the future of the Operating System - LinuxCon 2015 keynote


The Future of the Operating System. What is an Operating System ? Operating Systems & Apps Over Time. OS in 1960s • IBM OS/360 – First OS that kept track of system resources (program, memory, storage) • CTSS – Introduce scheduling • Univac Exec 8, Burrows MCP, Multics. OS in 1995 - 2005 • Browser becomes gateway to Internet applications • Desktop ruled by Windows • Linux emerges as the “OS of the Internet” • LAMP Stack.

Reset Windows 10 1803 Fix Operating System Related Issues


Windows 10 1803 comes with an option to reinstall the OS with or without removing the personal files from the device. There could be many reasons to reset or reinstall or rebuild windows 10 […]. The post Reset Windows 10 1803 Fix Operating System Related Issues appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. Windows 10 featured Re-provision Windows 10 1803 Rebuild Windows 10 1603 Reset Windows 10 1803

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The Importance of Compatibility: Microsoft Shifting to Single Operating System


Cloud Computing Company Gadgets Mobile The Future Trends Apple Google microsoft Microsoft Windows Satya Nadella Windows We love technology trends at CTO Vision. Trends like user empowerment, the convergence of the cyber and physical worlds, enhanced cloud computing, advances in managing big data, and a persistent environment of cyber insecurity shape the present and future of technology in complex and consequential ways.

Windows 10 1909 Upgrade Using SCCM Task Sequence|ConfigMgr


Its Time to Upgrade your Operating System to Windows 10 1909 Upgrade. Let’s learn how to create an upgrade Windows 10 Task Sequence. There are various Windows 10 deployment scenarios available to install latest version of Windows 10 1909.

Windows 7 Migration Status Check with Windows 10 1903 Release


Microsoft recently released Windows 10 1903 version. Windows 1903 is the eighth (8th) version of the Windows 10 operating system. What are we doing with Windows 7 devices? You will see more details about Windows 7 migration status in this post.

TechNet Radio: (Part 8) Hyper-V from a VMware Admin’s Perspective - Supported Guest Operating Systems

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In this installment of our "Hyper-V from a VMware admin's perspective" series, Keith Mayer and Andy Syrewicze discuss support for guest operating systems in Hyper-V. Tune in as they go in depth on supported server and client operating systems as well demo for us how Linux is supported in Hyper-V. [ 5:08 ] What does “supported” mean in terms of Guest Operating Systems on Hyper-V? [

This is the End: Windows XP


We knew this day would come – when Windows XP, the twelve-year-old operating system for Windows, stops receiving technical support from Microsoft. While the transition does not mark the death of Windows XP necessarily , as you can still choose to use whatever operating system you want, it does mean that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for XP to address new vulnerabilities. By ShannonPerry.

5 Steps to Deploying Windows 8 with System Center 2012 Service.

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Be an Early Expert on Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Server, System Center 2012, Azure and Windows 8. - Powered by System Center. System Center 2012. Windows 8. Windows Azure. Windows Server 2012. 5 Steps to Deploying Windows 8 with System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 - Migration and Deployment - Part 3 of 19. 5 Steps to Deploying Windows 8 with System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 - Migration and Deployment - Part 3 of 19.

System 178

The cloud will absorb Windows (and the rest)

David Linthicum

InfoWorld's Eric Knorr has made the compelling point that perhaps Microsoft should get out of the Windows business and instead focus on the public cloud. In the 1990s, I reviewed client operating systems that included Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, and about a dozen versions of Unix. The past focus on client operating systems, then on mobile operating systems, was perhaps a misplaced effort.

6 uncertainties that will shape the future of mobile operating systems

Trends in the Living Networks

I began by looking at the mobile operating system landscape, showing the forecasts recently made by Gartner, as below. I would not make the same forecasts for a number of reasons, however Gartner’s figures are a reasonable stab at what mobile operating system shares might be.

You Should Run R On Your Computer: Not just for stats, but to know what all the excitement is about


R runs on a wide variety of systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix. You will immediately see links to Linux, Mac and Windows versions of R. Download and install the one for your system. Now you have R running on your system. By Bob Gourley.

Windows cracks under data access demands

Computer Weekly

The operating system fights for survival as workers demand cross-platform access to corporate data

Windows 10 Evidences Transitions at Microsoft


When Microsoft released Windows 8 two years ago, its massive departure from its predecessor made a big splash in the technology community. Announced in a blog post dated 30 September 2014, Windows 10 appears to have re-adopted many features of Windows 7, Windows 10’s grandfather.

Using Chef Habitat to Migrate Legacy Windows Applications

Perficient - Digital Transformation

In this bog post we will discuss Using Chef Habitat to Migrate Legacy Windows Applications to a Modern Secure Platform. For instance, Windows Server 2016 and 2019 along with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and later. VMs need to be running Windows Server 2016 with a minimum of 4GB of RAM.

Microsoft issues fixes for non-supported versions of Windows Server

Network World

Microsoft took the rare step of issuing security fixes for both the server and desktop versions of Windows that are long out of support, so you know this is serious. The vulnerability ( CVE-2019-0708 ) is in the Remote Desktop Services component built into all versions of Windows.

Olly, A Robot Assistant with Personality


For example: tell it a general goal of helping you read more books in the month — and then it will set about prompting you at (hopefully) opportune moments when it thinks you might have a window in your busy schedule to sit down and read. The operating system is based on Android.

Truly Useful Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use Today


Designed for Windows mobile but now on Android and a limited version runs on Apple iOS. Soar is a general cognitive architecture for developing systems that exhibit intelligent behavior. Simplifies multi-agent system development. Protege : A free, open-source ontology editor and framework for building intelligent systems. Skycatch : Software for fully autonomous aerial systems.

Windows 8.1 - Unable to "Copy Recovery Partition" when building Recovery Drive?

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After upgrading to Windows 8.1, By building a new Recovery Drive, you’ll have an easy way to perform a system Reset / Refresh with the Windows 8.1 operating system bits, if needed to recover from an unbootable system situation down the road. Windows 8.1

Windows Azure Host Updates: Why, When, and How

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Windows Azure’s compute platform, which includes Web Roles, Worker Roles, and Virtual Machines, is based on machine virtualization. It’s the deep access to the underlying operating system that makes Windows Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) uniquely.( Windows Azure read more ).

Step-By-Step: Enabling Hyper-V for use on Windows 10


Windows 8 was the first Windows client operating system to include hardware virtualization.( Step-By-Step SuSE Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows 8.1

Upgrading to both Windows 10 1903 and 1909 with Configuration Manager

Mick's IT Blog

The time has come to do another creator update to the corporate systems. We skipped the 1903 upgrade because of the Windows 7 to Windows 10 deployment that completed just after the release of 1903.

Adaptiva: OneSite – Advanced IT Systems Management Software


It provides system administrators with the ability to run SCCM from a single site with no DPs for distribution, and no impact to business WAN traffic. OneSite solves the complexities of large-scale systems management by extending the functionality of Microsoft System Center Con. Communications Companies Company GreenIT Companies Adaptiva microsoft OneSite operating system System Center Configuration Manager WAN Wide area network Windows XP

System 105

Do you have a plan for moving from Windows XP?

Eric D. Brown

Are you still running Windows XP in your organization? Did you realize support has ended for the operating system? Hopefully by now, you’ve heard or read that Windows XP has been set to end-of-life by Microsoft. Have these SMB’s migrated off of Windows XP?

The Browser as an application platform :


t the operating system, nor is it adobe air,net or java, itâ??s s promised mission, the underlying operating system wouldnâ??t Wanna write a application that works on everything from Mac, windows, Linux, beos, iOS, android, webos, etc; write it for the browser.

Top 3 Common Windows Errors And How To Troubleshoot

IT Toolbox

Microsoft's Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for computers, alongside the Linux and Apple's Mac OS. This operating system offers a lot of handy features, which help users to do work better, faster and more efficient. It has been downloaded and activated on million devices, including desktop and laptop. However, users reported they often encounter a few

Utilizing Windows Deployment Services in Windows Server 2012 R2


Windows Deployment Services (WDS), a service found in Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 R2 offering , enables IT professionals with the ability to deploy Windows operating systems via a network-based installation. Operating systems deployed.

Step-by-Step: Offline VM Template Servicing with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and PowerShell

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V provides the ability to easily export sysprepped virtual machines as reusable VM templates for quickly provisioning new VMs in an on-premises datacenter or on the Windows Azure cloud platform.

Install Guide: How To Run Windows 10 On Your Mac Computer

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The primary operating system on your computer is Mac OS, but sometimes, you might need to work with Windows. So, what is the best solution to handle this situation

Why R2? Step-by-Step: Automated Tiered Storage with Windows Server 2012 R2

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This month, my team of fellow IT Pro Technical Evangelists are publishing a series of articles on Why Windows Server 2012 R2? This article has been updated now that Window Server 2012 R2 is generally available.

Best of TechEd 2013: Windows Azure - New Choices and Flexibility.

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Be an Early Expert on Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Server, System Center 2012, Azure and Windows 8. - Powered by System Center. System Center 2012. Windows 8. Windows Azure. Windows Server 2012. Stop VM via Windows PowerShell.

Windows 10 Tips: Managing Universal Apps in an Enterprise Setting


Windows 8.1, Love it or hate it, was intended to be both a desktop and device operating system. Regardless of how you feel about Windows 8.1, tutorial Step-By-Step Windows 8.1

Microsoft: Windows 10 S not affected by any 'known ransomware'

Tech Republic Security

In a blog post, Microsoft called Windows 10 S its "latest and most hardened operating system," and explained how it protects users against ransomware and other threats

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 for Qualcomm Chips, a Blow to Intel

Data Center Knowledge

is creating a version of the Windows 10 operating system that will run on laptops powered by Qualcomm Inc. Microsoft Corp. chips, a move that could erode Intel Corp.’s s dominance in PCs and help the software maker gain a bigger foothold in mobile computing. Read More. Microsoft Mobility

Intel 169

Step-by-Step: Building a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory.

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Be an Early Expert on Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Server, System Center 2012, Azure and Windows 8. - Powered by System Center. System Center 2012. Windows 8. Windows Azure. Windows Server 2012. Step-by-Step: Building a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Forest in the Cloud with Windows Azure. Step-by-Step: Building a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Forest in the Cloud with Windows Azure.

Ditching Windows Server 2003 is Necessary if Not Easy

Data Center Knowledge

million instances of the old server operating system. Insight warns of key things to consider for migration of the 23.8 Read More. Blades Featured Microsoft