Oracle keeps missing the point of cloud computing

David Linthicum

I can''t make this stuff up: Oracle is going to provide you some cloud options. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Oracle Cloud Computing read more.

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Oracle Releases OpenStack for Oracle Linux Into General Availability

Data Center Knowledge

Software enables control of Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtual Machines through OpenStack in production Read More. Cloud Computing Oracle

Oracle 183

Oracle Hiring 5,000 for Cloud Business in Race With Salesforce

Data Center Knowledge

Oracle joins other tech giants in promising U.S. hiring; Salesforce and Oracle are racing for enterprise cloud crown Read More. Cloud Oracle

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Oracle’s Customers Can Benefit If Its Application Maintenance Stream Starts To Dry Up

Forrester IT

Oracle customers should renegotiate their commercial relationships with this important vendor, using adoption of Oracle’s SaaS products as an incentive and cancellation of maintenance as a credible threat. Oracle’s SaaS strategy seeks to pull customers forward, but it has also undermined the value of its maintenance offering for its legacy on-premises products.

Oracle Q1 2016-17: Oracle's cloud sales grow to almost $1bn

Computer Weekly

Oracle’s first-quarter fiscal 2017 revenue increased by 2% year-on-year, with cloud revenue for the quarter reaching $969m

Oracle 174

How to beat Oracle licence audits

Computer Weekly

An eight-step guide to tame the Oracle auditors. Don't take the bait

Oracle 178

Oracle Debuts New Ethernet Switches, Virtual Network Services

Data Center Knowledge

Switches are optimized for Oracle''s engineered systems, built for massive scalability Read More. Networking Oracle

Oracle 215

Overview of Oracle Character Sets

Complete IT Professional

This article will answer some of the common questions, and questions I had about Oracle character sets and how they relate to the Oracle database. oracle Oracle programming SQL

The Amazing Oracle M7

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Fast forward a bunch of years, and I land at Oracle. As part of this week's Oracle Open World and the launch of the new M7 processor , I enjoyed getting my CPU geek back on, and found a lot to really like. One test showed 6x compression of a 1 TB Oracle database being shrunk to 160 GB.

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Series on Big Data Integration with Oracle


Join Oracle & Hortonworks in this four part webinar series focusing on Big Data Integration. Building native ETL/ELT on Hadoop without manual coding with: John Mullis, Oracle & Chris Harris, Hortonworks. John Mullis, Oracle & John Kreisa, Hortonworks. John Mullis, Oracle & Chris Harris, Hortonworks. John Mullis, Oracle & Chris Harris, Hortonworks. John Mullis, Oracle & Chris Harris, Hortonworks.

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Oracle Launches Financial Services Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

based financial services companies, the service integrates with other Oracle SaaS products Read More. Cloud Computing Oracle Initially available to U.S.-based

Oracle NCHR Function with Examples

Complete IT Professional

In this article, I’ll explain what the Oracle NCHR function is and show some examples. Purpose of the Oracle NCHR Function The NCHR function returns a character based on the specified number code in the national character set. oracle functions Oracle programming SQL

Ellison slams AWS at Oracle Open World 2016

Computer Weekly

Oracle CTO Larry Ellison criticises Amazon Web Services as a cloud database environment at Oracle Open World 2016, fleshing out earlier critique

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Top 50 Oracle SQL Blogs for 2016

Complete IT Professional

As someone who works with and blogs about Oracle, I like to read other Oracle blogs. I also noticed it was hard to find a good list of the top Oracle SQL blogs. Top Oracle SQL Blogs I had found more than 50 Oracle SQL blogs, but wanted […].

Oracle Acquires MICROS for $5.3B

Data Center Knowledge

The deal is the largest acquisition Oracle has made since the Sun Microsystems purchase in 2010 Read More. Oracle

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Oracle NANVL Function with Examples

Complete IT Professional

The Oracle NANVL function is useful when working with number values. Purpose of the Oracle NANVL Function The NANVL function is used to return a different value if the specified value is NaN (not a number). oracle functions Oracle programming SQL

Oracle Launches Cloud Data Center in Canada

Data Center Knowledge

Canada Cloud Computing Oracle SaaSCites Canadians’ data sovereignty concerns Read More.

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Councils continue to spend on Oracle despite budget constraints

Computer Weekly

Local authorities face a challenges balancing their meagre budgets with services they can afford to provide, but spending on Oracle seems to be increasing

Budget 178

Oracle Launches All-Flash FS1 SAN

Data Center Knowledge

Joining the party of all-flash storage arrays Oracle announced an all-flash version of its FS1 Flash Storage System, engineered expressly for Oracle software Read More. Enterprise Oracle Storage

Oracle 167

Oracle’s Latest ZFS Storage Tightly Integrated With Oracle 12c Database

Data Center Knowledge

Taking on EMC and NetApp directly Oracle announces next generation NAS system Read More. Oracle Storage

Oracle 163

Oracle’s Cloud, Built by Former AWS, Microsoft Engineers, Comes Online

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Featured OracleHosted initially in three Phoenix-metro data centers, the bare-metal cloud will serve as foundation for future cloud VM and container services. Read More.

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Oracle Supercharges Cloud Database With Bare-Metal Servers

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud OracleExadata Cloud is now running on the company's next-generation cloud platform. Read More.

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Oracle Bare Metal Cloud: Top Considerations and Use-Cases

Data Center Knowledge

Welcome to a new type of cloud experience: The Oracle Bare Metal Cloud. Now, learn about some unique data base offerings, Oracle's approach to cloud, the power of bare metal, and some cautions to be aware of. Cloud Computing Featured bare metal cloud cloud oracle cloudRead More.

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Equinix Becomes Data Center Gateway to Oracle Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

Oracle’s IaaS and PaaS clouds now accessible through Equinix Cloud Exchange Read More. Cloud Computing Colocation Connectivity Equinix Oracle

Oracle 172

Oracle Targets Developers with Wercker Acquisition

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing Deals Oracle SharedPlatform enables continuous integration and delivery using containers, microservices Read More.

Oracle 126

Oracle to Add 1,000 Employees in European Cloud Push

Data Center Knowledge

Business Cloud OracleMove comes one month after company reported 58 percent cloud revenue growth Read More.

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Oracle DECOMPOSE Function with Examples

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Purpose of the Oracle DECOMPOSE Function The DECOMPOSE function is used to transform a string into a Unicode string. oracle function Oracle programming SQLThe DECOMPOSE function is a handy string manipulation function.

Oracle Beefs Up Its NoSQL Database Offering

Data Center Knowledge

Introducing the latest version of its distributed key-value database, Oracle (ORCL) announced Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0. Oracle mysql nosql ORCL Read More.

Oracle 169

Oracle buys NetSuite, but vows to respect independence

Computer Weekly

Oracle has agreed to buy NetSuite but the acquired company will retain autonomy says Oracle

Oracle 131

A Guide to the Oracle UPDATE Statement

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Have you ever needed to update data that was already in a table in Oracle? Learn how to do this with the Oracle UPDATE Statement. What Is the Oracle UPDATE Statement? The Oracle SQL UPDATE statement allows you to change data that is already in a table in SQL.

FlexDeploy Loves Oracle E-Business Suite: Crawling


This is the third article in our series on what makes FlexDeploy a perfect fit for Oracle E-Business Suite users. I will demonstrate how to build and deploy Oracle E-Business Suite customizations across. Oracle EBS Automation Oracle E-Business Suite

What is the DUAL Table in Oracle?

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Find out what the dual table in Oracle is in this article. The DUAL Table in Oracle You might have seen some SQL statements with the keyword DUAL in them. oracle Oracle programming SQLHave you seen SQL statements with the word DUAL in them? Wondering what it is?

Oracle's new cloud push won't be easy

David Linthicum

Oracle executives last week revealed the results of years’ worth of work on its IaaS public cloud, including the announcement of a new bare-metal cloud database service and an international expansion. After lots of saber rattling from Oracle , it’s finally making a move to take on Amazon Web Services. Although that may sound more like marketing hype than reality, you can’t discount Oracle right away.

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Integrate Your Data using Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC). With DIPC, you get all the capabilities of most popular E-LT (Extract – Load Transform) tool – Oracle Data Integrator. Create Connections to Oracle, MySQL, Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server, files, Kafka connect etc.

Oracle SQRT Function with Examples

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In this article, I’ll explain the Oracle SQRT function and show you some examples. Purpose of the Oracle SQRT Function The purpose of the Oracle SQRT function is to find and return the square root of a provided number. oracle function Oracle SQL