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Pros and Cons of Chatbots in the IT Helpdesk

Information Week

As AI technology evolves it's worth a closer look at what chatbots can do to provide better end user support on help desk requests

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Welcome To A New Era Of Employee Enablement

Forrester's Customer Insights

As I reflect on all the research Forrester did in 2019 on employee experience, end user computing, and modern management, I couldn’t help but think how much the end user computing world has changed since I worked in end user support seven years ago.


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Why Organizations Fail to Secure Third-Party Remote Access

SecureWorld News

But the challenge sort of remains the same, which is to find a solution that is secure and also fits the needs of all of your users. So they might be designed to provide end-user support. But if they make a mistake, you're going to end up at risk.

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It was about SOA all along! Chapter 6

Leveraging Organizational Knowledge

The End of Business as Usual”]. With the help of a meeting with all the managers of the fictitious company Vorpal's IT department, it explains that a SOA does not only support the informal edges of the organisation but also the formal transactional hub. [Continuation of my commented reading of Andy Mulholland's book: "Mashup Corporations. Chapter 6 is about "Internal IT” or the effect the SOA transformation can/should have on the internal IT department/functions.

SOA 40
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3 lessons that CIOs learned in 2018

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

As organizations start to use data, capturing more and more user demographics, credit-card numbers and identifying information, companies cannot afford to have this valuable information compromised, exposed or stolen. They still spend the vast majority of their time and budget on maintenance and support. Now, am I saying that IT shouldn’t support the business? But, they spend time on tasks that they could offload to end users. The reason: It doesn’t end.