Vricon: The world in 3D


a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, launch the joint venture – Vricon Inc. – to produce photo-realistic 3D products and digital elevation models globally for enterprise and government geospatial markets with unmatched coverage and delivery timelines.

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Growing possibilities for 3D printing

Computer Weekly

As 3D printing disrupts business and technology mandates, CIOs can gain new relevance as business enablers

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Reprinting the Middle East in 3D

Computer Weekly

3D printing is being used in the UAE in a number of industries, and is becoming a regional hub for a technology that could help rebuild war-torn parts of the Middle East

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3D Printing… At Home?


CTO Research 3D printing Apple Kickstarter Micro Printers Silicon Valley Twitter Wall Street I’ve written about tech waves before – in the last ten years, cell phones, online commerce, social networks, smartphones, laptops, and tablets have risen from obscurity to ubiquity. By capitalizing on these waves, the earnings and popularity forward-thinking companies (think Amazon, Apple, Twitter) have skyrocketed.

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3D printing makes headway in healthcare and manufacturing in Singapore

Computer Weekly

3D printing is increasingly being used in Singapore, with hospitals and manufacturers early adopters of the technology

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3D printing gets serious in the Netherlands

Computer Weekly

3D projects abound in the Netherlands, with the technology being applied to canal bridges, bicycles, ship components and buildings

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Intel Micron 3D XPoint Evolving

Storage IO Blog

Intel Micron 3D XPoint Evolving Intel Micron 3D XPoint Evolving Major memory classes or categories timeline (Image via Intel and Micron) Co-Creators of 3D XPoint the next generation of non-volatile memory (NVM) also known as storage class memory (SCM) or Persistent Memory (PMEM) have announced they will complete joint development of second-generation technology, then pursue […] The post Intel Micron 3D XPoint Evolving appeared first on StorageIOblog.

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Are CIOs Ready To Enter The World Of 3D Printed Metal Objects?

The Accidental Successful CIO

As companies start to print 3D metal objects, the CIO is going to be involved Image Credit: gillyan9. What Is 3D Metal Printing. I’m hoping that we are all familiar with so-called “3D printing” by now. All of this changes when you introduce 3D metal printing.

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3D printing proves a disruptive force in Asean manufacturing

Computer Weekly

3D printing adoption is set to accelerate in Southeast Asia after a delayed start

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Singapore models entire country in 3D with smart map

Computer Weekly

Singapore authorities are creating 3D maps of the entire country to help organisations in the public and private sector make better planning decisions

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3D Printing: What should CIOs do?

CIO Dashboard

Innovation initiatives and interest in 3D printing are at an all-time high. In our recent analysis we forecast that 3D printing will change the game when it pivots from prototyping to producing finished products or product components. Technology Innovation 3D printing CIO cios

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Intel, Micron: New 3D NAND Flash Triples Memory Capacity

Data Center Knowledge

Intel Storage 3D NAND flash memory micron Joint venture says new super-dense memory tech now generally available Read More.

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Intel leak reveals plans for more Optane 3D Xpoint products

Computer Weekly

We run the rule over 3D Xpoint and what it offers enterprise customersLeaked Intel slides show 900P products to be launched at end of October with half a million IOPS per card.

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Nike and BMW pilot HP Inc's first 3D printer

Computer Weekly

HP Inc rolls out its first 3D printer, with hopes that it will revolutionise manufacturing

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3D XPoint et al to force architecture and software changes

Computer Weekly

New solid state technologies such as 3D XPoint will be a second tier of memory, bringing change to hardware architectures and software to be rewritten, says SNIA solid state group chair

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5 New Tech Inventions


This includes a space-saving 3D printer, a device that transforms your TV into a touch enabled device, plus a new easy way to browse the internet, completely anonymously. Video 3D modeling 3D printing 3D Systems AIRPod Consumer Electronics ShowMichael Johnson.

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Two-thirds of educators say 3D printing is hard for teachers to use

Computer Weekly

Many schools and educational establishments are implementing 3D printing technologies to help with the curriculum, but teachers are struggling to use the technology

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How 3D printing will disrupt industry worldwide

Computer Weekly

The technology is helping startups model prototypes and inventory suppliers lop millions from supply chain costs

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Toshiba, SanDisk Unveil 256 Gigabit 48-Layer 3D NAND Chip

Data Center Knowledge

SanDisk's 3D NAND built using TLC (triple-level) die slated for mass production at Toshiba's new Fab 2 facility in Japan Read More. Storage sandisk toshiba

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Top Best 3D Combat Car Racing Games


Information Technology Blog - - Top Best 3D Combat Car Racing Games - Information Technology Blog. Here people are installing these best 3D combat car racing games on their smartphone & desktops and spending hours daily to level up in the game. Death Racing Rivals 3D.

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3D Printing Technologies and Uses


3D printing gives you ability to hold your ideas in your hand. With access to 3D modeling software you can create detailed designs. Microsoft kinect can be used for 3D scanning to make detailed scale models of real life objects.

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Emerson Adds Data Center Cooling Management in 3D

Data Center Knowledge

Latest release of Trellis DCIM software suite features device-level visualizations of thermal conditions Read More. Cooling DCIM News Emerson Network Power

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3D printing hack: Researchers crash drone with sabotaged propeller

Tech Republic Security

Researchers from three universities recently completed an attack on a 3D additive manufacturing system, highlighting the impact of potential security vulnerabilities in such systems

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Intel and Micron unveil new 3D XPoint Non Volatie Memory (NVM) for servers and storage

Storage IO Blog

In a webcast the other day, Intel and Micron announced new 3D XPoint non-volatile memory (NVM) that can be used for both primary main memory (e.g. Note that this announcement while having the common term 3D in it is different from the earlier Intel and Micron announcement about 3D NAND flash (read more about that here).

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The Future of Design and Manufacturing: Watch Elon Musk leverage Leap Motion, OculusVR and laser 3D printing


He then shows several ways to interact with 3d models including the great Oculus Rift. He shows how things can quickly get from a designers head into a computer and the out of a computer and into reality by using a 3D laser metal printer.

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Hacked 3D printers could commit industrial sabotage

Network World

3D printers can churn out toys, clothing and even food. Imagine a car maker using 3D printers to manufacture components, only to have the parts contain defects that are undetectable until it’s too late. A hacker with access to the 3D printers could make that happen, a team of researchers wrote in a recent paper. But the technology also shows potential for use in industrial sabotage, researchers warn.

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IDG Contributor Network: 3D printers hackable via smartphone

Network World

A smartphone’s built-in sensors can be used to swipe important intellectual property, such as product models and prototypes, by reading a combination of acoustic traces and electromagnetic energy as a 3D printer’s print head moves across a platen. Also on Network World: 3D printers wide-open to hacking + To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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The Top 3 3D Pens for 2016


So, pens and 3D printers no longer need to be separate items. You can create 3D images on the go, using a 3D pen. We tested the three most popular 3D pens. Still, you should know that this pen is the classiest 3D tools. We are living in the future.

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We’re looking for 3D talent! …to help create a 3D free-form mind mapping tool

Trends in the Living Networks

In fact I first wrote about the potential of 3D for concept representation and communication 14 years ago, in the late 1990s. Users will be able to move around and fly through the 3D “thoughtscapes” they create, and share them with the world in a variety of formats.

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How 3D XPoint promises to reshape the data center

Tech Republic Data Center

However, 3D XPoint may hold the key to unleashing a new level of data center efficiency The physical constraints and cost of DRAM have limited data center design for decades.

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Part II – Intel and Micron new 3D XPoint server and storage NVM

Storage IO Blog

3D XPoint is not NAND flash, it is also not NVRAM or DRAM, it’s a new class of NVM that can be used for server class main memory with persistency, or as persistent data storage among other uses (cell phones, automobiles, appliances and other electronics). In addition, 3D XPoint is more durable with a longer useful life for writing and storing data vs. NAND flash.

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Part III – 3D XPoint new server storage memory from Intel and Micron

Storage IO Blog

The initial die or basic chip building block 3D XPoint implementation is a layer 128 Gbit device which if using 8 bits would yield 16GB raw. big data Cloud converged database I/O Networking IT Industry Activity IT Infrastructure Topics little data object storage Performance and Capacity perspective post Power and Cooling server ssd Storage and Storage Management Tools Storage Architecture and Access tools virtualization 3D XPoint dimm dram memory nand flash NVM NVMe SSD storage

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America’s First 3D Android Phone


Just picked up "America’s First 3D Android Phone" While, after staring at 3D too long gets me eventually dizzy, this phone has been amazing so far in it’s speed, clarity, and easy of use. A 3D effect that just isn’t very good.”.

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Intel and Micron Change How Non-Volatile Memory Works

Data Center Knowledge

3D X Point technology promises 1,000-times better performance and endurance than NAND memory Read More. Intel 3D NAND micron nand

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Is 3D TV dangerous?

Trends in the Living Networks

He was on interviewed on the 7pm Project last night about the dangers of 3D TV ( see the video here ) so we chatted about that. Mark has been involved in 3D for close to two decades, most famously in creating Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML), and before that helping Sega to develop a head-mounted display in the 1990s. This is why the 3D of films doesn't feel quite right. So it seems that the 3D TV manufacturers think there's an issue here.

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