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AI Making Waves In News And Journalism


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes on the future of AI in news and journalism. However, the journalism industry as a whole is highly dependent on technology. The business of communicating the happenings of society might seem to be something entirely human-centric. After all, what do machines care about what happens in the news?

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5 Ways Automated Workflow Makes Journal Publishing Smarter & Faster


Added to this is the constant need for academic publishers to ensure a smooth workflow between authors, editors, reviewers, and production so that the journal gets published on time. Each journal has unique editorial guidelines, page format, cover design and content methodology.

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Journal Retracts Terrible Study That Claimed Widespread Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths


This past week, several well-respected researchers have resigned from their involvement in the journal that published the paper, which argued that vaccines are… Read more. A study looking at the impacts of covid-19 vaccination—condemned by other scientists as seriously flawed and irresponsible—has now sparked a mutiny of sorts.

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How Data Journalism is Impacting the Industry


Though it may not be obvious to the average person, the journalism industry is undergoing a transformative change, one that could very well revolutionize the business in exciting ways. Data has, of course, always been a part of journalism, especially when it came to in-depth reporting. Rick Delgado.

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Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app Journal graduates from a Garage project into a fully supported app

The Verge

Microsoft has elevated its Garage project Journal, a notetaking app designed for styluses and pens, into a full-fledged product now called Microsoft Journal, the company announced Tuesday. A screenshot from Microsoft Journal. Image by Alex Castro / The Verge. Image: Microsoft.

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Senators Ask FDA and FTC to Investigate After Juul Bought Its Way Into an Academic Journal


Last month, the e-cigarette giant Juul bought out an entire issue of a major scientific journal, which dedicated a month’s coverage to pro-vaping studies that were funded solely by the company. And now, two senators want two of the biggest federal agencies to investigate. Read more.

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British Medical Journal CDO on using Amazon and Alibaba for its multi-cloud strategy

Computer Weekly

A year on from embracing DevOps and private cloud to help speed up its software development lifecycle, British Medical Journal CDO Sharon Cooper shares an update on how its multi-cloud move is going

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