Unified communications supplier Mitel buys competitor ShoreTel

Computer Weekly

The deal will create a market leading unified communications business and adds strength to Mitel’s cloud offering

Return on investment for unified communications

Spearline Testing

Return on Investment: Unified Communications (UC) providers must ensure that their resources are being used efficiently. Importance of Unified Communications: Ofcom, the UK's communication regulator reported a 17% decline in the volume of calls made in recent years.


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Voice Is Transforming Unified Communications

IT Toolbox

After years of being taken for granted, the humble medium of voice is unlocking a higher level of productivity through unified communications. Cognitive computing services available through the cloud and accessible through a single line of code or application programming interface (API) are combining with voice over IP to provide everything from enhanced security to emotion detection in a range

Is SD-WAN a Better Bet for Unified Communications?

Information Week

As momentum continues to build for managed services with SD-WAN, providers try to make the case to migrate communications to these networks

Choosing the Right Partner for Unified Communications

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Most analysis about Unified Communications focuses on the solution, such as features, applications, the underlying technology, etc. This knowledge is essential for making good decisions, but is far from complete, especially if you’re just getting up to speed on UC. Not only are there many applications to integrate into a seamless user experience, but the UC value proposition is constantly

6 Tips for Creating a Unified Communications Policy

IT Toolbox

Today’s unified communications (UC) solutions are available in many forms and can be comprehensive and integrated across corporations, with many cross-functional business processes. In smaller companies, they can be simple, without any integration with anything. This article explores the elements of and policies that may apply to UC, offers a couple of examples, and explains the

Three Ways IoT Impacts your Employees for Unified Communications

IT Toolbox

My last post examined the implications of IoT for IT, and that provides a good foundation for the business to fully leverage the opportunity, especially for Unified Communications. Even for IT, IoT will be difficult to understand, let alone apply to your business. However, that

Does your team need a cloud-based unified communication and collaboration tool?

Computerworld Vertical IT

Most businesses have left their quaint PBX phone systems behind and moved to a unified communications system (UC) that exists entirely in the cloud, because they don’t want to be tied to a particular location to communicate. For today’s distributed and hybrid workforce, cloud-based business communications and collaboration tools make sense. The debate is over — and the cloud won.

Partnership targets secure unified communications for government and private sector

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A new partnership between Pacific West and East Coast companies intends to offer unified communications services and contact center solutions in sectors including healthcare, automotive and insurance, as well as for government agencies. Teo Technologies of Mukilteo, Washington, will provide communications technology platforms and integrated equipment, while Sterling, Virginia-based

Three Ways IoT Impacts your Customers for Unified Communications

IT Toolbox

After writing about the impact of IoT on UC over the past few posts, I’ve decided to add a coda to make the analysis more complete. Over the course of this series, I’ve looked at IoT’s impact on IT, your employees and your contact center. Each is different, and IoT’s impact on UC will be different, hence the need to review them separately. This was certainly

Unified communications underpins master agent deal for VoIP supplier

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VoIP Supply has entered into a master agent agreement with California-based PanTerra for the distribution of PanTerra’s unified cloud services. It has also been granted permission to authorize sub-agents for the re-sale of PanTerra unified cloud services. VoIP Supply has secured master agent authority to distribute PanTerra products through its CloudSpan marketplace. VoIP Supply

Three Ways IoT Impacts IT for Unified Communications

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I began this series with a brief overview of IoT – the Internet of Things – and how it expands the concept of connectedness by including both people and “things” We’re still very much in the discovery phase with IoT, and while nobody really knows where this will take

Three Ways IoT Impacts your Contact Center for Unified Communications

IT Toolbox

To close out this series , to whatever extent your business has a contact center operation, this is a critical piece for seeing the big picture with IoT. With UC, IoT is as much about connecting to the devices customers use as to connecting with them on a person-to-person

Dubber acquires Speik to expand its AI call-recording service

Venture Beast

Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Security ai call recording category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Web Services cloud unified communications

The Realities of Rural 5G Deployment in the US

Forrester's Customer Insights

Early last week, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced his approval of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. This will result in a third mega-carrier in the US mobile wireless market, which is a good move for consumers like you and me. I am glad this deal will now […].

Skype for Business: One year on, so what are the results?

Computer Weekly

It’s now a year since Microsoft transitioned the Lync unified communications suite into Skype for Business, but has the enterprise embraced or shunned it

How to build a successful digital marketplace

TM Forum

Digital marketplaces are a hot topic as communications service providers (CSPs) seek new revenue opportunities, especially in B2B markets. Operators’ common goal is to offer increasing value to businesses beyond connectivity, phones and network devices.

Your Digital Transformation is Floundering? Revealing Why

Social, Agile and Transformation

Nor are projects to get your organization on Microsoft 365, establish unified communications, or develop microservice architectures. . Sorry folks, your efforts to move to the cloud, create CI/CD pipelines, or centralize a data lake is not digital transformation.

Context warns of VoIP wars at Black Hat USA

Computer Weekly

A lack of understanding of modern VoIP and unified communications security opens many service providers and businesses to cyber attack, a Context IS researcher warns at Black Hat USA

VOIP 133

Leveraging UC Data for Strategic Business Decisions

IT Toolbox

Your unified communications (UC) solution powers the most vital processes in your organization. You don't get very far in the business world without effective communication tools. UC systems have a home in 68 percent of companies, according to West Unified Communication Services. You gather many data types in this system. Customer call logs, video conferencing, instant messaging, and team chat rooms

Cloudli Communications Delivers the Future of Work

Tech Republic Cloud

Cloudli helps businesses of all sizes communicate internally and with their customers – how, where and when they want – without compromising security, reliability, and efficiency. Our solutions include work-from-anywhere unified communications apps, VoIP connectivity solutions optimized for any size business, and digital fax solutions that leverage new technologies without disrupting trusted. Who is Cloudli?


Amazon launches Chime to replace 'clunky and hard to use' video conferencing tools

Tech Republic Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has officially launched Chime, a unified communications tool that offers video and audio conferencing tools across multiple platforms

5 Reasons Why VoIP Disaster Recovery Is Critical for Your Business

IT Toolbox

This article focuses on BC/DR for your voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) business phone system. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural and man-made disasters create situations that demand a solid business continuity (BC)/disaster recovery (DR) plan in case of serious interruptions to your organization’s business. The year 2017 has been a busy year for hurricanes

PBX vs. Cloud: Which Is Better for Businesses?

IT Toolbox

Unified communications (UC) has become a mainstream solution, with compelling, ready-made business cases for collaboration and productivity that any business can appreciate. That said, there are still multiple flavors from which to pick. Although cloud-based UC adoption is growing while the number of on-premises deployments are declining, there are still reasons why a business may decide to pick

Give yourself a leading-edge in the IT industry by becoming Cisco-certified

Venture Beast

IT jobs including cloud architect, cloud engineer, unified communications engineer, and VoIP engineer are now among some of the most s… Read More. Did you miss a session from the Future of Work Summit? Head over to our Future of Work Summit on-demand library to stream.


A Tale Of Two Behemoths

Forrester Digital Transformation

Some years, Enterprise Connect is the place where the world’s biggest vendors make significant announcements in the unified communications or contact center space.

Politics of a New PBX: Managing Who Gets Which Phone

IT Toolbox

Over the years, as IP phones have become more advanced—color touchscreens, multiple lines, web-based applications, advanced unified communications (UC) functions—I’ve seen the political battles play out over and over again Anytime politics are involved with deploying new technology, it becomes more about popularity than about the needs and requirements of the individuals involved.

VoIP vs. UCaaS: Understanding the Differences

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Cloud technology has led to just about everything being offered up as a service , and unified communications (UC) hasn’t been left out. With some vendors offering hosted voice over IP (VoIP) communications, there has been some confusion over whether UC or UCaaS is the better solution. The result is UC as a Service (UCaaS). To determine which solution makes more sense

VOIP 139

3 Ways Cloud-Based VoIP/UC Changes the Reseller Business Model

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The voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) market has dozens of types of resellers. Traditional interconnects and on-premises private branch exchange resellers have been around for years and continue to exist, but their profit model is changing. Progressive resellers started to sell hosted VoIP and UC about 10 years ago, which in itself requires a mindset change to recurring revenues from

3 Ways UC Integration Can Deliver Added Value to Your Business

IT Toolbox

As the market for unified communications (UC) matures and grows stronger, many businesses are turning their attention to UC integration and how it can deliver increased value for them. This recent trend is taking several intriguing forms; here are three integrations that are especially noteworthy because of their significant potential to boost business productivity and, in turn, the bottom line.

Here's What Businesses Need to Know About UC and APIs

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Unified communications (UC) is in an interesting phase of development, transforming from simply a workplace collaboration platform into the nexus for powerful business software integrations. Key to that evolutionary step are application programming interfaces (APIs). In a nutshell, APIs allow applications to securely pass data to one another and can be used to enhance the capabilities of a particular

How UC's Shift to the Cloud Will Benefit Businesses

IT Toolbox

As the cloud becomes increasingly fundamental to how business services are delivered and deployed, it’s no surprise to see that unified communications (UC) are tilting toward a cloud future, as well. Many flavors of UC implementation are available today, including hybrid and entirely on-premises versions, but the trend is clearly heading toward a cloud-centric model. And, although some businesses

Why SMBs need to be Thinking about Hosted VoIP

IT Toolbox

Building on that, there is a lot to learn about the hosted VoIP opportunity, and from there, the bigger picture around Unified Communications and collaboration. I write regularly about all variations of this topic, as ongoing research keeps showing new things. There is a lot for decision-makers to understand about VoIP itself, just as there is for the hosted services model.

VOIP 152

5 Business Tech Trends Changing the Way Employees Collaborate

IT Toolbox

Email and phone calls are now taking a backseat to unified communications. Technology has dramatically changed the way we do business over the past decade. The workplace dynamic has been enhanced through the introduction and evolution of team collaboration. Through software collaboration tools, work teams are discovering new ways to interact with their coworkers and get things done more quickly

Five Forces Driving Collaboration

IT Toolbox

When businesses begin considering Unified Communications, decision-makers quickly discover how difficult UC is to define. This is actually both a strength and a weakness, and the process of developing a working understanding of UC usually gives rise to new questions that place this decision in a more strategic light. Initially, discussions about UC tend to be voice-centric, where the phone system

How Bots Could Transform UC

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Businesses that are already familiar with the concept of unified communications (UC) may simply conceive of it as a collaboration tool designed to enhance communications and boost productivity. However, now that the technology is maturing and undergoing a phase in which it is integrating with other major business applications, we’re beginning to see that UC is capable of so much more than

VoIP hardware provider pursues certification

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Yealink, a leading global unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider, and Phonism a cloud solution for VoIP device provisioning and management, this week certified all Yealink desktop IP phonesAs demands for VoIP phones increases, platforms that offer customers device-neutral adoption and integration are working to support as wide a choice of hardware as possible.

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3 Intriguing Trends in Business Collaboration Today

IT Toolbox

Unified communications (UC) deployments, once considered with some skepticism by businesses that didn’t understand the value of the technology, have become mainstream. Business collaboration has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As employees become more proficient with the technology and all it has to offer, businesses are in turn unlocking

The 4 UC Collaboration Tools That Matter Most

IT Toolbox

In business technology, there are tools that enable collaboration called Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tools. Every successful project needs good tools—tools to build homes, remodel homes, and demolish homes; tools for your home computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This article focuses on two perspectives of UC&C

Mobile UC: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

IT Toolbox

Unified communications (UC) systems have faced some productive competitive pressure in the mobile arena. Over-the-top (OTT) communications apps like WhatsApp as well as collaboration apps such as Slack have raised consumers’ and employees’ expectations for how mobile communications should be delivered.

Coming to a UC Platform Near You: Artificial Intelligence?

IT Toolbox

As unified communications (UC) platforms have matured and reached a healthy rate of adoption in the marketplace, much attention has been paid to how they will evolve to deliver even greater business value. Some companies are choosing to integrate their UC solutions with business applications such as customer relationship management and office productivity suites to streamline workflows and accelerate

CRM connectivity to digital phone networks to improve

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The overlap between CRM systems and unified communications networks is about to get a major upgrade via a new partnership. Shift8 Networks, which belongs to Digerati Technologies, the cloud communications services specialist, is teaming up with phone intelligence platform Tenfold to connect customers with over 25 CRM systems and help desk applications.

An SMB Cloud UC Migration Framework You Can Steal

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A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform can serve as the backbone for a small to medium-sized business (SMB). As such, it’s important for your SMB to have a cloud UC migration strategy that taxes neither your IT department (if one exists) or just plain inconveniences your business. UCaaS in the world of your SMB is your single point of contact with the rest of

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