d Printing , Pork , and Plant Based Meat. Food Mashable Video 3d Printing Pork Plant Based MeatRead more.

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Students in Tunisia aid hospitals running out of supplies by 3D printing 1000 face shields

Mashable Tech

So a group of engineering students launched the “Save Ain Draham” initiative, supported by Mercy Corps and Khir Khmir Association, using a 3D printer and laser cutter to assemble over 1000 face shields. More about Engineering , Tunisia , 3d Print , Hospitals , and Coronavirus.

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3D printing proves a disruptive force in Asean manufacturing

Computer Weekly

3D printing adoption is set to accelerate in Southeast Asia after a delayed start

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These sustainable 3D printed homes are delivered and installed on the spot — Future Blink

Mashable VR

Mighty Buildings' 3D homes are turn-key, so once you select the building you want the home is delivered and installed on the spot. More about Tech , Mashable Video , 3d Printing , Sustainability , and Future Blink. Tech Mashable Video 3d Printing Sustainability Future BlinkRead more.

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Intel, Micron: New 3D NAND Flash Triples Memory Capacity

Data Center Knowledge

Intel Storage 3D NAND flash memory micron Joint venture says new super-dense memory tech now generally available Read More.

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Singapore models entire country in 3D with smart map

Computer Weekly

Singapore authorities are creating 3D maps of the entire country to help organisations in the public and private sector make better planning decisions

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This massive 3D printer created an entire two-story building — Future Blink

Mashable VR

More about Tech , Science , Mashable Video , 3d Printing , and Future Blink. Tech Science Mashable Video 3d Printing Future BlinkThe massive two-story printer is over 30 feet tall and was used to create the shell of the house. Read more.

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5 New Tech Inventions


This includes a space-saving 3D printer, a device that transforms your TV into a touch enabled device, plus a new easy way to browse the internet, completely anonymously. Video 3D modeling 3D printing 3D Systems AIRPod Consumer Electronics ShowMichael Johnson. This video has five parts, which are overviews of really cool technologies. Each provide a glimpse of tech that can make a difference in how you leverage capabilities to get things done.

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'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' is now available to pre-order

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TL;DR: Super Mario 3D All-Stars is officially out on September 18 — it's a limited run, so pre-order your copy as soon as you can Nintendo eShop | Best Buy | GameStop | Walmart |. More about Nintendo , Nintendo Switch , Mashable Shopping , Super Mario 3d All Stars , and Entertainment.

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Nike and BMW pilot HP Inc's first 3D printer

Computer Weekly

HP Inc rolls out its first 3D printer, with hopes that it will revolutionise manufacturing

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Top Best 3D Combat Car Racing Games


Information Technology Blog - - Top Best 3D Combat Car Racing Games - Information Technology Blog. Here people are installing these best 3D combat car racing games on their smartphone & desktops and spending hours daily to level up in the game. Death Racing Rivals 3D.

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3D Realms announces Graven, the spiritual successor to Hexen II


In Graven, you’ll explore a dark fantasy world as a faithful priest of the Orthogonal order that has been “exiled unto death for a crime in defense of another.”

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This 3D virtual tour lets you explore historical Egyptian sites – Future Blink

Mashable VR

More about Mashable Video , Egypt , Virtual Reality , Historical , and 3d Modelling. Mashable Video Egypt Virtual Reality Historical 3d ModellingEgypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is offering free virtual tours of Egyptian sites for those stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more.

Intel leak reveals plans for more Optane 3D Xpoint products

Computer Weekly

We run the rule over 3D Xpoint and what it offers enterprise customersLeaked Intel slides show 900P products to be launched at end of October with half a million IOPS per card.

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