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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Forrester IT

Amazon Launches Halo, Its First Wearable Health Device For The Average (Budget-Conscious) Consumer This week, Amazon launched Halo, a screenless wearable device that can monitor activity, sleep, temperature, BMI, and emotion.

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B2B IT Forum: How Cybersecurity is being handled today and a look ahead

The Investing Edge

With all companies now targets of cyber-attacks, and the average cost of a successful attack rising to $4 million, the demand for security talent is at an all-time high. But while cyber security jobs are up 74 percent in the last five years, more than 209,000 cyber security jobs in the U.S. are unfilled.

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Explainer: Building a high-performing last-mile delivery software

CIO Business Intelligence

Implementing robust security measures fosters trust, nurtures customer loyalty, and strengthens brand reputation. While developing your last-mile delivery software, CIOs can customize the frequency and the type of alerts. Logistics services increased their budgets overnight to provide the delivery executives with needed infrastructure.

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DEI tech reimagines workplace equity and attracts investors amid mounting calls for change


Last November, the Securities and Exchange Commission asked public companies to disclose their human capital metrics, prompting more nuanced DEI data reporting to show investors how it correlates with better financial outcomes, according to RedThread Research.

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How NaaS deployment is shaping up

TM Forum

But so far, CSPs have mainly used internally developed and/or proprietary APIs in their NaaS implementations, which limits their ability to partner. The operator was instrumental in the development of. It also needs to develop middleware between these APIs and its customers to allow some measure of self-service control.

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How do CSPs sell more to SMEs?

TM Forum

In developed markets, B2C revenue growth has become anemic at best, as revenue from traditional services continues to decline. which still represents the lion’s share of the industry’s revenue, 75% now believe more than half their revenues will derive from the B2B sector according to TM Forum research. per user per month.

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