Future Of Retail: B2C Marketing And Loyalty In 2019 

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This week, Claudia interviewed Emily Collins, principal analyst on Forrester’s B2C marketing team and an expert in loyalty, on her contributions to the 2019 B2C marketing predictions […]. age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty online retail predictions 2019 retail

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Future Of Retail 2020: Retail B2C Marketers Manage Influencers, Marketing Partnerships, And DTC Acquisitions

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To understand the B2C marketing predictions for the year, we spoke with Forrester experts Tina Moffett and Jim Nail. age of the customer B2C marketing direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail retail loyalty b2c marketing influencer marketing retail industry trends

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Meet Your Newest B2C Martech Analyst

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I’m Steph, the newest member of Forrester’s B2C martech research team. I’ve been at Forrester for four years, first as a research associate and most recently as a researcher on the B2C marketing […]. B2C marketing marketing & strategy marketing automation marketing resource management (MRM) marketing technology mobile marketingDo you work with marketing resource management (MRM) or mobile engagement automation (MEA) tools? If yes, I want to hear from you!

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B2C CDPs Need To Survive Before They Can Thrive

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B2C customer data platforms (CDPs): all the hype, none of the follow through. age of the customer B2C marketing digital marketing marketing technology (martech That summarizes the analysis of the CDP space in our inaugural report on the category in 2018.

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B2C Commerce Suites: Key Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™ (Q2 2020)

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In our newly published “The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, Q2 2020,” we evaluated the 10 most significant commerce vendors in the B2C space along 31 criteria: Adobe, BigCommerce, commercetools, Elastic Path Software, Episerver, Kibo Commerce, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and Sitecore.

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B2C Marketing Predictions So Far: Preference And Privacy Prove Powerful

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Our 2019 B2C Marketing predictions hone in on the impact of rising customer power. age of the customer B2C marketing direct to consumer predictions 2019 promotedForrester has been evangelizing the age of the customer for a decade, but the message is approaching a crescendo.

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Predictions 2020: B2C Marketers Will Balance Cost Concerns With Customer Expectations

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age of the customer B2C marketing prediction promotedEfficiency gains and improving brand affinity via customer experience will dominate B2B marketers' thinking in 2020.

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Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Content Marketing Platforms For B2C Marketers, Q2 2019

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“The Forrester Wave™: Content Marketing Platforms for B2C Marketers, Q2 2019” is live! In this year’s 30-criteria evaluation, we assessed and scored the nine most significant vendors: Bloomreach, Contently, NewsCred, Opal, Percolate, ScribbleLive, Sitecore, Skyword, and Sprinklr. We looked at their current offering, their strategy, and current market presence. The report shows how each provider […]. age of the customer

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These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For: B2C Marketers And CDPs

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Six months ago we started a conversation about customer data platforms (CDPs).

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3 B2C Social Engagement Trends to Watch

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B2C purchases are highly influenced by social media. Here are three of the hottest social engagement trends for B2C this summer. Whether it's Facebook or Foursquare, Tumblr or Twitter, you need a social engagement strategy that targets more consumers and provides you with a huge return on your investment. Create a Cross-Platform Social Engagement Strategy.

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Predictions 2020: Privacy And Data Ethics Bring Marketing To The Boardroom

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Regulations, consumer wariness, and the consequences of misbehavior will create a challenging landscape for B2C marketers and brands. age of the customer B2C marketing prediction privacy promoted

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Enable Marketing’s CX Ambitions With Real-Time Interaction Management

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One of our 2019 B2C marketing predictions is that enterprise marketing technology will meld with customer experience (CX) investments to deliver the relevancy and consistency that consumers crave from brands.

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Nike Is Setting The Standard For Omnichannel Loyalty In Every Industry

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age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty retail retail loyalty b2c marketing CX Marketing promotedShifting from treating loyalty as a standalone marketing practice to weaving it into the entire customer experience is hard. Enter Nike.

Marketers, You Can Take This Personally: Your Personalization Strategy Isn’t Working

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age of the customer B2C marketing personalization b2c marketing MarketingMarketers, we have a personalization problem. No, it’s not your vision — most of you aspire to deliver more anticipatory and individualized experiences — it’s your execution.

Modern Marketers Must Manage Measurement

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age of the customer B2C marketing marketing measurement & optimization marketing technology (martech) b2c marketing Marketing Measurement MarTechMeasuring marketing performance is not just a tongue twister; it’s hard work.

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Marketers, You Might Hate Abiding By New Data Restrictions, But Doing Nothing Isn’t An Option

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(coauthored with David Novitzky) Marketers use a wealth of consumer data for digital media buying, audience insights, targeting, measurement, and personalization.

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Super Bowl LIV Highlights The New Normal For Agencies

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advertising advertising agencies B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) b2c marketing digital agencies media agencies

Don’t Succumb To Social Media Stockholm Syndrome

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Age of the Customer social marketing social media b2c marketing social media marketingWe are excited to launch the new vision report for our social marketing playbook. It might be controversial, but we are here to give companies permission to break up with social media.

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Social Will Be The Fastest-Growing Digital Advertising Channel Globally

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advertising Asia Pacific B2C marketing digital marketing social marketing social media b2c marketing

The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019 Is Now Live

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age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty vendor selection b2c marketing customer loyalty Marketing WaveConsumers are connected, empowered, and experimental.

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Q4 2019 Earnings: Top Takeaways For Facebook, Snap, And Twitter

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B2C marketing social marketing social media advertising b2c marketing earnings facebook Snap twitterThe Q4 2019 earnings reports are in for Facebook, Snap Inc., and Twitter. Here are our top takeaways for marketers: Facebook, Inc.

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How The COVID-19 Crisis Will Impact Marketing Spend Between Now And 2022

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Age of the Customer B2B marketing B2C marketing CMO Trends covid19-cnThe current COVID-19 has crisis upended CMO priorities and budgets, leaving many scrambling for alternate revenue sources, and all asking: what in the world to I plan for now?

The Power Of The Values-Based Consumer — And Of Authentic Brand Values

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age of the customer B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) loyalty values-based customer experienceAs consumers look to align their purchases with their principles, opportunities arise for brands — though genuine commitment is key.

4 Benefits of Creating a B2C Mobile App

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Seventy-five billion apps were downloaded on Apple and Android devices in 2015, and the number of mobile app buyers in the United States is predicted to reach 85 million by 2019. As more consumers shift to mobile, you can capitalize

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Future Of Retail: How Social Communities Will Impact Brands And Retailers In 2019

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B2C marketing predictions 2019 retail social marketing social media promotedHere’s what retailers and brands can expect and should focus on regarding social communities and social media for the rest of 2019.

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Predictions 2019: Consumer Power Pushes Marketers To Better Data And Experiences

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B2C marketing predictions 2019 b2c marketing“I get knocked down, but I get up again.” — Chumbawamba Halfway through the 20-year-long age of the customer, empowered consumers are more informed about their purchases, demand data privacy, and dictate the experiences that they want.

The Future Of Financial Brands: Less Financial, More Brand

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Age of the Customer B2C marketing banking CMO Trends customer experience financial servicesA new crop of challenger brands, such as Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Google, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Tencent, and Walmart, are on the prowl in the financial services category.

Ask A Flowchart: What Should I Name My Marketing AI?

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artificial intelligence (AI) B2C marketing enterprise marketing platforms artificial intelligence b2c marketing machine learning Marketing marketing technology MarTechArtificial Intelligence is a big deal in marketing technology.

A global point of view: online luxury retail

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B2C ecommerce global ecommerce online retail retail social commerceHow digital will change luxury retail? What are the key online luxury retail trends in the West and Asia Pacific? My colleague Michelle Beeson and I shared our point of views.

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Nike Is Setting The Standard For Omnichannel Loyalty In Every Industry

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age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty retail retail loyalty b2c marketing CX MarketingAs 2019 winds down, I’m getting more questions about what’s going to be new and next in loyalty in the coming year.

Align Martech Investments With Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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That’s why enterprise marketing technology (martech) is melding with customer experience (CX) to deliver consistency and relevance (see Forrester’s “Predictions 2019: B2C Marketing” report).

COVID-19 Europe Outlook: Brands Must Adapt To Consumers’ New Focus On Values

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Age of the Customer B2C marketing CMO Trends customer experience attitudes consumer behaviors covid-19 crisis economic recession environment sustainability values values-based consumers

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Incumbent Brands Need A DTC Strategic Plan

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age of the customer B2C ecommerce B2C marketing brand building consumer packaged goods (CPG) customer centricity digital marketing direct to consumer marketing & strategyDirect-to-consumer brands (DTC) are making a splash — for example, Glossier and Rent the Runway just reached unicorn status (a valuation of $1 billion or more) last week. What does this mean for incumbent brands?

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Announcing The First Forrester New Wave™ Evaluation Of Influencer Marketing Solutions

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Accordingly, our Forrester Analytics data shows that 75% of marketers have already implemented or are planning to implement a solution to manage this market in 2018, and seventeen percent of B2C marketers consider influencers one of […]. B2C marketing digital marketing marketing & strategy b2c marketing brand safety digital emerging technology facebook influencer influencer marketing instagram Marketing MarTech social media WaveWhat bubble?

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Find The Marketing Planning And Operations Tool That Meets Your Needs

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I hear from B2C marketers looking to streamline creative production processes or coordinate campaigns across teams. age of the customer B2C marketing marketing technology (martech Wouldn’t it be great if marketers had a tool that let them plan, manage, and execute marketing activities?

The State Of Influencer Marketing: Growing

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advertising age of the customer B2C marketing marketing technology social marketing word of mouth marketing & viral marketing b2c marketing influencer influencer marketing social media social media marketingFor all the dramatic headlines about influencers, our research states that they’re capturing steadily larger proportions of marketing budget. For our latest report we interviewed more than 30 enterprise marketers who are responsible for their brand’s influencer marketing.

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Video: How AI is Transforming Advertising and What You Should Do About it.

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artificial intelligence (AI) B2C marketing AI artificial intelligence b2c marketingDid you know that artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated all parts of the advertising process? My guess is, probably not. But chances are, in an era of programmatic advertising where machines are making millions of decisions on billions of ad impressions every day, your advertising is being touched by AI. Awesome, right? But also risky: to your […].

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Age of the Customer application development & delivery B2B marketing B2C marketing CIO insights CMO Trends customer experience digital business infrastructure & operations security risk management

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Decision Making During The COVID-19 Crisis Requires A Bias Toward People, Not Profit

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age of the customer B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) consumer energy index customer experience data insights values-based customer experienceThe adage says that character is what you do when no one’s watching.

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Healthcare And Pharma Startups Chase Empowered Patients

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age of the customer B2C marketing direct-to-consumer (DTC) healthcare b2c marketing pharmaceuticalYou might have heard of a little internet company that dove into the pharma space recently: Amazon. Amazon’s not alone. We’ve found more than 50 companies (mostly smaller startups) that are pioneering new ways to bring value directly to the many consumers who are happy to explore new, online health offerings. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) disruption is […].

Online Retail In Southeast Asia Is Expected To Reach $53 Billion By 2023

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We expect B2C online retail in Southeast Asia […]. B2C ecommerce ecommerce global ecommerceSoutheast Asia (including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam) is home to 574 million people.

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Marriott’s Bonvoy Boasts “Better” Loyalty, But Can It Deliver?

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age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty b2c marketing customer loyalty hospitality loyalty rewardsAfter more than two years of loyalty program limbo and “will they, or won’t they” debates, Marriott unveiled the name of its unified loyalty program: Bonvoy. This final step in the world’s largest hospitality merger brings together over 100 million members, billions of records, and 6,700 properties in over 130 countries. For Marriott, the stakes […].

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Marketers — Considering Investing In An Emerging Channel?

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Age of the Customer B2C marketing CMO Trends digital marketing trends emerging technology marketing technology (martech As we all are experiencing, the whole world and economy has changed over the past several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy is in a recession.