Voice Is Transforming Unified Communications

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After years of being taken for granted, the humble medium of voice is unlocking a higher level of productivity through unified communications. Cognitive computing services available through the cloud and accessible through a single line of code or application programming interface (API) are combining with voice over IP to provide everything from enhanced security to emotion detection in a range

Choosing the Right Partner for Unified Communications

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Most analysis about Unified Communications focuses on the solution, such as features, applications, the underlying technology, etc. This knowledge is essential for making good decisions, but is far from complete, especially if you’re just getting up to speed on UC. Not only are there many applications to integrate into a seamless user experience, but the UC value proposition is constantly

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6 Tips for Creating a Unified Communications Policy

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Today’s unified communications (UC) solutions are available in many forms and can be comprehensive and integrated across corporations, with many cross-functional business processes. In smaller companies, they can be simple, without any integration with anything. This article explores the elements of and policies that may apply to UC, offers a couple of examples, and explains the

Three Ways IoT Impacts your Employees for Unified Communications

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My last post examined the implications of IoT for IT, and that provides a good foundation for the business to fully leverage the opportunity, especially for Unified Communications. Even for IT, IoT will be difficult to understand, let alone apply to your business. However, that

Unified communications underpins master agent deal for VoIP supplier

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VoIP Supply has entered into a master agent agreement with California-based PanTerra for the distribution of PanTerra’s unified cloud services. It has also been granted permission to authorize sub-agents for the re-sale of PanTerra unified cloud services. VoIP Supply has secured master agent authority to distribute PanTerra products through its CloudSpan marketplace. VoIP Supply

Step-By-Step: Integration between Exchange 2013 UM and Cisco Unified Communication Manager


Integrating the latest version of the UM board now directly in Exchange 2013 with Cisco telephony system is a hot topic in our projects. In terms of architecture, the approach with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is completely different from the Exchange.( read more ). tutorial Step-By-Step Lync Training Exchange Server MVP how-to

Care charity Avante enhances unified communications capabilities with 3CX

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Kent-based residential care charity Avante Care and Support installed an IP PBX to manage telephony across multiple sites and a mobile workforce

Should the CIO Ban Email?

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What tools and techniques can CIOs employ to improve enterprise communications in the face of a proliferation of channels? There are no easy fixes to this complex communications challenge. I was at a conference last week where I heard about a CIO who is banning email.

Plan Thanksgiving like a Pro with Unified Communications & Collaboration


What is unified communications & collaboration, and how can it help your company through the busy holiday season? You can use unified communications & collaboration to plan ahead. What is Unified Communications & Collaboration?

3 Ways Cloud-Based VoIP/UC Changes the Reseller Business Model

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The voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) market has dozens of types of resellers. Traditional interconnects and on-premises private branch exchange resellers have been around for years and continue to exist, but their profit model is changing. Progressive resellers started to sell hosted VoIP and UC about 10 years ago, which in itself requires a mindset change to recurring revenues from

Skype for Business: One year on, so what are the results?

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It’s now a year since Microsoft transitioned the Lync unified communications suite into Skype for Business, but has the enterprise embraced or shunned it

Partnership targets secure unified communications for government and private sector

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A new partnership between Pacific West and East Coast companies intends to offer unified communications services and contact center solutions in sectors including healthcare, automotive and insurance, as well as for government agencies. Teo Technologies of Mukilteo, Washington, will provide communications technology platforms and integrated equipment, while Sterling, Virginia-based

The 411 on Unified Messaging


There are many ways people communicate, both within a business and to customers and other contacts. Between emails, phone calls, instant messaging, and other forms of communication, there can be a lot to keep track of every day. How Does Unified Messaging Work?

Context warns of VoIP wars at Black Hat USA

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A lack of understanding of modern VoIP and unified communications security opens many service providers and businesses to cyber attack, a Context IS researcher warns at Black Hat USA

9 Reasons Hybrid UC Deployments Are Ideal

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Today’s unified communications (UC) solutions are different. Rather than clumsy software that bolts onto the voice system solution, they are coming from integrated, cloud-based, peer-to-peer solutions such as Slack (the market leader), Facebook Business, HipChat, Jabber, Bitrix24, eXo, Cisco Spark, and Circuit by Unify. Cisco and Unify are traditional UC suppliers but are developing Slack-like

Why SMBs need to be Thinking about Hosted VoIP

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Building on that, there is a lot to learn about the hosted VoIP opportunity, and from there, the bigger picture around Unified Communications and collaboration. I write regularly about all variations of this topic, as ongoing research keeps showing new things. There is a lot for decision-makers to understand about VoIP itself, just as there is for the hosted services model.

3 Ways How UC is Falling Short

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When considering the broader topic of collaboration, Unified Communications invariably enters the conversation. These terms are often used interchangeably, and while this sometimes makes sense, it can otherwise imply or infer connections that aren’t really there. I regularly write about both – collaboration and UC – usually separately, as they largely exist on separate planes.

Cisco issues 7 “high priority” security advisories; Firepower, IOS and ASA issues among them

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First up this week Cisco said a vulnerability in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) UDP throttling process of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco Unified CM) software could let an unauthenticated, remote attacker cause a denial of service (DoS) attack. Cisco had a pretty large dump of security advisories today – seven “high priority” and one “critical” – impacting a variety of products many with the threat allowing a remote attacker to cause a denial of service.

Contact Center Agents - the Original UC Users

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Over the past few posts , I’ve looked at various job functions in terms of their specific needs for communications. Not surprisingly, they’re all different, and if they’re not reflected in your decisions around Unified Communications, you run the risk of deploying a generic

The Parallel Worlds of UC and the Contact Center

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When considering Unified Communications, chances are you’re not thinking about the contact center – whether you haveAs this series progresses , I’m methodically connecting a set of dots that lead to an emerging trend I believe SMBs in particular should pay attention to.

What the "C-Suite" Needs to Hear for a VoIP Buy-in

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You know the power of "VoIP," or voice-over-Internet protocol that allows for online phone calls, and "UC," or unified-communications solutions like integrated business communications including instant messaging. These tools would transform the way your organization does business, but you need the decision makers at the top to get on board with the procurement process. You face several challenges

Coming to a UC Platform Near You: Artificial Intelligence?

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As unified communications (UC) platforms have matured and reached a healthy rate of adoption in the marketplace, much attention has been paid to how they will evolve to deliver even greater business value. Some companies are choosing to integrate their UC solutions with business applications such as customer relationship management and office productivity suites to streamline workflows and accelerate

3 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with WebRTC

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As unified communications (UC) enjoys an increasingly solid footing in the market, businesses are becoming more proficient with a range of communications technologies and beginning to envision more sophisticated use cases for applying such technology at their organizations. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), once regarded with some skepticism because it was in development for quite some time

How UC's Shift to the Cloud Will Benefit Businesses

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As the cloud becomes increasingly fundamental to how business services are delivered and deployed, it’s no surprise to see that unified communications (UC) are tilting toward a cloud future, as well. Many flavors of UC implementation are available today, including hybrid and entirely on-premises versions, but the trend is clearly heading toward a cloud-centric model. And, although some businesses

How Innovation Drives Collaboration

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During this series , I’m exploring five distinct drivers for collaboration, and by extension Unified Communications. Whether your business is currently using VoIP or legacy telephony, it’s largely a standalone application, but today voice can be so much more. When the discussion shifts to

Five Forces Driving Collaboration

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When businesses begin considering Unified Communications, decision-makers quickly discover how difficult UC is to define. This is actually both a strength and a weakness, and the process of developing a working understanding of UC usually gives rise to new questions that place this decision in a more strategic light. Initially, discussions about UC tend to be voice-centric, where the phone system

3 Ways UC Integration Can Deliver Added Value to Your Business

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As the market for unified communications (UC) matures and grows stronger, many businesses are turning their attention to UC integration and how it can deliver increased value for them. This recent trend is taking several intriguing forms; here are three integrations that are especially noteworthy because of their significant potential to boost business productivity and, in turn, the bottom line.

5 Business Tech Trends Changing the Way Employees Collaborate

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Email and phone calls are now taking a backseat to unified communications. Technology has dramatically changed the way we do business over the past decade. The workplace dynamic has been enhanced through the introduction and evolution of team collaboration. Through software collaboration tools, work teams are discovering new ways to interact with their coworkers and get things done more quickly

Amazon launches Chime to replace 'clunky and hard to use' video conferencing tools

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has officially launched Chime, a unified communications tool that offers video and audio conferencing tools across multiple platforms

The IoT and UC: 3 Ways the Two Go Hand in Hand

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and unified communications (UC) might, on first glance, appear to be an odd pairing. One is a bit of an upstart, disrupting some industries and applications while still not yet mature or fully developed in terms of viable use cases; the other is an established platform that is deepening its business value year by year. So, what is the synergistic link between the IoT

Communication Policies in Your UC Solution

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Unified communications solutions can introduce many new features for employee collaboration. However, your company policies may not address these forms of communication For instance, instant messengers and team chat rooms work well for remote conversations and quick questions, helping you cut down on unnecessary phone calls, which will improve productivity and free up prioritized network bandwidth.

CRM connectivity to digital phone networks to improve

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The overlap between CRM systems and unified communications networks is about to get a major upgrade via a new partnership. Shift8 Networks, which belongs to Digerati Technologies, the cloud communications services specialist, is teaming up with phone intelligence platform Tenfold to connect customers with over 25 CRM systems and help desk applications.

VoIP vulnerable to hackers, security consultant warns

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Speaking at the Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas, Ozavci warned that a lack of understanding of modern VoIP and unified communications securityIT and security testing teams are struggling to keep pace with the risk VoIP systems face from hacking and the growing number of other known threats, according to Fatih Ozavci, a managing consultant at Context Information Security.