3 B2C Social Engagement Trends to Watch

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B2C purchases are highly influenced by social media. Here are three of the hottest social engagement trends for B2C this summer. Whether it's Facebook or Foursquare, Tumblr or Twitter, you need a social engagement strategy that targets more consumers and provides you with a huge return on your investment. Create a Cross-Platform Social Engagement Strategy.

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Four Forces Drive The Consumer’s Tech Stack

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B2C ecommerce B2C marketing benchmarks business technology (BT) consumer mobile activities consumer mobile adoption consumer mobile devices consumer mobility consumer segmentation customer data customer emotion customer insights data insights ecommerce marketing technology technology adoption dataToday I’m on stage in New York speaking to hundreds of marketing executives at our Consumer Marketing Forum 2018.

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The Data-Driven Marketing Revolution Will Be Televised

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advertising B2C marketing marketing & strategy marketing methods media media buyingI recently heard L.L. Bean’s chief sales and brand officer walk through the company’s brand refresh and corresponding marketing campaign.

4 Benefits of Creating a B2C Mobile App

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Seventy-five billion apps were downloaded on Apple and Android devices in 2015, and the number of mobile app buyers in the United States is predicted to reach 85 million by 2019. As more consumers shift to mobile, you can capitalize

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The Data Digest: Millennials Call For Values-Driven Companies, But They’re Not The Only Ones Interested

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age of the customer B2C marketing data insights millennialsWe’ve been researching values-based consumers for several years now, and conversation in the C-suite has progressed from “Are values really important?” to “How do we strategize accordingly?”

Walled Garden No More: Digital China Goes Global

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B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) digital businessAs China battles the US for global digital leadership, Chinese digital giants like Alibaba and Tencent are taking the first beachhead: Southeast Asia (SEA).

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Amazon Flirts With Banks And Their Customers: Here’s What You Should Do

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Like a football team captain at a junior high dance, Amazon just sauntered up to a big group of people and started dropping hints about its sweet moves on the dance floor. Okay, that’s not exactly what’s happening here, but it sure felt like that to many bank executives who heard the […].

Consumer Marketing 2018 Follow-Up: Jenny Storms Answers Your Questions

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B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) digital strategy Marketing MarTech

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Marketing Innovation Requires “Process, Process, Process!” (Channeling Jan Brady)

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chief marketing officer (CMO) marketing & strategy B2B Marketing b2c marketing innovation market imperative Marketing marketing innovation playbook processMarketing has come a long way but it is not yet customer-obsessed. To address this gap, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Forrester’s new The Marketing Innovation Playbook. It’s time for companies to undergo a marketing makeover.

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Three Takeaways On eCommerce From My Trip To China

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age of the customer Asia Pacific B2C ecommerce customer experience digital business online retail retailI recently spent two weeks in China to attend an event hosted by eCommerce company JD.com for analysts and retail thought leaders.

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Consumer Marketing 2018: Build Emotion-Powered Brands With Dipanjan Chatterjee

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B2C marketing brand building brand experience brand monitoring branding chief marketing officer (CMO) digital marketing marketing & strategyWHAT DO EMOTIONS HAVE TO DO WITH BRANDING STRATEGY?

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Click Summit 2018: The Future Of Experimentation Has Arrived

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B2C marketing marketing technology online testingThis week I was fortunate to attend, participate in, and moderate a session at Click Summit 2018 in Cary, North Carolina. Click Summit is hosted annually by Brooks Bell and her eponymous firm. As an industry analyst, I’m an event connoisseur, and Click is one of my all-time favorites. As expected, Click Summit was well […].

Marketers, You Desperately Need A New Mindset

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advertising age of the customer B2B marketing B2C marketing brand building brand experience communications culture customer engagement customer understanding emotion marketing & strategy

Master The Fundamentals Of Marketing Measurement In Asia

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B2C marketingMeasuring marketing results or ROI is the No. 1 challenge marketers face in Asia. To tackle this problem, 68% of marketers in Asia plan to invest more in marketing measurement. My latest report, Master The Fundamentals Of Marketing Measurement, helps marketers understand the best practices for improving their marketing measurement and the major barriers they […].

All Brands Need A Full-Fledged Digital Commerce Strategy

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age of the customer B2C ecommerce brand & product web sites brand experience branding digital business digital customer experience digital disruption digital marketing digital transformation ecommerce online retail retail brand commerce digital retail digital strategy

What Marketers Need To Know: Social Media Q1 2018 Roundup

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B2C marketing digital business social marketing social media earnings facebook Snapchat twitterQ1 2018 earnings for Twitter, Facebook, and Snap largely showed minimal impact from the recent data privacy crisis. There were no surprises: Twitter is building off its Q4 2017 momentum, Facebook continues to grow its user base, and Snap is still going through an identity crisis. For the most part, the financial markets seem to […].

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By Acquiring Flipkart, Walmart Gets Access To The Indian Market — For A Premium

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age of the customer B2C ecommerce ecommerce global ecommerceIn April 2017, Flipkart raised funds from Softbank, eBay, Tencent, and Microsoft to counter Amazon’s rapidly growing presence in India. On May 9, 2018, Walmart announced that it will jump into the fray, paying $16 billion to acquire 77% of Flipkart and finally get the chance to sell goods to Indian consumers. This deal gives […].

Apple’s Brand Playbook Unlocked

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advertising advertising agencies age of the customer Amazon B2C marketing brand building brand experience brand monitoring branding chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience digital business digital disruption digital transformation UncategorizedDo you want to be like Apple? In 2010, Apple ranked as the 17th most valuable brand in the world. Just three years later, it had garnered the top spot and has remained there.

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Investment Companies’ Content Fails To Inspire Trust

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B2C marketing content content marketing Financial Services investment companies wealth managementIf there’s any industry whose content should inspire trust, it’s that of the investment and wealth management industry. They’re asking consumers to entrust their nest eggs with them. And there are lots of eggs. PwC forecast that the mass affluent segment alone would put up to $10 trillion under management by 2020. Our analysis of […].

Modernize Your Martech Stack for Moments

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advanced analytics advertising artificial intelligence (AI) B2C marketing customer engagement customer experience management marketing automation marketing organization & culture online marketing technologyThe world is changing and with it, consumers’ expectations of experiences and communication from brands.

Amazon’s Multi-billion Dollar Ad Business Propels Its Profitability

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advertising age of the customer Amazon B2C marketing ecommerce amazonYesterday, Thursday April 26, Amazon released its Q1 2018 financial results. The results? They knocked it out of the park. In fact, Jim Cramer on CNBC called it “the best quarter I’ve ever seen from a company.” ” I would argue it’s ‘the best quarter ever’ because of a little known business that Amazon has — […].

The GDPR Is Coming, And Marketers Must Be Ready

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B2C marketing customer data data management digital marketing Europe GDPR privacyEurope’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is right around the corner, going into effect on May 25. And still, the biggest question I get from marketers is, “Does it apply to me?” The simple answer is: If you offer your product or services to European subjects, the GDPR applies to you. And while many firms are […].

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Introducing The Forrester Wave: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2018

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B2C marketing digital marketing marketing & strategy marketing measurement marketing methods marketing metrics marketing mix modeling marketing ROI measurement Uncategorized Marketing Measurement WaveJim Nail and I are excited to announce the publication of The ForresterTM Wave: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2018.

Transform Your Personalization Strategy At Forrester’s Consumer Marking Forum

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B2C marketing marketing & strategy personalizationWhere are you on your company’s journey to personalize the customer’s experience? Are you one of the 89% of digital businesses that are investing in personalization – companies like Coca-Cola, Fabletics, Netflix, Sephora, USAA, and Wells Fargo. What’s new now? Businesses need to evolve their definition of personalization – from tactical segmentation, to strategic individualization. […].

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

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Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

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Salesforce Nicely Rounds Out Its B2B CRM With CloudCraze

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This eCommerce application is a fundamentally different one than Salesforce’s B2C eCommerce acquisition of Demandware. This is because B2C engagement is […]. On March 12, Salesforce announced its intent to acquire CloudCraze, a B2B eCommerce application. This savvy and long-anticipated move nicely rounds out its broad CRM portfolio and supports B2B customers through their engagement journey.

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Security and risk professionals: Team up with your marketing peers to design your customers' privacy experiences

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Read more Categories: B2C marketing. B2C marketing Security & Risk Security and Risk ad blockers contextual privacyThe battle over ad blockers has never been fiercer: Their popularity with consumers is skyrocketing across the globe. Ad blockers offer a better online experience and have become easier to use. But consumers like them as a way to protect their privacy and their data from being misused. Firms increasingly think that their best bet is to block the blockers.

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Oracle Acquires Responsys For $1.5 Billion

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Oracle (ORCL) announced that it is acquiring cloud-based B2C marketing software provider Responsys (MKTG) for approximately $1.5 billion. Cloud Computing Oracle MKTG ORCL

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Adobe Summit 2018: Unleash The Experience Makers!

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Today, B2B and B2C customers observe a brand’s overall experience, not simply select products or touchpoints. As a former marketer now analyst covering social networks, online communities, user-generated content (UGC), and ratings and reviews, I encourage B2C marketers to create customer-driven experiences corresponding to specific audience [… “Make experience your business,” Adobe’s rallying cry, is timely.

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{Salesforce + Demandware}: DX Reactions and Predictions

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On paper, calling these two competitors is an apples and oranges comparison: Salesforce has a strong B2B, CRM heritage (although B2C client wins are increasing since the ExactTarget acquisition); whereas. Demandware is purely a B2C, full-stack, commerce suite for CPG clients who are willing to operate on a revenue sharing model. Salesforce made its largest acquisition ever yesterday, acquiring Demandware for $2.8B.

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Video: How tag management can solve the big data fragmentation problem and drive revenue

Tech Republic Big Data

Every company, whether they're B2B or B2C, is experiencing an explosion in the volume of customer data. Tealium CEO Jeff Lunsford explains why tag management helps business make big money from big data

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Ohhh snap: Dropbox dropkicked by Box CEO in fight for enterprise cash

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Dropbox CEO Drew Houston says his company is about more than just B2C cloud sync now. Dropbox launches new Enterprise edition at its Dropbox Open conflab. But rival Box, Inc. is throwing shade with fighting talk.

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Social Media Options

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It doesn’t matter if you are in the B2C or B2B world, social media can matter. Thanks to Kara Whitlow for pointing me to this article. When you look at digital transformation, the custom facing side means you have to meet customers where they are and that means a variety of social media channels have to be included. It matters in people finding you. It matters in influencing perception. It matters in managing relationships.

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