How Big Data Changes Database Administration

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Specialization in particular combinations of operating systems and database management software is common, and this allows some team members to gain in-depth experience that is extremely valuable in an enterprise IT setting. Technical support teams usually support familiar hardware and software configurations.

Oracle’s ATP Raises The Bar On Database Administration

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Similar to ADW, Oracle’s ATP service focuses on self-tuning, self-securing and self-managing but for OLTP databases. An important part of its autonomous database strategy is its Exadata appliance, which is an scale-out optimized database system. database as a service (DbaaS Oracle recently launched Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) service to complement its Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) offering.

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The Database Administrator in the Era of Big Data

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Many IT enterprises are starting pilot projects to implement big data solutions. As a DBA, are you ready to support these efforts, and integrate them into your current architecture, processes, and standards? Where Are You Now? Many DBAs consider themselves already supporting a big data environment. Table sizes in the hundred

IDG Contributor Network: Thinking of cutting out your database administrator? Think again

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Once upon a time, there was a role known as the database administrator. Back when all data was stored locally, these employees were the keepers of the company database, responsible for making sure all information was accessible and tracking things such as financial information and customer details.

Three Tips for Surviving Today’s Complex Data Landscape

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The growth of structured and unstructured data and the need to create value from it has provided database administrators with a huge challenge. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Include the DBA when designing your application

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The design requirements of an application usually determine the most effective database design and database administration support processes. If, however, the database administrator (DBA) is not present during the requirements definition process, sub-par performance can result. Essential DBA Choices and Processes. Quite often the DBA

Big Data - Load Testing the Application

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Performance analysts gather information related to high transaction volumes, large numbers of users and a full-sized database. The objective is to determine if the application suite and its associated databases can handle large workloads. Load tests give the database administratorLoad testing involves simulating a full production workload in a non-production environment.

Big Data - Mainframe Performance Tuning

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Database Administrators must now deal with large volumes of data and new forms of high-speed data analysis. Big Data is here, or will soon be here for the majority of IT enterprises. If your responsibility includes performance tuning, here are the areas to focus on that will become more and more important in the age of Big Data. Source Data Acquisition.

A DBA's Big Data Wish List

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Like management information systems, enterprise resource planning and relational database, big data is now a standard part of information technology architecture for most large organizations. As a database administrator, , I have the following itemsCommon applications include storage and analysis of customer data, web interactions, machine sensor readings, and much more.

Prep your Enterprise Data Warehouse for Big Data

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These Big Data implementations bring their own problems and issues, and will require database administrators and support staff to redesign the data warehouseUsing advanced analytics to analyze business data is common, especially in large companies with many customer-facing systems. As more and more data is made available the enterprise stages large data stores into the enterprise data warehouse.

Mainframe DBAs - Team and Data Management

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Many database administrators (DBAs) function as a team supporting multiple corporate applications on a variety of hardware platforms using several database management systems (DBMSs). Managers struggle with priorities and must juggle user requirements and deadlines against staff availability and expertise. Here is one way to manage DBA tasks based on the makeup of the team.

Need for Speed: Top Five MySQL Performance Tuning Tips

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Regardless of the complexity or a database administrator's skill level, these performance tuning tips will serve as a step-by-step guide to solving MySQL performance problems and help alleviate the pain points that often accompany performance tuning.

60 SQL Interview Questions and Answers

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Are you going for a job where you need to know SQL, such as a Database Developer or Database Administrator? Brush up on your interview questions with this extensive list of SQL interview questions.

Oracle 12c New Features for Developers

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Oracle 12c is Oracle’s latest version of their database engine. Many of these features are great improvements for developers, and some of them are more focused on database administrators. […].

Data Analytics – Data Modeling, a Necessary first step

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For many within the IT world, data modeling conjures up database administrators sitting in room designing tables and relationships. What do you think of when you hear the term ‘data modeling’? Just typing ‘data modeling’ almost made me go to sleep.

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Uncomfortable Truths In Enterprise IT

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  All the enterprise's information lives on storage, so -- theoretically speaking -- shouldn't the storage administrator be in a privileged position to make decisions and tradeoffs based on the value of information? Sorry infrastructure folks, it's the database administrator.

Free Courses at Linux Academy – November 2019

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Database Administration and SQL Language Basics . We also provide an overview of the most popular Big Data technologies including core Hadoop, the Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Storm, Ambari, Oozie, Zookeeper), NoSQL databases, and Apache Spark.

Key Considerations When Adopting Containers

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database administration or IBM WebSphere administration), a common expectation today is for engineers to have a deep core vertical skillset and also a broad range of horizontal skills – hence the “T” shape.

Amazon Aurora ascendant: How we designed a cloud-native relational database

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Relational databases have been around for a long time. The core technologies underpinning the major relational database management systems of today were developed in the 1980–1990s. Those fundamentals helped make relational databases immensely popular with users everywhere.

When Generic IT Infrastructure Doesn't Cut It

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I'm guessing it's databases, and the applications that use them. If your business is heavily invested in databases, maybe mainstream generic infrastructure thinking isn't doing you any favors. If you're like most enterprises, databases are at the very heart of your business.

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A Closer Look at Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

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It’s built around the Oracle database and comes with fully automated data warehouse specific features that deliver outstanding query performance. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud does not require database administration. Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud handles creating the data warehouse database, backing up the database, patching and upgrading the database, and growing or shrinking the database.

Exerting Fine Grain Control Over Your Cloud Resources - All Things.

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As customers move increasing amounts of compute and database workloads over to AWS, they have expressed an increased desire for finer grain control over their underlying resources. For example, you can mandate that only Senior Database Administrators in your company can modify â??productionâ??

The Biggest Opportunities in Tech Careers Today


Database Administrator. Information Technology Blog - - The Biggest Opportunities in Tech Careers Today - Information Technology Blog. There is no secret that the way we use information and technology has changed the way the world works.

Amazon Web Services AWS – Accelerate Your Cloud Success


Web administrations are here and there called cloud administrations or remote figuring administrations. The primary AWS offerings were propelled in 2006 to give online administrations to sites and customer side applications. Databases.

Hottest tech skills to hire for in 2020

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Database administrators. The benefits of honing technical skills go far beyond the Information Technology industry.

Weekly Update 5-20-2019

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Several involve MySQL, which is a popular database management system used by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. Creating databases. Database Administration and SQL Language Basics have three new labs: Creating Indexes in MySQL.

MySQL Join: A Many Tables Fable

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Linux Academy will be launching a Database Administration and SQL Language Basics course, taught by our very own Matt Pearson. It covers installing a fresh instance of MySQL, creating a database and tables, inserting and updating data, editing users and permissions, and a lot more.

Building A SDS Conceptual Model — Part 1

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  “Something else” would have to do it on behalf of the storage array — an administrator, management software, etc. If you have dedicated availability administrators (data protection, business continuity, etc.)

Are You Agile Enough for Polyglot Programming?


I am also fluent in ten markup languages, 8 frameworks, and seven database languages on six different platforms. The old model view controller paradigm is split up across Web servers application servers and database servers all tied together by some sort of message bus and a network.

IBM to Acquire Cloudant: Open, Cloud Database Service Helps Organizations Simplify Mobile, Web App and Big Data Development


a privately held database-as-a-service (DBaaS) provider that enables developers to easily and quickly create next generation mobile and web apps. . “IBM is leading the charge in helping its clients take advantage of big data, cloud and mobile,” said Sean Poulley, vice president, Databases & Data Warehousing, IBM. By Bob Gourley Note: we have been tracking Cloudant in our special reporting on Analytical Tools , Big Data Capabilities , and Cloud Computing.

Database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL


MySQL and PostgreSQL are both very popular open source RDBMS having rich set of administration tools and programming APIs. That is why many businesses and organizations consider migrating their databases from MySQL to Postgres.

A Decade of Dynamo: Powering the next wave of high-performance, internet-scale applications

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We had an advanced team of database administrators and access to top experts within Oracle. Our straining database infrastructure on Oracle led us to evaluate if we could develop a purpose-built database that would support our business needs for the long term.

Why Does a Remote DBA Expert Prefer SQL Programming?


SQL is referred to as the Structured Query Language that is meant for accessing databases. SQL could actually be defined as the domain-specific programming language that is used for managing the relational databases and performing diverse operations on the stored data.

Oracle and EMC Help Protect Against Silent Data Corruption.

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  Reads and writes flow from database to storage through a SAN.  The likelihood of a problem occurring is somewhat proportional to the number of writes being done; a heavy write-intensive transactional database such as Oracle is more exposed than, say, a user file system. 

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Expanding the Cloud: Enabling Globally Distributed Applications and Disaster Recovery

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and enable you to maintain a nearly up-to-date copy of your master database in a different AWS Region. Amazon RDS offers a monthly uptime percentage SLA of 99.95% per Multi-AZ database instance.