Australian council removes costly bottleneck with traditional storage architecture

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Redland City Council chose to return to a traditional storage architecture when it was struggling to get rates notices out in good time

Using Object-based Storage to Replace File-Based NAS Architectures

Data Center Knowledge

Object-Based Storage is an architecture that manages data as objects as opposed to traditional block- or file-based approaches, and is a viable option for storing unstructured data at petabyte scale. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Nutanix Granted Patent for Its Software-Defined Storage Architecture

Data Center Knowledge

Nutanix is granted a patent for its storage architecture for virtualized data centers, Nimble Storage advances its Infosight analytics with new forensic capabilities, and Avere Systems launches the FXT 4800 edge filer for enterprise storage. Storage avere systems nimble storage nutanix

Beyond microservices; Software architecture driven by machine learning

Social, Agile and Transformation

Today's coding models are based on data storage, business logic, services, UX, and presentation. A full stack developer elects to build a three-tiered web architecture using an MVC framework. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when and how AI and machine learning will change our programming and software development paradigms. An IoT application calls for an event-driven. AI big data data management innovation IOT software development

Storage in containers: The answer to persistent storage needs?

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With compute requirements often fragmented, short-lived and bursty, traditional storage architectures can struggle to cope – so is storage in containers the solution

Commodity Data Center Storage: Building Your Own

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New storage solutions allow any organization to deploy custom commodity storage architectures. Storage Technology cloudBut how do you go about it? Read More.

Are Servers The New Storage?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

At one time, almost all storage was directly attached to servers.    Whether that was through disk drives in the server enclosure itself, or external racks directly connected, there was a clear 1:1 mapping between server, application and dedicated storage resources.

SC13 News: Micron Develops Parallel Processing Architecture

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High Performance Computing announcements this week from vendors at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver highlight a new parallel processing architecture from Micron, and customer wins from DataDirect Networks and SGI. HPC SGI Storage data direct networks micron

Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars

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Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Join me in a series of in-person seminars driving ROI with cloud storage consolidation for unstructured file data. The post Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Storage Caching 201

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Three years ago, I wrote a popular post entitled " Storage Caching 101 ".  Using a memory technology for storage caching is different than using it for persistent storage , although that''s becoming popular as well.  Storage VMware

Using VSAN With Storage Arrays

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  Many folks are comparing and contrasting what can now be done in the hypervisor vs. familiar storage arrays.    Besides the obvious fact that IT shops are heavily invested in storage array tech, there are certain things that storage arrays do very well.

How EMC IT Does Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

You might be used to getting storage advice from a storage vendor, but the better source might be to speak to someone in their IT group. Srini starts with creating a perspective of the "storage journeys" EMC IT has been on over the years. Storage

Considering The Next Wave Of Storage Automation

Chuck's Blog - EMC

a nice chunk of new technology has been introduced to help automate perhaps the most difficult part of the data center – storage. It''s worth digging into these new storage automation features: why they are needed, how they work, and why they should be seriously considered.

Parallel Processing and Unstructured Data Transforms Storage

Cloud Musings

Technology advances that exemplify this transition include: Big Data – The analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying and information privacy of extremely large, complex and unstructured data sets.

How Software-Based Storage Is Changing Servers

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As I track the various server vendor announcements, I couldn’t help but notice a pronounced shift towards designs that are obviously intended to be used as part of a storage or database farm. Here, we’re discussing software- based storage (vs. software- defined storage). 

My Obsolete Storage Knowledge

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As I reflect back on various chapters in my personal Storage Encyclopedia, I’m realizing that there are vast tranches that are candidates for leaving behind. I thought I’d share with you my personal list of “once cool, now not so much” storage topics that I’m faced with.

The Future Of Storage Data Services

Chuck's Blog - EMC

It might seem that we in the storage business are intentionally complicating things.    Up to this point, we''ve mostly thought of physical storage arrays as providing both: persisting data as well as providing important data services.  The New Storage Buyer.

Hybrid cloud 101: Using the cloud as a storage tier

Computer Weekly

We look at what’s possible when it comes to hybrid cloud, what types of data and what hybrid cloud architectures can combine on-premise and cloud storage capacity

Pure Storage Launches Converged Infrastructure Line

Data Center Knowledge

Architecture combines flash arrays, Cisco UCS blades, Nexus switches, and VMware cloud and virtualization software Read More. Convergence flash pure storage

Making The Case For Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

My corner of the IT industry is foisting a new concept on enterprise IT shops: software-defined storage.    The existing storage kit seems to be doing the job; why would we need anything radically different? When Will You Hit The Storage Wall?

Can Nature Help Us Solve an Impending Data Storage Crisis?

Data Center Knowledge

Researchers make big advancements in DNA storage architecture Read More. Featured Microsoft Storage

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture

Storage IO Blog

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture Dell EMC today announced with a tag line IT Unbound their new PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture slated for general availability September 21, 2018. Previewed earlier this year at Dell Technology World in Las Vegas, PowerEdge MX 7000 is a new family […] The post Dell EMC PowerEdge MX 7000 Kinetic Based Data Infrastructure Architecture appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Why Software-Defined Storage Matters

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  The more information we produce, consume — and depend on —  the more storage matters.    Software is inevitably changing core data center technologies — compute, network and storage — both individually and how they work together. We want the same from storage.

Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

Storage IO Blog

Data storage regardless of if hardware, legacy, new, emerging, cloud service or various software defined storage (SDS) approaches are all fundamental resource components of data infrastructures along with compute server, I/O networking as well as management tools, techniques, processes and procedures. The post Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

Storage Disruption: Choose Your Poison

Chuck's Blog - EMC

An awkward moment: I’m with a customer group, and someone asks me an innocent question: “ so, what’s happening in the storage world these days? ”. Enterprises invest an awful lot in storage technology, the rough cut is about $30B annually in hardware alone.  Storage

Gaining Server Storage I/O Insight into Microsoft Windows Server 2016

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The post Gaining Server Storage I/O Insight into Microsoft Windows Server 2016 appeared first on StorageIOblog. While Microsoft Windows Server recently celebrated its 20th birthday (or anniversary), a lot has changed as well as evolved.

Software-Defined Storage: An Alternate View

Chuck's Blog - EMC

When it comes to software-defined storage, things are surprisingly genteel: I yet to witness a good #twitpiss on the topic. Fortunately, someone sent me a link to a short PDF produced under the auspices of SNIA — the Storage Networking Industry Association. software defined storage

Mirantis and Netapp Announce OpenStack Cloud Storage Partnership

Data Center Knowledge

Cook up validated reference architecture for storage on OpenStack Read More. Shared

Servers As Storage: Interest Is Strong

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Not too long ago, I wrote a post " Are Servers The New Storage? where I made my case that newer software-based storage platforms -- based on commodity servers and agnostic software stacks -- would become increasingly popular for a number of compelling reasons. software defined storage

Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs #blogtobertech

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Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs #blogtobertech The following are Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs. For example, paying the same yet upgrading to fewer, faster servers, […] The post Ten tips to reduce your cloud compute storage costs #blogtobertech appeared first on StorageIOblog. In some cases, reducing your cloud costs means spending the same yet getting more value and resources that provide a business benefit.

What Changes With Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As a part of this series, we’ve already taken a look at the rationale and motivations behind software-defined storage , offered up a working definition, and taken a tour of the key elements found in our software-defined storage model.??. Storage Becomes Just Part Of What People Do??.

Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model #blogtobertech

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Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model #blogtobertech The following is a new Industry Trends Perspective White Paper Report titled Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model.

Introducing The Software-Defined Storage Series

Chuck's Blog - EMC

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know my story:  I’m a storage geek at heart, I work for VMware, and I think the next big phase of this industry is software-defined storage. If it does, I’ve got a catchy title picked out: Software-Defined Storage For Smarties. --.

Unleashing Fusion-io in the Nutanix Architecture


I now feel that the beginning of the end for SAN-like storage systems is hurtling towards us

Serverless Reference Architectures with AWS Lambda

All Things Distributed

If you are looking for more examples there are the Lambda Serverless Reference Architectures that can serve as the blueprint for building your own serverless applications. Mobile Backend Serverless Reference Architecture. Real-time File Processing Serverless Reference Architecture.